David’ Summer Spankings

Time for the weekly F/M Friday post.

Do you guys remember when I used to record my own stories as audios, along with the many audio interviews that I conducted? It is something that I should really get back into doing, especially as I have many new stories since I last recorded one. Audio stories are something that I love to listen to, but you have to search long and hard online to find audio spanking stories. Well, a new one has surfaced this week over on Dana Specht’s blog called DAVID’S SUMMER SPANKINGS. Dana’s ability to tell a story is wonderful, she has the tone and inflection down perfectly and you can really get immersed in the story that she is telling. She also does custom recordings which are very reasonably priced as well, just reach out to her on her website for details.

The premise of the story is based upon the David and Dana series of spanking videos that are very popular on her site. I will list those videos at the bottom (appropriately) of this post. The new audiobook is just over 2 hours long and it features the often requested ‘Next door neighbor’ spanking scene. The full 2 hour download is ONLY $9.

Imagine living in a town where no matter how old you are, if you live at home you are still subjected to over the knee spankings. This is the place where David lives, where all of his friends, every single one of them, are frequently staring at the carpet over their mother’s lap. Not only that, but over the years each of them has also been spanked by every one of their friend’s mothers as well. All of them that is, except for David, he grew up in an environment where he was the only person in his neighborhood not subjected to spanking, and he really felt that he was missing something in his life.

One person who has been the object of his desires for a long time is his next door neighbor, Vicki, who was a few years older than him. But it wasn’t just Vicki next door who had his attention, it was her mom, Kathy, as well. In his mind he could never get rid of the sight of the only bare bottom spanking he had ever witnessed in person, which had been given by Mrs. Reardon to her 22 year old son, the same age that David was now himself. The sight and sound of that hairbrush spanking was permanently etched into his mind.

When his own mother leaves town for the summer, she refuses to let her irresponsible, grown up son have the house to himself. So he is sent next door to spend the summer with Mrs. Reardon and Vicki, the same Mrs. Reardon he had witnessed dishing out a sound maternal spanking. In fact, he even has to stay in the very same bedroom where he had witnessed the spanking.

It doesn’t take long before Vicki corrupts David with the promise that her mother never comes home during the day, but, of course on this day she does come home during the day. David gets to witness Vicki receive the mother of all spankings by her moms hand, and he even has to fetch the hairbrush that Mrs. Reardon then uses on her daughter. As he stands there staring at Vicki, who is standing in the corner with her red bare bottom on display, he is brought back to reality. That over the knee bare bottom spanking that he had always fantasized about, is now only a few seconds away.

Remember, this is an audio download that is over two hours long and it ONLY COSTS $9. Think about that, for the cost of a small pizza, just nine bucks, you can have an audio file that you can listen to forever. I remember the days of going on long drives listening to my Shadowlane audio cassettes in my car. Plug your MP3 into your sound device in the car and you can kill two hours in a heartbeat. If you love audio stories then you really can’t go wrong with this, you certainly get bang for your buck with this spanking story. Here is one of the chapters that happens right after David has received his first ever spanking. And remember, to purchase this for nine dollars go directly to THIS PAGE!!

As I mentioned earlier, there is also a complete series of videos in the David and Dana collection that are listed below. About a year ago I dropped David an email, but I probably had the wrong email address, but he had previously shared his own thoughts on this blog via a comment on one of the posts that I had made previously. Hopefully my email didn’t end up in someone else’s inbox inadvertently, lol.

Here are the list of Dana and David videos that are also all available for download on Dana’s site, just click each blue link below individually to be taken to that particular video page. Each page has its own spanking trailer to watch.

A VERY ANGRY MOM : Just watch the first trailer to get an idea of how this spanking goes, right from the very first spank it is HARD and fast. David is paddled, strapped and caned, and I am sure there are a few more implements used. I don’t think I am mistaken when I say that this is Dana’s best selling video.

DAVID AND THE BABYSITTER : Even grown up boys need a babysitter!! Acting mischievous earns David a couple of playful warning spankings, but he just doesn’t learn his lesson. Just in the trailer alone you can see the babysitter spank, strap (and I mean STRAP!) and paddle David, and he isn’t quiet about it either. Then his mom comes home to deliver the mother of all hairbrush spankings to her whimpering son.

DAVID’S LITTLE SECRET : Once again, not for the faint of heart. David has his mouth soaped, is feminized, then spanked, hairbrushed, strapped, paddled and caned. I guess he won’t be keeping any more secrets, well, not for a few days anyway.

DAVID’S STRICT MOM : From the screencaps you can see that the paddle and cane are used in this film, but the trailer focuses on one thing, something that you don’t see too often in spanking films. A sound spanking with a sandal!! So if you have a thing about the old Chancla, just watch the trailer to get your fix 😉

PUNISHED FOR PEEPING : Like the audio story, this spanking features David getting spanked by the next door neighbor. As the title suggests, he is caught spying on the neighbor getting dressed, such a naughty thing to do. If I am not mistaken this is only features hand spankings from start to finish, but after part one he confesses that it is he who has been stealing her panties. So what is a strict neighbor to do? He finds out when he is face down over her lap again, but this time he is wearing her panties.

SPANKED IN DANA’S PANTIES : The most recent of Dana’s digital downloads, and I think that the title is self explanatory. A scene that dates back some 30 years when NuWest did their own Woman Next Door series, the allure of the panty drawer is just too strong, but is also VERY painful each and every time. It doesn’t need a big write up, you pretty much know what you are going to get from the title alone.

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