Windsor Wednesday Classic – 242

The Windsor Wednesday Classic this week is especially for you lovers of F/F spanking. Obviously the heat around the world this summer has been brutal, but, if you are on the beach and misbehaving then you can expect some extra summer heat to be applied to the seat of your swimsuit. Isn’t this a great image? Two women enjoying a playful over the knee spanking on the beach in the 1930s.

This image is from Ebay and with my own personal code of ethics I would be remiss not to try and help the seller sell this image. After all, they have provided us with the Wednesday Classic this week. Here is the EBAY LISTING for this item, the starting price is an affordable $9.99

I will add this spanking good photo to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS album.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 242

  1. Looks like mother/daughter or older/younger sister to me. Whatever it is, she needed to ruck up the back of the swimsuit a bit. Excellent pic!

  2. A delightful picture, Rich, let’s hope that by the end the lovely spankee was pouting, just a little!

  3. Warmhand,

    Now that you say that I am questioning the image 🙂 I just followed what it said on Ebay that these were two flapper era women having some spanking fun, but now I’m not so sure. Let’s hope that it is two friends/neighbors on a trip to the beach.


  4. Theo,

    Yes, the moment that I found it on Ebay it was on my site like 15 minutes later, lol. The description is what I took from Ebay and I hope that it is correct, though the other comment on this post has me questioning that now 🙂


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