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58 Candles

My plan today had been to post 58 spanking images to mark my 58th birthday, but unfortunately I got caught up on a project that I couldn’t get away from. Tomorrow I am out filming so I probably won’t get to the 58 images until Tuesday, but I will offer you a raincheck and let you know that the are coming.

The birthday of course was just like it normal is, very quiet 🙂 But when I started to dig up 58 spanking images for you I came across this one. Surprisingly, I have never posted it on this website before!! It goes back quite a while when I made a movie with Pixie and Lily Anna.

It isn’t much I know, normally I give you all a special treat on my birthday, but it is better than nothing, right?

Two Long Years

Two years ago I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, I was in the darkest place that I have ever been in once my last remaining brother had passed away. In a relatively short period of time I lost both of my parents and both of my brothers, and I will be really honest, I almost gave up. Now I’m not saying that I was suicidal (though there were some thoughts) but there was, and perhaps still is, a deep depression. The type of depression where I just didn’t give a fuck anymore, if something was going to happen then let’s hurry up and get it over with already.

The way that I resolved these dark thoughts was with my initial trip to Japan in 2018. Originally my brother and I were going to go to Japan together in 2019, when he passed away I moved the trip up a year. For no other reason really than to give myself something to look forward to, because there didn’t seem much left to look forward to. I’ve always been a loner, but for the first time in my life I actually felt lonely, if that makes any sense. Travelling the world has helped me out a lot, because it gives me something to look forward to.

The feelings still exist, especially around special occasions. In fact it is so bad that I have removed my birthday from all social media platforms, I just don’t want anyone to know when my birthday is, other than to use it as a platform to make birthday spanking posts right here on my blog. It is really hard to avoid those special occasions though. Not only do I have 4 birth dates that I remember, but now I also have 4 anniversary dates of when people passed away as well.

Over the last two years things have started to get better, though it would be fair to say that it feels like almost every night a member of my family appears in my nightmares. The dark thoughts have been minimized, about the only thought left now is that I still don’t give a fuck what happens. Nowadays though it is more about moving forward where those thoughts are concerned, eliminating areas that are likely to trigger some mental health issues and focusing on the things that bring positive thoughts to my mind.

Travelling had been one of those happy places, and it isn’t just the travelling, it is the preparation, the excitement and the anticipation. Which of course brings us to 2020, and nobody can travel anywhere, lol. It would be only reasonable to question ones own mortality, I mean I’m only 57, but both of my brothers and my father died of heart attacks, and my brothers were only 41 and 56 years old respectively. Now it is quite possible that I can spend the next 20 years all alone with my thoughts, kind of like a slow torture, but you never really know when your number is up. All I know is that I don’t have a whole lot of time ahead of me, and I want to spend that time visiting as many cultures and lifestyles as I can possibly cram into whatever time I have left, even if it is 20 years.

There used to be a time where I would dream happy spanking thoughts, but I doubt if I have had a spanking dream in like 5 years. The interest is still there, but it has waned so badly over the last few years. I will be transparent though, my interest was waning before some of the tragedies in my life happened. That’s on nobody but me, it’s all about how we individually respond to the negative aspects of our lifestyle. There may even be a time that I can pinpoint where the tide was turning for me, which coincided around the time that my mother died. I had reached that pinnacle where I had achieved everything that I wanted to achieve in the spanking world, and a couple of other events in 2015, which were probably my own fault to a large degree, started to make me feel like “I am done with this”.

From there it has spiraled a bit, and of course when you combine that with the clinical depression (I no longer need any form of assistance there, either chemically or mentally) then it is such a downward turn.

Right now I am trying to build myself up to attend two more parties, there are just a few things that I want to do, one of which is to make a film that I really want to make. At the same time I have to take precautions, because it won’t take too much at all for me to address some issues. So that is where the battle is right now, envisioning this spanking dream that I have, while at the same time fighting this sense of betrayal. Whatever my legacy is in the spanking world, I’m quite happy with where it currently is, even if it is seen negatively, I’m happy within myself to be content with who I am. The last thing that I want to do, is do something that will make me feel disappointed with myself. It’s kind of like cashing out at a casino, I’m happy with what I have already, I don’t need any more 🙂

The film that I am looking to make is going to be a custom video that will pretty much be for myself. Obviously I will look to sell it, but based on past experience I am likely to lose a lot of money on this venture. Now I have always been known to pay spanking models well, but as this one will be special to me then I am even going to pay above that, and I will even pay the female top that I want as well as letting her sell the movie herself.

I mean it might be redundant by the time the next spanking party comes around. By that time we might end up at a stage where no spanking model in the spanking world will want to work with me, it’s possible that the hate could spread to such a degree by that time. I’m pretty sure that one model who has been a long time friend will work with me again, and the second person that I would like to work with I’m afraid that I don’t really know her so well. She has always been friendly with me online though, even to this day, but things can change in 6 months 🙂

There is hope, I will be positive because I really don’t want any model to miss out on a opportunity to earn a few hundreds dollars. Heck, if it goes as well as I hope, then I might even be inspired to do a sequel. There is this vision that I have of these two summer camp counselors falling afoul of the senior counselor (played by me) who ineffectively spanks them. I’m comfortable within myself to give nothing more than a mild spanking. The girls then cause a problem that makes the Camp Director have to take immediate and swift action. A lady who has given hundreds of spankings and knows just exactly what these two girls really need.

I can see the girls now in matching t-shirts and shorts, matching bikini style white nylon panties….. hey, this is my film and I will damn well make sure that the clothing matches my vision…. and of course two matching red bottoms. A spanking from the senior counselor on shorts and panties, a longer spanking by the camp director on shorts and panties, and then the coup de grace, the last night of camp where the girls are repentant to the camp director, both feeling guilty over the trouble that they have caused. This will be a spanking over pajama bottoms and panties, and by this time I will already have what I want, so if the female top needs some bare bottom footage for her site then we can continue from there.

Comparatively speaking, this will probably be one of the easier assignments for a spanking model. Not much more than a warm up spanking from me, and then two hard hand spankings from the female top, with maybe, just maybe a hairbrush or small paddle thrown in for a small portion of the final scene. The girls could probably end up covering their hotel room for most of the party from this one assignment alone.

I still need to write a script, and I fully intend to do a voice over, either alone, or with some of the dialogue being spoken by the female top. The film itself though is more about the physical and mental aesthetic more than anything else. It is something that I would really love to do. I will keep you all posted on the potential film. Assuming of course that there will be another spanking party anytime soon 🙂

53 Today

So it is that time of year again where one year gets added to the age and one less fuck is given. Those of you who are around my age will understand,  the older that you get the less you worry about things that are not that important. It is a wonderful place to be,  however,  I will say that there is a little of me that says  “Yikes,  53”!!

Anyway,  I am pre-posting this at 10pm on Sunday as I have to be up at 4am on Monday for work,  so by the time that you guys get to see this I would have already done a full days work 🙂  Which also means that I have to get to bed,  so enough of the jibber-jabber,  to celebrate my 53rd birthday,  here are 53 pics of me spanking 53 different girls,  and you wonder why there is no hate in my heart?

The Star Spankled Banner

It’s the 4th of July and what’s an Englishman in America to do? Throughout my collection of personal spanking pics I have nothing even remotely patriotic to share for the day that we decided that we didn’t want America any more.

It is quite the dilemna (notice the correct spelling) in all honesty. So all I can do really is share some pictures of an Englishman giving some American girls a good old fashioned spanking,  I mean,  it seems quite appropriate,  wouldn’t you agree?





Beth Eisley





photo 3

Amber Grey


Kat St. James



Video 6 0 00 46-10

Juliet Valentina


And of course Pixie


Making A Plan

At this particular party I always find myself being very busy so I try to hold up on making too many plans for the event. With that said though,  I do have one very special plan in mind for the delectable ellee.

In Vegas ellee said something that deserved a spanking. It is nothing serious,  just something cheeky that I want to address with her. Here’s the deal though,  ellee and I have a few private videos which are just for the two of us,  however,  we have both talked about making a video for public viewing. This plays right into my plan and is something that I will use in the video. Now the spanking isn’t for anything serious,  quite to the contrary really. However,  that doesn’t mean that we can’t both step into a role and actually make it into something. ellee doesn’t actually know why I am spanking her yet,  and I want to keep it that way. Just prior to the spanking I intend on letting her know,  as the camera is rolling,  because I want it to help her get into a mindset. I really believe this will work well,  in fact ellee even said to me this week,  when I put this much effort into a scene it is always good. Trust me,  I am putting a lot into it mentally,  every little detail,  every trigger that I think will work for her. All I have told her is that I want her to put her pajamas on,  Richard and ellee will be taking a trip down the domestic highway.


So take this picture above and then let your imagination take hold of you. As ellee stands to my side I will inform her of why she is being spanked,  and while she doesn’t know,  the moment that I tell her what it is she will say to herself “Oh,  that”. This is where the triggers come in. The pajamas are purely cosmetic because I will take hold of them,  pull her to me and pull them down to her ankles. Then I will lecture her as she stands there feeling very vulnerable,  tugging at her pajama top. It is a role play,  the spanking isn’t anything serious,  but in her mind she will know that she actually is being spanked for something so there is an element of reality to it. My intention is to make her squirm and she will get quite the lecture.

I love running things like this through my mind,  it occupies me for hours,  and knowing that I have such a wonderful person to act it out with makes me very excited. So take the picture above,  take away the socks,  imagine the pajama bottoms puddled on the floor,  the pajama top creeping up her back when she is over my knee. ellee will have her panties on because that is a rule for her which I abide by. However,  once the camera stops rolling you can rest assured that those panties,  probably the ones that you see here,  will also find themselves slowly descending to her ankles for a long dose of the hairbrush on her bare bottom.

ellee has asked me on more than one occasion whether it is true that I have never spanked her as hard as I can. The truth is that I haven’t,  in fact nowhere close to it. In Vegas we talked about my reasons why,  something that she understands. She is far more important to me as a person to me than anything that I can do to her physically,  and that is of the utmost importance to me. Why do I mention that? It is because due to my work situation this might be my last party for a while. So take from that what you will. ellee has been so incredibly kind to me the past year,  and I may just repay that kindness with a lasting memory for her. I’m creating something special in my mind,  and when I do that it makes for awesome viewing. It might mean the hardest spanking that I have given her to date,  but so be it,  now that she understands me I feel comfortable treating her like a very naughty girl and giving her just what she deserves.

So imagine it yourself ellee,  stand by a chair in your pajama top and panties and play one of the many voice recordings that I have made for you. This is something that I am intending to be very special and all of those little triggers will be played to their fullest,  it will be very special indeed. It has domestic spanking written all over it. We will laugh and joke beforehand,  but the moment that ellee changes into her pajamas the mood will change in a big way. We are both good at that.

I have about three weeks left to prepare for the party and I have a little issue. As you will see in the picture below,  I had a bad night the other week,  got badly drunk and took a few spills. What you see below is of no consequence,  just a shiner that has now cleared up. The problem though,  when I finally got home I stepped off the bus onto the imaginary step that wasn’t there and crashed hard on the concrete onto my shoulder. It was weeks ago now and while the pain has cleared up dramatically,  I know all is not right and I am a little apprehensive as to how I am going to cope with a spanking party. I’m not sure exactly what I did,  I did see a doctor and he told me that I probably dislocated the shoulder. He set me up for an MRI but if the truth be told,  once it started to feel better I ditched the MRI. So I’m not entirely sure what damage has been done,  it does still hurt and I hope that I am able to make it through the weekend spanking as many bottoms as I can. At worst I will just switch to being a lefty and save my spanking arm for implements.

I’m starting to get excited,  very excited. The above is a big part of the reason why,  I want something very special and when I want that I put as much effort as I can into it. Just the thought of it makes me a very happy man.



Ellee – Getting Her Panties Warmed

Recently I attended a private party with a bunch of friends where there were spankings galore. With all the activity going on we almost forgot to take pics,  so I asked ellee if she would like a spanking and asked her husband,  YoggSothoth,  if he would mind taking some pics. Earlier this week I posted THIS PIC of ellee being led off for her spanking,  and later in the week I will show you the hairbrush being applied to her cute bottom.

In just 12 days I am going to be in Vegas for the Shadowlane party and when I posted this pic to Fetlife last night I vaguely suggested to ellee that as this picture was worth a thousand words,  perhaps I should give her 1,000 spanks. ellee of course sassed “Oh no,  not a thousand spanks”……. Well,  now I am determined. It will just be a hand spanking,  but I fully intend on making ellee the inaugural member of the 1,000 spank club.  That will be in one sitting,  ten swats to one cheek,  then ten to the next until we reach one thousand.

Anyway,  I love this picture so much. It is taken from my favorite angle for a spanking pic and her husband captured it perfectly. I love the room,  the chair,  the hand in motion,  ellee’s white nylon panties that I bought for her and of course ellee herself. At some point we are going to post a video to Fetlife,  once we go through the frames to ensure that her face doesn’t show. The video features ellee,  Alex Reynolds and myself,  both an OTK hand spanking and 12 each with the cane,  though Alex got 14 🙂


Windsor 5-0

It has been a pretty interesting week so far to say the least,  full of surprises,  and while I have a few minutes I will tell you about them.

As you are all aware,  my time online this week is dramatically reduced due to my Brother visiting me. The reason for his visit is that I turned 50 years old on Thursday and he came over to help me celebrate. I wasn’t sure how the day would go,  but shortly thereafter messages of congratulations started to appear on Facebook. Then they started on Fetlife and on my phone and via email,  before long you had the happiest 50 year old on the planet.

Don’t worry,  you are going to get pictures as my birthday gift to you,  but you are going to have to read first before you see the pics.

The night of my birthday we had planned a guys night out with coworkers,  friends and of course my brother. I could sense he was up to something but I didn’t know what,  I’m of course thinking he rented a stripper. Anyway,  I was in mid conversation during the party when I stopped in mid sentence,  later on my brother told me that he wished he had taken a picture of my face at that moment. Something had caught my attention out of the corner of my eye,  I turned and stared and stood there open mouthed. It must have taken me 30 seconds to comprehend what I was seeing. My brother had indeed laid on a surprise for me. The surprise was two friends of mine from my hometown who I have known since I was 15 years old had flown over to surprise me on my 50th birthday,  I was gobsmacked!!

So I thought my time online would be reduced due to my brother being here,  well now it will be next to zero being that two friends of mine have some over as well. Needless to say this was one of the best birthday’s ever,  I felt so much love from so many people and it convinced me,  there is a reason why I am so happy with myself.

So now on to some pics. While practically all of these have been posted to Fetlife,  none of them have been posted to this blog before. If you follow this link you will find every picture on this site where I am personally spanking someone.


How else am I going to start with the pics for you today other than with a couple of that darling of a girl,  Ellee Evergood. If you want quick access to all stories and pics featuring ellee I have created my own page for her which you can access here.. ELLEE EVERGOOD

This first pic was taken at the Party. It was one of my most memorable events of the party because of the circumstances. Being that I was so busy I had very little down time and did a lot of running around. On the Saturday night when I went to the main floor I found ellee milling about around my room. When I asked her what she was up to she replied with the words that makes me feel such a special person,  her response was “I’m waiting for you to spank me”

So spank ellee I did. Pretty much up until now ellee and I do roleplays,  and while I did spank her for her bad “Report card” being that I had to sign it for her,  this spanking was nothing more than a fun,  spank until you are happy session. This pic is the result of a hand,  spoon,  cane and two straps. As ellee would say “So much happy”


The next pic will appear in the long awaited story from Las Vegas when I finish it. I still have to finish my story with Alex Reynolds,  but once I am done I will crack on with the ellee story. So if you think that I hog ellee at spanking parties know that it is true,  I love playing with her as much as she loves playing with me,  deal with it,  our happiness is as important as anyone’s 🙂


The next story that I write will be about Alex Reynolds and our scene in Vegas. I’m so far behind though because I also want to write about this scene that we did along with ellee. It was a 3 way schoolgirl scene and it was really hot,  though I am trying to save the pics for when I post the story. Here is one of them though.


There was one girl who I let down by not following up on what I promised. There are no excuses and I WILL make it up to her the next time that I see her. Here is the delightfully sweet Prux and I sharing a tender moment.


During my Brit party I was a caning machine. I have no idea how many people I caned that day but it was a dozen at the bare minimum. Here are two of me caning badsherri. The first one is full action and the second one is the results of the caning.

Sherri and Richard2 (3)Sherri's Cane Marksa

And finally,  I desperately need to get in touch with the guys from Megaspankings to give them some promotion. They are both good friends of mine and I have sadly lacked in getting back to them. Calicutie even phones me and left a message where she sang happy birthday. I will be in touch just as soon as my brother has gone home. Here I am spanking one of their models,  Sky Summers.


Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts,  messages and those who sent me a gift,  I love you all so very much.

Evolving To 50

You would think that as I approach 50 years old that I would have it all figured out by now,  but I don’t,  not by a long shot. It is something that I am getting closer to though,  partially getting back to the way that I used to be and partially evolving into who I want to be …  (continued below)


Yet another party has come and gone and once more the smile remains on my face a week later. It is hard to explain to anyone,  in fact I don’t even know if I can. Many years ago I was living in the projects and someone knocked on my door. Trying to work out who it was I discovered it was my next door neighbor who had locked herself out and she was trying to use my balcony to get into her own apartment. What I remember most of all though was when another person who was in the hallway replied to the question   “Who lives there”? The response was  “A jolly white guy”

That’s who I am now,  that old jolly white guy.

I really believe that when my younger brother died it changed me for the worse. There was a bit of anger in me and quite a bit of anti-social behavior. I’ve never really been one to take anyone’s shit,  but over the last few years I started to challenge people,  even so far as doing so in public. Sometimes I felt I was on a suicide mission,  lol. But I changed my life,  I quit going out drinking,  went on a lifestyle changing diet,  lost a ton of weight and started to get my confidence back.

Spanking is my outlet from the day to day rigors of life. It excites me,  it pleasures me and it provides stimulation to my mind on a day to day basis. For some reason I lost the fun for such a long time. I’m not going to lie,  partially it was the negativity that I perceived was happening more than I cared for. Here is the thing though,  the negativity was always there,  what had changed was my reception to it and how I handled it.

Case in point,  it is the nature of the beast that you are going to be insulted from time to time,  whether maliciously or otherwise. At the party last year I was insulted and my reaction to it was pretty strong,  it pissed me off to no end and made me really mad. This year was no different,  on one occasion I was insulted,  but here is the thing,  my reaction to it this year was completely different. This year I was disappointed and I thought of the good things about the party. I wasn’t at the party to encroach on anyone’s territory,  I had all the fun that I needed and a line of people to share that fun with. Instead of stewing about it,  I just distanced myself from the situation and avoided it the best I could. The line was drawn in the sand and I had no intention of crossing it,  my side of the sand was beautiful.

The bottom line is that you are in control of how you respond to everything and how you present yourself to others. The biggest change for me from last year is that I’m not going to allow myself to be emasculated online anymore. I’m still the same fun guy who likes to play,  I will still make the crazy videos where I set myself up as the bad guy and I will still be the butt of a joke just as long as I am a part of the joke. No longer will I play the role of human piñata anymore.

I still need to work on my feelings to online postings and I have to focus on the fun aspect of it. It should be pretty easy,  there are a ton of fun people to engage with,  though I tend to get pulled into the negativity that is posted. That is going to be my biggest challenge. Despite having one of the best times ever last week I got drawn into it once more,  I wanted to read about everyone’s happiness and joy,  the last thing that I wanted was to hear about the sucky side of attending parties. As I said above though,  it was really down to me to focus on all of the positives and ignore the negative side of things. Case in point,  the Brit meet was a roaring success with a room chock full of people,  yet it didn’t stop someone badmouthing the event no sooner than stepping five feet in the room. I handled that one well though,  I just shook my head and felt sorry for the person. It wasn’t the event that pissed them off,  it was the fact that I had arranged something so successful. There is a reason that I have stopped posting threads on the spanking world,  my life has changed quite a bit and if I don’t mind saying so,  it has changed for the better.

There is a fear about writing about spanking parties in that one is going to summarize the event and it will be inevitable that someone will be offended at having been left out. That is something that I can’t help though,  I can only write about the things that stood out for me as really special memories. At the party I must have played with about 40 girls,  so if your name isn’t mentioned then please don’t take it personally,  for one I’m a guy and I just won’t remember every play session that I had.

Let me start with elleebutt.

Before the party I had exchanged text’s and messages with ellee,  knowing that being at a party of this magnitude and being one of the people who greeted pretty much everyone,  we were going to be lucky to get any time together,  certainly as it relates to previous events anyway.

We had one big event that we had planned and it was something to look forward to with Alex Reynolds,  though of course I was hoping for more being the greedy sod that I am. On Thursday I was very fortunate that I asked her to play and she gladly agreed. You know what,  I have never spanked a girl wearing yoga pants before,  and elleebutt in yoga pants just made me shake my head with how lucky I was.

Of course I knew that under the pants there would be a thong and I took some delight in hearing her explanation (which I knew already) about not wearing panties under yoga pants because of panty lines. Psst,  ellee,  it’s a spanking party,  panty lines under yoga pants are TOTALLY acceptable at a spanking party.

The schoolgirl scene that I did with ellee and Alex will be in part two of this tale,  but I want to point out something that really meant something special to me.

On Saturday night I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off,  bouncing from one area to the next and feeling pretty tired. Heading towards my room for a bit I bumped into ellee who was milling around the area where my room was. Of course I grabbed her for a hug and asked her what she was up to. Her response blew me away and was the nicest thing that I heard all weekend. Now I know a lot of people said a lot of nice things,  but this one meant something very personal to me.

ellee responded to my question by saying  “I’m waiting for you to give me a spanking”

I’m not over exaggerating here,  those words made me feel like a king. Neither one of us were going to go short in the play department this weekend and her and I have played a lot of the last six months,  so even if we didn’t play a whole lot then I just knew that on other occasions this year we will. I’m telling you though,  that act made me feel so special as a person. Somebody who means so much to me was prepared to wait for me and perhaps even turn down play by doing so,  just so that she could give me an audience,  man I felt so good about myself. ellee was already on a high platform in my eyes for what she has done for my emotional state this year,  that simple act has elevated her even higher in my eyes,  she is a very,  very special person.

I’m going to finish off segment one with my roommate,  Missy Doright. Both Missy and ellee will feature in the second part but I want to also give Missy her own space.

A year ago we had shared a room once more as we had done at previous parties. Due to my demeanor at that party,  it wasn’t an event for the history books and we hardly played that weekend. Once the party was done we even lost touch for quite a while afterwards.

In Vegas this year and even before,  the two of us had reconnected just like we had when we first met. In fact in Vegas there was a happy spark,  the playful banter and some great play sessions.

My approach this year was entirely different, no longer was I the lord protector. This year I took my own times with Missy as special events,  but aside from that she was on her own. I desperately wanted her to go out and get her butt beat,  or beat some butts,  get her punishments due and cry some tears.

This is about me now and how content I have become. So many people have given me validation this year as to my value as a person,  and Missy is no different. Her approach to me has been a lesson as to how I approach others. When we left Vegas on the van ride to the hotel,  Missy said the following  “I could kiss ellee for giving you your mojo back”

Think about that for a minute. Missy is thinking about me,  she is thinking about ellee and she is wanting the best for the people that she cares for. It was a further lesson for me,  and while I have always wanted the best for my friends and for them to be happy with what they do,  it reinforced in my mind that things are good for me.

Here is the deal. At one point in my life I concerned myself too much with how I was viewed by other people,  not really from a competition standpoint but from where I stood in the pecking order. That isn’t something that I think about anymore,  I know where I stand and it isn’t on the platform that other people put me on,  it is on the platform that I put myself on.

I’m really a simple creature,  yet so complex. All I need in life is to have some importance to someone else. Quite frankly I really don’t know if I can explain it fully without coming across as an egocentric prick,  because that really isn’t how I look at it. All I want is some importance to someone,  no matter how small it is. I’m not in competition with anyone,  I don’t have any resentment towards others and what they have,  I’m just really,  really comfortable with what I have. If I’m important enough to someone that they will take an extra step for me,  then by default that person is important to me. You all know that I have written at great length about this,  but it is a very integral part of who I am. Perhaps it is ego driven,  I really don’t know,  but when someone does something for me it empowers me and makes me feel dominant,  which in our world is never a bad thing. If it is all about them then I simply go through the routine of being rent-a-spanker.

Today is one of those days where I could write forever about my feelings and perhaps I will continue writing right now,  who knows. There is quite a popular fetish out there that has many variables,  it goes along the lines of  “I want a man who is strong enough to dominate me”,  I take it one further as to how I view it  “I want a woman strong enough to allow me to dominate her”

Back to Missy’s comment. ellee didn’t give me my mojo back,  I found that myself,  what ellee did was put the spark back in my eye,  she reminded me of the joy that I should be feeling. She made me feel important and special,  she took the blinders off of me. That enjoyment was always there for me to have,  I just wasn’t allowing myself to have it. There are a great many people who have done that for me for years,  I just wasn’t allowing myself to see it. Missy was one of those people,  she is no different than she was last year. What was different this year was that I allowed myself to see it.

Do you know what it means to me to tame the tiger? Not what you might think!

It was all about validation. Before turning in for the night Missy had texted me  “Let me know when you go to bed so that I can get a bedtime spanking”. Strike 1,  I had my place,  I was important enough that I was wanted. Strike 2,  Missy came in the room and pounced on me like a tiger attacking her prey,  it was validation that she was happy in my company,  relaxed,  playful and looking forward to me. Strike 3,  she bounced on the bed on all fours growling at me,  telling me visually that she wanted to dance. Strike 4,  I put her over my knee and turned her from a playful tiger to a purring kitten within a minute. Strike 5,  afterwards we snuggled and she fell asleep while I lay there with a big smile on my face,  I was someone!

I’m pretty complex,  aren’t I?

I don’t even know if anyone gets what I am saying,  gets me or even understands a word that I am talking about,  but I know it. Spanking isn’t about competition for me,  it isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’,  it isn’t worrying about what other people have. What I have is magical and the people who get me share that magic. I don’t dish out pity spankings,  and by pity spankings I mean  “I best let Richard play with me”. All I ever wanted was a small spark that I mean something to someone,  that I am important enough in their eyes that they want to engage with me.

The biggest step of all,  and the one that none of this would be possible was the very first step. First of all I had to be comfortable with whom I was,  and now I am. My confidence is oozing,  I’m confident enough to say to myself that I don’t want to be with the cool kids if I am not cool enough for them. Why on earth would I? I have the best life ever! When one of my girls does something for me and makes me someone important to them,  then it makes me feel like the coolest kid on the block,  and it makes them a princess in my eyes.

I didn’t get very far on a party report,  did I? It doesn’t matter though,  in part two I will get down to the nitty gritty about the event itself and the wonderful people who I played with. I kind of shortchanged Missy in this episode,  didn’t I,  so I will start with her in part two of my party tales. To finish with though,  here are 3 important things to me that happened to me last week,  just to further confuse you about who I am.

Prux was bitterly disappointed to a point that she almost cried because I had let her down,  and while this may confuse you,  that was something very important. Why you may ask? It is simple,  it meant that I really meant something to her that she was so upset about it,  and that to me makes her very important in my eyes. I can’t fix what I did,  or more importantly what I didn’t do,  but what I can do is go the extra mile the next time that I see her to show her that she is important to me as well. It won’t fix everything,  but it will show her that I am human and that I make mistakes.

Often I see someone dressed nicely and I say to myself  “They look nice”. Last week I didn’t do that. Last week I saw someone wearing a beautiful dress and I went out of my way to tell them that I thought it looked gorgeous,  for no other reason than I wanted them to feel good about themselves. It was about the only words that I spoke all weekend to this person,  but it made me feel really good to say that.

And lastly for now,  the party was over,  everyone was saying their goodbyes and I had my own journey to make home. Missy wouldn’t let me,  she wanted to drive me somewhere,  no matter where that was. She wanted to spend just a little extra time with me. Now read all that I have written above and answer me this,  how do you think that made me feel about myself?

The Saturday Spanking Show

Part 1: Friday Night Lights

Part 2: Uncle Richard Is Back

Part 3: Quality Time With Alex and ellee

We had now reached Saturday night at the party,  which is funny really when I think about it. Up until now I have had a Modus operandi at spanking parties and it always seems to follow the same path. My inner self spends the first few days in a laid back mode,  watching and observing,  passing up play opportunities and yes,  dare I say,  moping around for a bit.

Quite frankly I don’t know why I was going through this period,  but I’m going to take a guess that it was a combination of events. Firstly my Brother passing away a few years ago combined with a complete lifestyle change to get myself healthier. There were also other factors I am sure and ordinarily I wouldn’t even mention it,  but I know what I am feeling right now and I know that I feel differently to how I felt before. It is also noticeable to others. Over the last few months it has been mentioned to me many times how I seem to be a different person,  how much happier I appear to be and just as importantly,  how mean I have become,  lol. That is an important factor though in making up my character as a whole. By feeling good about myself it has increased my personality for the positive,  and it’s not that I ever really felt negative,  I’ve always been a positive person in general,  I think what is different is how I now feel about myself internally. Perhaps depression is too strong a word for it because I’ve never really been unhappy,  maybe it is the changes in my lifestyle that have taken me a while to get used to.

This is something that is addictive as well,  people notice the difference and are quick to tell me that they like seeing me like this. On the outside I appear meaner,  but my friends can see that I have that special glint in my eye and they are really happy for me. That’s something that I get,  a few weeks ago I was sat with Heather and they were talking about all of the exciting things going on in their life and I beamed from ear to ear,  it pleased me to no end that they were happy and excited. That’s what you do,  when your friends are happy and excited then you are happy for them.

So how does this translate to the current party? Well, normally I sit on my hands for days and come Saturday night I am trying to catch up on everything that I missed out on and I play like a mad man. At this party we have just arrived at Saturday night,  and already I have played more at this party in the first couple of days than I have at other parties combined. Spanking ellee and Alex also did something else for me,  it made me feel extra macho and manly. When we arrived at the suite it took very little time at all before I started to play. Now even though the lack of sleep was catching up with me,  this was going to be a big night.

On the way to the suite I had picked up my Malaysian cane and I was feeling mean. Perhaps no sooner than ten minutes in I once more gave ellee the meaningful eye. Producing the cane I asked if she would like it. Seriously,  it was like asking her if she wanted some chocolate. After some discussion we decided on 12 strokes,  and while I held back some,  this was still a nice healthy application. ellee and I have discussed some future plans for a serious caning and as I had seen a prelude to this I am going to have to say that this is the one thing that I want more than anything at the moment. Anyway,  I put my hat on ellee’s head and began to apply the cane. Do you want to know how mean I have become? When we got to stroke four I did something that I rarely do,  I took aim at the crease area between the bottom and the thighs and delivered a beauty to that spot. Beth Eisley captured that stroke landing perfectly in these two pics.

IMG_8796 IMG_8797

Two strokes later I did something that I never do,  I gave ellee a cane stroke across the back of the thighs!! It’s a strange feeling,  years ago I would have been horrified to apply the cane to the thighs,  but now,  not only did I do it,  but I wanted it to hurt and I wanted her to have a memento from it. The latter very much came true,  ellee carried that mark for more than a week.

The scene was short but it was really,  really hot!! It was hot for a number of reasons. Firstly ellee was wearing my hat and I don’t know why,  but in my mind I think that it made her warm and fuzzy. It might not be true but that is what I was thinking. The other factor was that ellee was watching her own caning in the full length window and for some reason I found that hot as well. With with this combination of events it was good for me,  especially ellee’s reactions to each cane stroke. Man I wish we had filmed it. Up until now I kind of felt that I had hogged ellee at this party a little bit,  and we still had one big event to go on Sunday,  so now that I have given her a caning I also felt that I needed to give her a little space.


There were a few guys that I wanted to talk to and I was engaged in a conversation when I caught Missy out of the corner of my eye. Other than for a short time in her group suite,  I hadn’t seen Missy hardly at all up to this point,  so I was eager to catch up with her. Again,  it isn’t normally my style but I really didn’t take too long at all before I asked her if she wanted to play and she was more than happy to oblige. I have to say,  it was pretty darn awesome.  Missy has hardly played at all since the last so it didn’t take much of an application from my hand before she was wiggling and squirming all over my lap. It is a weird feeling,  I was feeling pretty sadistic,  and while I wasn’t spanking hard by any means,  I was reveling in the fact that she was feeling it. The more that I spanked the more she was clutching at things and trying to avoid the swats.

Once we were done I believe it was Missy’s suggestion that we try the cane. I say this because I was pretty stunned that Missy wanted the cane. At the parties that we had been at before I had never once given Missy the cane,  and now she is asking for it? In four weeks time at the party,  Missy and I are sharing a room once more,  and now she tells me that she likes to be caned? That is going to be a long 5 days for her.

As I always do with someone new I started somewhat lightly with the cane,  and despite Missy jumping forward before the cane landed and generally having a hard time staying still throughout the event,  I was really delighted at this new development. The longer the caning went on the happier I was becoming. Poor Missy might well have some nightly caning’s coming to her before her bedtime spanking in a few weeks. It was so nice to get to play with her once more though,  it had been a long time.

Now going back to the first night I told you about giving ellee a birthday spanking and how someone was watching that spanking very intently. It is the look that I personally look for when I observe people. Now I could be well wrong about this,  but the look was telling me that a spanking from me would be welcome. It is a topic that I have talked about until I am blue in the face,  an indication from the girl that an advance is welcome. Nothing pisses me off more than hearing after a party that someone wanted to play with me yet they made no effort whatsoever to try and make it happen,  just the smallest of indications that they actually wanted an interaction with me. Tops aren’t mind readers and a lot of the time they have to be careful about who they ask to avoid making a girl feel uncomfortable. In my eyes a girl has to show an interest in playing otherwise it probably isn’t going to happen. They don’t have to ask,  but they can put themselves in an approachable position where the guy is allowed to ask.

Anyway,  the girl who was watching the spanking was Lostkitten and I caught her eye as I was spanking ellee. From the look on her face I could see that she was enjoying watching the spanking and I knew at some point in the party I was going to ask her to play. It was Saturday when I finally asked her if she would like to play and she was more than happy to oblige. So we went off to the back bedroom where she pulled her jeans down and took her position over my lap.


Being that I had not played with Lostkitten before,  nor having observed her playing,  I started off quite easily on her. It didn’t take long before I realized that I could step things up a bit and began to start handing out a nice healthy spanking. It was only after being in the scene for a while did it occur to me that this girl can take quite the spanking. As you can see by the pics,  there wasn’t an area that was left uncovered and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. After finishing I gave her a hug and had hoped to talk with Lostkitten for a while,  but unfortunately no sooner was she off my lap when someone else grabbed her and she was getting spanked again. Maybe at a later party I will have the time to sit and talk with her for a while.


As you can tell,  I was in my groove now. Now I had spoken a little to Sara Fields for a little bit and I couldn’t let a party go by without playing with her. Even though there seemed to be a little tension lurking around in the air,  I went ahead and asked her and she seemed happy to oblige. Now Sarah was another girl who I had given a pair of nylon panties to,  which were purple this time. I actually figured that she still had them on her and I felt a bit bad that she had to go back to her room for them as it wasn’t that important.

We went into the back bedroom where we were soon joined on the other bed by Ralph Marvel and ellee. Sometimes it can throw you off a bit when you can hear the sounds of someone else being spanked,  almost like you try and remain with your own rhythm,  which for me is hard because I love the sound of two bottoms being spanked in unison. Perhaps this wasn’t the longest spanking I had given,  but I was beginning to get hot. Still,  I soldiered on and spanked away at the naughty young miss. Sara and I tend to get to play at each party so I was happy that we managed to do this,  even if it was no more than a 5 minute spanking. Kind of wished I had got to spend more time with her,  but like I said,  something was in the air that night and I’m not sure what it was. Maybe at the next event we can sit back and hang out for a while.

051a 053

For me the night was beginning to come to a close in the suite and I wanted to spend some time with my East Coast friends. After dropping off something in my room I headed upstairs where I was greeted by Missy. Now she was in the middle of some type of training and I didn’t want to interrupt,  so I headed into the back room where all of the other girls were. Going to be some serious spanking, huh?

It took a while for the girls to get up but when they did they all took part in what seemed to be some type of ongoing game. So I watched for a while,  chatted to Kor-E for a bit and then before you knew it everyone was back. Now I admit that I was getting pretty tired at this point,  but not too tired where I couldn’t give Missy another caning. I had bide my time for quite a while,  waiting for a chance,  and it finally arrived. I’m a bit of a caning right now and to know that my roommate will play with a cane gives me tingles. After asking Missy if she wanted a swift dozen we headed to the bedroom.

Now over the end of the bed it was much easier to cane Missy. You see the poor girl has a hard time keeping still and the bed frame really helps her to stay in position. This time I put a little extra into the cane strokes,  trying to judge what it is that Missy is able to take for future reference,  and I like what I see so far. Now I didn’t go too low with Missy,  rather using the middle of her bottom,  and I have to admit that she took it way better than I thought,  hardly making a noise at all. In the next few months I have a feeling we are going to become quite acquainted with this procedure.

It’s now the early hours and I think I am done. On Sunday I still have two awesome scenes planned with Alex and ellee,  two events that I had put a lot of work into,  and I was suffering badly from sleep deprivation. As we exited the bedroom I was all set to put my cane away when I happened to catch the look on ellee’s face,  it was such a beautiful,  cheeky smile and I knew what it meant. There was still one more caning left in me and in a second I said  “And would you like 12 of the best as well,  young lady”?

It was delightful,  ellee floated into the bedroom with a big smile on her face. Of course by now I have caned ellee several times,  so I am beginning to feel really comfortable with her. At the same time though it is like 4am and I’m not going to be super mean,  so I saved her thighs and sit spot from agony (this time anyway) and like Missy before,  delivered the cane square on her bottom. It is a special place,  being able to cane a girl firmly and seeing her keep a smile on her face throughout. Let’s hope that when I cane her and Alex together that the smile remains,  I’m going 50/50 on that one as it will depend on what those two have been up to.

So that wrapped up Saturday night. I took my cane back down to my room,  had a smoke and then headed back up. Once I got to the suite floor I saw Alex,  ellee and YoggSothoth walking down to their room. After saying goodnight I asked if everyone was still up in the suite. ellee informed me they were and that they were about to start playing a game,  but to be honest I was way too tired to play trivia games. Instead,  I went back downstairs to get some much needed sleep,  but I still had to be up in 4 hours anyway,  there was an important caning that I had to give and I had to make sure that I was in the right mindset for it.

Part 5 next: Mr. Windsor is NOT a little bitch

Quality Time With Alex And ellee

The one thing that is currently going on with me right now is that I am happy,  and because of that I hope that people are happy for me. Since Vegas the smile has yet to leave my face and trip was such a cathartic experience for me. It also dawned on me that when I refer to ellee I always do so with the first letter as a lower case,  she is the only person that I do that with which makes her very unique.

When we left off I was having dinner with YoggSothoth,  Beth,  ellee and Alex. Once dinner was done the 5 of us split up into two groups with me accompanying ellee and Alex. The plan was to go to the main suite but we had to stop off in my room first. I forget the exact reason but I will say this,  there was something in me that wanted to get ellee there as I felt that she needed a spanking.

When we had walked through the casino to go to dinner ellee had showed some concern about my health and shared those concerns with me. Now I appreciated that she would take the time to share her thoughts but as we approached the elevator to take us to dinner we paused for a moment. Reaching behind her I swatted her butt and told her that while it pleases me that she is concerned over my health,  the time now had come to stop and that as an adult I was able to make an informed decision.

During dinner there were a few more mentions of it,  nothing really overt but something that I was keeping an eye on.

So now we had arrived at my room and after producing my canes I gave ellee 3 strokes with one of them. Now I was all prepared to go to the main suite with the girls right there and then,  but once more ellee voiced her health concerns to me so that was it,  a spanking was needed and it was going to happen right there and then.


The lecture was short and sweet and I turned the young lass over my knee. Pulling up her sexy black dress I began what was to be a very long hand spanking. You could say that it was delivered to her panties but as you can plainly see,  the cut of them meant that this was a bare bottom spanking. There wasn’t much playing to this one and I didn’t lecture too much,  I just gave the girl a really good hand spanking that turned her bottom rosy red. I did however remind her that I really appreciated that she was concerned enough over my well being and that I understood it meant that she cared for me,  but enough was enough.


There are times where that approach is needed. You can discuss matters at length but there comes a time where a warning is warranted,  and when that warning isn’t heeded a good old fashioned spanking generally does the trick. Now I enjoyed this very much. It isn’t often that I deliver sound hand spankings but this was one of those times. What I didn’t know though was that ellee had also done something else,  and I wasn’t to know what that was until we were about to leave the room.


Now after I had spanked ellee I felt pretty content,  at least I had hoped that a lesson was learned,  but then the most awful thing happened as I prepared to escort the girls to the suite. Alex looked at me and somewhat hesitantly said “Can you give me a spanking as well”?

Man I felt terrible!! I was so focused on giving ellee what she had earned that I totally neglected Alex. I really did feel awful that she had to ask me to spank her.

So I had little to go on and I had to think on my feet quickly,  so turning Alex over my knee I decided that what I could do is give her a warning as to what was going to happen to her the following morning. A short brisk spanking over her skirt elicited practically zero reaction so it was moments before that skirt came up. What I love about Alex is that you get these really genuine reactions from her,  and the moment that I started to spank her over her grey cotton bikini panties the reactions were very clear and concise. Alex had asked for the spanking and she wasn’t going to get shortchanged one iota. Just as I had done with ellee,  I spanked Alex long and hard with my hand until the coloring of her bottom matched what I was striving for.


For this spanking there was little interaction between us. I had a really big event planned for her for Sunday and I didn’t want to ruin any of that. When I do something big I put in an awful lot of effort to make things just as I think they should be. In fact Alex has subsequently requested that herself,  ellee and I do a scene at another party. She only had the original concept so I emailed her with my thoughts of two American girls attending boarding school in England. Alex loved the idea and sent me her feelings as to what that would mean to her. I’m going all out for this event,  including,  assuming that I can find one,  a headmaster cape and a mortar board. Already I have visions of Alex and ellee each bent over a table facing each other,  holding hands as each of them get 12 of the best,  it stirs a really hot scene in my mind and I plan on being strict.


So now I have on my hands two well spanked naughty little girls and I am ready to go to the next event. As the girls stood there I gathered my things and I was buggered that I couldn’t remember where I had put my cigarettes. Kind of ironic really as that is why I had spanked ellee in the first place. Now having been spanked for it already,  I have to admit that I was surprised to find out that ellee hid them. Being that she had already been spanked,  had she told me right away as I started to look then she would have just got a warning. ellee didn’t do that though,  she watched with a grin on her face as I searched for them before finally admitting that she had hid them.

Okay,  so the next part was hysterical no matter how toppy I was feeling. ellee dove under the table to hide. All I could see was her booty sticking up and her bunny slippers,  it was really awesome to see this. It was so good that I felt like grabbing her by the ear and marching her to the bed. Instead she came out on her own and I opened the drawer and pulled my school paddle out.


“I can’t believe that after spanking you regarding my smoking habit that you would hide my cigarettes” I said

ellee protested,  and in fairness she did have a small point. She hadn’t hidden them after I had spanked her,  she hid them the first moment that she got when we got to my room. In fact I had a feeling that she didn’t think this was fair,  so much so that I flat out asked her as she bent over  “Do you think this is unfair,  ellee”?

Had she said yes then I would have stopped doing what I was going to do. It was the only time that I questioned myself the entire weekend. The question in my mind was that I hadn’t spanked her yet prior to her hiding them so there were no guidelines set. However,  hiding things from a top is NEVER a good idea and it is something that a lot of girls should think about,  because it never ends well. ellee has hesitantly said that it wasn’t unfair,  but not convincingly,  so it was up to me. For me to give her 3 swats with my paddle I had to decide whether it was fair even though I felt that ellee didn’t think it was fair.

ellee had stood there and let me search for my cigarettes knowing full well that she had hidden them. That to me is enough of a reason to spank her.

On the first swat of the paddle I was mightily impressed. On her right cheek almost immediately a beautiful welt formed,  though it also sucked because we had another party to attend and I didn’t want to leave her black and blue,  so the final two were not anywhere near as hard as the first one was. That was it,  just 3 swats,  but I felt good about myself.

Grabbing my canes we all headed out of the door to go to the suite. Little did I know that my concern for marking ellee disappeared after 10 minutes and I would proceed to give her a mark that remains to this day.

Up next…….. Saturday Night’s Alright For Spanking

Spankings for Missy,  Lostkitten and Sara Fields. ellee and Missy get caned in the suite party,  and then I give them both 12 of the best to end the night at around 5am on Sunday.