F/M Friday 31 – Dana Spanks David

If you were to visit DANA’S SPANKINGTUBE PAGE, you will see that all of her most viewed videos are from the series where she spanks her long time naughty boy, David. Theirs is a dynamic that seems to resonate with a lot of people, certainly for those people who like to see a well performed roleplay, especially if it is maternal spanking that they seek.

Is it that the viewer is imagining themselves playing David’s role? Imagining that they are the one getting the exact same spanking from Dana? There has to be something there with the chemistry between the two of them. It is funny because I don’t even watch F/M Spanking videos, it just isn’t aesthetically pleasing to me. However, I have no problem watching Dana and David, and in fact the only F/M film that I have ever watched in its entirety is also a Dana and David film. It is because it is more than spanking, it is the whole dynamic that the two of them share.

In this post I will share with you the six trailers that are up on Spanking Tube, but most importantly I will provide you with the links where you can read about each film and purchase the full digital download if you so desire. The videos will appear starting with the most recently posted on Spanking Tube.

First up is DAVID’S STRICT MOM. Pretty much all I know about this film is that it is a follow up to the film A Very Angry Mom. In this clip you get to see something that you rarely see in a spanking film, and that is a proper spanking with a sandal. An honest to goodness butt whooping with a leather sandal. Almost two spanks per second and being lectured throughout the whole spanking as well. BUY THE FULL DOWNLOAD HERE.

Next up is the only F/M film that I have ever seen in full, and that is PUNISHED FOR PEEPING. For many people they have to separate thoughts of family from their spanking world, so what better substitute than the woman who lives next door to start giving out the spankings? Dana and I have discussed this topic many times in our interviews as it is a very popular fantasy. Dana seems like a natural selection to play the role of the spanking neighbor.

In particular I like the opening scene in this film. The one where Dana discovers the young man next door peeking on her as she is getting dressed. After she brings him in he is forced with a choice of two scenarios, either his behavior is reported, or Dana will take care of the matter herself in the tried and true old fashioned manner. The first part of the spanking is especially good to me, the part where Dana pulls his pants down and spanks him over his boxers. It is so heavily ingrained in me, to a point that I don’t even understand it, that a spanking over clothing is far more realistic than any bare bottomed spanking could ever be. It is a psychological barrier that I can never break from. It may even surprise you to know that well over 90% of spankings that I have given have been on a clothed bottom. The only times that we go bare is either when I am making a spanking film, or if it is specifically requested by the bottom in order to enhance the scene for them. I have often wondered why, is it because a covered bottom removes all aspects of sexuality from a scene?

Anyway, the film is broken down into two portions, the second part of which is forced feminization if that is something that you enjoy. It almost feels like two separate spanking films to be honest. Having seen the film I felt that there was an opportunity to tie the scenes in closer together. I often thought that a natural tie in could have happened during the initial spanking, when Dana pulled his boxers down, only to discover his naughty little secret with what he was wearing of hers underneath his boxers. Can you imagine her reaction to her privacy being invaded in such a manner, completely oblivious to his excuses that it was just a prank, a joke, a mistake, a dare, an error of judgement, he had just better hope that there is not a hairbrush or a wooden spoon within reaching distance, because this is going to hurt him a lot more than it is going to hurt Dana, a LOT more.

Anyway, if you wish to purchase this download, you can do so RIGHT HERE.

Next on the list of Spanking Tube videos to be updated is SPANKED BY THE BABYSITTER. Another roleplay scenario where the babysitter has an idea that the grown boy that she is babysitting still gets spanked by his mom. David of course tests the waters, while Dana lets it be known , albeit in a playful way, that she will in fact spank him if she has to. Of course David keeps on pushing until he has pushed way too far, and he finds out for himself that his babysitter is just as proficient as his mom is when it comes to spanking a naughty boy. Worst yet though, just wait until his mom comes home and finds out what the babysitter had to do to him. Dana plays the roles of both the babysitter and the mom in this video, and things go from worse to worse for David as the film progresses.

Spanked by the babysitter can be purchased RIGHT HERE.


Now I have to be honest, I know very little about this film, only what we see in the trailer. However the film is nearly one hour long, so if you like the dynamic between Dana and David then I am sure that you will love this film as well. Here is what is really funny, in the trailer below you will initially see Dana dish out a good mouth soaping. Now mouth soaping has never been something that was even a remote interest to me, I have never given one and I don’t think that I ever would even if asked. Aside from that, Dana is in her total “Mommy Dearest” character and generally speaking in a spanking related scenario, that would be a complete turn off for me. But for whatever reason it works!! Just watch it, how incredible is that acting by Dana? I mean that one line in particular, breaking right in mid sentence “Don’t you dare spit that stuff out”, lol, a top could learn so many lessons just by watching Dana give out those tongue lashings!!

This will be for a future post, but part of the skill that Dana possesses in something that I have learned a lot from. I have always been someone who has used my voice a lot when in a spanking scene, but by watching Dana I have been able to adjust my tone and inflection to make for better scenes overall. You know I have spoken a lot lately about my interest level in the spanking world waning, but there is still a lot of good out there that I want to do and there is a lot that still excites me. It is my focus that needs to readjust, I am sure of it. Sometimes I am just too proud and I focus my attention too much on honoring my own pride, there are certain things that I just cannot accept without confronting each and every one of them in person. My focus has to be on what makes me happy, I can’t change the things that disappoint me and anger me.

Anyway, back to the spanking films!! Like I said, we will do a scolding video within a month or so because Dana is the Queen of scolding. In the Punished For Peeping video there is one line in particular that she says that I think is quite possibly the best delivered spanking line I have ever heard. So in the film below you are virtually guaranteed to get a lot of gratuitous scolding as Dana puts David through almost an entire hour of various disciplines!!


And finally, and quite possibly the best selling video on Dana’s site, is the benchmark video A VERY ANGRY MOM.

If you like your spankings to be on the no nonsense end of the spectrum, this is very likely to be right up your street. Notice how hard Dana is spanking him on his pajamas in the very first spanking, you just know that there isn’t going to be any messing about in this video. The strap, the paddle, the hairbrush, the cane, all delivered in this video and all delivered soundly in a variety of positions.

Part 1 of the clips below is Dana’s most watched clip on Spanking Tube. CLICK HERE to purchase A Very Angry Mom.

2 thoughts on “F/M Friday 31 – Dana Spanks David

  1. Hey
    From my perspective you are totally on point and I am one of those switches who wished I was the one with this beautiful lady in any of the scenes. Tremendous post and yes I agree as well with your comments about the spanking over underpants or if I may panties. The most erotic part for me. Yes the bare bottom is a nice way to finish but bravo for spankings over PJs and underwear.
    Great post.

  2. hello to all my fellow friends in spanking land.. this is david from the dana specht and david videos.. we had such a special decade.. I was bareley in my 20s and she was a real mom,, maybe even a grandma., sooo strong, so pretty , so hot, and the first time I ever met her at the hotel on the beach I was totally nervous and she put me at ease in under 1 minute.. she totally understood my fetish/ fantasys of the hot mom next door type/or as mom… mommy is also used when Im in the scared little boy mode.,, she could relate to my interests cause of her experience as a mom to a couple of boys,, who like me were often naughty as boys at all ages.. so I would show up for many sessions before we even started filming them and we would talk about what my fantasy scnerio is this particular session and she always had no problem jumping into that role. and then as time went on it got even crueler and harder and meaner and more sadistic, and more humiliating,and all very domestic// mom/ son scnerios usually,, rene the babysitter was an exception but hey,, who dosnt love a hot older babysitter paddlingotk a little snotty boy like me:)) god the memories I have in my head of soooo many sessions. my biggest regret is that I couldn’t yell loud and really cry out the way a naughty boy would really do ,,the way I wanted to. because we were in hotel rooms and though it didn’t seem to bother her,, I just was always soo paranoid about people in the next room calling the cops thinking that a little bad boy david was being abused cause our role play was sooooo real and serious cp was going on.. well thank you for saying nice things about us.. im in my late 40s and still look great like in the video.lost a bit of that beer belly:) I still love F/m otk maternalistic stuff. shitty pay at work so I cant afford sessions anymore.dana is still all over the country doing what she doesbest. and all over the internet .im honored that her most watchd video on you tube is avery angry mom. boy was that a session or what..take care. david. dtk0412@aol.com

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