F/M Friday 20

Remember those old novelty spanking paddles that you could buy in country stores? Well they really did exist dating all the way back to at least the 1950s. Here is proof for you where we can see the old “Board of Education” paddle in use. Perhaps it is just me, but it almost seems like the young man was allowed to pull his overalls up for the picture, unless of course I am mistaken. Or are they dropseat pajamas?

Earlier this week there seemed to be a little error on Spanking Tube that prevented Dana Specht’s latest F/M video from being shown on the latest videos page. That meant that the latest upload only got a fifth of the views that it should have got. Now obviously I don’t get anywhere near the traffic that spanking tube gets, but I can at least do my part. The trailer in question was for the movie DAVID’S LITTLE SECRET. You can click on the link to buy the remastered full video. This video is Dana at her strictest.

Do remember though, don’t wait for me to post updates for Dana’s releases, go to her blog site and bookmark the site so that you can go there daily. The site is being frequently updated with films being constantly added from her archive. When I went to get the link for the video above I also saw that another archived F/M spanking video has now been released as well. You will see that the quality has improved a lot, but the spankings are still sound, hard and by the looks of it, very painful!! DAVID AND THE BABYSITTER. Again you can click the link if you wish to purchase the entire video.

CLICK HERE for Dana’s blog.