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Stopped Short Of The Woodshed

Imagine being so bad that you get taken to the woodshed, but you don’t even get there before your tanning begins 🙂

This is one of those images that has been sat on my hard drive for years that I have never posted, and even though it is of relatively poor quality there is a reason that I am posting it. Obviously in the modern day full gymnastic spreadies are the popular choice of image, but for us old timers every pic has a story to tell.

In fact it is funny, as you are probably aware I deleted my Twitter account because I found behavior on there to be appalling. Following that I created a new private account with a captain generic name. The reason for the new account was to simply follow spanking producer accounts to keep in the loop. Plus I like to give them free promotion on my website whenever I can so I wanted to keep my eye open, even if it is from a mile away.

This week one pic was posted by a lady known as Miss Iceni and it was one of those pics that grabbed my attention right away. For most people it may be a normal run of the mill spanking image, but for me it was an absolute classic. The pic is on the second floor (a flat maybe?) and we can see the street outside, and she has her fellow video performer, Matilda, over her lap. The story has something to do with a borrowed car and Matilda is wearing high heels and silky black panties.

Oh my lord, I may be 60 years old now and I left England back in 1987, but memories of England came rushing back as it has that classic domestic English feel to it and it reminded me of some happy memories, a real gem of a pic, in my eyes anyway. I might shoot Miss Iceni an email and see if I can use the pic on my site next week. Because Clips4sale is having a Valentine’s day sale it would be something that I could tie in to the post, being that the image that I talk about is actually taken from a video that Miss Iceni has recently put up. Whenever I see a spanking pic of Matilda I immediately think of Paula Meadows, there seems to be some visual connection between the two.

If I decide not to go that route, because to be honest with you I’m not sure how much distance I want to keep from the active scene, then you will at least have some information to check out the image for yourselves on Twitter based on the information that I just provided above.

I mention the Miss Iceni image because it leads me into this image. While this image might not be a classic, the fact that someone was on the way to the woodshed but they didn’t even make it there, likely because their mouth was running at 100mph, lol, has a great feel to it. For many people the image will just be a decent pic, but there will be someone out there who can appreciate this image from an entirely different perspective, much like I did for the image I spoke about above by Miss Iceni and Matilda. Click on the image below itself for a larger view, and even that view is smaller than the copy that I have on my hard drive, lol.

P.S. For the nitpickers out there, that may not actually be a woodshed and there is no indication the young woman was being taken to it. The above is my interpretation of what we see in the image.

A Quick Spanking Mix

Today wasn’t a day that I had planned to post anything, but as you all know I have a mammoth collection of all sorts of spanking material. So why not take this day to unload three images that would never see the light of day otherwise.

The first image is from an old British comic strip entitled “Belinda Blue-Eyes”. When I left the spanking scene the F/F dynamic had become a huge part of the scene in general, so this spanking panel actually made me think of that as I am sure that there are loads of females who would relate to what is being said here.

Of course I am a guy so I could be completely wrong, which should be a nice little segue to deliberately take everything out of context and trash mouth me!!

The next image was a British newspaper ad that I found on the British site. For this image I am expecting you to take things out of context and apply it to our little scene 😉

Lastly, I was struggling to find a third pic to go in this post and then I found this one that has been sat on my drive for like forever. A Trish Stratus playing card. Any takers?

The Last Day Of My 50s

This is it, the very last day that I can say that I am in my 50s!

Obviously I’m not going to sugarcoat it, I’m not really enthused with the knowledge that I am now turning 60 years old. It just sounds so damn old, doesn’t it?

In case you missed it, though I wouldn’t see how being that I have repeated myself over and over for weeks, for the next twenty days you will get twenty posts, one for each day. Each post will contain three spanking pictures (a couple of days with four images) and each one is going to be based on a different theme. For example, the theme tomorrow, being that it is my actual birthday, will be Birthday Spankings. Included in tomorrow’s set is a cracker of a pic, a female tennis player getting a birthday spanking from her female tennis coach. It should be a real treat for many people in the spanking community because a female tennis coach/player being the spanker has long been a feature of spanking stories.

60 spanking pics, one for each year of my age.

The twenty posts have already been made and scheduled to post automatically, but that doesn’t mean that I will have nothing to add over the next twenty days. You see each post that I have already made contains very little dialogue, the whole purpose being that I want to share rare spanking images with you. If I have anything to say on any given day then I can just edit those posts before they go live. There’s plenty of room because like I said, the posts have very little narration by me, the spanking is going to do the talking. Of course I will check in daily to respond to messages should there be any.

If you want to ask me a question or send a message you can do so here. If I get any questions then I can add the answers to the upcoming scheduled posts. The form is anonymous, you don’t need to submit anything in order to ask a question, other than the question itself. So if you have this dying need to act like a Qunt then you can do that as well, anonymously, fill your boots. If you see your email address in the form below just know that I won’t see it. Still cautious? Open this page in an incognito window and then you won’t even see your email address in the form.

Not every spanking image over the next twenty days is going to be brand new to the community, but I would hazard a guess that the majority of them will be. It is my personal reward for all of the hard work, the graft, the effort, and in some instances the finances that I put in to be able to bring these to you. The fruits of my own labor so to speak.

The birthday present to myself this week was slightly annoying to be honest with you, I feel like it is a bit of a waste of money and I’m not going to get much bang for my buck. The goal is to find 35 worthy spanking entries, but I am going to struggle to find that many. I am digging up some wonderful rare finds though, spanking images from British plays that to my knowledge haven’t been shared in the spanking community to date. As of the time of writing this I have around a dozen unique finds now, plus about an equal number of images that are already known. As these images are from local papers there will of course be a new take when it comes to the headline/synopsis etc. on established pics.

There is quite an issue with the search engine though. For example, I could stumble upon an image that has “Screen actress gets a spanking” in the title. Next I will put those exact quoted words into the search engine and literally nothing shows up, lol. The search engine is a bit of a cow so a lot of this effort is going to be pure luck. I’m hoping for 35 new finds to cover the $35 that I paid for three months access, and it will be close by the end. What I have found so far is very good.

So where do I stand in the spanking community now that I am 60 years old tomorrow?

Well quite honestly I don’t stand anywhere, other of course than being a prolific blogger of our lifestyle. I’m not going to say that I will never play again, the chances are I will at any given point each year, but in regards to spanking parties and the scene, my time there is over. I’ve burned the candle at both ends and now I am burned out. In fact I don’t even have any contact with literally anyone in the community anymore, not since leaving social media, I’ve entered the abyss of ex-spankos who have fallen by the wayside, haha.

In my 40s and 50s I had the time of my life, getting to play with an untold number of wonderful women during that time. If I could put a measure on what my expectations were going in, and what I got out of the scene in return, then there is no comparison. I got to experience particular scenes that I could never have dreamed that I would take part in as a younger man. It truly was a magnificent journey and I got to share some time with some very special people. That is how I wish to remember spanking parties and thankfully much of it I have documented on this blog.

Most importantly I have no regrets whatsoever, even for the situations that were horrible to encounter. I firmly believe that adversity makes you stronger and as sick as it may sound, I’m actually thankful for the negative situations that I had to deal with. It has made me a much stronger person because of it.

If you treat people with contempt and disrespect, then you can’t really fault them for treating you with an equal measure of contempt and disrespect in return. You make your own bed and lie in it, and I suffer no fools. Respectful behavior is paramount in my book.

My door is always open though, if you need a link, if you want your clips4sale page added to my promotion page, if you sell spanking equipment and want a mention, just give me a shout. I have never asked for anything in return and nor will I, it gives me a great deal of satisfaction if I can help someone along.

My email address is, it couldn’t be easier to remember.

In a blogging sense 2023 is going to continue to be a wonderful year. I have so much material that I have collected over the years and I need to post as much as I can this year. Many of these images are going to be new to you, which is just the way that I like it. I take pride in bringing unique material to the spanking community based on the hard work that I put in.

After the twenty birthday posts have completed I will almost certainly have a brand spanking new fictional story to share on June 12th. This is something that I want to work hard on as well this year, writing more spanking stories. The one that I will post in a few weeks’ time was originally written 20 years ago, and obviously I will need to rewrite much of it, but the basis for the story is there already, it just needs to be reworked.

So that is all I have for you on the last day of my 59th year. As of tomorrow I will be as old as dirt and more of a curmudgeon than I already am now. Most of my last fucks have already been given, I have very few fucks left to give anymore. From here on out I want to give you guys as much of what I own as I can, it ain’t going to be no good sat on my hard drive when it is my time to go. Obviously that isn’t going to be for a long while, but circumstances do change so you never know what tomorrow holds.

Please be nice to each other out there and treat people with dignity and respect.

I Have A Confession

This morning I was watching the football from the UK and while I was doing so I decided to do my bi-monthly check of other spanking blogs. As I mentioned recently, I can hardly complain about a falling audience on this blog because I don’t personally look at other spanking blogs anymore myself, save perhaps for once every six to eight weeks.

When I did so today I felt a little bad about what I saw. The reason being is that a spanking picture that I faked has been reposted as real. Now I can’t find the original post that I made, only a post where I posted the image a second time without any qualifying information. When I originally posted it I clearly stated that the image was fake.

Now before I show you this image I do want to state, I am not claiming that this pic was taken directly from my blog. The copy that was posted was of such poor quality that it was likely taken from this blog ages ago and renamed. However, whoever took it originally did take it from this blog. How do I know that? Well it’s simple, I was the one who faked the image, lol.

Here is the image in question in its original form.

Like I said, I can’t find the original post where I posted a few fakes and stated that I had done so, it is likely on my dormant Spanking Pics site as I haven’t searched that site yet. As noted, the image was probably taken from this site years ago, renamed and then circulated for years. As you will see from the copy that I have posted, the quality is far superior so it just makes sense that it has been through the mill for years, lol.

I’m just confessing though, it is a fake that I created and I feel a bit bad about it now. However I think that it is important to confess so that the correct information is out there.

In the same blog post the image below was also credited as being from the 1990s. It’s not, it is from Tulia, TX in 1973 which I POSTED IN 2016. Once again though, it is an image that was likely taken a long time ago from this site, renamed and recycled, and then found elsewhere with a different image name. Once again though, I think that it is important that I provide the correct information if I have it.

By the way, the above image comes from a whole host of spanking pics from the same town over a several year period.

This reminds me of the research that I did in regards to Natalie Wood all those years ago. For the longest time the spanking community was led to believe that the famous Natalie Wood spanking pic was from a film called “The Burning Hills”. Now do I think that I know where that rumour started? You can bet your bottom dollar I do. Long before the Internet I saw the image in print with “The Burning Hills” title, so I firmly believe that I know exactly where it was mislabeled and by who 🙂

Now even though I brought this mistake to the spanking world a long, long time ago, and informed everyone that the image was actually from the set of “The girl he left behind”, I’m not foolish enough to fail to acknowledge that this information would have eventually been realized and talked about anyway. I’m in possession of the original magazine that it was posted in and many other collectors would have known this information already.

It has been a few years since I last posted about Natalie Wood, that was when I found a brand spanking new copy of a long lost Natalie Wood spanking pic. A dreadfully poor copy of the image had circulated online for years, but three years ago I found a copy of the original on Ebay and I purchased it.

So if you ever see THIS IMAGE, know that I own it!! As in I paid my hard earned green to bring it to the spanking community and the original is in my personal spanking folder of items that I actually own.

Now let me finish off with some fun.

As the football went on this morning I booted up my oldest external drive because I wanted to find the original image in this post. I was pretty sure that I knew where to find it, and I was indeed correct. It was found in my old “Webshots” folder on my external drive. Do any of you remember the website “Webshots”?

Well in that folder I have literally hundreds of spanking pics dating all the way back to 2003. In fact the three images below have been sat on my hard drive for 20 years and have never been posted. That is yet another folder that I need to go through to sort out some long lost spanking pics.

And one other thing, I also found a story that I wrote in 2004 that I never posted. Now I will still need to rewrite the bulk of it as my writing is much better nowadays than it was 20 years ago, but that is something that you can look forward to once the 20 birthday spanking posts have been made.

Now here are the three images that I have had in my possession for 20 years already.

Bill Or Ben?

This image has sat on my hard drive for many a year, but I just noticed something about it today, even though I have had it in my possession for nearly ten years.

Pay special attention to how the man is sat! It looks like, and I am only taking a guess here, that he has been pushed arse first into the bird bath, lol 🙂

Now I wonder who would do such a thing? Do you guys have any guesses as to who the miscreant might have been?

Now I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer and the first moment that I spotted what was going on I thought that he was sat in a flower pot. Hence the title, is this Bill or Ben, and is that Little Weed getting a spanking? haha.

It was only afterwards that I realized that it was a bird bath that he was sat in, but the seed for the title had already been planted. If you want to see the creepy shit that we grew up with in the UK in the 60s and 70s, just search Youtube for THE FLOWERPOT MEN.

Deep From The Archive

Today is one of those days where I dig into the archive of unposted spanking pics for a selection of six photos that have sat on my hard drive for more than ten years.

Yes, that’s right, ten years, though several of them have been sat on my hard drive for more than ten years. These are pics that would never get posted otherwise because they just aren’t very good, but, I have always been of the thought process that you just never know what picture is going to trigger someone’s spanking thoughts. They don’t have to be good pictures because it is all in the mind anyway, just the smallest thing can trigger a happy thought.

As you may well have seen on this blog recently, I am on a bit of a posting blitz as of late, in fact I may even post every day on this blog for the next month or longer. As you already know, I am planning on posting for 20 days straight where I will share 60 pics with you all to celebrate my upcoming 60th birthday. So far I have 21 pics selected in 7 themes, so just 13 more themes to go to get to 60 pics.

Anyway, on with the show. None of these pics will make it to my folders because they simply aren’t good enough. In fact they might not even be good enough for anyone to poach them for their own blogs, lol.

First of all from 1935. Not exactly a classic spanking pose, but maybe someone once swatted a girl the same way?

Next up is a spanking on the porch. You might be surprised by just how many porch spankings that there are. One of the themes for the birthday spankings posts is going to be three porch spankings that I have selected.

Now I’m not being funny here, but there could well be some crossdressing going on, on the left side of the photo. Back in the 1940s and 1950s it was commonplace for clubs, initiation groups, pledges etc. to dress up in the clothing of the opposite gender. One of the porch spanking selections for my birthday themes is likely an M/M pic, but it could also be M/F or even an F/F pic, I really don’t know. The photo is from a distance and it is hard to tell who is dressed as what. The image below is from 1934.

As mentioned already, playing dress up was commonplace, and yes, it was more prevalent in establishments in the Southern States than it was in the Northern ones. Performing in drag was a part of the culture in the 1940s and 1950s. In fact I dare say that those with the loudest voices on the topic against it, could have likely been participants in it during their younger days.

In this image you will see that the spanker is wearing a full length skirt as he spanks his playmate. I also have another image that I found on a search this week where a young man is being paddled while wearing a skirt by another male. I will share that one on a Friday post one week, and I won’t feel the need to try and justify it with a disclaimer. It is spanking, right? Everyone should feel welcome no matter what their choices are.

Another porch spanking where the filters for lighting was non existent, lol. It is a terrible pic, but someone out there will like it, I am sure.

And finally for today, this pic makes me laugh because it reminds me of spanking parties. The point where the young lady says out loud “Did someone say spanking”?

Fun Photo Story

Disclaimer: The following post is completely made up. There is no foundation to my prose other than an active imagination, and a sense of humor meant to lighten the daily load of people’s burdens. Enjoy it for what it is.

By the way, I can only guess that the spanking image yesterday was something that really garnered interest from viewers. According to my Google analytics, views on the website more than doubled yesterday with 711 visits. The thing is though, they were all direct hits, as in people clicked on the website directly. That has made me question the analytics because the jump in numbers happened at exactly Midnight, so I’m wondering if Google analytics is underreporting the number of visitors to this site.

With that in mind I went to my hosting company stats page today and saw something interesting. According to the company that hosts my website, my daily visitors is almost triple what Google reports. Though for yesterday the report was less than double, but you can still see the huge spike in the number of visits yesterday. (Monday and Tuesday’s visits were under 270 according to Google)

Anyway, enough with the semantics, you all want some spanking stuff, right? Like I said, I made the following story up, it is not real. The images are from an old 8mm Stag film, the name of which I do not know.

M: “Let me see your college assignment”

D: “Let go mom, I’m working on it”

M; “You haven’t done a lick of work yet. You know what this means, don’t you”?

D: “Please mom, I’m going to do it now”

M: “You most certainly ARE going to do it, but you are going to do it on a well spanked bottom young lady”

D: “No Mom, I’m way too old to be spanked”

M: “I don’t care if you are in college, as long as you are living under my roof you will follow my rules”

D: “Mom stop, ow, I promise, ouch, I’m going to do it right now, ow, ouch”

M: “Let’s see how smart and sassy you are once I have thoroughly warmed the seat of these silky panties for you”

D: “Mom, this is so embarrassing, please stop”

Brazilian Kate

Today I am searching through archives of Brazilian newspapers trying to see what I can come up with. On one site I thought for a moment that I had found a new trove to share, but unfortunately the moment that you click on a preview a pay window comes up. I simply can’t keep paying for archives, certainly not one in a foreign language where the search would be dreadfully tiresome.

Still, the search isn’t empty, there are still lots of free newspaper archives out there, even in Brazil. Here is a 2015 Brazilian Kiss Me Kate for you all to enjoy. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Remembrance Day

I’m back from a little break, perhaps you thought this was the end of the blog? 🙂 Nah, it’s just a lack of enthusiasm after doing this for 16 years. If you want to support me, over on my vanilla blog I have a one minute reading of my interpretation of IN FLANDERS FIELDS. Just click on the highlighted text to listen to it. It doesn’t cost anything other than a minute of your time, but the views help me a lot on Youtube.