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As I have posted a few times already,  in just a few short weeks Dana Specht and I are going to be conducting our 6th annual interview for her website. Our topic this year is  “Six of the best”  and I have been gathering user submitted ideas for the interview. Unlike previous years,  the response has been very slow this year. So what I am going to do to try and get some interest is once more give away a spanking video from my collection. These videos are on my Google drive and can be downloaded and saved.

You have a choice of four videos to choose from,  and if you fill the survey out several times you can get four videos,  lol. If the scene isn’t your dynamic then don’t worry,  just create a character of the opposite sex to be spanked by Dana.


I know that the last time I did this the videos ended up on the pirate sites,  but whatever. I’m giving them away anyway. Tomorrow I will be back with my normal Sunday classic.

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Six Of The Best

It is that time of year again where DANA SPECHT and I put together our annual interview. Now for those of you who don’t know,  every summer Dana goes home to be with her family and while she is away we pre-record an interview where each week she uploads sections to her website. Once that is done we then generally put it on spanking tube. I’m pretty amazed that so far we have done this five years running and we always do it on a Sunday night at the Boardwalk Badness Weekend when everyone is out on the cruise.

So in preparation of this year,  and being that we have done five so far,  we decided for number 6 we would do six of the best. It’s quite a simple concept and we have put together a small list to start,  but we also want to hear your thoughts and questions. If you don’t have a six of the best for Dana,  then maybe you have something that we can add as  “Six of the best random questions”. This is what we have so far… SIX OF THE BEST roles to play,  positions,  videos,  implements,  bottoms she has spanked,  verbal warnings,  presents received,  additional punishments. Is there a SIX OF THE BEST list that you can think of? Be as creative as you want. Either fill out the DANA SURVEY or simply enter your six of the best in the box below.


The 2011 Christmas Show

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So here it is guys, the 2011 Christmas show. All of the guests appearing in the show are shown above and below, please click on their pics to visit their wonderful websites. Now due to a limited bandwidth, if you are planning on listening to the whole show then please download the first link below, the ‘Download Now’ link. All you do is click the link and enter your email address, you will then be sent a download link in your email. Click that link and be sure to ‘Right Click’ where it says ‘Download’ and the show will be saved to your hard drive. Attached as well is a media player to listen directly, but podomatic only gives me 15GB of bandwidth and that will go quickly. So here you are, the 2011 Christmas Show. By the way, today is also the 5th anniversary of this blog.


Click the pics below to visit my guests websites.

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5 Questions For 5 Tops – Question 5

The 2011 Christmas show is coming guys!! It is finished and ready to publish and will be seen Thursday night on this site!! Check back for my 3rd annual Spanking Christmas Radio Show.

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Question Number 5.

Finally, you have a workshop where only the naughtiest of Elves work. These elves require frequent spankings, at least once a week. Which 5 elves are the most deserving to be placed in your naughty Elf workshop, the ones who need to be spanked more than most?

The London Tanner:

Already under employment are Nightoww, Stellafl and NYirishred who all seem to need spanking regularly but elves considered for employment in 2012 would be:
Pixie of Punished Brats as she is just too cute not to spank
Jules of SSNY as she seems to be constantly in need of correction as well as an honest days work.
Amber Grey of Amber Paddled Pink as I just love that southern accent of hers as well as that southern ass.
Caroline Grey of Ireland as she is just so good at taking a well deserved punishment
Munchkin as she would make such a good slave Elf
But all applications will be considered send a bare bottom photo to London Tanner to apply.

Dana Specht:

The five naughty elves who deserve to be spanked by Mrs. Santa are:  Yoni, Sarah, Larry, Stefan, and Brad.  Yoni for being a brat, Sarah for not getting her office clean and tidy, Larry for forgetting to smile, Stefan for standing me up for a video shoot, and Brad for leaving last year’s BBW party early (I know it was for reasons beyond his control, but still…)

Mike Tanner:

Wow,  the five most in need of regular spankings,  mmmm,  that’s a hard one,  here’s my list which is subject to change at any moment:


Mike Stein:

Damn, only 5!!

Richard Windsor:

This is a really tough one, so I will have to go with the first five girls that come to mind as my special naughty girls.




Naughty Freckles


5 Questions For 5 Tops – Question 4

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Question Number 4.

What spanking resolution do you have for the new year?

The London Tanner:

“To Improve the behaviour of more naughty girls by applying a well deserved sore backside.”

Dana Specht:

“Personally, to get back to the gym and live a healthier life.”

Mike Tanner:

“My spanking resolution is to be more strict with my daughter Jules and all my nieces,  I tried being lenient in 2011 and they all misbehaved every chance they could,  I need to incorporate a tough love philosophy for 2012”

Mike Stein:

“Continue to make new friends in the scene, and help organize fun parties and gatherings.  Take better care of my poor hand.”

Richard Windsor:

“I resolve to get Missy and Jules in a room together at BBW where my brother, Mike Tanner and myself, can give those two girls a bad girl spanking as they face each other. First over the knee, and then kneeling on chairs facing each other as Mike and I circle them with our belts in hand”

5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 3

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Question Number 3.

When Santa visits you, what do you want to find under your tree this year?

The London Tanner:

“My four naughty girls Kay, Stella and Red and Aurora bottoms up panties down and holding canes and not of the candy variety.”

Dana Specht:

A diamond and emerald necklace or earrings to match my ring.”

Mike Tanner:

“I asked santa for a brand new tanner reformatory paddle – the old fashioned kind that they used in schools in the 1950’s”

Mike Stein:

“Any racecar related gifts, any toys that sing or dance, I love em!!! and of course socks and underwear….lol”

Richard Windsor:

“A Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time. Or perhaps Samantha Woodley wearing a babydoll nightie and matching panties”

5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 2

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Question Number 2.

Who has made your naughty list and is likely to find themselves over your lap in 2012?

The London Tanner:

“It would be easier to name the young ladies who havent made my naughty list this year. So just for good measure I will spank them all. There is one young lady, Princess_Portia who would be on this list but by the time you all read it will have already been dealt with :-)”

Dana Specht:

“Definitely Yoni.  He has been such a naughty boy teasing and taunting me on FetLife with an almost “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, you can’t catch me” attitude, that I feel I have no choice but to give him a bare bottom spanking when I see him next year.”

Mike Tanner:

“Unfortunately, my daughter, Jules is at the top of my naughty list.  She tries hard but has never ending ways of getting herself in trouble.  My niece Heather is back and uncle Mike has quite a lot of deferred spankings to deliver.  Missy is well overdue for a classic uncle Mike spanking and Sarah escaped a spanking at the last ssny party because she wasn’t feeling well (uncle mike is strict but compassionate)  My absolute best behaved niece, Maria, needs a reminder spanking right at the beginning of the year to remind her to continue to be a good example for the rest of the girls,  and Aurora never does anything to get in trouble so i’ll just spank her for the hell of it.  Pixie, don’t think i forgot about how you corrupted my innocent daughter with gobstoppers. The list actually goes on and on,  Ten is over due as is Trish, Sarah Rocks, Amber, Michele, Alona, Littlebrat, Red, Susan, Fran, Moonie, Leia Ann Woods, and Sass, you’ll all get yours in 2012″

Mike Stein:

“Let’s see……Kat.. bkb.. of course littlebrat and Fran.. did I mention Kat.. oh yes and Munchkin – she likes to stir the pot… cant forget Jules and Maria!!!…when I get to see her, Missy.. did I forget Kat..Parttimelondoner.. Clair.. Carrie.. Linda.. LR.. and one last naughty one, Playfullilbrat!!!!!  I’m sure there will be more!!!!!!!!”

Richard Windsor:

An actual naughty list, I can dig that, actual naughty girls. Sarah Fields, guess you did make the list after all. Munchkin, for her after hours tantrum. The Babysitter, for daring to say the Rangers’ suck. Amber Grey, for ignoring emails. Erica Scott, for being a grinch. Pixie, just cos. Cindy_NYC and Melodrama and Dotty, for making 6 of us stand in the freezing cold, forever. Kat, for playing hooky. Missy, for a tantrum email, she needs to be shown that we love her, and what better way than a spanking with the CB paddle. Pattimelondoner, for thinking that I am all talk.

5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 1

(Click each pic for the respective websites)

Question Number 1.

You are Santa/Mrs. Claus, who’s chimney are you going down this year and what is in store for them when you get there?

The London Tanner:

“My wife Kay (nightoww) Can look forward to a good long lecture followed by an over the knee spanking, then it’s knickers down over a chair for a good hard caning followed by bare bottomed corner time in the hall where all the Christmas guests can see her.”

Dana Specht:

“I am going to need an early start as I have so many naughty boys and girls across the country to visit.  I’ll start on the west coast and work my across beginning with Diane, Anna, Dave, Timothy, and William in California (just to name a few) and ending with Sarah, Randy, Larry, Paully, and Johnny on the east coast and mid west.”

Mike Tanner:

“I will be going down Katbrat’s chimney and tanning her bare bottom good,  she claims to be one of my well behaved nieces but her behavior lately has been a bit unruly so I need to set her straight for the new year.”

Mike Stein:

“All the great scene friends I have met over the years.  What’s in store, many handshakes and lots of HUGS!!!”

Richard Windsor:

As for me, well, it is a no brainer, Amber Pixie Wells’ chimney, or perhaps the front door as I am sure she has some kindling ready in the fireplace for any mean Santa types. What is in store for her? A long overdue bare bottom spanking followed by 6 of the best with the cane.

Who is on YOUR List?

Christmas Is Coming

Santa, and Mrs. Santa come to think of it, knows if you have been naughty or nice!! After the whopping two entries that I got in the last caption me post, I shall move on to preparing the Christmas radio show. Yes my friends, there will be one again this year. So far I have 6 recorded messages with promises of others to come in, and I am trawling around finding you all some unique Christmas songs.

Leading us in to the Christmas show I will be starting tomorrow with another project that will be posted over the next 5 days, unless I change the schedule. The project is 5 Christmas questions for 5 tops. Right now I have The London Tanner, Dana Specht, Mike Tanner and Mike Stein, and if a fifth set of answers doesn’t come in then I will fill the fifth spot as the other guys have filled theirs out already. How many of you have made the naughty lists of the above people? You will start finding out tomorrow with question one 🙂

Sending Out The Love - Dana Specht

Aside from a few little trinkets to tinker with, the site that Missy and I have been working on over the last few months has been launched and is ready to go. Now we do have to finish off just a few small things and I want to get that done first, but on Friday I will be making a big post about the new network. There are a few blogs that I have to contact first for links and hopefully I will get that done tonight.

Now as I am on the subject of love though, I want to share something else with you. There are many blogs out there that promote websites, but nearly all of the promotion is for websites that have affiliate programs. There is nothing wrong with that, I even do it myself at times. What I do like to do though is promote people in the scene who I consider friends, and most of these people have no affiliate program, and if they do, well, I just don’t sign up for it. My reason for promoting these people is purely through wanting to give a shout out to my friends. This week I am going to promote 3 sites that are owned by friends of mine, and I am going to start today with DANA SPECHT. I will also review Amateur Spanking and the Strictly Spanking Network.

If you have followed this blog for the last year or so you would have seen me promote Dana through the interviews that we have done, and with various posts, but what people don’t know is what Dana’s site offers. Today I am going to let you know the bang you get for your buck, and as DANA’S SITE has been around for ten years you of course will get plenty of value for your dollar.

This is what you get in the meat and the bones of DANA’S WEBSITE:

524 picture galleries

469 Video Clips

180 Stories

Diary: 500 entries dating back to 2000

147 Audio scolding’s

72 DVD’s for sale.

Now all of the material on Dana’s site is a mixture of both F/F and F/M spanking related material. I have joined her site on a few occasions as I love her F/F material and I haven’t been disappointed. The details above are the main section of the site, but there are also other sections to her site.

Now there are several membership options on Dana’s site and you can click THIS LINK to see them all. In a nutshell though, you can get access for a month for $19.95, a onetime charge and no rebill to worry about. I  know when you have a decision to make on a website you want to have some idea what you are spending your money on, well I just broke it down for you. The site is also updated on a weekly basis with a new video clip, new photo set, new diary entry and a story or audio if there is one to add.

You may have seen the interviews that Dana and I have done, in fact she is running one of them throughout the summer. Here is the first interview that we did right here DANA AND RICHARD INTERVIEW.

You may have seen some clips on the Internet and now is your chance to see a lot more. The audios I think are very unique, that is something that you don’t get a lot of. If you have seen Dana in action you will know that she has a very Maternal manner to her scolding’s and approach. I have conducted two interviews with Dana so I have listened to her voice a lot and I know that it lends a lot to who Dana is as a person.

Anyway, go on over to DANA’S SITE and check it out for yourself, you get a lot of material for your twenty bucks. Whether you like Female spanks male or Female spanks female, Aunty Dana has room on her lap just for you, both genres are well represented on her site. Don’t ever think that you are too old for a spanking, you will even see in the second interview that she threatens me of all people, The Ultra Popular TOP himself 🙂


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