F/M Friday 36

This image showed up in my haul this week for those of you who prefer this genre of spanking. As you probably all know by now, I am no longer on Twitter. I just follow that simple rule in life, when things stop being fun, stop doing them. It’s as simple as that. There are aspects that I miss, but at the same time when you weigh the good with the bad then the decision that I made was the correct one, I am far happier without Twitter. As I mentioned a long time ago, I had to create a vanilla account so that I was able to post publicly, and I do still visit that profile on occasion, but it is strictly vanilla and I have no desire to engage outside of a vanilla setting on Twitter.

The reason that I mention the above is because of the image below. I used to see the images of Miss Chris on Twitter and I can’t help but feel that this image has a Miss Chris vibe to it. The whole 1950s feel, and of course the trusty Mason-Pearson hairbrush. If I am not mistaken I do believe that Miss Chris also owns a Mason Pearson hairbrush. In fact maybe she owns more than one.

Even though I have made some great finds this week, I also deleted so much material from my external drives. Things that no longer have any importance to me, such as movies that I haven’t watched for a decade or more. With my Youtube channel taking off and currently trending in the right direction, it won’t be long before I am able to monetize, so creating hard drive space was a must to store Youtube footage. It has been a long hard struggle on Youtube, almost two years of hard work to build towards creating a channel that can earn money, and I am so close now, I should be able to monetize within the next three months or so.

It feels like quite an achievement to be honest with you, reaping what I sow. In all aspects of our lives, how you act as an individual dictates the path that you travel down and how other people see you. I’m very content with my path, even if it means that I am no longer travelling down the spanking road 🙂 Two years is a long time to graft towards a goal, and it is now within reach.

This is also anniversary week for me. On Monday it will be three years since my world got turned upside down when my brother and best friend left us on June the 7th, 2018, and on Wednesday it will be 22 whole years since our dad departed. That is so hard to imagine, that it has been 22 years already. It is still a struggle not having my brother around to talk to every day, but when I look back to where I was a year ago, and even worse, two years ago, then I have made great strides since then. There is nothing that I can do about it anyway, but time is being a great healer, I’m feeling better about myself as the months pass by, even if it still really sucks like there is no tomorrow.

Anyway, enjoy this classic find, make up your own stories in your head as to what you are seeing, and I will add this image to my F/M COLLECTION. Be sure to click on the image to see the full sized version, it is a big picture.


2 thoughts on “F/M Friday 36

  1. A fantastic picture, Richard. Thank you. I wonder how many other bottoms in that picture have felt that brush? They’re laughing now…

  2. Yes, Theo, it is easy to laugh when one isn’t feeling the brush, lol. I dare say that if that brush could talk it would replay a symphony of sounds!!

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