Windsor Wednesday Classic – 250

We have a benchmark post today, number 250 in the Windsor Wednesday Classic series. The image today is a SENIOR SUPERLATIVES photo and I encourage you to click on the highlighted link and view all of the other images in that folder, they really are a set of awesome spanking photos.

The guy and gal in this image are in fact a couple and I just love the playful smiles. I’m one of the types of people who loves to view playful spanking photos, not every image has to be a serious one.

So please enjoy today’s offering, a happy spanking photo.

5 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 250

  1. I love these nostalgic pics. Now, as an old man, I wish I had lived back then and seen some of these for real. As always thanks for sharing another wonderful treasure!

  2. Fatherjim,

    These superlative pics are the hardest to find because none of them can be searched with any variation of the word ‘Spank’ in it. They literally have to be found one of two ways. Firstly the old fashioned way of searching through book after book, and the second way is to just rip them off from Richard’s site 🙂


  3. As I’ve seen done on so many other sites, but they do usually credit your site at least! Again, thanks for being the spanking hound-dog!

  4. Thank you for all your research and time spent finding these gems.I always love a spanking where the pretty spankee does seem to be enjoying her too time and of course as a spanner I would also be smiling to beat the band great finds.thanks again for all you share.

  5. Jimc,

    This image made for a really good one to mark number 250 in the series. They can be hard to find but when a superlative pic is found they are generally very good ones.


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