Windsor Sunday Candids – 80

“Well hello Mary Lou,  goodbye ass”

Only old time music fans will understand that line,  lol.

One thing that I love about spanking photos more so than movies is that I concur with the old adage,  a picture is worth a thousand words. As long as there is the understanding that what is being said is meant to be tongue in cheek then I do see it as harmless fun. I’ve been called out myself before for posting something that wasn’t factually correct,  and rightly so,  I was a little too ambiguous in my not reporting the real origins behind a photo,  instead going directly to a fantasy scenario. I’ve called others out,  mostly from the editing of known commercial pictures that are then presented as  “I think this might be real”,  or posting images with dubious origins that collectors like myself know to be factually incorrect. Perhaps the worst case scenario that I encountered was the first image that I ever had taken where I was spanking Pixie  (long before she was known as Pixie)  many years ago and a user by the name of Hapgood Baines then re-posted that image within an hour claiming it to be of him and his neighbor.

In the image below it is one of a series of photos that I have from Rockdale,  TX,  this one is from 1968. In fact an earlier picture that I posted from Rockdale was hugely popular which features an elderly teacher wielding a mean looking paddle just prior to it hitting its target. THAT PHOTO HERE. So it is known that there are numerous paddling pics from this location but I have yet to find out the reason behind this series of them,  perhaps it is like a Kangaroo court type deal?

If I can be cheeky for a moment,  if you look at the girls pained expression,  and the fact that the guy doing the paddling seems to have connected at an awful angle,  it reminds me of the guy who shows up at spanking parties carrying around 50 wooden items with him in a bag,  yet his idea of a psychological spanking is to hit as hard as is humanly possible to impress whoever is watching.

As a side note,  the only time that I ever lost my temper at a spanking party is when I was giving a girl the strap,  and some dick walked past me saying  “She can take more than that,  you’re hitting like a girl”. So for education purposes,  let me educate you on all of the levels that those comments were wrong. I can do that rationally now,  I wasn’t able to when that comment was said to me,  lol.

1)  You don’t know the girl,  and even if you did,  you don’t know where she is at during that current moment.

2)  Even if she could take it harder than that,  it doesn’t mean that she has to take it that hard from me. It is the worst misconception possible. A girl may,  if she decides that the chemistry is right,  play at a very hard level with certain people that she trusts. Nobody has a right to decide that other than her. Just because she has been known to play hard it doesn’t give YOU the right to play that hard with her.

3)  Not that I have any first hand experience with it,  but from my observations,  women tend to show little mercy when dishing out a spanking,  men tend to be overly cautious. So to say to me that I was hitting like a girl,  in a way that would actually be a compliment,  because I happen to think that females know how to spank other females far better than men do,  and a good number of men could learn from watching these interactions.

4)  Don’t ever interrupt another person’s scene. If you don’t like what you are watching,  walk the fuck away  (unless a lady has asked you to stay close for her safety). Spanking isn’t a competition,  and for a great many of us the mind fuck is far more important than how hard one can hit. Here is a story where I spanked three girls to tears due simply to the head space involved for all of them. STORY HERE.

5)  People have their own dynamics,  it isn’t right for anyone to question how another couple plays. Take my advice,  you are far less likely to find spanking partners at a party if your goal is to hit a girl as hard as you can. Save those types of spankings for the special relationships that people have,  don’t ever consider hitting someone as a competition. Likewise,  if you act like a dick,  word is going to get around pretty quickly.

Anyway,  I got sidetracked as usual. Here is the image which will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS folder.

Introducing Windsor’s Paddlings

As you have probably been aware of now for almost two years,  I am a collector of rare spanking pics that outside of a few select people,  have yet to be seen in the spanking community at large. It is a passionate hobby of mine and I spend a lot of time scouring archives,  yearbooks and historic sites. Obviously there are also times where I will spend money to purchase a pic,  especially if it has a watermark on and I deem it a great find. Two notable pictures that I purchased and I have at home in my personal collection are these two. PICTURE 1 and PICTURE 2. Picture 1 I paid $20 for and picture 2 cost me $29.95. Because it is a hobby I have no problem paying for items,  in fact a large portion of what I bring you each week I have paid for in some form or fashion.

When I reached the $500 mark I stopped counting how much it cost me,  lol,  but don’t fear,  I am an honest guy. On this site I make money from the links on the side so it is a win/win. Yeah,  it bothers me a little bit when I am paying for other sites to benefit from my financial input by using my material without so much as a click back link,  because it denies our fellow spankos the chance to view a wealth of rare material,  but I can only control how I act. At the end of the day if I make back what I put in then all is good,  and the time that I invest in this is rewarded by presenting unique material to you all each and every week.

So the new folder that I have created is called WINDSOR’S PADDLINGS. I have over 50 paddling pics yet to post with more that I find as time goes on,  so instead of jumbling them in with various folders I will create one as a stand alone folder for those people who enjoy paddling pics. So as a welcome gift to launch the new page,  here is a paddling pic and if you click the highlighted link below you will see all of the paddling pics that I have posted so far.



Over the years I have also collected a bunch of F/M pics where the original goal was to use them in some type of marketing ploy. The thing is though,  they will probably never be posted anywhere,  not on my sites anyway. So to use them in a marketing manner I will look to improve my Google ranking by using one of my survey’s which are incredibly popular for bringing traffic to this site.

So if you are interested in receiving the 14 pics on the sheet shown below and F/M is your thing,  they are all regular size added to a ZIP file,  then fill out the survey below and leave your email address in the last column. As anyone will attest,  I don’t use the emails for spam purposes,  I just send people rare pics from time to time on a whim that don’t get posted on this blog.




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