Sex Can Be Fun

A bright spark hit me and I think that I have an idea for my next spanking story. Every year I write at least one new story so I need to get my butt in gear here. Part of the reason for jotting it down in this post is that I am 59 years old now, so by tomorrow I am likely to forget what my idea is, lol. In the past I have touched on this subject, though more in a playful way, but I think that I have developed a good scenario for a new spanking story. It is partially based on my own experience coming to America, though obviously I am going to tell the story of a young woman coming to America for the first time to work at a summer camp.

Here is the main crux of the story: The woman lives with her Grandparents and has had no contact with her biological parents, and her trip to America is not one that is going to make her any money. She will be working virtually for free with all of her earned salary going to the company that placed her, and the cost of her flight. That’s actually true, that is how the system works. Off the top of my head I do not remember how much we got ‘Paid’ back in the 1980’s. Currently at the end of ten week placement a counselor’s pocket money is one thousand dollars, that’s a $100 a week and you normally have to work about 14 hours a day, 6 days a week. I wish I could remember what it was in the 1980s but I am almost certain it was $150 at the end of a ten week placement. I’m going to have to look this up. The bottom line is this, unless you took money with you then the pocket money that you get is not going to stretch very far after camp.

Once camp is done you get up to four weeks to travel if you can afford to do so, and halfway through the camp experience you let the camp placement company know the date that you want your return flight booked for. That will play an important role in the story. Our heroine is not financially well off but does want top experience America while she is there.

Just as a side note, the ‘Up to 4 weeks to travel’ line is actually BS. When you arrive in America you have a visa that allows you to work for 6 months, absolutely nowhere does it say you can only work for ten weeks and then must leave 4 weeks later. In 1987 the summer camp placement company demanded to know my return date, so I just gave them a random one. The truth of the matter was that the flight was going to go unused (the cost had already come out of my salary anyway) because the camp that I was working for had offered to hire me for the entire 6 months of the visa, as they did in 1988, which they followed up with a new 18 month visa 🙂 Then I got a third working visa right away after that in 1990 for a further 18 months with another company.

Anyway, the camp director and his wife have no children of their own, and after hearing of the exchange counselor’s budget plans that she might be able to stretch in America for ten days, they offer to let her stay with them after camp so that she can get to enjoy a 4 week vacation in America without having to worry about travel fees and dorm room accommodation. Four weeks in Texas with a Christian couple, whatever could go wrong with that scenario, haha.

As an international counselor the young woman will arrive for orientation much earlier than the rest of the staff, and it is here where she discovers that summer camp birthday spanking paddle. This is a fact that is completely foreign to her because she has never even heard of a birthday spanking before, and the paddle itself was more of a novelty one so it was hardly like to cause any discomfort. She doesn’t get a birthday spanking, but on the first night when she is with the camp director and his wife she learns what it is used for, and then gets to learn about a good old Southern upbringing.

It is quite alarming for her to know that the paddle was still in use, especially as the cane had pretty much been outlawed in England several years before. She then learns about a country upbringing, very much in a matter of fact manner by the two adults as if they were discussing what they wanted on top of their pizza. Trips to the woodshed for a strapping, old fashioned switching’s, not to mention anything that could be found in a house that could be quickly applied to a miscreants bottom such as a wooden spoon or a hairbrush while she lay face down over a lap staring at the carpet. While the couple themselves have no experience with a charge of their own, they are very much advocates for the practice of sparing the rod.

There is plenty of work that I need to do with the story, but I am really happy to have the meat and bones of it on the table already. I’m already picturing her first trip to church on Sunday, something that she has never done in her 22 years leading up to that point save for a wedding or a christening 🙂

The story might be a bit harsher than what I normally write, but on the first day when our heroine picks up the birthday spanking paddle, and the subsequent discussion with the two adults regarding corporal punishment, her mind has already been filled with the need to see how far she can explore this lifestyle aspect that she had not really thought of before. In fact it would be fair to say that when she agrees to stay with the camp director and his wife after camp, there is a little devil inside of her that wants to challenge the Christian upbringing.

Anyway, that’s just to give you an idea of what is coming up. Now it is time for the spanking pic that I will add to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

Having spanked many, many women over the years, I have a question here. Is the guy like 6’8″ or is the woman like 4’6″? She is like way up on his lap and it looks like his spanking hand has some serious torque to it. This is going to be a stinger!! Us short fat guys don’t get that luxury, lol,

4 thoughts on “Sex Can Be Fun

  1. What a great advert, thanks so much, Rich.

    The copy is an odd mixture of playful and slightly sinister. So, is it fun or is it bizarre? Calling it sadism isn’t helping either!

    The picture’s great, though.

  2. Theo,

    I posted this on my Facebook profile and even my vanilla friends agreed with your assessment that it was too prudish of the times to refer to sex play as bizarre. I also looked up marriage statistics from the 1970s until today, where you will find only one third of people are married now as they were in the 70s.

  3. I enjoy funishment spankings and the positioning otk and expressions of this one is outstanding.Thanks for sharing

  4. Jimc,

    Isn’t this one a wonderful pic? I also love the expressions and the playful nature of the participants.


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