Sorority Spanking – 120

The following picture came from Tumblr, but I have no idea where it originally came from. There is a good likelihood that a spanko found this and if I find out the origin that I will gladly credit them. Now I could be wrong, but what I think that we are seeing in this photo is that the girls on the floor are actually getting doused with something. It would be easy to say that their faces are the result of a paddling, but I think that we have to be honest, it clearly looks like they are being drenched. Obviously there are at least two paddles on standby, and I dare say that there was some warm jean seats after this was finished, but either way it is a cracking pic to look at.

2 thoughts on “Sorority Spanking – 120

  1. I agree, Richard – these girls appear to be getting sprayed with something. Let’s hope it was water! The guy on the right is holding something other than a paddle, and while it doesn’t look like a squirt gun, that’s what it could be.

  2. I agree totally!! Just as long as it is some form of liquid to make those paddle swats have some extra sting to them 🙂

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