Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 158

I always enjoy a bit of playful fun, and there is nothing more fun than an OTK spanking to a willing partner 😉 Now I believe in being honest and ethical, and this image wasn’t found by me. I mean I found it, but, I found it on the main newspaper archive where a fellow spanko had saved all of the clippings that they had found and they were publicly visible. So someone else did the legwork for this one and I found their saved archive of clippings. Unfortunately I can’t give them credit by name because the archive no longer exists, but they shared quite a trove of images which I have saved, though of course many of them I already had in my own archive.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 158

  1. Again, a wonderful pic! Somehow, even the old fuzzy’s still beat today’s fair given by the spanko industry. Just my opinion, mind you and no dig on today’s models or photographers. It’s just the patina of time that makes these old gems so quaint! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have to agree,the photos at the time were grainy in newspapers to begin with and copying was also what made it blurry.great find thanks for sharing.

  3. Fatherjim,

    Just as well really because I have hundreds of images just like this one, lol. Many are in far worse condition, but, they still deserve a place to be seen.


  4. Jim,

    I have so many pictures that are far worse than this one, but, regardless of how they look I will eventually share them all. They deserve to be seen.


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