AiNA San Gets A Spank

No Wednesday classic this week, instead I want to focus on my favorite Japanese band/singer. Had Richard Windsor not been a fan of this band then it is quite likely that this would never have been seen on a spanking website. If you have been a follower of this site for any period of time then you will know that I love the Japanese band, BiSH. I like them so much that I have even flown to Japan just to watch them live.

When my brother died in 2018, it was the thought of seeing the band live that got me through some very dark days. It gave me something to look forward to and hold onto when there didn’t feel like there was much left for me. In particular I just adore the voice of the de facto lead singer of the band, AiNA THE END, she has such a unique voice.

In the year of 2021, AiNA has released two solo albums as well as several extended plays, and she has also begun to tour as a solo artist. Now she is very much still a part of the band, and she also features as the guest singer on many collaborations. I will be quite frank, I prefer the music of the band compared to her solo music, however she also has some wonderful solo tracks.

Anyway, her latest tour finished in her home town of Osaka, and at the same time they released promotional information for a tour final in March. Well it was in that end of tour video that AiNA, for whatever reason, bends over and gets a spank. I literally have no idea what it was for, whether it was related to that last show, or whether it was some punitive measure that she was also subject to, I have no idea. Almost certainly this will not be the last post on this, because I have no doubt that a longer version will be forthcoming when AiNA’s next concert DVD comes out, which will quite likely be at the same time that her March concert takes place.

So all it is, is one swat, for now anyway. Did everyone give her one swat? I don’t know. The person giving it to her also happens to be the oldest member of her backing band who is in his 50s. If you do watch the video, the swat happens at 25 seconds, however, just a few seconds before that it actually appears that her two male backing dancers are holding wet towels, lol. Now whether they are whipping each other, or whipping AiNA with them, I don’t know πŸ™‚

So first of all I have a screenshot of the swat, then the video. If you watch the video in full you will see AiNA cry at the end, that’s perfectly normal, she has cried numerous times whenever the crowd has been especially supportive of her. But that isn’t all though, there is more spanking action under the video πŸ˜‰

In a previous post I also shared images of some spanking action from the band that AiNA sings with, in fact I have even seen them perform this very song live complete with the spanking. The band member doing the spanking in these images is AYUNi D, who is also a solo performer under the name, PEDRO. The song is called “Spare of Despair”

And finally, yes, that’s right, we aren’t done yet, there is another video from the same music company that AiNA works for. In this video by a sister group of BiSH, AiNA and the rest of the members of the band appear in cameos. The song is called “Buttocks Beat Beat” and it is performed by the band, EMPiRE. All members of the band EMPiRE get spanked in the video.