Meet Me In St. Louis

Unfortunately there isn’t much that I can do to improve the quality of this image. It is a newspaper article from my vast collection of newspaper spankings, and I will be shocked if this has been posted anywhere before. I realize that the picture quality blows, but what I do find intriguing is that if I’m not mistaken, the girl getting spanked has had her dress raised for the spanking.

It is hard to tell, but if you study it as long as I did then I do believe that is the case.

I will add this to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where it will join the other three Meet Me In St. Louis spanking pics.

Papa Spanks

If you have been following along you will know that aside from my regular 9 to 9 job (I’m not even joking) I have been setting up my own little side business buying and selling on Ebay. It’s like having that last spoonful of desert,where you have perhaps bitten off just a bit more than you can chew. I’m trying to get a thousand items in my store but people keep buying shit and I haven’t even reached 100 yet. If you want to check out the vintage pictures and postcards I am selling you can do so by clicking the link below.


Normally on a Saturday I hit the thrift shops but that can kiss my butt today, it is going to reach near 100 degrees in New York today. So instead I will work a bit more on my store. There was a couple of mistakes that I made early on, including two sales where I was out of pocket, but when you break it down it is easy to do. Shipping is $2.45 flat, Ebay takes 10% on all sales, Paypal takes 10% on all sales, then I have to buy the materials and of course the photos. So before I even start I have to weigh in that each item will set me back at least $5 before I even list it.

Anyway, I don’t want this all to be about Ebay, only one additional piece, the spanking photo that I am selling ends tonight 🙂



Now a long time ago I used to do either a Saturday morning newspaper or comic book spanking post. The comic book spankings are done in many places now, but nobody borrowed my idea of newspaper spankings. By that I mean posts, my newspaper clippings themselves get borrowed frequently, normally under the banner of  “I have no idea where this came from” 🙂

So in order of fairness, I will tell you exactly where this clipping came from. It came from the Milwaukee Sentinel on March the 17th, 1929, enjoy. It is a monster sized article so be sure to click on the image for the full sized version.


Public Deb Number 1

I’m at a spanking party right now so this has to be really quick. We have all seen the public spanking pic of Brenda Joyce in Public Deb Number 1 which is the second pic here, but I also have an alternate take of that spanking in the first pic which I don’t believe has been posted anywhere before.

Also, I am doing my 7th annual spanking interview with Dana Specht but we don’t have much of a structure yet, so if you have any thoughts or ideas for our interview on Sunday you can check THIS POST out, or fill out one of the two surveys below, leave your thoughts and get access to 100 vintage F/M pics that have never been seen before. DANA SPECHT SPANKS or THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR.




Spankings For Wives

Obviously I have a lot going on in my personal life so I have neglected the blogs for a bit. Once everything is sorted out I will be back on a full time basis very soon.


400 Quid For A Spanking

I’m trying to up my post count as I not only have thousands of pics/articles etc, but I always find more than I post. So I am going to try and post more frequently on here and perhaps share some of the lesser spanking scenes that still have a part in our history. This one is from The Daily Mirror in 1949.



In Context

Nearly three years ago I discovered an awesome picture of Mary Pickford being spanked in Pollyanna. What made the picture in the link so special is that it was a completely different pic to the known one of Mary being spanked in Pollyanna. Definitely one of my better mainstream finds.

The usual pic, the one that has been posted in different shades and sizes for a few years now, I have also posted before myself. Just recently however I came across an article that featured the pic. Now I’m guessing that the pic came first as we have seen it without the writing above it, so perhaps it was a stock photo that was added to this article.

Anyway, in order to try and make stories complete, here is the original article, in full, for you to add to your collections. It isn’t a thunderous addition to the spanking world, but it is a complete in context story for you all.

Click each pic for a monster sized copy that is readable. BTW, the magazine that this is from is called Picture Goer

picturegoer12odha_0254 picturegoer12odha_0255

What Happened After The Pretty Dancer Was Spanked?

For my Sunday classic this week we are going to go back 90 years to 1925. This is an article that has sat on my hard drive for a while and due to the size of it, it was going to take a while to edit to put it in a presentable form. So I took a little break from packing today and broke the newspaper story down into 6 parts so that you can all read it bit by bit, and I also included the full sized monster page should you wish to download it. If all goes well you will be able to read every segment of the article without clicking anything, but the full sized copy you will need to click on to download. This is a nice rarity for you if you like historical spanking stories. A little different from my normal Sunday spankings, but this is my own version of spanking of the week.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.

42455446-page-001b42455446-page-001a 42455446-page-001c

42455446-page-001d 42455446-page-001e 42455446-page-001f


Some images of Miss Graves

dbb79108dfb5532226a44f0b12bc5aea ead34dc2fa9b0d48bc4ebfe68384881e tumblr_m2g9z1IOQk1qzx4bjo1_400 YooniqImages_102194510


Zero time to even talk, and I’m posting this at 6.30am just so that I can get something on the blog. I will explain tomorrow what has been happening and why I have been absent,Until then, here is a spanking variety of newspaper clippings for you all to browse.

1949 Clipboard11a TUC19090920.1.5-700w-call-3513-1397-1346-14551967 Clipboard17


An Older Woman Spanked

It was a couple of years ago that I subscribed to a large newspaper archive to try and score some rare finds for you all. While I culled a good number of articles, unfortunately I didn’t devote as much time as was needed and it ended up costing me over a hundred dollars because I forgot to cancel, lol. However, on the plus side I was able to get some really good ones which you will now find circulating around the Internet, and I still have a folder full more for people to benefit from the fruits of my labor.

This next article is from 1946 and features a man spanking his wife who was 15 years older than he was. To read the article just click on the picture below. Like I said, I have a ton of clippings just like this that probably haven’t been on the Internet before so I will try and post a few more over the coming weeks.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.


Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 17

It was 50 years ago when this story hit the newspapers so I thought that it would make for a nice classic today. I have a plethora of old newspaper clippings that I rarely post and I haven’t even created a folder for them yet. You will see a category link at the bottom of this post where you can find all of the newspaper articles that I have shared over the last eight years.

Now I am sharing two articles from the same story, I do have a third but it is pretty big and is in two parts so I have to join it together, and I just don’t have the time to do that today. Just know though that in the third article the spanking is more descriptive and both girls were spanked with a wooden hairbrush.

As I don’t have a specific folder yet I will put this in my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album where the rest of my unassigned pics are.

Clipboard01Clipboard02a Clipboard02b

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