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Letters To The Editor

There wasn’t anything that I had planned to post for today, but as I was sorting files I figured why not share some clippings that are unlucky ever to get posted unless I make a conscious effort to do so.

So again, no need for me to blather on, you can all read đŸ™‚ Do the clippings represent real life? Debatable in my opinion, but back then nobody had any spanking magazines to send their fantasies to đŸ™‚

Spanked To Stardom

At the end of 2023 there will be no “Top ten of 2023” like I would normally do. Why is that you may ask! It’s quite simple really, I’m manipulating the results.

If you look over to the right hand side of this blog you will see a “Featured Posts” tab. At the top of that tab is the ROGER THE SIXTH spanking pic that I discovered. I can tell you already that the top post in 2023 will be the Roger the Sixth post, closely followed by Barbara Windsor getting a spanking in the post I titled CARRY ON SPANKING.

It is natural for people to click that ready made link and as you will see in the ‘Popular Posts’ tab, the Roger the Sixth post is going to frequently occupy the top spot. So it wouldn’t really be a true reflection of what people are viewing on this site rather than me pointing them to view something.

The second half of the “Featured Posts” tab will change frequently. Whenever I feel like I need to let people know of my past work and rare finds.

So what is today’s tale about?

Today is a little feature about a singing star who got her break when a big band singer, who would soon become a big band leader himself, discovered her at the Apollo Theater when she was eighteen years old. You don’t need me to speculate or hypothesize, you can read the story for yourself down below đŸ™‚

By the way, Sarah’s nickname was “Sassy”, just so that you know đŸ˜‰ Click on the newspaper clipping for a larger version that may be easier to read.

Birthday Bonanza 14 – Kiss Me Kate Again

Here are three more Kiss Me Kate spanking pics for you today, that brings our total so far to 42 out of the planned 60 spanking images.

As I have noted many times in the past, Kiss Me Kate pics don’t really do it for me. They are the low hanging fruit of spanking collectors and even I, as a person who doesn’t even particularly like them, have a folder chock full of them on my hard drive.

Tomorrow I will pause the Birthday Bonanza and bump up the image that I originally had scheduled for next Wednesday, and let me tell you this, the spanking picture that I am going to share with you tomorrow is one of the best spanking images that I have discovered. There was a British guy called Michael who used to write for Spank Statement and I sure hope that he reads this blog from time to time, because he is going to be in for a real treat tomorrow if he does.

Being that I am a big fan of the 1950s, the dress that the woman in the pic is wearing is outstanding. It is a grey gingham dress that has 1950s written all over it, I simply love the whole entire look of the image in general. I won’t go any further, just know that this is one of the best pictures that I have discovered, it is perfect. What is even better is that it is a newspaper pic, but it is so clear that you can see the checks on her gingham dress. Come back tomorrow, you won’t be disappointed that you did.

Why am I talking so much about it today? Quite simple really, I don’t want to spend too much time running off at the mouth tomorrow, I want you all to enjoy it uninterrupted.

Read All About It

So what did my weekend entail? It was quite an exciting one to be honest with you, the newspaper site that I will occasionally pay an arm and a leg for to access for six months at a time, this weekend they ran a free promotion for Mother’s day where you could search the entire site for three days. Now you don’t get all the bells and whistles as you do with a subscription, but you get enough to use alternate methods to save the pictures. The weekend was highly successful!!

Yesterday I already gave you the Barbara Windsor spanking pic that I found, but here is a quick roundup of what else I got. There were a handful of Pantomime spankings that I found, mostly from the play, Aladdin, but also from a different play. I found two spanking images from plays that were unknown to me at the time that I found them. There is a movie spanking lobby picture which is new to me but I suspect exists elsewhere, plus a whole variety of images from charity fetes featuring St. Trinians outfits as well as other spankings from plays.

The best finds were three spankings from plays plus a fourth from Aladdin which unfortunately can’t be used. It was the best Aladdin pic but it is ruined by the cast surrounding the spanking and I can’t crop them out due to their close proximity.

There was a new Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic that I found on like page 37,000 or something like that, lol. It was one of those ones where the images had dried up in favor of text, but I decided to just keep plowing through in a tedious manner, and the I struck gold with an image that to my knowledge has not been seen before.

I also found an ‘Act Your Age’ pic representing a different angle to an already posted pic, which also features different outfits and one fewer cast members watching the spanking. It is the same spankee but she is wearing different outfits. Again, it is an awesome find.

Lastly, and perhaps the best one of the lot, is an image from the play ‘All American Family’. In this image the photo is taken from MY FAVORITE ANGLE, but the best part of all is the smile on the spankee’s face. It is one of those wide open mouth smiles like she is having a whale of a time. The same look also applies to the Streetcars pic above, yet another wide mouthed smile. The only problem with the ‘All American Family’ pic is that between the spanker’s raised hand and his head, there are two young faces yukking it up as the spanking is going on. It is the same problem as the best Aladdin pic that I can’t post, but at least in the All American Family one I can draw a big black bar down the middle to erase the faces, lol. It will ruin the pic somewhat, but in this instance I think that it will be worth it.

The best part about the last three images that I have talked about is the quality. As you are probably all aware of by now, newspaper spanking images can run from fair to absolutely piss poor. The three images above though are all of decent quality, at least as far as newspapers spankings go. The Streetcars pic is the worst because the girl is wearing black on the lower half so you can’t really see that part, but on the plus side it gives a silhouette of her bum which is clearly sticking way up. The Act Your Age pic is of decent quality, certainly good enough to pass, and of course the All American Family pic is of very good quality for a newspaper spanking image.

Somehow I have to bang all of these into posts while also finishing the birthday spanking bonanza of 20 consecutive daily posts. So far I have only pre-posted 6 of them so I have to pull my finger out to get the other 14 posted.

For today though I am posting a six pack of newspaper promotional ads that feature spankings. The first two were found over the weekend and the other four have been sat in my archive for years. Normally I think that six pictures is a bit too much in one post for people to appreciate them all individually, however in this instance they are all in the same theme so why not post them all together. I will add all six to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.

So here are the six images without commentary, other than the Juke Joint image. That image is yet one more entry that I have made regarding that particular film. Rather than link to every post though, here is the SEARCH RESULT PAGE for all Juke Joint entries on my blog. This covers the actual studio image from the film, the lobby card, plus the video depicting the long hairbrush spanking being given over the panties.

British Clipping

You may ask yourself, what is with all of the posting as of late? It’s simple really, and I’m not being morbid here, but I won’t be around forever, nor perhaps will I be interested in continuing a spanking blog a few years down the line. Life can change for us all in a heartbeat, so there may be a time where I simply can’t post anymore for whatever reason.

It is insane the amount of pics that I have amassed over the years, hundreds of which have not been seen in the spanking community before. Should my life change in any way, what would have been the point of spending all of those countless hours scanning books and periodicals for many years, if I didn’t share those pictures with you all.

Many weeks go by where I find more pics than I post, and I dare say that on one of my external drives I have images that I have long forgotten about over time. Plus, running three spanking blogs became too much for me at one point in time, so I let the vintage blog close. So every pic that I ever posted on that site still needs to be posted here as well đŸ™‚

This week I will be pre-posting the 20 posts that I am making to celebrate my birthday, starting on the 23rd of this month, so that will run well into June. And of course in those 20 days I am likely to find 60 more spanking pics to replace them, haha.

As you get older you realize that you want to leave a positive image behind you when it is your time to go. I really don’t think that anyone wants people to view them as a Qunt until it is too late. That is a topic that I could write a book on, and I fear that because of the Internet the world will see more and more hate as the years go by. Indeed, my use of the word ‘Qunt’ was poached from Twitter, a derogatory term that is used for a rather brash individual.

One thing that I did yesterday was to sign up as a user on a British newspaper site. Once you register you get to view three pages for free, so you have to pick wisely and the thumbnails that you get as a preview are absurdly small, so much so that you can’t even see what the image contains.

As I no longer have any family I tend to buy myself a present every year for my birthday and for Christmas. I know that sounds a bit sad, but it really isn’t, it is a simple fact of life that I no longer have a family to share gifts with, so I treat myself to a gift twice a year. Trust me, I make out like a bandit on the deal đŸ™‚ I’m thinking that for my birthday this year I might just treat myself to a subscription to this site so that I can scour the millions of newspaper pages that it contains. Being that I am British myself, I will more than likely know what search terms that could be used in descriptions to find some extra rare images.

Anyway, with my three free page views yesterday I came up with the following. An image that I already owned, lol, a page that contained, as we would say in England, absolutely fuck all, and finally this image, an actual spanking image.

The publication is from January of 1940, so I don’t know if they are saying that this production started in 1940, or if they are simply quoting an original clipping and that the production started in 1935. My guess, being that I also possess this same image from a different newspaper, is that the production began in 1940. In fact after double checking it I am almost certain that is the case. I don’t really get too hung up on the semantics anyway.

This will be added to my STAGE SPANKINGS folder.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 139

Obviously I have been taking it slow during the month of January, but I am still plodding along. I think what I am going to do this week is post the top 20 posts of all time on this blog at some point, minus of course the stories because they would just dominate the entire top 20.

For now, here is a Kiss Me Kate newspaper pic from the 1960s. I always enjoy a happy spankee đŸ˜‰

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 137

In a couple of weeks this blog will celebrate its 16th anniversary, who would have ever thought it? As usual I will post a host of pics on that day, but I will also likely write about the changes in blogging over the years and of course the upcoming age change to 60 years old that I will have in 2023. The pics will be posted first as I know that many people don’t go to spanking blogs to hear a bunch of drivel đŸ™‚

This week I am delving into my newspaper clippings folder for a couple of dandy’s.

The first image is from the favorite tale from the 1930s, the old SPANKED WIVES CLUB. Now, everyone has to decide for themselves whether or not this club actually existed. I, for one, believe that it was a made up club, quite simply because the follow up club was the “Spanked Daughters club” organized by the same woman, or, as we would say in 2022, the same guy pretending to be a woman đŸ˜‰

With that said mind you, the story lasted in the newspapers for years. This image and subsequent article for example is from 1940, and the link that I shared above is from 1937. I also have later newspaper stories concerning the same said club. So this was something that certainly captured the imagination.

Here we have a picture that I guess is supposed to be a club meeting. If it did exist, can you imagine the conversation? There seems to be some rather flustered faces in the front row, doesn’t there?

The second newspaper clipping today goes all the way back to 1906. The Golden Gophers of Minnesota beat the Chicago Maroons by a score of 4 to 2, yes, that was the score in an American football game, lol. Field goals back then were worth 4 points so one assumes that only a field goal and a safety were the two scores on the day.

After the game however, during the hotel celebrations, it would appear that 20 lady Maroons were simultaneously upended and spanked in the hotel lobby. Now can you imagine that scene taking place, the sight of twenty young women being spanked at the same time in a hotel lobby?

I have several different copies of the article but what I hope to find one day is a drawing that depicts said scene. Don’t count it out, many newspapers had their own commissioned artist back in those days so such a drawing could have easily appeared in a local newspaper.

Sixth Former Getting A Public Caning

Okay, so it is for charity and all in good fun, but a bit of clickbait in the title never goes amiss đŸ˜‰ The title is true though, the sixth former is indeed bent over for a public caning, and she certainly has the posture for it. Now did her teacher actually cane her? I will leave that to the king of the bloviating Olympics to dissect that for you.

That’s nine days in a row now that I have brought you something brand spanking new, I have to be getting towards a new record soon!! Like I told you all though, the past week to ten days I have been a complete collecting machine, finding pics that it is quite likely no spanko has seen before the day that I shared them. Trust me, I have a bucket load still to come. In fact just this past week I joined a British Genealogy website and I found another half a dozen spanking pics on there, but my guess is that there are hundred’s to find, it’s just that they aren’t tagged so it might be nigh on impossible to find them.

I will add the first pic to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment either, I always love to hear that people are enjoying the images, it provides me with the inspiration to keep on posting.

Keep coming back every day because I have bucketloads of new spanking pics still to share. You will get to see their first run in the spanking world.

Here is an additional pic of lesser value, but this is a part of my goal to try and share with you everything that I have. Not quite a cane in the second pic, it looks more like a yardstick or pointer.

Richmond Lady Lions Birthday Spanking

Trying my best to stick to my word and deliver as many spanking pics as I can in a row. Today we go back to 1967 where the Richmond Lady Lions Club had its 16th birthday, and the President of the club took the honorary birthday spanking on behalf of the club. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album where you will find a plethora of rare and unique spanking pics, most of which were new to the spanking community at the time that I originally posted them. I still have dozens more that I have yet to post.

*Update* I had a feeling that I had posted this pic before, which I had RIGHT HERE amongst a whole bunch of newspaper spanking articles. However, the quality of the image that I am posting today is far superior to the copy that I posted two years ago.

And for a little extra fun, here is a birthday spanking cartoon from 1922.

A Spanking Good Kate

Well it certainly looks like these two are having a spanking good time, in fact “Kate” is even waving to the camera. Now as I have mentioned before, posting Kiss Me Kate spanking pics isn’t something that I really do. There is a small collection that I have (KISS ME KATE ALBUM) which I share primarily to add new spanking finds to the community, but overall Kiss Me Kate spanking pics don’t float my boat. Partially I think that this stems from the fact that they are just so easy to find, indeed I have a bunch of unseen pics gathering dust in my archives. Every now and then though, especially at times like now where I am trying to unload as many spanking pics as I can, I will try to throw a couple up.

The one thing that really caught my eye in this image, and apologies to anyone from the Midlands, but I have a hard time imagining a Kiss Me Kate production being done in Brummie accents, haha. I think back to Timothy Spall in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet đŸ™‚ “I’m not a radish”

Anyway, keep checking back every day this week, and probably next week as well, I will try and post something new to the community every day. Not every single picture will be brand spanking new, I am sure that there will be the odd image that is already out there that I am unaware of, but most of what I will bring to you will be a new spanking image. So bring your shopping bags to load up on my work and efforts.