Windsor Wednesday Classic – 248

The big news this week is that I might be forced to change the appearance of this website. I have used one theme for many years now which required me to alter hundreds of configurations over the years, simply far too many to remember them all. Come November and my hosting company will be forcing a php upgrade. They already did it last week which crashed my site, and while they converted my site back to the old php, in November the change is going to be permanent. So I need to prepare for that and I think that the easiest way is going to be to use a simpler site theme.

This week I did back up my site so I will always have a copy of the site, at least up until the post prior to this one, and quite possibly this weekend I am going to remake the site with a new look. Of course it kind of sucks being that I can only use my right hand to work on the changes, my left arm is still frozen. Hopefully the new look will be pleasing to you guys, I mean, let’s be honest, you are all mostly here to see my rare spanking pictures anyway, right? That of course isn’t going to change.

On that note, here is another doozy for you, from the play Merry Christmas Mr. Baxter. There are two things interesting about this poor quality image, firstly, what is he spanking her with? My guess, being that there is a fireplace right behind them, is that he is using a coal shovel, ala John Wayne and Patrick Wayne in McClintock. However, it could be a paddle or a clothes brush. What are your thoughts?

Secondly, the spanker and the spankee both share the last surname. Now that doesn’t mean that they are related, but it could be a father and his daughter or a husband and his wife. In the play the spanking scene is between a grandfather and his granddaughter, so the chances are that the spankee is a younger actress, however, this is a community theater production so it could easily be a husband and wife.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKING folder. Be sure to click on the folder because there are some great spanking images in that folder that made their Internet debut on this site, several of which I paid for and actually own.

P.S. I busted a nut trying to make the image as presentable as possible, it was in an awful state, lol.

4 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 248

  1. It’s a ghostly spanking in time for Halloween! The observers appear to be a mix of shocked and amused, and I love pics where the spankee reaches back to cover.

  2. Warmhand, yes, it was quite difficult to get even the faintest image from the picture, it was in a bad way. At least we get to see the spanking in the form of ghosts, lol 🙂


  3. Great work thanks.I love the otk. I couldn’t tell what the implement was it could be a coal shovel a la mcclintock,but I prefer to think in terms of my own fantasy that she is getting her spanking with a hairbrush. Great find and thanks for all your work in cleaning it up.

  4. Jim,

    Thankfully the wonder of our chosen lifestyle is that we can afford ourselves some literary license to expand the boundaries of our imagination. That type of behavior is always welcome here and I always hope to trigger some kind of thought by the viewer, even if it isn’t exactly what they are seeing. This goes for stories as well. Many times I write something and I have had other authors write to me to tell me that my story inspired a story written by them. Likewise, I get my inspiration for stories from other writers in many situations. I might like the basis for the story but I will write it in my own style.


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