Bedtime Paddling

Today I am doing deep searches in archives trying to turn up new spanking photos. Surprisingly I have had quite a bit of success, even though I have been doing these searches for nearly a decade now. In fact in one instance today I was looking for a different word to search and stuck a random one in and bang, within two pages I found a brand new superlative photo that was unrelated to the word I was searching for. It is a bloody awesome picture as well, even though the clarity isn’t perfect, but to me it is a top class photo as it checks a lot of boxes for me. I’mm going to post that image for my Wednesday classic this week.

As for today, I noticed this one in my archives and I am unlikely to post it anytime soon, so why not do it today and get it out of the way. It has a Sorority vibe to it with the pledge dressed in her nightie. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S PADDLING’S folder.

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