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Alright, I know already that spanking audios aren’t going to be as popular as other posts that I write, but, I have something to share, it is spanking related, and I personally enjoy it. Plus, I get to do the one thing that I love to do more than anything, I get to promote the work of other people.

Don’t get me wrong there either, 99% of the time when I promote someone they don’t even know that I have done it. Take the dozens of clips4sale sites that I have listed under three categories, I can guarantee that almost all of the spanking video producers don’t even know that I have linked to their stores. I’ve never asked for anything in return and I never will, I do this out of my love for sharing the lifestyle. Today is going to be another one of those days, I am going to link to a whole bunch of spanking related material in the hopes that a lot of it is new to you, and unless these site owners are visitors to my site, they will never know that I am promoting them.

Let me throw two disclaimers up there as well. If you see your clips4sale site listed in my links (or any link to a site of yours) and you don’t want it there, either because you want to do your own promotion, or perhaps you just don’t like me and don’t want to be associated with me, or maybe your friends don’t like me so therefore by default you have to follow what they do as well. Whatever the reason, you don’t even have to tell me. Just shoot me an email at and ask me to remove the link to your site, I would be more than happy to do so. The same goes if you want your spanking store added to my links, just ask me, I will be happy to oblige.

Secondly, whatever I list is not an all encompassing list, these are just things that I have found. Don’t be a salty Sally, nobody likes a salty Sally, I am happy to promote any site of any gender orientation. The reason that I am doing this is to make people aware of sites that they may not be aware of. Well likewise, there is a lot of spanking audios that I don’t know as well. So enlighten me, I will link to anyone just as long as it is spanking related. Same as above, .

Now on to the audio spanking material, and you know what is funny, this is my second attempt at writing this. When I started yesterday I got up to the point where this paragraph begins, and then I veered off into writing War and Peace due to the spanking world imploding this week. That’s not what this post is supposed to be about, so I saved the draft of the other post, cut the opening 4 paragraphs to post here, and decided to try again. So here we go, spanking audios.

In topics that I have discussed before you will know that I love audio spanking stories. Just yesterday in fact I was listening to one of my old interviews that I had done with DANA SPECHT where we were discussing audio spanking. After I had mentioned my love of them, Dana responded by saying that she understood, that she gets how you can build your own story in your head as you are listening with the characters that you want in there. That is so true.

At the same time though, as an extremely fussy and particular person, the same rules that I apply to spanking videos I also apply to audio stories. Perhaps not as deeply in terms of aesthetics, because an audio is more about feelings and mindset than it is the actual spanking, but I am still very particular. The crux of the story has to be about spanking, I don’t want to listen to a story that is rooted in another kink, with a quick splash of spanking thrown in for good measure, I want the whole premise of the story to be rooted in spanking. There are adult erotica story sites out there, with audio, such as Literotica and Lushstories where almost all of the audio spanking stories fall into those categories. The spanking is secondary to what the real story is about, and on those two sites it is all about sex.

I’m not saying that other kinks shouldn’t be blended in, not in the least, in fact that’s none of my business, I’m only speaking in terms of what I enjoy. If the guy gets a wank at the end of a story, or if both players adopt roles or costumes for the spanking, none of that matters to me if the main purpose of the story is spanking. Throw whatever you want in there.

My mind goes back to a story that I once listened to about thirty years ago now, I only wish that I knew where I got the audio and who did it. Maybe by writing about it somebody might remember. It could possibly be a Shadowlane cassette, but I tend to think not because their audios almost always had a cast that enacted a scene on cassette. This was a full on story where a girl was going to get a spanking as told from the girl’s point of view. She didn’t know what to expect (it was a school setting), but had heard possible rumors as to what could happen. She then obsessed over the impending embarrassment over the spanking that was soon to come. The build up was so freaking good, and when it got to the actual spanking she was somewhat relieved that she was spanked over her skirt, even though the spanking still hurt. She had just about resigned herself to knowing that this was how the spanking was going to be, when all of a sudden her skirt got flipped up. The whole thing was just perfection personified. Of course it helped tremendously that it was a woman reading the story, I don’t think that it would have been the same if it was a guy reading the girls part.

As a lot of long term readers are aware, I have also recorded many of my own stories as audiobooks over time, but I do often wonder if my listeners have the same problem that I do. I believe that my audience is about 75% male, so are my audio stories only important to the remaining 25% women? I’m not going to lie, because of my gender preferences, I exclusively want to hear a woman’s voice telling me a spanking story. I’m sure in the right setting that I could listen to a male narrated story, but I don’t normally get that far because I would always select a story read by a woman before I even started. Is that important to you? Do you prefer to listen to the voice of a gender that you are attracted to? If your not sure, ask your friends what they think so that they can tell you what your opinion is!!

Obviously I’m still rambling, but I am in it for the long haul now, lol. Another thing that I have reconsidered doing, and this is because the excitement of spanking is coming back to me, is doing audio interviews again. These were always really popular with a select audience, and even to this day, 12 years later, people will still ask me about certain audio interviews that I did. In the post that I halted, that was the direction that I was taking. About how spanking is becoming fun again for me, simply because I left spanking social media and stopped being an active member of the community. I’m going back to my roots and it is so enjoyable leaving all of that negativity behind me. So if I do start the audio interviews again, who would you like me to interview?

One little side note, I also saw that dreaded spanking phrase the other day that is like eating chalk to me “It is not a real spanking unless it is given on the bare bottom”. I’m steadfast in my thoughts there, to me it isn’t a real spanking if it IS given on a bare bottom πŸ™‚ For some people a real spanking is getting six swats to the seat of their pajama bottoms. We have to get out of that mindset that a spanking has to be on the bare bottom to be real. If that was the case then 99% of spankings that I have given haven’t been real ones, because I never spank on the bare bottom πŸ™‚

That brings us to our first link, and it happens not to be an audio link.

A few days ago I was watching a British video and loved the opening, a good 50 to 75 spanks on the skirt. A great start to the video and then the skirt came up, this is right up my alley…. but, instant full wedgie. I’m like what the fuck man, you just ruined the whole video for me!!

Listen, I’m not stupid, I understand what sells and that I am in the minority, and many times when I buy a video I have to know what I am getting because the only important things to me are what happens before the bottom is bared. So with that said, there is one spanking producer out there who totally caters to what I like. A person who gives full spankings on leggings, shorts, spandex, jeans, pajamas, you name, he does it. Don’t get me wrong, there is also a wealth of bare bottom spanking as well, but if you have a certain clothing fetish that works for you, check out the videos of SPANKING 101 THE BOOK . I’m a full on Youtuber now so I did have an initial critique, put a picture in the thumbnails dude to capture people’s attention, lol. But look, it’s simple, use the search this store bar at the top to search for spandex, shorts, pajamas or whatever else it is that you want to see. Remember, these are full spankings given on a clothed bottom, and I think that this is the only store that does that. But don’t forget, they also do full, straight to the bare spankings as well if that is your thing.

Now let’s get to the audio spanking!!

There are two sites that I have linked to before, and in fact each one of them has their own individual post on my site. First of all I did a review of Miss Jenn Davis’ TRADING PLACES audio spanking story. On the highlighted link you can actually find the 41 minute opening chapter of the spanking story, and if you like spanking audios then this will be right up your alley. The story is an F/M story, but that doesn’t matter to me. To me it is all about the interaction and the build up, it is very exciting.

In terms of spanking audios, Miss Jenn is probably the premiere source for constantly updated material. Now it isn’t all about spanking at her store, she also features both ABDL and feminization quite heavily as well. However, if all of those items are up your alley then you will be quid’s in. Here is the DIRECT LINK to Miss Jenn’s store for you to peruse.

Now as I mentioned earlier, I am very particular in what I want to listen to, my proclivities are strictly spanking. This was something that I mentioned to Miss Jenn and she actually provided me with a direct link to stories that she had read with the same author of Trading Places, and that link is RIGHT HERE, so that way you will know that the entire premise of those stories is spanking.

Now don’t get me wrong, the other areas of expertise that Miss Jenn caters to doesn’t bother me in the least. All I am talking about here is a personal preference as to what I want to listen to. I don’t want to listen to an ABDL story or a feminization story with a sprinkling of spanking thrown in. If it was the other way around, just as long as the story is a spanking story then throw in whatever else you want, well, within reason. If the opening sentence of the story began “In the year of 3748, on the planet star Zwog”, I’m not going to lie, I might have a hard time getting through that, lol. I just like listening to something that I can relate to πŸ™‚

The other audios that I have featured here before were done by Dana Specht. Once again, I had posted chapter 1 of an audio story that was free on the Internet, and if this is something that you like then be sure to check out Dana’s site to purchase the remaining chapters of the story. Here is CHAPTER ONE.

Next up is a link that I have not shared before, but if you enjoy audio spanking, ESPECIALLY done so with an English accent, then head on over to PANDORA BLAKE’S Dreams of Spanking. I have done the hard work for you, and if you click on the highlighted text you will be taken directly to the audio page. To be honest I am surprised that I haven’t purchased any of these audios myself yet, that is something that I will need to rectify. It is quite possibly because audios and stories of the cane are way, way down on my list of enjoyable material, and I guess that I naturally assumed that all stories on a British site would involve the cane. I was quite surprised that there are several stories that are simply spanking stories that don’t involve the cane, I was quite happy with that.

It’s funny really, I’m English, I was brought up during the time that canes were used in schools, and at a completely rough guess I have probably caned around 200 girls, and yet it is something that I derive no pleasure from at all. It is something that I solely do for the benefit of others. Any stories that involve the cane I simply don’t read because I can’t relate to them. The number 200 by the way is not a braggadocios number, almost every girl that I have played with has wanted the cane, and this one time at a party I set up shop where I was giving girls either 6 to 12 strokes of the cane during an event. The exact number I will never know, but I left that one hour plus event with an ice pack on my shoulder, lol. If I was to guess I would say that I caned 35 girls just at that one event. There was literally a line of women formed waiting their turn. Ordinarily I don’t have an ego, but I know that some guys were pissed at the action that I was getting that day, lol.

Now to round this up I want to share with you just a few podcasts that I have found, and like I mentioned at the beginning, if yours isn’t listed don’t go getting all salty about it. If it isn’t listed then it is because I don’t know about it. Just send me an email, I will be happy to include your audio entry in a follow up blog post.

Now let me throw a caveat out here, I also like listening to audio podcasts, but as before because of my preferences, there has to be a female presence in order for me to enjoy it. Almost all of the audio podcasts that I have come across do indeed have that, a female interviewee and/or a female host. We are all entitled to our personal preferences for the PC crowd out there. Let me also add that when I listen to a podcast, I want to listen to a mature adult discussion. If you are English then you will understand that I am more Radio Four than I am Radio One πŸ™‚ I have absolutely no problem with people having a laugh and a joke, but I don’t relate to giggle fests whatsoever. In fact I was watching a spanking video on Spankingtube just this week, and I’m completely cool with playful spankings, obviously, but I had to switch it off after a couple of minutes because it was non stop giggling between the two participants. By all means have a laugh, but like anything else in this life, less is more. So here are a list of frequently updated podcast that each have many episodes for hours of entertainment for you all.

NEVER TOO OLD FOR AGOODSPANKIN. Yes, a podcast hosted by the same individual who has done (still does?) that awesome series of spanking videos on Spankingtube. You know, the videos where the spankee is wearing the tight blue shorts πŸ™‚ It looks like on average he does a podcast every month, and there has to be a dozen or more already done with women and men in the spanking community. Interviewees such as Erica Scott, Dallas Spanks Hard and Miss Chris. I have listened to several of these podcast already. So click on the highlighted text to peruse the different episodes.

SPANKO PODCAST. A group of spankos who host a frequently updated podcast, also with a host of interviewees in the scene, but not only that, the re are also discussions about scene related topics such as crying and punishments. At the moment they currently have 41 episodes and it would appear that they try to update weekly, but if they don’t then it is too far beyond a week that they update. Check it out, each episode is between 20 to 60 minutes long.

DUDES SPANKIN’ DUDES. Yet another podcast that has 41 episodes, each of them it would appear is about an hour long. Plus, they seem to have a whole bunch of shorter podcasts on specific topics, so I dare say that the number of podcast is far higher than 41. This isn’t a podcast that I have personally listened to, however, it deserves a mention here just like any other podcast. I am fully aware from previous polls that I have done that at least 10% of my audience has a preference for Male/Male spanking. Heck, one time I was featured on a gay blog as a Hetero Spank Monster, haha. True story!! If that is your interest then check it out, and by all means let me know what you think.

This blog is an open book, I don’t give a shit what your proclivities are. I only have limited contact with people in the scene, I certainly don’t have a moral support group to worry about to tell me what I should say and think. For better or worse, I stand on my own two feet with my own opinions, and spankos of any gender orientation are more than welcome here. Not only to read my offerings, but also to contribute as well, you are all welcome.

Finally, you can also find full length spanking Audiobooks on AUDIBLE!! Now if you click the highlighted link, just be aware that there are far more spanking books on Audible than what shows in the link that I provided. If you just edit out the word ‘Stories’ in the search bar it will throw up a whole bunch more of spanking related material. The reason that I added ‘Stories’ was to eliminate books on parenting. There are spanking books up to 23 hours long. Yes, I said HOURS!!! πŸ™‚ Shit, all you need to do is sign up for a free month and you will get a whole stack of spanking audios.

So there you go, a list of spanking material done in audio format. Not a comprehensive list, but as I mentioned several times, if you want your spanking audio included in part 2, just shoot me an email. Despite what you may have heard or read, I’m actually a very easy person to get along with who is friendly to everyone that I encounter. Put your neck out, you might be surprised by just how warm and friendly I am πŸ˜‰

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  1. 200 girls! Holy shit, I think of one or two and those always slapped back after a few swats, then sat up insulted, rocking their legs, smoking and flipping at some magazine. My luck, or lust, has certainly not been with me…

  2. Mick, you have to remember that I went to parties year after year for about 12 years, and most of the time that was four parties a year. If you say I caned 5 girls per party, a very conservative number, lol, at the very least then I would say 200 canings as there were numerous girls who I have caned many times.

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