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Surprisingly I don’t know where the image comes from, it could even be the 1990s. Maybe it was from one of those flash in a pan spanking sites. In fact, now that I think about it, does anyone remember those age verification sites where you would sign up for a small fee and get like 100’s of sites to choose from? I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but they would have like a dozen spanking sites which were basically just one static page.

The only one of real note that I remember was a wooden spoon video that was a corker. The girl starts off getting the wooden spoon over her pink panties and by the end of it she was getting it in diaper position. Now I hate looking at diaper position spankings, but dude was laying the smack down on her candy ass đŸ™‚ I was going to say that I will dig up a pic and add it to the post, but why don’t I try and find it before I post. I more than likely have the video on a CD somewhere as well.

Last night before I went to bed I scrubbed some old material off of my site. I had to edit about 30 posts and remove about 100 comments, and while I was doing this I noticed that there are so many posts in my archive that need updating. There are so many dead links and expired forms that I will have to sort it all out. As I have been going for 15 years now, that’s like 180 months, so as you can imagine this process is going to take me a while. Perhaps I will try and edit 2 months of posts a day for the next 90 days. There’s no mad rush though, the stuff that I really wanted gone from the site has now been deleted, the rest is just for the aesthetic appearance. (Update: I have already completed 2006 and 2007, it might be easier than I thought)

Funny enough, that video that I mentioned earlier is on Spankingtube. However, it is a different spanking to the one that I was thinking of. I’m almost certain that the other one I saw was a couple of minutes with the wooden spoon on the same pink panties that the girl is wearing in this video, so they probably broke the video down into two. I will go through my CD’s to see if I can dig up the panty spanking portion and some images. I’m not going to be wrong on this one, I am like the panty spanking connoisseur, I know what I saw, lol. Here is the video, and be careful because the volume is very loud. Just click the play button in the middle of the video to start it.

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  1. Theo,

    It is going to take me a while to find the other clip. It is like 20 years old and it isn’t on my external drive, so it has to be on an old CD somewhere. If I remember rightly, the panty spanking portion was mega stingy, lol. The images from what I recall though were face down on the same bench/table.


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