F/M Friday 50

I’m a day late and a dollar short, as always, lol. Never mind though, even though it is Saturday here is the weekly picture for the F/M COLLECTION folder. This is number 50 in the series as well, who would have ever thought that I would have an F/M series, and not only that but it is the most viewed folder on this website by a long shot.

This time it is the old wooden spoon in action, a spanking tool to be feared which can be found in every household. The wooden spoon that I got from CANE-IAC is one of my favorite toys ever, in fact I might get a couple more before the website closes shop for good. The wooden spoon that they sell is one of the meanest items on the market, sure to make anyone on the receiving end squirm like an electric eel, highly worth purchasing.

CANE-IAC is closing up shop soon so I will do a feature on them in the very near future, and if you look at the wooden spoon that I linked and think “It doesn’t seem so bad” just trust me on this one, it is very solid and it stings like a son of a bitch 🙂 It is well worth the price!!