A Stout Wooden Hairbrush

Do you know what is funny? Just yesterday someone asked me if I still had a picture that I posted ten years ago. Now I don’t know why it disappeared from the blog but the photo had been sent to me by the photographer Roy Tersley. So I went through my email archive and true enough I found the image that had been requested. Here is the thing though, as I was going through Roy’s emails I found one that I hadn’t responded to, which was quite unusual in and of itself. I open the thing up and there are two pictures of a woman bent over displaying her white knickers, and there is a tag hanging from her panties that says “Reserved for Richard Windsor”. How on earth did I miss that email ten years ago? Roy, if you are reading this I apologize for not responding to that personal bit of fun. We continued emailing for years afterwards so I don’t think that it bothered him, but it bothered me finding that unanswered email.

Okay, here are two spanking pics for you featuring what can only be described as an awesome looking vintage hairbrush. Just look at the back of it, that thing has probably been spanking naughty bottoms for years. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any images with the frilly knickers up in place, but for once I will post a couple of bar bottomed spanking pics as I am sure you will appreciate.

4 thoughts on “A Stout Wooden Hairbrush

  1. In my early years I had to be satisfied with mags that had strange poses, odd implements, and the sheen of rouge unartfully applied. Then I found a copy of the Nu-West newsletter in a San Diego establishment. Hey, this is real and with normal looking people! Fond memories of Debbie and Ed Lee.

  2. Just to be clear, memories of their videos, I was nowhere near brave enough at the time to attend any events.

  3. Warmhand,

    It was the late 80s when I first discovered Nuwest and Shadowlane, as well as other California based companies, and of course Kurt Stevens. That was a big life changing event for me.


  4. Warmhand,

    Likewise, lol. When I first discovered American spanking producers it was almost certainly 1987, and I never went to a party for almost 20 years afterwards (2006). By that time I had met Pixie and others and I had done some work for Punished Brats, but I still couldn’t bring myself to go to parties.


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