Not Well Known

Yesterday I was trying to look up information on the two people in the spanking photo and I pretty much drew a blank. Elizabeth Moreno appears in a couple of photos from the 1980s, but I could find nothing on Marcia Trotsky. Does anybody know these two ladies? I’m not sure if they were adult film stars, extras in a mainstream film or just models. I do enjoy a good search but I could find very little on these two women. Image is about twice the size of what you see, just click on it for the full sized version.

4 thoughts on “Not Well Known

  1. I seen to remember the story in Swat and I never knew anything about the models from those magazines actually they did seem to crop up in other magazines by the same publisher.sorry I am not any help,but I still did enjoy the spanking interaction between the two.Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    Oh really? I will have to go through my collection of files to see if I have any of the old Swat magazines. Perhaps I will search the adult section of Ebay first, to see if that turns up anything.


  3. Theo,

    I also like the look on the Spanker’s face, she seems quite enthusiastic 😉


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