Never A Fan Of The Spatula

It just never seemed like the perfect spanking implement to me, though I have seen some really spiteful looking ones 🙂 This image was actually a part of an adult picture set, but old Windsor here managed to siphon out the spanking image that it is very unlikely that you will find anywhere else.

You know what is funny, I was looking around DEVLIN’S SITE the other day and based on what he had posted, I took an educated guess that he would have posted the famous Baron Von Lind ‘Cowgirl’ picture at some point, which of course he had. This is the picture that I had modified into a tattoo the covers my left inner forearm. Then I searched my blog for a photo of the tattoo, and can you believe it, I have never shared that tattoo on this blog!! What is wrong with me? So here it is, the naughty girl on my left forearm along with the good girl on my right forearm.

And finally, I subscribe to the Youtube channels of many Korean vloggers. One of my favorites is Jinny. Yesterday (at the time of writing this) Jinny uploaded a new video where she shows her mom her new tattoo (posting my own tattoo reminded me of that) and her mom proceeds to cover it up and then smacks Jinny on the back of the arm and then on the butt. Funny enough, in the video before this one she smacks her on the butt again. In that video Jinny has been travelling the world on her own for 8 months and then decides to go home without telling anyone 🙂 Anyway, the tattoo smack is right here and the video starts right at the point that Jinny is showing her mom the tattoo. What is really funny is what she says afterwards. “See, my mom’s cool, she just smacked me two times and that’s it” LOL.

If you enjoy videos like the one above then search for Tyongeee, another Korean lady who I follow on Youtube. She went viral for smacking her friend on the butt and now has about 50 videos where she is smacking her friends, including Jinny above. In fact why don’t I share Tyongee’s whooping at the Heart Attack Grill 🙂 You should subscribe to her, Tyongeee always has playful spanking content.