Birthday Bonanza 15 – Stoop Spankings

I really hope that you guys loved the first time running of the pic that I posted on Tuesday, likely the BEST SPANKING IMAGE that I have discovered to date. I’ve made a tiny change to the website, if you look over to the right there —-> I have added a new widget called “FEATURED POSTS”. On there I will link ten posts that I am particularly fond of which will change as is needed. The first three are likely to remain, but the rest will rotate with other awesome discoveries that I have made over the years. It is like a little private pat on the back that I am giving to myself. The Roger the Sixth one will remain on top and I will point to it frequently when the need arises, lol.

Now you have heard me talk about not getting a lot of bang for my buck with my most recent $35 purchase, even though the Roger The Sixth spanking find does make up for it a bit, but one thing that has been really good with this purchase is that I am discovering spankings in plays that I was not aware of. For example, the film ‘Pollyanna’ with Mary Pickford, there was also a stage version of that film.

There is one play in particular from the 1930s that I am frantically searching for at the moment. The review of the play states that one of the actresses gets spanked in every act of the play, with the hardest spanking coming in the final act. As unlikely as it is, I’m hoping to find a picture from the play, but at the very least I will have a review to share with you.

I’m always hesitant with a single review though, knowing that there is such a thing as literary license. So while it says that she was spanked in every act, could they mean that she was verbally spanked and then actually got a physical spanking in the final act? I’m sure over the years I have inadvertently provided misleading information at times, so I do try to get more than one newspaper clipping before I try and make an informed judgement.

As I have mentioned, I have found a pile of spanking pics from British plays that are new to me. The knowledge of a spanking being in the plays isn’t new, but the spanking images that I have found are, and I am still hoping to come up with more.

This topic has pretty much been presented throughout the birthday bonanza posts because there seems to be an awful lot of spankings taking place on the stoop. A very popular location it seems for those on the spot spontaneous spankings.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza 15 – Stoop Spankings

  1. Hi, happy birthday, love the bonanza.
    Todays post re news clippings has sparked a memory.
    Back in the seventies I had a clipping concerning a play in Britain which had Raquel Welch in it. The clipping said that she was spanked in the play and that she had commented that the guy had spanked a bit too hard one night causing some bruising.
    I don’t have the clipping any more, I don’t know the name of the play or which newspaper the clipping was from.
    From what I can remember the play was current at the time (early to mid seventies) but it might have been eighties, I just don’t know now and I’ve never heard another reference to it.

  2. Colin,

    Until you mentioned it I was not aware of a potential Raquel Welch scene. I still have access to the British site for a couple of months so I will try and do some research on it. After a quick review I assume that the play was “Woman of the year”, but I did find any spanking references off the top of the bat. There are so many references that I have found though for old plays that it is crazy. I mean, who would have ever thought that I would find a picture of Terry Scott spanking Babs Windsor? LOL. I will let you know if I come up with anything on my search.


  3. Yes stoop spanking especially the second one is outstanding .I actually did get to see a stoop spanking it was a girl getting spanked,but being a spanko it did thrill me no end. I do hope you find the spanking play with one in every act that would really be something to see especially if it did show all you I would imagine that it would be like you said threatened in every act and then finally spanked before the final curtain.thanks for the great pics.enjoy your day.

  4. Jim,

    I once conducted an interview where a woman talked about stoop spankings happening where she grew up. It was an interesting story that piqued a lot of interest. In the area where I live there are many stoops, especially in Brooklyn, but I don’t expect to see many spankings in today’s day and age. When I look back over the years though, there are just so many stoop spankings that I have posted without even realizing it. It is similar to beach spankings, but you know these days there will be arrests by the dozen if people decide to act playful on the beach.


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