Tony And Eve – A College Fantasy

I am going to pause with the regular Sunday post for this week and instead delve into my archive for an older post. Unfortunately I heard the sad news today that Tony Elka had passed away. This film right here, as well as Shadowlane in general, pretty much formed who I was in the spanking world. Until I watched this particular film I was lost, there wasn’t anything on the market related to spanking that reached me, not until I found Shadowlane. Their presentation of spanking was what my vision of spanking was, and even 30 years after first buying this film I still watch it several times each year. Based on how events in our lives affect us, you can never know what it is that you will remember. This film I remember clearly as it is more than just a film to me, it was an acceptance of who I was, and I thank Tony and Eve profusely for showing me that I belonged in this world. Over the last few years I was fortunate enough to become friends with Tony, he is a man who will be missed by our entire lifestyle, he was a true pioneer along with Eve, and I will miss his presence as will a great many other people who are thankful for his contribution to our community. Rest in peace, Tony.

Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy.

Let me start by putting a disclaimer in first. Prior to writing this review I had exchanged emails with Eve Howard of asking for her permission for me to write this review. The only real concern that Eve had was that this movie was filmed so many years ago that it really isn’t reflective of the current high class standard of production that Shadow Lane produces. I fully agree with her that the current production value of current videos is an industry standard, but even though this particular film was recorded 34 years ago without the modern technology of today, I just can’t help the fact that even to this day it is still the best spanking movie I have ever seen. I felt it important to point this out so that people are aware that technology has advanced ten fold since this film was made.

Okay, so onto the film in question. I believe it was about 1990 when I first bought this video; I paid $50 for it at Kinematics in NYC. What’s really funny is that Kinematics now sells Shadow Lane products cheaper than they did 17 years ago, oh the power of the internet. The video itself had major usage from 1990 to 2004 so was pretty worn to say the least. In 2004 I left the video with a friend and I neither saw that friend nor the video since that day. So a lot of what I am about to say is from memory, but it isn’t hard to forget.

The movie starts with Eve by her locker and Tony passing through, there is a little verbal dialogue that ends with Tony giving Eve 3 swats on the seat of her leather skirt as a way of a birthday spanking.

We are soon in Tony’s office where he has Eve in. This is what makes this movie so fantastic; the conversation between the two of them is dynamite. Anytime that you as a viewer want to jump through the screen and spank the cheeky miss yourself, you know you have a winner on your hands. The sass Eve displays is magical, the beautiful girl is just crying out to be spanked. She is refusing to learn about the new technology of computers and her faculty advisor is doing his best to help her out. Despite her begging for a spanking she gets away with her cheeky attitude, for the first time anyway, on her second visit to Tony’s office she isn’t so lucky, and neither is her bottom!!

Back in Tony’s office and his patience has run thin, it seems clear that Eve knows this but it doesn’t stop her smart mouth from getting her in more trouble, she seems to know a spanking is coming but plays her denial to a tee. Once Tony’s limit has been reached he comes from behind the desk and places a chair in front of it, then takes the seat of learning. Eve’s mannerisms are great, when she stands up it is almost like she has her hands clasped behind her back giving it the innocent schoolgirl look. Those of you who know me know that I have this 1950’s thing going on, so when Eve strolls over she looks just like a bobby soxer from the 1950’s, calf length flared skirt, socks, and I will guess sneakers but I don’t honestly remember what shoes she had on. It is the pure innocence that is captivating though.

Eve goes over Tony’s lap and is reprimanded before taking a decent amount of firm spanks to the seat of her skirt. I recall that this part of the spanking was very short, but it is what happened next that is one of the highlights for me in this video. Eve is allowed to stand up and Tony lays down the law about his expectations, I only wish I could remember the exact time that this went on but it is a scene I used to play over and over again until the tape nearly wore out. As Tony admonishes Eve her back is to the camera, during the whole conversation she rubs her bottom through her skirt. Don’t ask me why, but I watched that scene over and over, Eve is the cutest when she is just standing there rubbing her spanked bottom and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. I think it is the realism that makes me want to watch this scene over and over again.

Now then, I have often wondered myself just what it is about this film that makes me love it so much, and I think I have nailed it down right here. For the next period Eve is back over Tony’s knee and she gets hand spanked firstly over her skirt, then over her slip (you just don’t get good slip spankings anymore), then over her little white panties and finally on the bare bottom. What makes it so special is that this is a good old fashioned hand spanking, it is just exactly how I would imagine what a proper spanking was before I became active in the scene. Tony is methodical and has the stamina of a lion as he thoroughly toasts Eve’s bottom, and even better is that each layer gets about the same amount. A first class spanking from beginning to end. If you also like a bit of humor then you should listen to this part of the dialogue, now I don’t remember it word for word but it went something like this.

Tony: “Now then, I want you to lie perfectly still for ten hard ones”

Eve tries her best to remain stoic for them but doesn’t completely succeed. When the ten are over, Tony very calmly says:

“Okay, now you can kick and fuss as much as you want for ten really hard ones”

And kick and fuss Eve does, lol. It is a peach of a moment and a pretty wicked top.

The last two scenes I will just summarize while I have everyone’s attention. In scene two Eve walks into Tony’s room just before he leaves for spring break, she has a gift for him. This whole scene that gets played out is totally romantic; Tony dressed in black looking like a young Johnny Cash and the demure Eve trying to convince him that she didn’t really come into his room for a spanking before he leaves for break. He doesn’t buy any of it and soon she is once again over his lap getting a very loving spanking from a hand wearing a leather glove. First over the skirt, then over Eve’s tap panties, down to an even tinier pair of panties and finally the bare bottom.

The last scene is pretty much a carbon copy of the first scene, except this time there isn’t nearly as much dialogue, for this scene we are treated yet again to a no nonsense hand spanking. Eve has a different outfit on this time but the ritual is the same, a good spanking over the skirt, slip, white panties and finally the bare bottom. For any newbies out there wanting to know just exactly how to give a naughty young lady a good spanking, watch this video. Tony demonstrates the skill of a craftsman, nothing over the top, just a good old fashioned spanking to the bottom firmly and soundly. I would also watch this movie myself just as a reminder as to how a proper spanking should be given, I really do rate it that highly.

This was a movie review that I have wanted to do for a long time now. Over the years I have watched many, many movies and this one has always topped my list as my favorite. Now do take into account that this was shot in 1986 so the production is not the same as today’s video releases. You know what though, I am also a lover of mainstream vintage films and I don’t for one minute expect the same level of production, in fact, part of its charm is that the camera angles aren’t perfect, the sound could be better etc, etc. If you understand what you are buying then I really think you should give this video a shot, it has been my personal favorite for 30 years and I would be very hard pressed to imagine another one to equal it. The magic in this film is the interaction between spanker and spankee and the skill in which the spanking is given, which is pretty hard and sound. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Eve is as cute as a button 😉

This is also a bit of a testament to Tony Elka and Eve Howard, two people who have brought so much to the spanking community through many different avenues. It’s thanks to people like Tony and Eve that has made our community such a special one, their imagination when they started shadowlane has brought untold joy to bedrooms around the world. I salute you Tony and Eve, not just for the work that you have done for the spanking community, but also for giving me a video that has filled my imagination with fantasies for 30 years.

Now then, just to show you all that I am going to put my money where my mouth is, this weekend I am going to purchase the above video again, this time on DVD, and once I receive it I will take a pic for my blog. In fact, ALL of you should head over to right now and take advantage of their special ‘buy one, get one free’ deal that they have going on this week. I’m not saying you have to buy the video I have just reviewed, but do take advantage of their special offer, their videos are the industry standard and you can get two of them for the price of one.

Richard Windsor.

5 thoughts on “Tony And Eve – A College Fantasy

  1. So sad but a moving tribute thank you. He was a classic and his hand always looked twice the size of her adorable butt but this film holds a warm place in my heart one of the first eye opening films I ever saw. The slip spanking oh lord then the long panty spanking is incredible. I never had the honor of meeting him but he was a classic. Also he was always so cool and calm. These two are a wonderful spanking couple.
    Thanks for the memories

  2. Likewise, Ron. I have spoken to Tony several times about this video, and while he consistently promoted his company’s more modern videos due to their superior video quality, and rightly so, he always had time to speak to me about this video.

    In fact a funny story. I have owned this video I believe five times now, twice on VHS in the past, and then twice on DVD. Both DVD’s I lent to people and I never got the discs back. So on my last trip to Vegas I emailed Tony and asked him to bring a copy along for me to purchase. As I went to pay him he hit a snag. He had to man the party, but a guest couldn’t get in at the lobby as she wasn’t staying at the hotel. So me being me, I took the bull by the horns, I told him to hold on and I would go and escort the young lady up.

    The girl turned out to be Violet October, and when I got back to the party Tony gave me the DVD for free 🙂 This one is never leaving my hands.

  3. Wish I had kept mine. I got it at the old Kinematics on Broadway by the bowling alley. It is a true classic one of the best.

    I once called their Shadow Lane number many years ago after I read a very moving editorial by Eve. She was so sweet and reinforced that it was ok to be a spanko. She eventually introduced me to Stephanie Locke and off I went!


    Nice tribute


  4. And by the by her body and bottom were perfect for a slip and panty, she always looks so classy and he was always so cool but stern. Him spanking her was obviously so real because it was.

    Prayers for their family

  5. The film will always hold a special place in my heart. Even with advanced technology, and dare I say a few standalone spanking clips that are right up there for me, I can remember the excitement that I got when I first saw this film. I had seen spanking films before, all of them British films, and none of them represented what spanking meant for me. Brutality is never something that I have enjoyed watching, so all of those old British films which were heavy on caning were not something that I enjoyed. Doubly so when the cane was wrapping or striking the thighs. What I wanted was a modern spanking, in modern clothes, and I was perfectly happy that 99% of the film is an OTK hand spanking.


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