Streetcar Sundays – 166

Time for a MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic, this is number 166 in the series. This is one of those pics that I found the old fashioned way, going through reams of books page after page. The actual copy that I have on file is huge, but I am posting a truncated version that will fit the blog.

Coincidentally, on the first full day of the new blog format, the count on mobile users took a woeful hit, but surprisingly viewers using tablets went way up. Perhaps the new format more accurately displays view origins? We will see whether it changes over the next week.

6 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 166

  1. Beautiful position, and I love that the spankee is obviously amused. The spanker has chosen the lamest of implements (the newspaper) and didn’t even take the time to roll it up. That most certainly will not wipe that smile off her face.

  2. I love your new format.this is a great find.I love otk the best and this pic certainly delivers. I love her expression that it must be a rehearsal as I don’t think she would be smiling if it was an actual performance, but sometimes you can never tell.hope you are feeling better.have a great day.

  3. What a great picture, beautiful positioning.

    It’s great that she’s enjoying herself, but the witness seems to be having most fun of all.

  4. Warmhand, I have often thought to myself “Would anyone notice if I photoshopped a paddle to replace the newspaper”? Lol. The newspaper is such a dreadful thing to look at for spanking, isn’t it?


  5. Jimc,

    I have got quite used to the format, and it is much easier to manage I must say. As Warmhand mentioned, the only problem with an otherwise awesome pic is the fact that he is spanking her with a newspaper!! He just as well blow on her, lol.


  6. Theo,

    It is such a wonderful image, isn’t it? If only they could just get rid of that newspaper, lol. Maybe I will play around with photoshop and email the few of you who have left a message with an altered version of the image 😉


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