Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 134

This is an image that I have yet to research, so I’m not sure if there is a one swatter in the film or whether it just appears to be one. To be quite frank, I couldn’t care much either way, lol.

Thanks to Warmhand for letting us know, the movie is actually on Daily Motion. If you click THIS LINK it will take you to the relevant hearty slap which has been provided by Warmhand 🙂

I believe that the two actors in the image are Walter Slezak and Anna Alberghetti in the 1957 movie, Ten Thousand Bedrooms.

8 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 134

  1. She does get a nice swat in that scene, from her Papa. Anna Maria Alberghetti is definitely on my short list of “wish they had spanking scenes” actresses from the 50s/60s. Right up there with Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly, although Audrey Hepburn stands alone at the top.

  2. I love your choices, Warmhand but would add Jane Fonda to that list!

    Richard, another wonderful find. I know the actor from many roles. he was quite the actor. I don’t really know the actress but will seek her work out now! As always, thanks for sharing another gem!

  3. Found the movie on Daily Motion, or a least the first part, which ends with this scene at about 55min. The angle isn’t as nice as in this photo, some furniture blocks part of the view and it happens on the way to the door. She does make a cute little ‘ai!’ sound and reach back, though. I created a 1 min clip that includes the relevant context.

  4. Warmhand, thanks for letting us know. I found the video on Daily Motion and it is indeed a nice hearty swat. The link that you provided unfortunately is marked as private, but I have amended my post to point people to where they can see the scene.


  5. Fatherjim, likewise, I am very familiar with Walter Slezak, but the actress is indeed new to me as well. If you get to watch the clip you will see that she gets quite a firm swat 🙂


  6. Warmhand, the scene actually begins at 46:20. Unfortunately the link that you provided comes back as ‘Private’, but I have amended the post thanks to your suggestion directing people to where they can see the scene.


  7. Wonderful, Warmhand, I have updated the link to point to your video, excellent work!! My apologies for you receiving a “Comment in moderation” notice, the site does that by default when a link is shared!


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