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The Last Layer

I’m back from a short hiatus,  I don’t have any excuses really,  it was just a lack of motivation and enjoying some fun in the sun. So to kick start the next set of posts,  let’s go to my favorite subject,  a spanking given on some panty clad bottoms. I understand that a vast majority of people see a bare bottom spanking as the epitome of a spanking,  but to me,  and it is ingrained in my mind deeply,  a real spanking is one that is given over the seat of a pair of panties. I’m strange,  I know,  but it has always appeared as a more realistic scenario to me.

To start us off with,  let us visit ENGLISH SPANKERS for a wonderful set. As much as I am a big fan of WHITE NYLON PANTIES,  light blue panties also have a big part of my enjoyment. The very first spanking that I ever witnessed was many moons ago when I watched a small portion of a mom spanking her daughter OTK with her skirt up and her light blue panties on display for anyone who happened to stumble across the scene to see. That would be me. The memory of that spanking was relived in my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND free spanking story.

As a spanker it is a joke that never gets old,  where the spankee is given the option of retaining her panties for protection. Of course as anyone knows,  and is demonstrated here,  panties generally offer zero protection!!

It has been many years since I have seen it,  but I once owned the following film on a VHS cassette. I keep hoping that the films from this company one day make it onto HOT MOVIES. Something tells me that they will eventually be on there along with the 1000’s of current spanking films on that streaming site.

This is another film that I also once owned on VHS. This was an awesome film where a dad spanks his daughter OTK with a good portion on the seat of her white nylon panties. Later in the film the girls best friend is also spanked by this dad and I was loving every minute of it. Right up until the point that the girl who was watching her dad spank her best friend started to masturbate. That was a bit of a scene downer,  though the spankings themselves were fun.

The next image is from one of the personal sets that I own. Many years ago I did post the set,  but I only posted it once so the images may appear new. In the background are the legs of cheerleaders Lily Anna and Pixie.

And finally,  to round out the set,  yet another spanking pic from the very early 1990’s.

New Video Released

I’m working on a big post at the moment regarding spanking pictures and what it is that I personally like,  and as much as I wanted to finish it tonight I couldn’t. So in the meantime,  here is the trailer for the latest video that I did with Amber Pixie Wells and Lily Anna.

Over the weekend I will create a video page for this but Pixie already has one up on her blog which you can see RIGHT HERE.

The full 43 minute video is already for sale on Lily and Pixie’s clips4sale page and if you are interested in it then click the link below to see not only this video,  but all of Lily Anna’s and Pixie’s videos. Hope that you enjoy the trailer.


My Summer With Aunt Melissa

I just uploaded my new video to my spanking store but I’m not ready with a promo page yet,  so here is a link to the store and that will allow me to focus on today’s post,  the new full length spanking movie starring Lily Anna,  Tina Tink and Amber Pixie Wells as Aunt Melissa.

What follows is the main description of the 67 minute movie but you can find the complete details by CLICKING HERE.

“Take a step back in time to the 1950’s as Sian (Lily Anna) spends the summer with her Aunt Melissa (Amber) and cousin Anthea (Tina).  Melissa runs a strict household and is a firm believer in loving domestic discipline even for her 19 year old daughter and niece.  Whenever either girl acts up,  she can be assured of three things –  ruler smacked hands,  a well-spanked bottom,  and a bedtime spanking reminder to behave.”

Now if you like the preview clip,  this is where you can buy the whole movie by clicking the link below. You can either buy individual clips or the entire movie for $25.99.

Click Here For Lily Anna and Pixie’s Spanking Clips

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files – Part 7

It is a hard life, but someone needs to spank all of these naughty little girls, don’t they? Still four more sets of spanking pics to come after this one so check back every day.

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files – Part 6

So if all went to plan, I would have made my special spanking film last night. These posts were created last week prior to my leaving so I can only hope that it went well 🙂 Here is the sixth set of my personal spanking pics, with many more to come.

That’s A Weight Off My…..

Yesterday I was talking to Pixie and one of the topics that came up as we talked was my own belief that I spank harder now than I ever did before. Of course through the initial laughter she agreed with me that I do indeed play harder now.

Part of me wondered why this was, had I developed a mean streak?

The ever smart Kitty had a theory though, it is all down to the weight loss. After giving it some thought she is right, I now have much more energy, my body size is now of a smaller frame and while this may sound daft, when I have a girl over my lap now my body posture is such that I can apply the hand properly. No more finding the correct position, no more aching back as I stretch and sit awkwardly in order to deliver a spanking.

Can you see the difference in these two pics?


Now I guess my thoughts today were brought on by the fact that I am actually obsessed with the numbers. My goal is to get down to 190lbs by Shadowlane which is another 7lbs away. Now I pretty much have my diet down pat, but I do still see a dietician. What is interesting though is that I no longer see her really for ideas, suggestions or routines, though I will still pick up the odd point here and there. What I see her for now is motivation, it works for me that I have something tangible to work with.

It doesn’t work for me to just constantly say that I am always losing weight and doing well, I have to have a tangible number to work with. I think it is why I continue to mention that tangible number, because it provides me with the motivation to keep going. At this present time I am down 75lbs so I have reached a target, the next step is 80lbs. Small increments help me, my goal isn’t to get to a weight loss of 100lbs, not now at least, my next goal is 80lbs. Don’t get me wrong, I will get to the 100lb weight loss, but it isn’t my focus at the moment.

One thing that I didn’t think I would be able to change was my eating habits, but you know what, that was the easy part, it really was. Rarely do I ever cheat and if I do it is like once a month. In fact I am never in denial, it was last night that I cheated, and I added a slice of pizza to my usual salad.

You know what is funny? In part I can at least see a small resemblance to D/D, though the barometers are completely different. Motivation is certainly something I need and I get that in spades. Every party that I attend I am treated, and I really do mean treated, to the wonderful side of human nature. The times where people are able to see my tangible weight loss, and they congratulate me on my commitment. You have absolutely no idea how that makes me feel about myself, seriously. At the Crimson Moon party this past weekend virtually every single person I came in contact with made some type of comment, you could wish for no better motivation. I felt like a million dollars.

So can you understand why I talk about motivation? Imagine how I would feel if I told everyone I was losing weight but I had nothing tangible to show for it. People would laugh behind my back and remark how I was kidding myself, and I would rather they did that over my big ego and my UPT status.

Sometimes I run into the fear that I talk too much about losing weight and people will start to turn and react negatively towards it. It is a silly thought I know, but I do fear that I may encounter this especially when so many people struggle with losing weight. So perhaps I can share what my methods are.

To start with, I set a monthly goal for myself to lose 4lbs per month. I’m not always successful, though for the most part I have been. It was the important words that I heard when I started this journey “You didn’t put it on overnight, you’re not going to take it off overnight”

So being realistic, while I said that I would like to be down to 190lbs by Shadowlane, if I stick to my plan I will be happy with 194lbs, even 195. It isn’t a sprint it is a marathon. The important part to me is that I don’t go above my baseline in any given month. If I started the month at 210lbs and finished the month at 210lbs, I didn’t lose the battle. Now I would have had disappointment in myself that I didn’t lose weight, but it gives me the strength to work harder, get right back on the bike so to speak. In the 20 months that I have been dieting so far on only one occasion did I gain a couple of pounds during any given month. So think about it, I have dropped 75lbs in 20 months, if you take that one month into account where I gained a couple of pounds, I am pretty much on schedule with losing 4lbs a month for the entire time.

If I could give anyone advice it would be what I wrote about above, set your goals realistically and keep them small. If you are 160lbs and want to get to 140lbs, try it over a five month period. Remember, you aren’t just trying to lose weight, you are trying to change your lifestyle that ensures that you lose the weight and keep it off. So if you are 160lbs think of it this way, by the end of August your goal should be 156 or 157lbs. Losing 20lbs in a month isn’t going to make the changes in your lifestyle that you need to keep the weight off, that can only happen in small, gradual increments.

Anyone can say they are losing weight, but does that help the person emotionally? If you change what you do and include the most important aspect, regular exercise, what you can say is that you have adjusted your lifestyle and slowly but surely you are making improvements to your health. The side effect to that approach is that you will lose weight.

Give it a shot, between now and the end of August set your goal at a weight loss of 3lbs. If you see no loss in the first week then that means you will have to work harder for the last two and a half weeks. The goals should be small because believe me, when you reach them it is the best feeling in the world. Add them all up and you reach goals you never thought were possible. Think about it, since I started this journey I have lost over 25% of my body size. Pick up a 75lb weight and that will tell you how much less my body has to carry each day.

Finally, to anyone who has ever said anything nice to me about my weight loss, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Every comment increases my positive outlook and makes me feel so wonderful about myself as a person. It is a really tremendous feeling and it gives me so much motivation that nobody could really comprehend, every single comment has contributed to my healthier lifestyle choices. I couldn’t lie to myself, I would be letting everyone down if I did that. When people tell me I look great I know they mean it, and it makes me feel really good inside, like I have accomplished something.

My ego loves all of the UPT talk, my head swells whenever I see someone using my image as their profile pic. Even the hateful stuff makes my ego that much stronger, there is no stopping it really, lol. That is a big part of Richard Windsor’s character and who he is. Richard L on the other hand is a very humble man who gets deeply touched by people taking the time to acknowledge his achievements. The way I see it is that if people feel it is important enough to say something nice to me, then that means I must be important to them if they wish me well.

On that note I think I will spend this evening writing nice things on people’s walls to make them feel good about themselves!!


Richard Windsor On

It has been a long time since I had an update to give you from a personal appearance, but a new one has been added to the site today so I have something to give to you. Now I must state that all of these pics were taken pre diet, and since that time I have lost 74 pounds 🙂 I just want to add as well, underneath each post I now have a ‘Rate This’ feature. I would really appreciate it if people would leave me a few ratings on the various posts as that will give me an idea of what people like and what they don’t like.


Site Building And Pictures

So I have spent most of my free time today building the new site and it is at a stage where I can actually publish it. I still have lots of work to do on it such as adding links and configuring the format, but you can at least see it now. This new site will replace the other Spanking Galleries site I had as it will allow me more flexibility. Click the link below to see the new site.


All of my other sites have been updated as well and here is what you can currently see on them.

On PANTY SPANKINGS I currently have up one of my favorite sets and in fact one of my favorite movies, though I now only have it on VHS and I haven’t seen it for years 🙂

Over on SPANKING PICS we have this set just posted today.

My OLD SPANKING PICS site has currently passed this site for site views, all from the power of a good google ranking. Right now it is featuring a massive Betty Page bonanza including a lot of rare pics.

Now if that isn’t enough pictures for you, and if you don’t get enough spanking galleries above, here is another site that is chock full of spanking galleries, nearly all of which I haven’t posted on any of my sites before.

Exclusive Pics

This is something that they have received numerous requests for and I am happy to announce that up on the store they have released one of the “Lost” scenes that I shot.

The first scene is where I play the part of Pixie’s conscience, appearing to her whenever she has done something naughty. The idea of this scene was the most unique that I have taken part in, and you even see me appear right before your eyes like I am a ghost 🙂 Click the pic below to be taken to the store.

Here are a few exclusive, never before seen pics, shared courtesy of Pixie. Loved the cute little panties that she wore that day 😉

The second scene here is also one of my favorites. The scene called for Lily Anna to quit her job and as her unfortunate boss she really let me have a verbal hammering. One of the reasons that I love this scene so much is that she had carte blanche to say whatever she wanted to me, and Lily Anna certainly dissappoint. In fact she gave me so much lip that when I paddled her in a later scene that day, I really meant the spanking that I gave her!! Once again, the first pic takes you directly to the scene, and the pics below were specially provided for this post by my dear friend, Pixie.