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Richard Windsor On

It has been a long time since I had an update to give you from a personal appearance, but a new one has been added to the site today so I have something to give to you. Now I must state that all of these pics were taken pre diet, and since that time I have lost 74 pounds 🙂 I just want to add as well, underneath each post I now have a ‘Rate This’ feature. I would really appreciate it if people would leave me a few ratings on the various posts as that will give me an idea of what people like and what they don’t like.


A little picture archive

After a bit of a busy weekend I see that I am due an update of sorts. Well, I don’t actually have anything prepared. I did start a post about my cultural likes, but I kind of got bored with it (Probably won’t make for a great post if I got bored writing it, lol). So what I decided to do was to hit my personal picture archives and I will make it in two posts. The latter post will be pics from my personal play archive, but to start with I figured I would share some pics from the archive that I have yet to post on this blog until now.

The first two are with the lovely Erica Corvina in her schoolgirl uniform. In this scene I got to play Erica’s truant officer.

Now two much older ones featuring Juliette Valentina’s peach of a bottom 🙂

Anyone care to guess the roles Pixie and I are playing?

And finally for this set, one of my favorite scenes with Lily Anna as my secretary. Man is this girl one heck of a brat!!

Made my list, and checked it twice (Pics)

The SPANKING UNIVERSE has been up and running for a good six weeks now, and I think that was plenty of time to give a grace period for blogs to link back in. So when I asked for opinions as to how I should distribute the wealth I received some great ideas and opinions, and now I have decided to put a plan into action. As you all know, the SPANKING UNIVERSE is for the benefit of the whole spanking community and my hope had been that every blog would see that and also share their readers.

Now if you check the spanking universe you will see that around 130 blogs have linked back in through one form or another, which was great because it made all of the hard work that I put in more than worth it. From my own set of blogs I am now sending about 20% of all traffic that the Universe gets, which is down from around 60%. What that basically means is that more people are sharing their readers and that was the whole goal in the first place. I’m more than happy to send one in five visitors to see what other blogs are posting.

Over 70 or so blogs chose, after several contacts, not to link back into the SPANKING UNIVERSE. Now as I posed in a question a couple of weeks ago, that presented quite a moral dilemna for me. I couldn’t help but feel that it was unfair to all of the blogs that were linking in and sharing their readers, that other blogs were reaping the benefit of that, yet chose not to share their readers with the other blogs that were sharing their readers with them.

So based on all of the wonderful feedback, thoughts and ideas that I received, I decided on the following. Some people had rightly pointed out that this was a free service for the benefit of the spanking community and I agree with that, while others pointed out that it was a little unfair that some blogs were accepting the extra hits, yet chose not to link back in, so I reached a compromise!!

What I have done is this, and if you visit the SPANKING UNIVERSE you will see what I did. All of the blogs that chose to link back into the Universe will now have priority as I separated the blogs that link back in, from those that chose not to. If you visit the Universe you will that the 130 or so blogs that have linked back in are now listed first. The blogs that chose not to link in are still listed on the Universe, however, I created a separate space much further down the page for these blogs. In fact the blogs that do not link back in are listed after the 130 or so that do link in.

The process remains the same, when a blog updates their post moves to the top of the list to notify potential readers of a new update. Should one of those updates come from a blog that doesn’t link back into the Universe, they still go to the top of the list, however, they go to the top of the SECOND list which is BELOW the list of blogs that do link in and that can be found about halfway down the page.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to do anything at all with making changes, but I think that this is the only fair way to distribute readers. The service I hope remains the same, because even if a blog doesn’t link into the Universe, they are still listed and will still get readers that everyone is sharing with them. In the realm of fairness to the blogs who made the effort to share though, those who don’t link in will now be found much further down the page. In my opinion that is the fairest way to deal with this situation, while keeping in the spirit of listing spanking blogs that have chose not to link back in. Let me know your opinions on this decision, I will be happy to hear them.

It isn’t a one shot deal by the way, if your blog is listed on the second list and you want it on the top list, simply add a link to the Universe and I will more than happily move your blog listing to the top list. Likewise, if you have a blog and you want it listed, simply add a link to the Universe and email me at houndog_windsor@yaoo.com and let me know you have done so. Even if you wish not to link back in, simply let me know that you want your blog listed and I will add it to the second list where people will still see your work. Just so that everyone knows as well, I painstakingly went through the list of blogs on the second list to make sure that I wasn’t missing a link back into the Universe, and I’m happy enough with my decision that I did not see a link to the Universe anywhere.

Now for the pics that you see throughout this post.

Pic 1: I’m a sucker for black and white pics, and while this isn’t an official pic, I totally love it. This was taken from a screen cap that I then converted into a black and white picture. This one features me spanking the delightful Erica Corvina.

Pic 3: Yet another screen cap manipulation, this one featuring Caroline Grey from Northern Spanking.

Pic 4: Who wouldn’t want to spank the gorgeous Sarah Gregory while she is only wearing a bra and panties?

Pic 5: From last Christmas with the ever so lovely, Audrey Knight.

Pic 6: Yet another with the pretty minx, Miss Audrey Knight.

Spanking a naughty Catholic schoolgirl

7/25/09 Update: It took a while, but the SPANKING GALLERIES page is now complete. From this day forward there will be 8 new galleries every single day. Go check them out!! ————->

I’m stat whoring!! It is a generic term that is used when you are obsessed with numbers 😉 Last night I combined the reach of the various sites that I run, and I came up with a staggering number. So far they have combined for a reach of over six and a half million hits so far. It blows my mind that a simple little blog like this (and its sister blogs) could combine for such a number. This site alone has two and a half million hits and has had nearly a million visitors from around the world since its inception. The numbers blow me away simply because when I start doing my own material, probably next year, it is a potential goldmine. On spanking tube alone, the six videos that I have up there have combined for a million views!! All because of this site, 5 of my videos are in the all time top 20 of most watched videos. This weekend I will be uploading yet another video where I am spanking Sarah Gregory. When that video is up I will provide you all with the various links to promote her online work.

Until that happens though, why don’t you sit back and enjoy watching me spank the naughty Erica Corvina who plays the role of a naughty Catholic schoolgirl. If it is PANTY SPANKING that you like, and you know that the Pup himself loves that, well the first part of this set where I am spanking Erica over her nylon panties was posted over on SPANKING PICS earlier this week. Click on spanking pics above to view that set.

By the way, the series of audio interviews will resume very shortly as well. The old list will still be somewhat active, and the people from that list who had previously agreed to be interviewed I am going to guess will still want to do so. Right now I am pretty sure that the following people will agree once again to be interviewed. Ian the London Tanner, Pixie, Mrs. Birch, Dana Specht, Sarah Gregory, Audrey Knight and a whole bunch of others whose name escapes me right now. I will also be adding Cookie Crawford and Cali Cutie to that list as well as a token of my appreciation for their thoughtfulness during the previous competition. Assuming of course that they wish to take part.

The list of interviewees is endless, and it will be a great way for these people to get some free promotion from the interviews, though that of course just comes along from doing the interview anyway. If you look at the numbers that I started this post with, you can get a rough idea of what to expect when that happens.

There are others that I had made an initial contact with, or at least had the idea that I was going to reach out to them but had not done so up until that point. Some of these folks included Cassie Hunter, Samantha Woodley and Leia Ann Woods. Anyway, more about that in posts to come. I almost forgot to add, this weekend I will also be completing the whole section of spanking galleries that I had started over on my new site SPANKING GALLERIES. I just got a little delayed this week, but by the end of the weekend I intend to complete the whole rotation of galleries, which will be replaced by new ones as they come along, and this new site will be updated each and every day from here on in.

All pics where I am spanking the naughty Erica Corvina. I have to admit that it is one of the favorite scenes that I have done to date so far.

What do YOU like to see? (A poll, pics and a video)

So I have never really been a comment junkie, I generally get enough feedback via email and in person to satisfy my very small need. Just recently I was talking to Mystery Minx and we were discussing why some blogs get a large volume of feedback while others get very little. Her theory, and I have no doubt that it is the correct one, is that I generally don’t post anything that encourages feedback. Most of the blogs that get feedback have an interaction where the host is asking their readers for their opinions, whereas my posts generally tend to be pictures, movies, stories or tales of what I have been up to. That is going to change in this post though because for once I will be asking for your feedback!! Of course, you are still going to get some pics and a video out of the deal 🙂

So to start with we have two polls, the first of which is asking you directly WHY you come to this site in the first place. If the choices are not complete enough then you can leave an added box in the poll itself, or simply leave a comment. Either way, please VOTE!! It only takes a second.

Poll number 2: Now this correlates with a comment that was made in the post below this one. Dan has stated numerous times not only this blog, but on several other blogs as well his preference in spanking pics. I’m not going to knock that at all, we ALL have our preferences and he is more than entitled to his, though if my play partner chooses not to have her face shown he is just going to have to suck it up because I still think the pics are awesome 🙂 But what is YOUR preference when looking at spanking pics? Now based on a previous, though not very scientific poll, 80% of my readers are Male. Does that play a part in your viewing pleasure? Again, should you wish to elaborate please feel free to add a comment stating your preference.

And Richard Windsor can’t make a post without a couple of pics, right? The first one is with the compliments of Sarah Gregory. You can go to her blog to see a whole lot more from this set as well as many other pics taken from the same event.

And finally, an exclusive pic for you, compliments of Pixie. This is a scene that has yet to be uploaded where I get to play a director of a 1950’s film and Erica Corvina plays the bratty diva 🙂

Feel free to leave your comments stating your preferences in either pics, videos or just the whole content overall.

Richard Windsor.

An arm weary pup

Just got home from my shoot this weekend and there will be a lot to cover over the coming events. This post is just a short one that will get deleted when I updated later on today. By the end of tonight I intend to have all blogs updated as I have fallen behind due to my schedule.

I did 6 scenes yesterday, two with each girl. Naughty Pixie was a gum chewing schoolgirl and Little Red Pixie Hood. Erica was a spoiled movie actress in the 1950’s (I even managed to invoke Dobie Gillis and Natalie Wood into the script) and a college student mistakenly spanked for playing truant. She was a great looking schoolgirl wearing white nylon panties……… hey now, the pup was a happy camper. And finally Lily Ann. I’m going to have an awful lot to say about this little girl. If you want to read up on her before I post, go to dictionary.com and look up the word incorrigible brat, you are sure to find a picture of her underneath that entry!! The sass on this girl is remarkable!! At one point I gave her a swat with a paddle and she leapt up saying how much it stung. Normally I would be extra concerned about the models well being, but even I found myself saying “It ain’t nothing you don’t deserve”. Lily played my secretary and a naughty schoolgirl of course.

A few spanking pics

It looks like our nightmare of a week at work could finally be over. The hours I have put in this week were ludicrous and I am way behind on everything. I will try my hardest to reply to all emails on Sunday. Just to keep the site active I have gathered up a bunch of unique spanking pics for you all, which of course none of you would expect anything less from me anyway, would you? 😉 I have also updated my Vintage Spanking site with some Bettie Page OTK pics and I also updated Spanking Pics and Videos.

This first one is an absolute classic. I don’t think anyone has posted it so far and I am sure it will be new to a lot of people, but as you can see, even at the turn of the century, naughty little mischievous girls got a good OTK spanking.

I will post a link to the artist of this next pic when I find it again. I do know that at least one blog has so far posted this fantastic domestic discipline OTK spanking pic.

This next one may well be from the 70’s, but you would be hard pressed to find a bum as round as that one 🙂

Ah for the good old days!! You just don’t find girls wearing polkadot panties anymore!!

Talking of the good old days, wheelchairs have come a long way since the 1970’s.

I’ll give you a penny to a dime that every single hot blooded male reading this thinks the same thing I did when I found this pic……. “Damn that girl needs a spanking” 🙂

And Little Red Riding Hood herself, Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells……………… Any guess as to who is going to be the Big Bad Wolf? 🙂