The Picnic Table

Today I was organizing some of my photos and I stumbled upon this one. Immediately it reminded me of the third chapter to the MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – PART 3 series that I had written. In that episode the boyfriend spanks his girlfriend’s best friend and then spanks his girlfriend on the picnic bench.


6 thoughts on “The Picnic Table

  1. That is a remarkable picture, almost as if it was taken for a spanking magazine, or something. The way he’s raised her skirt, in public, to give her a spanking is just breathtaking.

    It looks like it could be for real discipline too, he’s looking very serious, and that’s a proper smack.

  2. Theo,

    It was almost certainly taken for a publication or picture set of some description. I have another one that I haven’t posted yet, and I do remember many years ago when I found this set that there were other pictures. It has been on my hard drive for four years and I know for a fact that I have posted at least one picture from the set before, though I seem to remember posting more than that. My guess is that I posted the images on my old vintage site so perhaps I will locate them again on my external hard drive and post the lot of them in one post. At a bare minimum I have three from the set, they are all on this PC, but I think that there were more if memory serves me right. In fact I went through one of my ‘posted’ folders and at some point I had already posted this particular image, but like I said that was probably on the defunct vintage site.


  3. Yes,when I first saw it it did bring to my mind the story you refer to. It was a great story btw. I always thought a spanking on a park bench would be a great one. I now it was a pro shoot,but it is always exciting to think they may have been candid. Enjoy your day.

  4. Jim,

    I should really write part 4 of the story, it has been a few years now since part 3. I agree, if one lets their imagination take over then you can envision exactly what you want to 🙂


  5. Lovely! The polkadot panties and bare legs really work
    for me. Based on the guy’s facial hair and haircut, the
    pic appears to be from the late ’60s or early 70s. Maybe
    taken in the UK – – The car appears to be English, and is
    parked on the ‘wrong’ side of the road.

  6. Dale,

    First of all, as an Englishman myself, I would argue that the car is on the correct side of the road, haha. Maybe I will share the story one day of my first day driving in the USA having learnt how to drive in the UK. Our driving tests are notoriously strict, whereas when I took my test in the USA all I had to do was drive around a parking lot 🙂

    On to the pic though. In my archive I have at least four pics from this set which I will post sometime in the next week. This may surprise you, but the vehicle in the background is actually a minivan and what you can see in this image is the front of the van. One of the other images shows the van in full, so it is actually parked as you would expect it in America. As for the timeline, I would have said late 70s just from the panties she is wearing. To me they seem to align with what I would expect to see around the 78/79 timeframe. One of the images is simply labelled ’70s’ so that is the best indication that we have that it is indeed from the 1970s.

    Like yourself, I love seeing polkadots, they always add to a spanking image in my eyes.


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