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The Richard Windsor Spanking Files – Part 2

Munchkin makes her first spanking appearance in this set, and she isn’t in the corner…. not yet anyway 🙂 In this set you will also see my long term friends, Sarah Thorne, plus the following girls, Audrey Knight, Leia Anne Woods, Erica Corvina, Kay, Naughty Freckles, Sarah Gregory, Miss Chief and Cookie. There is even an appearance by a vanilla friend of mine whose bottom I remember swatting a couple of times back in 1987, can you spot who she is?

Back From FMS

Lots of tales to come from a fantastic party, especially about my roommate and incredibly naughty and well spanked niece, Missy. She got a bad girl, a good girl, spankings for forgetting her door key, spanked to a story, spanked to sleep and even, yes, Uncle Richard stepped up, a punishment spanking that she didn’t like at all.

Only one shoot at this party with Ten, played with all of my dear SSC friends and London Tanners friends, took part in some skits, played on a total of 8 hours sleep for an entire weekend, does that give you an idea of how much fun we had? Congratulations to Larry and Amy and the entire FMS crew for a wonderful party, I will be back next year.

Finally, here is what my hand looks like today. It was a build up, but the shoot with Ten cracked it finally. I then played for the rest of the night picking up new cracks with each spanking 🙂

Florida Bound

I’m off to the wonderful Florida Moonshine party, but I will have my laptop with me for some party posts, on the minute picture updates, what a cool idea. My niece is staying with me but I am sure she will be on her best behaviour whilst there, especially as she knows that I will have my webcam with me!! Anyway, more to come tonight.

Party crashing – The extended version

{Part two of the video where I am spanking Caroline Grey is now posted — CLICK HERE TO SEE IT}

Before I say anything I really want to take the time to thank Ian, Headmaster Tony and Alona for the fantastic party yet again this year. Last year I said it and I will repeat myself again this year, this is my favorite party to attend. I know that there are many more people beyond the three that I listed that make this party the success that it is, and while I may not be able to name you all, you all know who you are and you should be proud of the efforts that you put in. The Florida Moonshine party and the SSC party that I attend will be on my calendar every year. Every party has its own special niche and I wouldn’t want to disrespect any other party at all, but the FMS party is played at the speed that I personally like. There are lots of organized activities for you to attend should you wish, but there is also a wealth of opportunity just to take some time out and do something different to give you a little break from the party as well. By late Sunday night I had pretty much crashed and burned, but in my mind that is because everything had been so good for the 4 days that I had been there. A very big thank you to the board of FMS, you will be seeing me at your party every year for sure.

Now then, I touched on it very briefly in my last post, and in this one I want to elaborate further with my thoughts. Last night I uploaded the first part of the video that I shot with Caroline Grey and as that will probably be posted tomorrow, please take the time to read this one now.

There are probably a great many of us out there that have social anxiety disorders and a party of this magnitude can really put that to the test. For starters, I’m really not a big party person in the first place. My ideal situation in the spanking world is pretty much done on a one to one basis, so at a party where there are upwards of 200 people you really have to be on your game. Let’s not forget that aspect of it, you really do need to put your game face on.

Now despite being an individual that is “Out there” and happily shares his little corner of the spanking world, I am surprisingly a very private person. In real life I have more friends in the spanking world than I do the vanilla one and that is mostly because I don’t stand for anyone’s shit in real life. When you go to a party you go in knowing that there are going to be a whole host of people who don’t act the same as you, don’t behave the same as you, and most importantly can be vastly different with their approach to life than you are. As I mentioned, in the vanilla world there has to be a certain set of elements for me to want to include you in my life. Generally that revolves around being what my definition is of being a decent human being. The barometer for that of course is different for every single person, and I can pretty much guarantee that my barometer was fucked up when it was given to me because my criteria for friendship rarely waivers and has very little legroom for tolerance. It isn’t anything crazy but I want and need positive people in my life, people who are caring towards others, selfless and that I am also an important part of their life. Everybody has baggage and I’m no different than anyone, but it is how you handle your baggage that is important to me.

When you take the above paragraph and apply it to a party you can probably see what I am referring to. There is going to be a very small percentage that you associate with in a vanilla sense, but of course that isn’t the primary goal anyway, and there are going to be a whole lot of people that you know that you will need to work your best with and offer more tolerance than you do in everyday life. Well, actually I should say that I am the one that needs to work on the tolerance issue. At a party though it is great, everybody there has a common goal and a common purpose so blending in to that is an easy transition.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, by the end of Sunday night my tolerance for others had reached an all time low and I was completely burnt out. Of course I realize that that is all down to me as well, but the combination of a few hours sleep each night, trying to balance myself and not appear distant, as well as dealing with things that very slowly started to drag me down, I was toast. Yet you know what, the best two events happened AFTER I had crashed and burned. Maybe there is something to that after all.

At the party I was with my little Princess who I only get to see one time a year. The balancing act that I mentioned above was due to that, I wanted to try and spread myself as much as I could and play with as many people as I had promised as I could, yet I also wanted to spend as much time with Munchkin as I could because this is the only time of the year that I get to see her. Believe me it was an emotional battle every time that we just laid on our beds and chatted. Heck, I think I only spanked the girl 3 times the whole weekend, it was more important to me to spend the time in her company than it was worrying about how many times I could spank her in one trip. It was something that I had to try and justify to myself and I have to admit that I became very selfish for a rare time. At first I was saying to myself that I get to see everyone else at various events throughout the year, but after I wore that one down I settled on my final answer, I was on vacation!! At the end of the day this trip was a vacation to me and if I wanted to spend a large portion of it with a very good friend who I don’t get to see very often, then I found that acceptable. It wasn’t like we locked ourselves in our room for the whole weekend, we certainly attended all that we could have attended, but those down times it was actually very relaxing to switch off.

There are some regrets because I made promises to so many ladies that I never got to fulfill, but at the end of the day I also need to realize where my speed is at and at a spanking party my speed isn’t always spanking as many girls as I possibly can. Dare I say that I play less than most people play at a spanking party, the most that I get from a party is from the people themselves. The camaraderie and freedom is one of the things that make a spanking party a very special event indeed. Off the top of my head I probably spanked less than 12 girls in total.

Anyway, as it is now the wee hours of Monday morning I thought my mojo was broken and that the extra day was just a little bit too much for me. Yet it is funny because when Munchkin and I got back to the room we had my favorite play session of the whole weekend. I’m going to post a whole story on that event anyway, but at 5am we were on the couch and I made the very rare toppy decision that I can make. That was to go to bed and leave the session right where it was. It was the right decision and the spanking that took place is one of those very special moments that have happened to me during my spanking life. Certainly the moment where Munchkin realized that her wiggling could work to her benefit is something that I will not easily forget. Without ruining the story, Munchkin was wearing dropseat pajamas that came down just below her bum. In her desire to avoid the wooden spoon she worked out that her wriggling was making her panties slide back up her bottom. So watching this naughty little girl do an impromptu dance on my lap trying to get her panties to slide back up was both hysterical and memorable at the same time. She has the name Munchkin for a reason so I am sure you can all picture what that must have looked like.

On the final morning I finally was able to get with Caroline Grey to shoot a video for us both to share. It was a mad rush but we managed to get ten minutes worth of footage, and as it has been five years since we had last played it made for a wonderful spanking session. While the spanking is pretty long we are having a conversation throughout and it was a bloody good experience, the first part should be up tonight and I hope that you enjoy it. It was one of the special moments of the weekend for me.

Right at the very end of the event and after I had crashed and burned, I was still able to get some extra special memories in and despite working on a few hours sleep in between those sessions and standing in the check in line, I had just about survived it all. Well, almost J There was still a little issue of someone jumping the line during checkout and I was furious. When I am in that state it is not good for me to get angry and I fought really hard not to get totally New Yorker on their ass. Thankfully though there was another New Yorker right behind me and when I heard the words “What the fuck dude” I was able to relax. I wanted to say something but I was in no state to do so rationally, but what was said needed to be said and I am really glad that someone was able to do that. I was pissed off in a major way.

The flight home was uneventful, I just rested my head against the side of the plane and slowly began to drop. The feeling has yet to subside as I sit at work and type this, I’m not feeling very motivated whatsoever, and I don’t even want to join the group for lunch today. Funnily enough I don’t even want to gloat about winning the trivia contest this year at FMS, I just don’t have the motivation to do that right now. During the weekend it was awesome sharing some smacktalk with the previous holders of the last two years, Rad and Sandy, in fact it was one of the highlights because I really like those guys. At the end of the day though it no longer seems like something that was that relevant, I’m almost pretty blasé about it now. However, as Ian made a fantastic strap for the first place winner and as I also received a trophy for winning the trivia contest, the very least I can do is give it some airplay. I’m seriously not in the mood for that right now though, despite being pretty loud and obnoxious I am actually a pretty humble fellow.

Much more to come about FMS, videos, stories, tales of enjoyment etc. Just don’t expect them in the same format that other blogs write about them, I might start at 4am on Monday morning and then write about 1pm Friday afternoon, it is going to be a hodgepodge set of postings. Anyone who has read this far down will get first dibs on watching the video that Caroline and myself did as I will post it right here the moment it is approved on spanking tube. Then once I feel that people have had a chance to read this article I will make a separate post featuring the video by itself.

Richard Windsor.

Post party drop

Like everyone else today I am suffering from the end of party crash. The one time a year that I see my little Princess Munchkin is over, my friends have gone to their various parts of the world and I am now back home. There will be lots to report, hopefully I will get some pictures sent my way, but perhaps the best part of all, I do have some videos to share with you guys. Right now I am editing the videos ready to upload them to spanking tube. Once they are approved then I will share them with you here. Below are two screenshots from the scene that I did with Caroline Grey where she dressed in a 1950’s outfit and got a pretty decent spanking by hand and ten swats with the hairbrush. Be sure to check her blog for updates as to where you can find her videos online. I also captured a video where I gave Keagen the strap.

The first post may well be about the FMS trivia contest. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of pre contest smacktalk, but I think everyone is pretty tired right now to appreciate it. At the appropriate time I will make a fun post about it, and I will try my best not to get too bigheaded over it 😉

Naughty girls by the seashore!!

Tomorrow morning I leave for Tampa to participate in this years Florida Moonshine party. What I am going to try and do tonight is post the 20 pictures to reflect the results of the recent poll. I will probably configure that post to automatically update on Friday night.

Until then though, I am happy to report that the young lady in the picture below, Caroline Grey, has agreed to shoot a spanking tube video with me. Caroline and myself first met a few years ago where we both ended up getting tickets on the NYC subway. Don’t worry though, I spanked her for it 🙂

My good friend, Amber Grey, will also be in attendance. Somehow I always seem to miss spanking this young lass, in fact, the pictures that were taking in this set is the ONLY time I have ever spanked her for real!! I will try and change that on this trip!!

And finally, no set would be complete without showing you the gorgeous bottom of my little Princess who will be my roommate for the party this year, the adorable Munchkin. She will know that she isn’t in Kansas anymore 😉

I will have my camcorder with me and I hope to record at least a few videos to share with you all….. M/F ones at that Dan 😉

The Florida Moonshine Party (Part 2)

If you missed part one you can read it here!! http://richardwindsor.com/?p=257

Before I get too deep into part 2 of the story I really should address a couple of things. First of all, the actual party itself and its wonderful organizers, Alona, Ian and Tony, plus their supporting cast. From the moment we arrived until the moment we left we were made to feel as welcome as any regular Florida member. Everyone was so friendly and you can only imagine how much work it takes to put on such a big event. The whole Florida Moonshine team should be very proud of their efforts and I have already started to make my plans for next year’s event. Anyone reading this should take heed of my words, you are not likely to find a friendlier welcoming party than the FMS and I would encourage anyone who has considered going to put your deposit down as soon as you get the chance. It is a fabulous event in a great location with a spanko friendly hotel staff. People came from all 4 corners of the country and I spotted and spoke to many Brits who had flown over as well.
The second point is in regards to my little Princess, Munchkin!! We first started talking about 18 months ago and we finally met last year at the SSC party. For a while afterwards we flirted and messed around online, and then I started to ease back a bit from the situation. I think foolishly Munchkin felt that the novelty had worn off and that I didn’t really like her as much as I had claimed to. It is actually far from the truth and has nothing to do with her at all. The problem arises from the fact that Munchkin is a happily married woman and while her Husband attended the SSC last year, he isn’t a true spanko at heart. Not only did I meet him but I got along very well with him, even up to a point that we both took turns caning Munchkin, lol. He was also aware that the two of us would be spending some time together at FMS and he didn’t have a problem with it as I had made a good impression with him.
So that is what my dilemna is, I found a darling of a girl who meets so much of criteria that I like in a member of the opposite sex, and she’s married!! My reason for drawing back was simple, I didn’t think it was fair to her to interfere in a healthy relationship, and it wasn’t fair to me either being that I have a lot to offer to a partner down the road. It is super tricky because having spent the little time alone with her that I did at the FMS I like her a whole heck of a lot more now, lol. There is no easy answer to this situation, we will just have to play it by ear and see what happens. As it stands right now, and assuming nothing changes between now and then, we plan on sharing a room next year so that we can play as much as we want J
Before I get to the second night at the party I want to talk about the regrets that I had from this one. Now as I have already mentioned the party was a blast and is highly recommended, but from a personal standpoint I made a few mistakes and there are a few things I would have changed.
Firstly, and most importantly, I would have and should have spanked Munchkin on the first night!! Though I stick to my principals, my failure to spank her left her feeling that I didn’t want to, and that was far from the case. I actually figured we would have plenty of time for that. Secondly, and this relates to Munchkin as well, I should have been more forceful in creating time where we could have been alone to do what we wanted to do. I don’t take total blame on this though, because I think she could have also created some time. It is a mistake we made and it won’t happen again, so much so that we will probably meet up before the next FMS party so that we can spend some quality time together.
Other mistakes/regrets, I didn’t get to play with Ginger and I regret that very much. I’m also pretty sure Bailey would have been up to playing with me but I totally wussed out of asking her for fear of rejection. Really stupid right? But it is nonetheless true!!  I missed out on the trivia contest and that is a regret because I think I would have given them all a run for their money. Next year Sandy, next year J Other than not playing as quickly as I could have with everyone, that was about it!! Perhaps with the possible exception of the spanking I gave Amber Grey. I had just come off spanking two renowned players in Sandy Park and Amy Classics, both who are able to take a really good spanking, then it was Amber’s turn. There is a slight regret because I spanked her just as hard as the other two even though I hadn’t planned it that way, I was just caught in the moment. She is totally fine with it because I asked her, but as much as I think she deserves it, I do kinda regret spanking her so hard.
I do hope you are paying attention little black bird, I spank a lot harder nowadays and you have a serious bad girl spanking coming your way young lady.
So now we get to Friday night after the vendors fair. By this point I was starving and I needed to hit the party suites just to grab hold of the pizza. All that time sat at the vending table watching people get spanked and not a single person thought to bring me a plate from the buffet L So we headed up there and while I am an outgoing guy amongst people, even I felt a little overwhelmed at what was going on. Nothing bad of course, just people playing and people coming up to Munchkin and Iggy asking to play. We had heard that a bunch of folks from the SSC were meeting in one of the rooms and that seemed more appealing at this point.
It was fun to watch what was going on in the room, but all I wanted to do was whisk Munchkin away and tan that little hide of hers. I can’t remember how it came about but at some point we headed to her room. Before we went to the party she was in a skirt but as I mentioned that is an invitation to lift it up, she decided to put a pair of white Capri pants on instead. I was a little happier with this because even though I am a skirt guy, all Munchkin seemed to do with a skirt on was fidget and fuss with her panties. I don’t know, maybe the Capri’s held them in place better 😀 Regardless, I now had her alone and it was about time this little girl got spanked.
I remembered that Munchkin’s tolerance isn’t the same level as some I play with so I tried my best to spank firmly, but not hard. After perhaps 70 or 80 spanks to warm her up I told her how cute her bottom looks in Capri’s, which it really did, before bursting the bubble I had created by picking up the small wooden paddle she had just bought.. Obviously I wasn’t going to go nuts with it, but I did bring it down fairly firmly, after perhaps a dozen spanks and a few movements of her hips from side to side, she commented “This hurts a lot more over Capri’s than it did over my shorts”. I could tell that by her movements and they did look pretty thin, but I am a top and she is a naughty girl so I just carried on doing what I do best, and that was continue to apply the paddle to her bottom with increasing velocity. We got up to the point where I could hear a little murmur from her and one foot stayed off the ground as the small paddle did its work, that was when I decided it was a good time to stop, though she had had a nice little roasting with the small paddle.
Before we went back to the main room I used her new strap on Munchkin and also spanked her a little more with my hand. As we left her room I lit up a smoke and realized we had yet to get in the elevator, so while we stood there waiting we were met with a bunch of interesting characters telling us interesting tales. After I was done we hit the room and to be honest with you, I was pretty pooped at this point. There was a lot of playing going on in the other room and I remember seeing Amber Grey’s face as she looked like she was ready to say “Mother….” Something. I teased her a bit trying to get her to spit it out and she glared at me with complete disdain. ZED and ‘Wood Paddles’ were holding court and spanking the girls and I was quite happy to sit out and play photographer. Before we retired for the night though, Amy Classics told me she had bought some new canes and did I want to test them out on her. Even though I have used the cane a bit now when someone is lying on the bed, a stand up caning is still something relatively new to me. If Amy was happy to offer her bottom to me though, then I was happy to practice my skills, or lack thereof.
There were 3 short canes to try and after lifting Amy’s skirt I went to task using each one over and over. Unfortunately one of the 3 times that I got angry over the weekend happened when I was doing this. In mid stroke a top decided that now would be a good time to tell Amy that she is getting off lightly and that I am hardly hitting her. Talk about frustrating!! The very same thing happened at the SSC when someone badgered me for not hitting hard enough with the cane there as well. If a scene is going on then why the fuck does someone feel the need to interfere in that? Firstly, and in this situation it was the case, the Top could be inexperienced and is trying to improve his technique. Secondly, it could be that the bottom is either new or is too sore for any type of serious play. Thankfully I am smart enough to not listen to outside comments, but I can’t help but feel that is where the bottom could get seriously hurt. So everyone who is reading, do me a favor, DON’T listen to someone badgering you to spank harder, only you and the bottom know what you have both agreed upon and what is or isn’t too much. (Addendum: Let me add, this was not actually a problem and the comment was made in a light hearted manner for laughs. My point in raising it though was about scenes in general, never be pressured into doing something that neither you nor the bottom have agreed upon)
For a good 15 minutes I used various canes on Amy and while it won’t go down as a classic spanking, it was a lot of fun and most important of all, I got to spend some quality time with one of my closest friends in the scene. More on her in the next story though 😉
We wrapped up and everyone hit their own rooms, Munchkin and I spent a good half an hour texting each other back and forth and I had hoped that she was going to come over. Go back to the regrets I made earlier, instead of hoping, I should have just told her to drag her butt back over to my room. Oh well, there is always Saturday night to come and I can spend as much time as I want with her, right?
That’s all for part 2, we have now just finished with Friday night. Saturday is when I came out of my shell and spankings galore took place, and I can’t wait to share them with you. There are going to be some pics and some detailed spanking accounts, and while I may skim over one particular spanking, there will actually be a complete story written about that one that I will post separately, that one is the spanking of Amber Grey and boy was it a scorcher 😉 There will also be pics posted with that story.
Richard Windsor.

The Florida Moonshine Party (Part 1)

Where can I start with this years Florida Moonshine party? Perhaps I should begin with the build up!!
Leading up to the event I didn’t have as much excitement as I have other events in the past, I think perhaps this came from the difficult time I am having at work right now with my colleagues. Jumping way ahead of myself and moving straight to the plane journey home, I have already read a third of Niki Flynn’s book and it is really helping me come to terms with myself. Even though I plan on writing a review once I have completed it, I would HIGHLY recommend that you guys buy a copy of this book. It has also convinced me that I need to go ahead with my original plan of writing my own life story.
Back to the build up for FMS though. Part of the problem also came from a lack of many threads online about the event and to be honest, I had kind of withdrawn from my own friends to a certain degree. There was two lingering problems which had also caused some anxiety on my part, one of which I felt would be a minor issue but I didn’t want any bad feeling about my presence there. That situation was eased the day before the FMS party when I received an email notifying me that everything was cool, and cool it was so there was no need for concern. The other concern though was a big one for me, and caused me a lot of anxiety. There is an issue that I have and it comes from several years ago, the anxiety comes from the fact that while I will be civil and cordial to anyone I meet, in this situation I’m pretty sure I won’t be. In an ideal world I will never have to face this situation again, but while thankfully at this party my worries were needless as I never encountered the problem, I know I won’t always be as lucky and I will one day be forced to deal with the situation.
So the day of the party arrives and with the impending heat I decide that I will get my head shaved the day of the party. That was mistake number one on this day. What I thought was going to be a 15 minute job took 45 minutes and I was battling the time from that moment on. The time I actually got on the road was the time I anticipated being at the airport, still, I did have 2 hours before the flight so I was in okay shape. Well, that’s what I thought anyway!!
It was on the second bus, about 10 minutes into the slow ride that I first thought “I could be in trouble here”. Even so, we made the perimeter of the airport at 2pm, so while I was in a rush I was at least near where I needed to be. Yet another problem lay ahead though, this bus only made one airport stop and that was at a different terminal, so when the bus pulled in at 2.25pm I had to then get the air train to my terminal. Half an hour before the flight and I still haven’t checked in, as mad as I was at myself I tried to keep calm and accept that I had missed the flight. I finally made the terminal at 2.40pm, 15 minutes before the flight was to take off. What type of Top am I? Not exactly a great role model being that I missed my flight through sheer procrastination. That mistake cost me $50 to get on a later flight and I now had a 4 and a half hour wait for the next flight. With embarrassment in my face I called my friends ZED and Ginger to let them know I wouldn’t be at the hotel the time I had planned and not to worry if I didn’t show at 7pm. My flight now got in at 10.30pm but the troubles weren’t over yet, there was still a matter of the super shuttle to deal with, or the NOT so super shuttle.
It was about 10.45pm when I got on the shuttle for what I understood was going to be a straight drive to the hotel. Within minutes I realized that wasn’t going to be the case as there were 5 drop offs, with me being drop off number 5!! As if that wasn’t bad enough we had a driver on the first day on the job that constantly fidgeted and fussed with the satellite computer, his phone and passenger requests. I swear he went no faster than 15 miles an hour while the passenger next to me badgered and harassed him to ensure she was the closest and therefore the first drop off. I was worn out when he got to my hotel, which he happened to pass twice as *I* told him we were there. The passing of the hotel twice and the subsequent turning around I could have done without at this point. Still, we finally pulled into the entrance of the hotel and I noticed that there was a welcoming committee there waiting for me. ZED and Ginger, Siege and short4ever, Iggy and Munchkin.
It is always such a great feeling to see your friends again and we all welcomed each other with hugs and greetings, except for Munchkin at first, the silly girl. Munchkin paraded around the outside while I hugged everyone, convinced that I didn’t really like her. I will go into that more later, but I could have spanked her right there and then in front of everyone for thinking such a thing!! Everyone had waited up for me and now that I had arrived, most of my friends retired to bed, leaving Munchkin, Iggy and I to get me settled.
After such a long trip I wanted a beer real bad, I’m not sure if the girls did in all honesty, but they at least accompanied me as I strolled outside. When we were deciding which way to go a couple of guys came out of the hotel and noticed me straight away. I told them what my plan was and Jersey John and Mike decided to join us at a local bar. My ‘Drink’ turned into several and we closed the bar at around 2am. Iggy had gone to bed already and Munchkin and I walked to 7-11 before going back to my room.
This is where the real fun starts though because I am a really strange cat. There is a philosophy that I carry with me at spanking parties and can easily be misread as something else. This is where I stand on the first night of a party, I try my utmost NOT to play on the first night. It is of really high importance to me that my friends are more than just a bottom to spank, and that I’m more than just a hand to spank their bottom with!! I would much rather spend the first night talking to my friends, there will be plenty of time to play later. Of course my little Munchkin who already thinks that I don’t like her, now also thinks that I don’t want to spank her either. Some times being a good guy doesn’t pay at all!! Trust me, I had every intention of spanking her little tail, I just wasn’t going to do it on the first night. Little did I know at that point though, that the first night was the only time that we would be alone together for the rest of the party, other than a 15 minute window that I created to give her a well deserved spanking! She was due a super long good girl spanking which would have had her panting for an hour or more and I’m real sorry that she missed out on that, one of the few regrets I have of the party. Instead we just lay on separate beds talking about sex until 5am, lol. When I escorted her to her room I did allow myself to give her one swat 😉
Friday morning came and Munchkin and I exchanged text messages, her on her cell phone and me on my laptop. I had Brunch with ****** who were on a different table to a fellow spanking group which included Amber, Tom and Gary from Amateur Spankings. When I finally hooked up with Munchkin and Iggy I had noticed quite the change in Munchkins behavior, perhaps I really should have spanked her the night before because along with the sass, she also managed to give me the middle finger and was quite happy with herself. The power had gone out in the hotel and I still needed to set up for the vendors fair, so while I would have loved to have spanked Munchkin my work had now doubled as I had to carry a heavy suitcase down 5 flights in unbearable temperatures. Sweating my ‘Bollocks’ off as Ian had so politely put it, I managed to get to the vendors hall where Munchkin, RG, Iggy and Amber Grey assisted me with the aesthetic look of my display, and before long I got to stand there watching people get spanked all around me, it sucked, lol.
RG I owe a debt of gratitude to for agreeing to sit at my table half way through so that I could pop out and have a smoke. I am also in debt to Iggy and Munchkin for so kindly helping me get set up with my display. Unfortunately the vendors fair was a resounding failure for me as I barely covered the vendor’s fee that I had put up. Thankfully I was going there for the party anyway and not to make money, so I at least was able to meet some wonderful people and if for nothing else, we were able to market the product to an audience that may not have seen it before. This would be a good time for me to rip on the Bush regime but I think I will save that for later, lol, but it is understandable to me because with the cost of living nowadays money is scarce for everyone, spankos included. My goal was to get the PB name out there and I think we achieved that. I was pretty happy because Bailey form spankingbailey.com came over to my table and stayed there for 20 minutes just shooting the breeze, she is such a lovely girl and I’m sad that I never got the chance to spank her, even though I think she hinted towards that when I saw her on Sunday. Lizzy Madison and David Pearl also came over to the table when Bailey was there and I got to speak to them both as well for a good ten minutes, yet another really awesome couple and I am glad that I got to meet them!!
So it is now Friday night and what’s this you say, no spanking yet? Well my good people, that is about to change, starting with Miss middle finger herself, Munchkin!! There is a lot to come in part two which will include pictures, and there is also going to be a story about the spanking that I gave to Amber Grey on Saturday night which you will not want to miss!! This little girl got her bottom spanked and spanked good!! There will also be pictures to go with that story. Anyway, this is enough for part one, part 2 will be with you guys soon.
Richard Windsor.

Back from the Florida Moonshine Party

It’s nearly 3.30am and I am back from the Florida moonshine party, lots of stories to come and hopefully some pics once they are sent to me. In a nutshell though, I got to play with my little Princess, Munchkin (many times :-)), Sandy Park, Jodi (a few times), Amber Grey who took the hardest spanking I gave all weekend which had her squirming like a little eel (a story will be posted about that), and short4ever.

On the pic side of things, Munchkin and I had quite a few taken and maybe I can post a couple of those once she has approved whether she is okay with them. Then when I spanked Amber we had a photographer who caught all of the spanking, he is some part of the amateur spankings http://amateurspankings.com team and I hope to get some of those pics which I would imagine are awesome. Then finally, we all went to the beach and I simulated spanking Munchkin, Sarah Thorne and short4ever on the white sands in front of all the sunbathers 🙂 None of those will probably be posted, unless someone agrees to have a pic posted with their face blocked out.

I met so many great people and I can’t recommend this party enough, which I will go into detail when I update. I had arranged to do audio interviews with Niki Flynn, but unfortunately time wasn’t on any of our sides as everyone was very busy. What I am going to try and do though is arrange some type of audio set up where I can conduct the interviews over the Internet.

Once of the nicest things that happened over the weekend was during the vendors fair when Bailey came over and chatted to me for about 20 minutes, such a sweet girl and if I’m not mistaken, when I was in a packed elevator with her half an hour before I left, I think I got an invite to play with her after some playful banter. It didn’t happen, but if she is at the Shadow lane party maybe I can make good on that one 😉 Yes Pixie, I’m going to Shadowlane!!

Anyway, it’s bedtime for me and the reports will start soon!!

Richard Windsor.