Wives Of Spanking Husbands

I’m going through a bunch of folders trying to find a classic to post tomorrow for my normal Wednesday post and I came across this funny little cartoon. Based on the infamous ‘Spanked wives club’, or should I say the ‘Purported’ club 😉

It is also likely that I am going to write a story this week. The exact date I can’t remember, but I wrote a story around 2012 that I always planned a part 2 for, and now I think I have the ideas that I need for it.

So if you want to refresh your memory in lieu of a new story coming, you can read part 1 first to catch you up to speed. Click here —> JANE’S BIRTHDAY SPANKING

2 thoughts on “Wives Of Spanking Husbands

  1. An amusing picture, I always like the stars radiating from spanked bottoms in my old copies of the Beano and Dandy, especially Beryl the Peril and Minnie the Minx.

  2. Theo,

    Don’t even get me started on the British comics, lol. Our dad used to leave on a Sunday morning, pick up the papers and virtually every comic on the shelf and then leave for the day 🙂 My favorite was always Fuss Pot, someone who definitely earned her spankings!! I also liked the character ‘Teacher’s Pet’. Just at a guess, that is probably because both comic book characters were always spanked on their knickers, haha. I can’t even remember what comic each was in, but I do remember every Sunday morning diving straight to the strips that I enjoyed 😉


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