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Look What Showed Up

This week I was in the process of cleaning up my external drives to consolidate them into one. You know the thing, getting rid of old stuff that I haven’t seen in a decade like old vanilla movie downloads, eradicating all traces of people and erasing them completely from my life, trying to sort through the duplicate (a never ending task) images. The list goes on and on. While I was doing this though I found an old pic of Pixie and I from one of her own LAP productions. This image I have never posted before so here you go. In fact the work that I am doing on my external drives might be good for you lot, because I am finding images that I haven’t seen in ages and completely forgot they existed.

I still have my ethics though, I would never betray anyone. Even if I haven’t seen a person for 15 years, if I didn’t have permission to post a pic 15 years ago then that criteria still applies today. Maybe one day I will meet some of these people again and I can share some awesome videos. I took many private videos over the years, but as I said, my ethics are so strong that I couldn’t even consider breaking someone’s trust. So for those of you who I have private videos with, know that they will never be shown, EVER, even if we never see each other again, I have your back and always will do. That’s one of the reasons that I want to put everything onto one external drive, so that I can label it to be sent to my good friend so that he can destroy it in the event that anything happens to me.

My old man passed away at 71 of a heart attack, my brothers died of heart attacks at 41 and 56 respectively. I’m 58 now, you don’t need to be a scientist to see the writing on the wall, haha. That’s why I plan to fully enjoy whatever time I have left and why I want to see as many countries as I can. Anyway, here is the spanking pic, and as an added bonus there is a short clip below the image fearing Rosé and Lisa from BLACKPINK, the Korean supergroup. In the video Rosé slaps Lisa on the butt and then Lisa rubs her cheek. Nothing much to write home about, but a fun clip. This will especially please those of you who like tickling because Lisa sure does get Rosé back afterwards 🙂

My Summer With Aunt Melissa

I just uploaded my new video to my spanking store but I’m not ready with a promo page yet,  so here is a link to the store and that will allow me to focus on today’s post,  the new full length spanking movie starring Lily Anna,  Tina Tink and Amber Pixie Wells as Aunt Melissa.

What follows is the main description of the 67 minute movie but you can find the complete details by CLICKING HERE.

“Take a step back in time to the 1950’s as Sian (Lily Anna) spends the summer with her Aunt Melissa (Amber) and cousin Anthea (Tina).  Melissa runs a strict household and is a firm believer in loving domestic discipline even for her 19 year old daughter and niece.  Whenever either girl acts up,  she can be assured of three things –  ruler smacked hands,  a well-spanked bottom,  and a bedtime spanking reminder to behave.”

Now if you like the preview clip,  this is where you can buy the whole movie by clicking the link below. You can either buy individual clips or the entire movie for $25.99.

Click Here For Lily Anna and Pixie’s Spanking Clips

The Spanking World Rocks

It is time once again to direct you all to THE SPANKING WORLD. This is a group that I started on Fetlife which has really taken off in the realm of discussions. Each topic produces lots of interesting comments from a great many participants, and the conversations are really engaging. None of the pitty patter ‘What’s your favorite type of panties’ type deals here (though I am tempted to start one :)), these conversations have some meat and body to them. So right now I am going to link to the latest half dozen topics we are discussing, and of course everyone’s favorite “The Pet Peeve Thread” 🙂 The group current has 517 members and the number grows by the day.

The latest topic by Miss_Chief is —> SEVERITY OF SPANKINGS 

In this topic which currently has 56 comments, the group discusses whether or not people are hard players and what their thoughts are on hard spankings.

This topic deals with the subject of ‘switches’ and the difficulties they encounter at spanking parties. 50 comments to date.

PhredPhriendly began the topic —> DEFINITIONS, PLEASE?

As a relatively new member to the online community, Phred wishes to learn what some of these funky spanko labels mean. 30 responses so far. I define the picture below as bonalicious 🙂

Yours truly, Richard Windsor, created the discussion —> THE SCHOOL BIKE

This topic discusses the difference between quality versus quantity of spankings at spanking parties. Once again this topic so far has 50 comments to it.

Erica Scott has a topic going, and a popular one at that —> TITLES/HONORIFICS

What’s in a name? Well we try and put that one to rest here. This topic discusses the creative names that people either earn, or self appoint for themselves 🙂 It is a very popular topic which currently has 99 entries.

Yes, it is exactly what you think it is, and there are currently 91 perverted comments 🙂

We are not done yet though, there is one more topic. This one just keeps going and going, and so far there are a massive, whopping 672 comments from a bunch of whiny, ungrateful, negative ingrates who don’t know what is good for them. What is the topic you ask? Why, it is the very famous —> PET PEEVE THREAD 🙂

Richard Windsor On

It has been a long time since I had an update to give you from a personal appearance, but a new one has been added to the site today so I have something to give to you. Now I must state that all of these pics were taken pre diet, and since that time I have lost 74 pounds 🙂 I just want to add as well, underneath each post I now have a ‘Rate This’ feature. I would really appreciate it if people would leave me a few ratings on the various posts as that will give me an idea of what people like and what they don’t like.


Some Rare Blog Love

It has been a good long while since I did a blog love post, and as I am at home sick right now I figured today would be a good day for that. Man I could kill for a Fisherman’s Friend lozenge right about now 🙂

Anyway, as sick as I may be, I am also horny so I will be totally perverted today and focus on my side love of spanking, and that is pretty panties. Yes, today’s blog love will focus solely on my love of the pretty female undergarment.

1) We will start with today’s first link, my dear friend, Amber and Amber’s Undie’s Drawer . Amber is looking for feedback on your preferences, so feel free to leave her a comment. Here is a pic of me spanking Amber in her white nylon panties, back when I weighed a metric ton 🙂

2) Does Pixie like panties? That’s like asking if people treat her blog as their personal forum 🙂 Here is the little horror discussing Bottom Protection by wearing extra panties. Her choice for this spanking, grey nylon panties.

3) One of the pervertable sites that I visit, because this girl wears the prettiest panties. I do kind of wish the pics were a bit clearer, but I guess it allows the imagination to wander a little bit more. Here is Veronica Squirming Beneath His Palm in her little red panties. Of course I have no picture of me spanking Veronica, more’s the pity, but I do hope that she doesn’t mind me borrowing one from her site.

4) This one is totally off topic, but I wanted to include The London Tanners in the post, but Ian has very few pics up. However, in this post Ian is getting a lapdance from a girl wearing panties so that will do for here. So take a walk through Then And Now – Ian, The London Tanner and learn a bit more about your favorite toy maker.

5) Here is a cute little Cosplay pic of the delightful Caroline Grey in Trick Or Treat. I don’t really have a pic of Caroline and I, but I do have this great video that we did where she dressed as a 50’s girl and wore pink nylon panties for my enjoyment 🙂

(This video has been watched nearly a half a million times so far and it is the 12th most watched video on spanking tube)

6) And lastly, some self whoring here, my panty spanking blog is coming up on its 50th post, so that means there are already hundred’s of pictures already added. This entry here features a mainstream adult star getting a good panty warming, an example of which is below.

4th Year Anniversary

First of all guys, I just want to thank you all for your wonderful comments on the 2010 Christmas Show, hearing feedback like that makes the show so worth doing and I was really pleased that it was received so well. My thanks of course to all of the guests who took the time to send in a recording, I was delighted by the response as everyone bar two people responded to my request, so the strike rate was really good. The show is in the post below this one, but at the bottom of this post the show is reposted in case you missed it.

So yes, Christmas Eve brings up the 4 year anniversary of this blog, and what better way to welcome the day than to share with you some pictures of Richard Windsor playing Santa Claus. Sometimes I consider myself the luckiest guy on the planet 🙂

During the week I am going to be sharing my year in review, and this year has been a very fruitful one for me. In fact I think it is safe to say that I have spanked more girls this year than I ever have before. I even have material on hand now where I can start to sell my own content on DVD and online, with a lot more promised for 2011. Speaking of which, I will be spending the day today and tomorrow editing the footage and building my clips4sale store.

Anyway, I won’t take up too much of your time today as I know we are all busy. But as it is my anniversary today, here is a collection of my own personal pics where I get to play Santa and I spank a bevy of pretty girls. I have used them before for promotional purposes, and now I’m using them for ego purposes 🙂 Merry Christmas Everyone!!


Pixie’s Birthday Spanking

But you won’t find it here 🙂 Head on over to Pixie’s blog for PIXIE’S BIRTHDAY SPANKING which was captured on video for you all. Coming tomorrow on this site I should have the video up of my interview with Sophie Grey which Danny Chrighton so kindly conducted for me.

Spanking Pics, Party News and a New Blog.

Do you guys want to see what you missed out on during the live webcam on Saturday? Well, for the 11 of you tuned in during the actual spanking, this is what you got to see. And yes, this was real as well!! All day at the party Pixie did nothing but sass me. It has been a long time since I had that young lady over my knee so I am thinking that she wanted to make sure that she got her spanking from me on Saturday. In fact if that wasn’t a big enough clue, perhaps the fact that she was wearing white nylon panties might have tipped me off 😉

I took part in a lot of fun footage that was shot this past weekend for a site that is soon to be announced. At the Shadowlane party they will be vending their DVD’s, and within the next few days I will be posting their first trailer. The website itself will probably be launched later this year and I am assisting them with the website building process right now. Due to the fact that I have a bunch of my own sites and that I am writing a book, it will be a slow process, lol.

On the subject of Shadowlane though, I am getting super excited about going!! As I mentioned previously, I have 5 interviews set up, all of which I hope to have a live webcam running on. Three of the girls will be getting a spanking at the end of the interview, two of them for a special cause and the other just as a playful extra to the interview. Another lady will be doing her own spanking at the end of her interview.

Aside from that though, there are a lot of people who I am looking forward to meeting for the first time along with seeing some old time friends. Many of these people cannot be named due to privacy issues. At the party I will be hanging primarily with my New York friends, but equally I want to spend a lot of time with my good friend, Sarah Rocks. As there are a lot of people coming over from the UK I would also like to meet as many of them as I can. Some of these people are friends already, whether that be from previous experience or through an online connection, but some of them I have never spoken to before. With my charm perhaps I can get one of them to join me in a live webcam spanking.

In regards to the webcam, I have no idea exactly when it will be on. At the very least I am going to try and notify the readers constantly of what I have coming up, but there may also be spur of the moment times when the camera gets switched on. Just be good to yourselves and stay tuned 🙂

Being that they are all really good friends of mine and I like to promote their work, I created a separate website where I can constantly show you ALL of their updates as well as details on their other material that can be found on the net. Just click the link below to pay a visit to the new site, and if you want to be linked in to it then just drop me an email either at .

Erica Scott Has A New Blog

And it is a pretty snazzy one at that!! Due to horrendous user unfriendly changes that myspace made, Erica has created a brand spanking new site on Blogspot (Pun VERY MUCH intended :-)) so it would behoove you to get your butts over there!! Not bad, I have never managed to use the word ‘Behoove’ before on this site!!


Also, please don’t forget the auction for CAUSE FOR PAWS. Pixie has 16 items listed and while many of them already have bids on them, there are quite a few that haven’t attracted a bid as of yet. There is only 5 days left on the auction so do your best to put a bid in now if you want to be a part of the charity. There are some great implements from CANE-IAC and very soon there will also be a few videos from SHADOWLANE for you to bid on as well.

Right, I guess you all want a few pictures to keep your lips salivated, eh? How else will other blogs be able to post if I don’t provide them with some pictures to rip off? 🙂

First of all I have 4 spanking pics from a classic set which takes me back a bit. Oh how I wish this took place every gym class back when I was in school.

And to finish up with, a couple of caning pics. The first one featuring a nightmare double caning, and the second showing how NOT to aim a cane!! Plenty of high strokes and wrap arounds :-/

And let’s have a dose of spam that features Erica 🙂