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The New Site Is Up

Go check it out, both of my spanking pics site and my panty spanking site have been merged into a new site, check it out by clicking the link below:

The All New Spanking Pics Site

Now while I tinker with the new site, here are some pics of me spanking my wonderful friends, the last of which I ripped off from Sarah Thorne’s site đŸ˜‰

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files – Part 2

Munchkin makes her first spanking appearance in this set, and she isn’t in the corner…. not yet anyway đŸ™‚ In this set you will also see my long term friends, Sarah Thorne, plus the following girls, Audrey Knight, Leia Anne Woods, Erica Corvina, Kay, Naughty Freckles, Sarah Gregory, Miss Chief and Cookie. There is even an appearance by a vanilla friend of mine whose bottom I remember swatting a couple of times back in 1987, can you spot who she is?

Where to begin!! (Lots of pics)

First of all guys, I just want to thank you all so very much for your words of condolence during this very difficult time. It has been a lot harder than I would have imagined it would be and the kind messages that you have all left have been a great source of support. My Brother was very active in the motor racing community and in turn there have been four tribute pages/forum threads dedicated in his honor as well. While it is a great support to hear such nice things said about him, it is also heartbreaking at the same time to know that he was loved by so many.

It is with great regret that I have not been able to acquire the necessary paperwork that would have allowed me to fly home for the funeral, but after speaking with the family at great length we have decided that later in the year we will hold a memorial service for him so that we can all celebrate his life together. Thank you all again for your kind words and I will respond to them all as soon as I get a chance to.

While it was a decision that I had to seriously ponder, I decided that I would attend the wedding of my good friends, ZED and Ginger (Sarah Thorne) this weekend just past. It was not only very therapeutic, but Ginger even managed to get me up on the dance floor several times, and that never happens, lol. Here is a pic of the blushing bride and myself jiving away.

There were several fellow minded friends in attendance, and while no play took part, well, I travelled alone so no play took part where I was concerned đŸ˜‰ We all had a wonderful time and the wedding was simply fantastic. It was a themed wedding and the costumes were amazing!! ZED even lent me one of his outfits and I got to represent the Yankees, even though I was a prisoner for the wedding đŸ™‚

Now on to some spanking pictures. Based on the original subject of this post I kind of felt funny adding spanking pics, however, I am sure a lot of people have come here looking for spanking pics, especially those who do not speak English and probably don’t realize what is going on anyway.

To start with I will share an absolute classic. Ordinarily this would go in with my collection of ‘Chase and Sanborn’ posed pics, but this one is just too good for that.

This one looks quite the challenge, balancing a book on the head while getting caned!! Just imagine the rules, stay still for six of the best, or, lose the book and receive a further 12. Quite the challenge indeed đŸ™‚

Here is the latest Ebay find, looks like the 1930’s but perhaps a car lover will be able to place the car in the background. There is at least one nervous looking girl in the background.

An apple, with worms in? I bet if all you girls had a teacher like that you would all be lining up to get spanked every day.

Giddy up horsey đŸ™‚

This girl just loves spanking!!

Until the tables are turned and she finds out what is good for the goose, is also good for the gander đŸ™‚

That’s all for now folks, I will respond to emails as soon as I can and thank you all again for your love.

Spanking Pics has been updated with an OTK set

Vintage Spanking has been updated with a 1977 set featuring white French knickers

And Beautiful Panties has been updated with a set of blue panties.

Richard Windsor.

From the Richard Windsor Archive

Hey guys, I promised you an update today, didn’t I? đŸ™‚ Now while I have so much I want to write about I am going to have to be patient doing that, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t post pics to keep you salivated đŸ˜‰

Next week is the Florida Moonshine Party which I am getting really excited about, so why don’t I show you guys some old spanking pics of Richard Windsor, just in case you are going to the party and want a trip over my lap yourself đŸ˜‰

This first one is the very first spanking pic I ever had taken. It was at the apartment of the most delightful young lady and I believe she was 21 at the time. This little brat about a year and a half later would become the incredibly talented Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells.

Be sure to click each pic for the full sized version!!

Next up, you may have seen a nice birthday message in my chatbox over the weekend from a delightful young miss who is obviously itching for a spanking. Throughout all the years I can say without a doubt she was my favorite play partner, and I hope to go and visit her again soon to relive what you can see below!!

This next pic was from the first spanking party I attended in America. The party itself sucked balls for me as I felt less than welcome, but, the young lady above and the one here below were two dynamite highlights for me.

These next 3 were taken fairly recently. Firstly my good friend, and soon to be well spanked little girl next week đŸ™‚ The adorable Munchkin!!

And two pics from the Texas All State party, my good friend Sarah Thorne http://sarahthorne.com

And the two terrible brats from http://amateurspankings.com Amie and Amber joining me in some spanking fun.

Okay, so there is a little taste of the spanking fun I have, hopefully this weekend I will have more to add for you all.

Richard Windsor

Texas All State — Catching up.

Before I make a little post, and I do mean a little one, about the Texas All State party, I want to address a trend I have noticed throughout the spanking blogosphere. It seems that every single spanking blog I am now clicking on has been tagged with the dreaded “Adult Content” warning, which for some reason mine has yet to be ‘tagged’. What is kind of funny is that Pixie and myself have been discussing this over the past few weeks and pondering just how long blogger is going to allow the type of content that we put up!! In my humble opinion, this is just the start of a bad road.

So, with that in mind, this upcoming weekend I am going to be purchasing a hosting plan and I am going to be consolidating my blogs, starting my new vintage page/s, and perhaps hosting a couple of other website/blog owners who have not yet had the resources to do so. Pixie already got the jump on me with this (snotty little brat that she is ;-)) with her new website http://spankingpixie.com

Now I can’t guarantee that everything will be up and running by the end of the weekend, but I should at least have things heading in the right direction. My original goal was to get 1 million hits on this blog before changing over (right now I am at 930,000 hits) but I am going to do it before then.

Being that I am at work this morning I will be coming back to this post to update it with a blog roll call concerning bloggers who are updating there blogs regarding the Texas party. Unfortunately, I doubt if I can do a serious one until Saturday. Tonight I have promised Amber that I would help her with a project and then tomorrow I am going out on the piss after work đŸ™‚

Anyway, I do have a couple of pictures to share with you for now. The first one featuring the aforementioned Amber http://spankingamber.blogspot.com/ who was a naughty little girl at the Alamo. She broke the rules and was told off by a police officer, such a spankable offense, so we crossed the street and I spanked her in front of Ripley’s believe it or not. Yes, I am actually spanking her in front of a gathering crowd, someone even managed to capture the last few playful swats on film so hopefully we will get to see that posted sometime soon.

Okay, so my blog update isn’t following the traditional rules of days 1 through 4 at the Texas All State, at the moment I don’t have the time to do that. This next pic came from day 3 featuring my good friend Ginger http://www.zedginger.blogspot.com/ and myself and is one that I really like.

Hopefully I can get a post up soon starting on my arrival on Thursday, but until then I will at least keep you updated with a blog roll of folks who are posting pictures and updates from the Texas conference.

Richard Windsor.