Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 112

This week I had to look up some old files and a thought came to me, I am on my own now. What happens if I peg it? I got a bit nervous to be honest with you, not for myself, I don’t give a shit what people think of me or my work/pleasure, but I got nervous in regards to all of the face pics that I have of spankos who would prefer that their lifestyle remains private. Over the years I have a vast collection of private photos and videos that were just for the viewing pleasure of myself and my play partner, but I don’t have any family left to take care of my private stuff.

I really need a spanking buddy to take care of my stuff should anything happen to me. A vanilla friend of mine who I trust is going to nuke everything if it comes to that, but will he get to it first, lol. Over the past 6 months I have already deleted many personal files that I no longer have any desire to look at, but I have a great collection of fun pics where the girl is smiling broadly at the camera while we play. It is a crazy thing to have to think about, isn’t it?

What I think that I am going to do is purchase a big external drive, stick literally everything on there and clearly label it. “Should anything happen to me, this drive needs to be nuked immediately” 🙂 Or maybe a smaller drive just for the private stuff to be deleted, but then a bigger one for all of the spanking files that I have collected over the years. I could then write an address for that drive to be mailed to someone so that it could be shared with the community. I am certain that I have hundreds of never before seen pics that the community should have the chance to see.

Now that I have written that out, I quite like the plan of having a nuke drive, and then one to send to a spanking buddy somewhere when my number is called.

The Sunday Candid this week is a cheerleader spanking photo. Not exactly a classic, but if you have an active imagination then I am sure that you can make a story work 😉 Click on the image for the full sized version.

9 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 112

  1. Not sure I am the answer but I will offer. I will email you.
    You are a great genuine person.

  2. Yes it is a tough choice what to save and what to delete. All of us at this older age are worrying about how our collection goes to still be shared by the community or just have it nuked. I have heard this from several sites (Chicago spanking review,spanking minnesota and a few more) I hope that you someone for both.

  3. I too, have similar worries. I’m in my mid sixties, alright health, but I have a vast collection of old mags, books, and binders , 4 cases of binders alone, all of which are a spanker’s treasure. I would hate to have it all go to the dumpster someday. Perhaps we need a spanking central of sorts to handle our collections in our passing!

    Personally, if I could unload my 350 – paperbacks from anonymous, etc. on the subject, many collectors items there, and all of my binders, image collections with my personal anecdotes, captions, stories, etc., I could care less about the mags since most are on the net now anyways. So many, Swish, Kanes, Blushes, Red Cheeks, Etc. Phoenix, and so on.

    Always hoped I could leave them to the kinsey Institute or something.

    Anyways, if I can be of any help down the road, and the Good Lord willing, I will do all I can to get your wonderful collection of images to everyone that you wish. Chances are, however, you’ll be helping my wife get rid of mine!

  4. Wish I could help you, Richard, but I’m older than you are! I’m looking for a disciple myself, not so much because of the tons of spanking material on my hard drive, which doesn’t have any photos of persons who need their privacy protected, but because I want someone to carry on with CSR when I’m gone and post anything I couldn’t get to, plus I need help now!

    By the way, for the benefit of any of your younger readers, we should mention that “Beat me daddy, eight to the bar” has its origins in the musical style called “Boogie-woogie,” now over 100 years old but a little newer back when this picture was taken. The double-meaning as a spanking reference was obviously intended here.

  5. Jimc,

    It is quite the quandary, isn’t it? I have since purchased a mega sized drive and I hope to transfer everything there. Over the next year as well I will probably donate all of my tangible spanking items as I have little use left for them. I mean to be honest I hardly used anything other than my hand when I played anyway, lol. We never know when our number is going to be called, I mean I have already outlived both of my brothers, so I want to make sure that I am prepared for when that happens.


  6. FatherJim,

    My curious mind of course is wondering just how many treasures that you personally have, lol, I bet you have many things that have not been seen by most of the spanking community. Just the fact that you have binders means that you have been collecting for decades and you probably have some real treasures there. Likewise with the magazines, whatever I have I am probably going to put on Ebay and just get a token sum for them. Very little of what I have is not on the Internet anyway by now. Part of the fun that I have nowadays is searching old newspapers, you know, the ones that might have a spanking drawing in them from a local artist to match a story. I’m coming up on 60 years old and I know that there is still a wealth of spanking pics yet to find.


  7. Yeah I have just bought a new drive and my goal is to put everything on there. Hopefully I get to post everything anyway before my number is called 🙂


  8. web-ed,

    Some of us still appreciate the sounds of Boogie Woogie 🙂 Being a fan of Rockabilly, Boogie Woogie of course plays a role in that style at least in terms of its origins. A good number of personal images I nuked from my drive earlier this year anyway because I no longer wanted to look at them, but I still have many that feature people with prominent jobs. What I might do actually is alter the images, you know, cut the faces out to protect people, but keep the faces separate so that I can still look at the smiles and remember the people fondly. Then of course we have the more “Adult” collection, lol, for those photos I think that I should be working on the blur tool, and doing so rather quickly, lol.


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