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Triggers – Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 91

There is some irony to this post today. What I am going to talk about is the power of triggers in the spanking world,  or at least how to some people they are incredibly powerful. On the flip side of this I have also asked my readers what they want to see more of on my site and what they want to see less of. Well the number 1  ‘Less of’  is actually writing. There are a group of people who want to see less writing and more pictures and videos. So what I am going to do is compromise. To start the post I will share a great spanking find for you,  and if you are only here for the pictures then you can look at the picture and then you can browse the links on the right hand side to find another blog that is more in tune with your needs. If you are okay with the writing though then you can stay and continue reading after the image.

The image that I am sharing is quite unique,  it is from the 1910’s and the gender of the participants is unknown. For some of you that may be preferable,  so I won’t assign labels,  you are free to make your own decisions. All I will say is that it was labelled on Ebay as being F/F. Click on the image for the full sized version.

On Twitter this week I responded to anty85 when she spoke of the difficulty she has at times in finding spanking clips. It caught my attention because two of the criteria that anty85 applied when she searches are finding clips that didn’t have full nudity or close up shots of the vagina. As you can well imagine if you have read this blog for long enough,  her words caught my attention straight away as those are also two areas that are a turn off to me in relation to spanking films.

Before moving on,  if you wish to check out Anty’s own videos then you can find her on this channel AT HOME WITH MISS ICENI. Don’t confuse her with Ana though,  the name is Anty. The link is already provided in my clips4sale links list which you can see RIGHT HERE. As there are so many clips4sale sites listed I haven’t had a chance to go through each and every one yet,  but after having a quick look this particular site is devoted to F/M and F/F spanking conducted in a domestic setup. Think Aunty/Nephew,  in fact if you do think that then definitely check it out as there is an Aunty/Nephew dynamic that takes place in a number of the videos,  and the spankings generally feature something like a slipper or wooden spoon and sometimes nighttime attire. Location settings can also be a trigger for people so if you like domestic F/F and F/M spankings set in a home then you should definitely check the store out.

Obviously I need to check the store out myself in full. Even though I have lived in America for 32 years now, my first 24 years were spent in England, so I’m sure that there is something that would catch my eye. It’s always fun to watch the spankings going on at the neighbour’s house, isn’t it? Having grown up in England during the 1970s, spankings were quite a common occurrence, and you always tended to know which houses were likely to have bottom warming nights  🙂  It doesn’t mean that you saw or heard them, but you definitely found out about them. That’s what I love about the Internet though, now you can get to choose whose house you peep in on!!

The subject of triggers isn’t new to me,  if you have read this blog for any length of time then you know that already. Probably the biggest trigger for me in terms of realism is almost always set in a domestic environment,  but when it comes to the severity level I am probably far different to the average Joe. I’m not against a good hard spanking,  but there is a point where the scene becomes too much for me, especially if the spanking is prolonged and repetitive.

Trust me, I’ve made several spanking films myself, it is really hard to be creative and give people their moneys worth. You want to make a scene at least 10 minutes, but if you are making a mini movie you want to try your best to get it in the 20-30 minute range. It’s a lot harder than you think, especially if you only have one top and one bottom. I generally try to make my own films (ones where I am paying a model as opposed to trading content) in two parts. A first spanking followed by a harder spanking. Doing it that way means that at worst I can break the 15 minute mark, but because I have the gift of gab I can generally get them in the 30 minute mark.

In terms of what I consider to be a near perfect spanking I always look at the film  “Spanked Sober”  over on Momma Spankings as a benchmark. The funny part about this though is that I absolutely loathe the premise of a girl being spanked sober,  how ironic is that? However,  the spankings themselves are just about the most perfect spankings that I could watch. Excellent demeanor by all participants,  spankings done layer by layer,  no genital cam,  and most importantly as a viewer,  nothing that is over the top. We all have our preferences and this film really touches a lot of mine.

Both girls get spanked on their panties first,  then both are spanked in turn on their bare bottoms,  then they switch places once more and each gets spanked on the bare one more time. I think what makes it for me is that each spanking turn is no more than 100 spanks each go around. So even though both girls get around 300 spanks they are spread out into sections,  and therefore seem to be harder than a normal start to finish spanking, plus it doesn’t get boring because the action is constantly changing. Following this opening there is a strapping scene, but I normally skip over that as psychological it doesn’t mesh well in the scene for me. What I especially love about this first spanking is the taking of turns every two minutes or so. Using this method the viewer never gets to the point that they are thinking about this next scene already. Should I ever make another spanking film then this is an idea that I am definitely going to steal.

However,  the coup de grace is the absolute bomb and makes the spanking film a classic.

Each girl returns in her pajamas,  both feeling pretty contrite by now,  and the final spankings with the hairbrush take place. This scene is really hot. The funny part is,  the scene feels like it goes on for ages,  but in actuality each girl only gets about 100 plus spanks with the hairbrush. It is done so well though that you think the number is easily double that. If you want to see a true Maternal spanking then watch that part. They each get roughly 35 on their pajama bottoms,  35 of their panties and again roughly 35 on the bare bottom. You can just imagine the spanking getting worse and worse for them as each layer comes back. At the end I was stunned by the fact that it was only around 100 spanks each,  the scene is so genuine that you think that they have both received way more. Of course the angle displayed in both the images shown here is also a huge bonus. As a person who buys spanking clips I want to feel that I am watching the real thing, and this angle never fails for me. It makes me feel like I am sitting in the very room with the girls watching them get spanked. The second camera is at the feet end but it is in a respectful place, but the angle shown in the pics is the perfect angle. I can’t stress the importance as a viewer that you want to watch a spanking as if you were there.

Here is the trailer and the film can be purchased directly over on clips4sale using THIS LINK.

Now you have to understand that this is seen through my eyes,  the reason that I find this film so enjoyable is because it hits numerous triggers for me. It is different to my all time FAVORITE SPANKING MOVIE,  but in a way it touches the same things that I like. Both films spend most of the spanking action over a clothed bottom,  even though it does include some bare bottom,  but I have always found non bare spankings to be more realistic than bare bottom ones. It is something that is really hard to explain but throughout all of my formative years,  when I first start thinking about spanking at a very young age,  everything that I witnessed whether it was in person,  on film or in images in comics or magazines,  not once was a bare bottom involved.

It is a mental block that I have,  though I don’t regret having it. Now I fully understand that for a lot of girls the baring of the bottom is as much of a trigger for them as non bare is for me,  so obviously with a little compromise we both get what we want from a scene. Think of your own triggers though,  I mean in the film above there are probably ten triggers that I could think of off of the top of my head. From the dynamics of the participants to the implements used,  the position,  even unusual ones like the girls are wearing dresses to start with and then have to change into pajamas.

When I think of the two films that I have mentioned there is also a common theme that runs through both films,  and that is a start – stop – start approach to the spanking. By that I mean the spanking isn’t continuous,  it is interspersed with dialogue,  scolding,  conversation,  questions etc. It wasn’t something that I was aware of until recently,  but that approach really enhances the realism of the spanking in my eyes.

There are a thousand different triggers for everyone out there,  for some people it could be something as simple as a pair of school knickers,  whereas for others it could be a little more complex like the hair being worn in a bun. I always love to see them on Twitter when it is obvious that someone has a fetish for a certain item,  be it a slipper,  pajamas,  hairbrush,  the list is totally endless. Is there something in particular that is a must have for you? It could really be anything,  and nobody should ever be ashamed of what works for them.

I’m sure that there are a ton of clips out there that fall into the categories that I enjoy,  I just haven’t found them all yet. Probably just as big a part of it all has to be the dynamic between the top and bottom. My favorite clips generally tend to be when it is obvious that there is an older person and a younger person,  and the dialogue between the two is just as important. Again it’s just a personal preference but it adds to the feeling of realism to me.

If I’m watching a playful spanking then the interaction between the two is something that I can easily overlook,  normally because the fun is obvious and everyone is having a good time. For a realistic spanking though there has to be a sense of apprehension/submission. In those situations you don’t want to hear any back chat,  and almost certainly no bratting. In fact even in a playful spanking I don’t want to see any bratting,  you can have an interaction as equals without the need to try and mock and ridicule your partner.

There are times when I wonder whether or not I have been left behind in the spanking world,  like a relic from the spanking stone age. My needs in the spanking world are so incredibly simple that I often wonder if I am seen as vanilla in the spanking world,  lol. I’m like the Troy Donahue looking to play with Sandra Dee type,  or at least that is how I perceive myself to be. There’s nothing that I can do about that though unless I am compromising my values. I can’t help what I like and enjoy,  I’m kind of stuck with it. Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t partake in the fantasies of others,  of course I do. How can I expect someone to take part in my fantasy if I don’t adapt and fulfill theirs for them?

What are your triggers in the spanking world? It can be anything from a pair of white socks to full on nudity,  everyone has something that is a trigger for them.

Spanking Video Giveaway

Today I am off to the party until Monday. At the party I am in charge of security so I don’t get a whole lot of time to update the blog while I am gone. However,  I have a video up on my Google Drive that I can access on my Cell phone, so what I am going to do is do a video giveaway during my 5 day absence so that you all have something to watch while I am gone.

The video that I have chosen is TEN  –  THE SASSY PA.

To get access to the video below all you have to do is one simple thing,  ask me a question in the form below the video. I had to remove the form previously because someone was abusing the spirit in which it was meant,  but it is back up for this post. My goal here is that when I return,  and hopefully with enough responses for a series of posts,  I will make a post answering all the questions that have come in. Seems fair,  right? A simple question for a 24 minute video.

Here is the form where you can ask me a question,  I would prefer spanking related questions but it is up to you what you want to ask me. I don’t use email addresses for any reason other than to send you a link to the video which is stored in my drive. Just fill in the spots where it says  ‘Your answer’  Be creative  🙂

You will get access to the video in your email box the same day,  more than likely within a couple of hours of submitting the form.

P.S. If you abuse the spirit of this post by using the form to bitch about the spanking industry,  I’m not likely to share the video with you.

No ‘Gina Pics

I’m pretty sure that there is a touch of prudishness in me when it comes to spanking pics. I tend to believe that it all goes back to the origins of how one first develops there interest in spanking,  at least for me it does. The picture below captures in essence EVERYTHING I like to see in a spanking pic,  hell,  even a movie. The angle itself is my favorite angle to witness a spanking from,  and you know what,  after watching the trailer for this film I went and purchased a subscription to the website SOLELY on what I saw in one pic and a video trailer. Now I could have purchased the film for a few dollars less,  but if I liked that film and was getting it anyway,  why not get the whole site for basically the same price?


Here’s the thing,  I like this angle for two reasons. First of all,  the angle is delicious and reminds me of spankings I could have seen growing up. I simply love seeing the curves of the bottom from this angle,  the pronounced division of the cheeks,  and always with the one visible cheek showing the marks of a spanking. In this particular pic it doesn’t hurt that you are also able to see the spanking hand clearly in motion.

During the party this weekend I got into quite a conversation about the topic of pictures that I like compared to vagina pics,  and one person I was talking to really summed it up for me,  there is still a mystery there,  an allowance to let you use your imagination. Obviously that is a huge reason why I love vintage spanking pics,  it is because they generally tend to be PG and allow you to envision what is actually happening and what may follow.

Before I continue I have to say that this is not a knock on anyone,  or any producers or individual posters,  this is solely my view. After all,  we are all entitled to our own thoughts,  right? This pic above excited me,  but obviously for one pic I am not paying out money (other than the pics I buy for you guys). Being an experienced blogger though I knew where to look to see whether there were other like minded pics through the affiliate program. There wasn’t any more on the FHG for this set,  but the video trailer sold me. After joining the site,  for this set alone I was able to get more than a dozen pics of what I consider to be a list spanking photos,  you know,  that special folder of mine where MY favorite pics are stored.

I’m a rarity,  a total rarity,  I find vagina pics in spanking pics and videos to be a complete turn off. In my world and my world only,  the more vagina that is advertised,  the less likely that I am to join that site or buy those films. It is just a personal preference,  I don’t like to see a vagina and anus in spanking pics,  period. Obviously when watching a spanking film that isn’t being deliberately made to show as much vagina as is humanly possible,  there will be times where you see more than is intended,  and that doesn’t bother me,  mainly because my focus isn’t there anyway. This also plays a huge part as to why I have no problem if a spanking is totally given on the panties because let’s be honest,  most of the butt is bare anyway,  lol.

I’m very particular about what I like in spanking and I would have to say,  with deliberate irony,  that the pic above is The Perfect TEN 🙂 For angles alone the video itself is something that I will watch many times,  especially the hairbrush session which again captures a pleasant voyeuristic plethora of angles. I even have to say that butt cam spanking over the pajamas is really classy and for someone like me it is very hot to watch. I know that I’m not going to have a lot of support in what I like,  but I can at least share a great movie for you that DOES encompass what I like if you view spanking the same way that I do. If you want to see the film that I am talking about which is on mommaspankings then click the link below to the Sarah Gregory Pass for both sites. There are a lot of pics that appease me on the sites so it was well worth the money. I do have to say though,  pajamas,  silky panties,  an angle from the head of the spankee and a hairbrush,  it honestly doesn’t get much better than that for me!!

Ten In The Bathtub

I’m having a whale of a time in Vegas,  but I’m feeling a bit old as I had to jot down who I played with when I got to my room last night for fear of forgetting anyone. I will give reports much later when I get back,  but last night I was very fortunate to play with Alex Reynolds,  Lily Starr,  Erica Scott,  Funnybratgirl,  Ten,  Calicutie and finally once ellee arrived past midnight I gave her an early birthday spanking,  which pretty much was double what she should have gotten 🙂

Here is a pic of me spanking Ten in the bathtub while she is wearing the pink nylon panties that I gave her.

 photo 3

The Top Pics Of 2011

As I wait for the Superbowl I decided to collect some more top tens of 2011, I was trying to decide which one to share but let’s face it, everyone loves spanking pics 🙂 So here are the top ten most viewed pics of 2011. What did surprise me is that all of them were from my personal spanking photos, I guess you, the viewers, prefer my actual pics to random ones. Maybe later in the week I will do the top ten pics for each year of this blog.

Number 1:

This is only a screencap from my movie, Ten – The Sassy P.A, but it was a pic everyone loved. (click the link for ten more pics from the film) This was the most clicked on spanking pic in 2011.

Number 2:

When I was at Shadowlane I post all of my spanking pics in blocks, which I think had something to do with the results. This pic was taken in 2010 with the lovely Sarah Rocks.

Number 3:

Also features a pic from the same set, CLICK THIS LINK for the entire set of spanking pics with Sarah Rocks.

Number 4:

We are going way back into the archives for this one and I imagine that this pic will be in the top ten for previous years as well. Seriously, that has to be just about the most perfect bottom to spank, isn’t it? It is of course none other than Pixie who is about to get the strap.

Number 5:

It is Pixie once again, this time from a promo video that we shot for Weekend. I am such a lucky guy, aren’t I?

Number 6:

From my best selling video, Amber Grey – Schoolgirl Blues, here we have a still of me applying the hairbrush to Amber Grey. Click the link for more pics from the movie.

Number 7:

It seems pretty clear that people loved the set of pics that I took with Sarah Rocks. In this one she gets to keep her panties up.

Number 8:

The third one from one of my movies, and it is yet another screencap. The one is from Sarah – The Bratty Niece and once again, click the link for more pics from the movie. This really is a great angle, thanks to Dr. Lecter for that.

Number 9:

One of the really older pics that keeps resurfacing. Can you believe that this was the very first spanking that I ever gave to Amber Grey? Yes, this was long before I lost all of the weight as you can see.

Number 10:

Rounding out the top ten, and I was delighted this one made it in as it is one of my personal favorites. This pic was taken at a private party with my very dear friend, Munchkin.

Be sure to click the tabs below to see more of your favorite girls. Now before I close, Dana Specht and I are going to do yet another interview. The theme this time is going to be “Dana Specht – Bedtime Stories”. We are both going to be in our pajamas, sipping wine, and listening to Dana talk about some of her favorite stories. Now it is early, but closer to the date I am going to post this again, but if you want to get in early you can fill it out now. It is bedtime spankings related, so what would you like to ask Dana?


The Richard Windsor Spanking Files – Part 11

So here is the final set of spanking pics that I have posted to date on this site that feature me, and of course you are going to have many more to come. Stay tuned because pics from the Shadowlane weekend are coming, I hope that you all enjoyed what I have posted over the last two weeks.

Ten The Sassy P.A (Video)

Hey guys, here is my latest offering over on clips4sale and spanking library, a video that I shot with Ten at the FMS party where she plays Ten the sassy P.A to yours truly. In this video Ten gets two over the knee spankings which includes a session with my new favorite hairbrush 🙂


I’ll Be Back On Saturday

Just two more days left and I will be back with you full time. My Brother and my two friends from England leave on Friday afternoon, so the next two days will still be like a madhouse. Fear not though, come the weekend I will be back posting chunks of good stuff for you all. As a reward for your patience I will try and come up with some rare and unique pics for you all. You will see them here first and then I have no doubt they will be posted on an English blog soon thereafter 🙂