Uncle Richard Is Back

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The last time that I had seen Calicutie and H was years ago when Pixie and I spent the day with them in New York City. While Cali and I have emailed each other from time to time over the years,  it wasn’t until we saw an attendees list that we even realized that we were going to be at the same event together. While it was a spanking party I did want to spend a good deal of time with the two of them and to hear about their ventures.

Later on I will do a review of their project,  once I have done my party reports,  but you can do yourself a favor buy visiting their latest venture where they have combined 5 spanking sites into 1 for the monthly price of $19.95. CLICK HERE

Cali had scratched off one of her spanko lotto cards which read “25 with the tops choice” and she handed it to me saying that she had saved the card for me. Not only did I get 25 with my own choice,  but there were also two more sections to scratch off. Now I had no idea what could be in those sections so to be safe I said that I would start with 25 with my hand. Cali set to the task of unbuttoning her dropseat jeans. I mean,  seriously,  how friggin’ adorable are these things?


We went into the back bedroom and I gave her a very nice 25 with my hand. We need pictures of course and H was more than happy to take some pics for us as we posed the hand spanking. That was the only posing left that we did though,  the rest of the pics were taken as the action itself took place. Cali was talking with H when I scratched off the next section and so I lay the card on the bed until she returned. The card read “30 with a strap”

Now I was fortunate enough to have with me my one of a kind London Tanner strap. This was the strap that I won during the FMS trivia contest a few years ago that I have rarely used. One side is straight leather while the other side the leather has holes in it. You can guess which side hurts more : ) Still with the drop seat jeans on I really didn’t hold back with my application of the strap. There has been a turn in Richard Windsor this year,  my playing level has increased quite a bit and as you can see by the color of Cali’s bottom, the strap is very effective. All that we had left now was the final section of the card,  and wouldn’t you know it,  it read “25 with a strap”


That’s a lot of stripes with a strap on a Friday night,  but Cali suggested that she had a favorite strap and I was more than happy to use it on her. This time Cali took down her jeans so that I had an open target. Those thighs always look so tempting but I was on my best behavior 😉 After all these years it was great to play with Cali and I look forward to a long friendship with them both.


The night had flown by quickly. I do remember at some point spending a little time with most of the SSNY family and I had hoped to catch up with them later on. There was just one more task to do at Friday night though and for that I had to wait. It was around midnight when I got the word that elleebutt was on her way,  and while I am a gracious man,  there was no way the night was going to be passed up without so much as a swat.

Now,  YoggSothoth (ellee’s husband) had arrived in the room first and I happily greeted him,  and a few minutes later here comes ellee. Bouncing in she throws herself into a big hug with Sophie Grey who was stood next to me and then she steps back and engages in a conversation. Wassup with that noise? Like any good Brooklynite I extended both hands and in my best Vinnie Barbosa said “Yo,  what’s up with that”?

Okay,  so maybe it was hard because everyone wanted to say hi,  but I’m the UPT damnit,  I expect some loving!!

Once the formalities were done and dusted I stood talking with ellee and she made some comment about her birthday coming up. Being that I was in douchebag mode that was all the reason that I needed to get her butt over my knee. So I suggested that we give her last year’s birthday spanks to set her off on the right foot for the next year. Lame excuse I know,  but I was at this party to play.

The only chairs in the main suite were high chairs,  but that would work for me. In fact it was pretty cute watching ellee having to stand on the bottom rung just so that she could elevate herself over. Being that ellee had on a thong this was a bare bottom spanking and I happily gave her close to her birthday spanks,  but then stopped and asked her how many that was. Of course she didn’t know so I started over again and once more I asked her and she got the number wrong. I will say it was fun to hear her do some math “two score minus 15”. Quite frankly,  even if she had the number right I would have spanked her some more anyway. This time though I decided we would finish with the requisite number and began to deliver them.

This is the point that I noticed something though. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone sat there who I didn’t really know well. On her face was a look that I know all too well,  in fact it is something that I normally look for and I feel pretty good in saying that I can recognize the look. What this look says to me is that the girl is thinking “I hope that he asks me to play”. It is a special look,  one of silent studying. We all have areas of our life that we are better at than others. Clearly people have the beat on me in many different areas. This is one area though where I am very astute,  it is an ability to read the mind of an observer. It is hard to put the look into words,  but it is something that helps me decide whether or not I should ask someone to play.

Once the birthday spanking had concluded and after introducing ellee to some people who she didn’t know,  she left with her husband and Alex to set up in their room and freshen up. I was looking forward to a wonderful night. Unfortunately though,  the party wrapped up about half an hour later and I was stuck. I don’t have a cell phone,  I don’t know what room the SSNY folks have,  and ellee has just got here so she won’t know this info either. Now I could have been a sad sack and waited on the floor for people to come back but I wasn’t. Instead I decided to go down to the casino and wait for people to show up for a private party. No one showed up though!! For a few hours I milled around in the casino until about 4am when I decided to go back to my room for the night.

The following day I believe that a group of people went out for a day trip but I had decided to stay back. A lot of the day I spent up and down going from my room to the casino but I saw no one. By the time 6pm came around I was a little unsure as it was early,  but I decided that I would visit the main suite. It was during this time that Kor-E found me and told me where everyone was from his group. Now I have to be honest,  as confident as I am as a person,  I didn’t want to feel that I would infringe on another set up. So I went to my room for a smoke and checked my email and ellee had emailed me to let me know that she was also up in the same room. This gave me a further reason that I should go on up to this other suite as other people not from the suite were in there as well.

Once I arrived I finally,  after 2 days of being in the same hotel,  got to see Missy. We hugged and a big conversation started about my lack of a cell phone,  but I wasn’t having any of it and I started arguing my point as well. It was all friendly banter but I stressed that everyone in the room knows my real name and anyone of them could have called the front desk to be connected to my room,  and as ellee had been the person to email me it was also an option that people could have reached me via email. The whole conversation though got me in a toppy mood and some spankings were about to happen.

At this party I carried a small bag around with me as I had some toys that I had yet to use. Today I had with me a manufactured looped belt and a small rubber paddle and I intended on both of them finding a target. My first call of the day was Alex Reynolds,  sentenced to ten with the belt and two with the paddle. I would like to say that she took them well,  but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. As soon as I finished with Alex I had some business to attend to with Missy. I had decided on twelve paved out strokes with the belt and Missy proved to be a challenge. The belt stung and she had trouble staying still,  so it became a battle of patience and a long drawn out deliverance. During her spanking actually,  YoggSothoth took the rubber paddle to Alex and had finished by the time that I had even reached ten with the belt with Missy. Much to Missy’s detriment,  YoggSothoth left the rubber paddle on the chair and as Missy was proving to be combative I told her that the plan had changed,  she was now going to get the final two with the paddle. At this point Missy was sat on the bed feeling the effects of the belt and resisting the final two swats,  but I was determined. I even told her that if she didn’t get back in position then the final two swats would increase in number if she didn’t get back in position.

Reluctantly she got back up and the first stroke of the paddle had her bouncing up and down. We only had one stroke left but that paddle is a mean sucker and Missy couldn’t hold position,  so I had to step up and I grabbed her around the middle and held her in position. The final stroke was a real zinger and Missy ruefully sat on the bed looking sorry for herself. I informed Missy that since the last time that we played I had stepped my game up a bit and with a wistful smile she responded “Yeah,  what’s up with that,  I want a refund”

It was hot,  I really enjoyed every minute of a long drawn out 12 strokes and I very much looked forward to playing again.

Once done I retired to the main room and was joined by Beth Eisley. Beth asked if she could sit on my lap and of course I agreed. There was little scenes going on around us,  especially a very hot hairbrushing that YoggSothoth gave to Alex,  and before long I asked Beth if she wanted to play.

Now when Beth and I play it is always of the lighter fare variety. She had on this delightful little dress that was awesome to spank her over,  in fact it felt so good that I was happy to do this for a while as we chatted and talked with others. By the time I had started to spank her over her underwear,  YoggSothoth had grabbed ellee and was spanking her on the other couch.


Beth wanted a song and through some laughter Kor-E and I came up with “Mandy”  by Barry Manilow. Bad choice because while Kor-E and I gave it a shot,  we managed one line,  but hey,  at least I sang while I spanked Beth,  even if it was only one line. During the fun spanking I had also mentioned to Beth that she was on my New year’s list for another reason and maybe one day we will get to act that out. We had even spoken of playing more than once during this party but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.


So that was a great afternoon and everyone was getting ready for dinner. Before we went down though YoggSothoth had asked if he could give Parttimelondoner a couple of swats with the evil cracker barrel paddle. As I was sat next to ellee and she had a full spanking to come with said paddle I was more than happy to allow this,  after all,  I wanted ellee to see its effect. Two things happened,  YoggSothoth didn’t hold back with the two swats and Parttimelondoner didn’t hide her displeasure at the paddle. It couldn’t have worked out better as ellee’s mouth dropped. Okay,  so she didn’t know that I wasn’t going to spank her that way,  but I could let her think that. ellee had been promised a 5 minute spanking with the paddle over my knee and while I wasn’t going to spank her super hard with it,  it was going to be repetitive.

At this point people broke for dinner. A group of people went to the strip and YoggSothoth,  Beth,  Alex,  ellee and myself decided to stay in the hotel for dinner together. For a bit of fun I even had ellee and Alex stand in the corners of the elevator until the doors opened,  and once they did a red faced ellee sidled up to me like a scolded puppy. The events that followed were unplanned,  but they began when ellee provided me with the risks of smoking as I was going to my room before joining them. With a swat on the butt on the casino floor I told her that I appreciated her concern and I was happy that she thought enough of me to share those thoughts,  but as an adult I was able to make a consented decision so the discussion should now stop. What happened next do you think? 🙂

Part 3 will be coming soon – Quality Time With ellee and Alex.

The 2011 Christmas Show

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So here it is guys, the 2011 Christmas show. All of the guests appearing in the show are shown above and below, please click on their pics to visit their wonderful websites. Now due to a limited bandwidth, if you are planning on listening to the whole show then please download the first link below, the ‘Download Now’ link. All you do is click the link and enter your email address, you will then be sent a download link in your email. Click that link and be sure to ‘Right Click’ where it says ‘Download’ and the show will be saved to your hard drive. Attached as well is a media player to listen directly, but podomatic only gives me 15GB of bandwidth and that will go quickly. So here you are, the 2011 Christmas Show. By the way, today is also the 5th anniversary of this blog.


Click the pics below to visit my guests websites.

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5 Questions For 5 Tops – Question 5

The 2011 Christmas show is coming guys!! It is finished and ready to publish and will be seen Thursday night on this site!! Check back for my 3rd annual Spanking Christmas Radio Show.

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Question Number 5.

Finally, you have a workshop where only the naughtiest of Elves work. These elves require frequent spankings, at least once a week. Which 5 elves are the most deserving to be placed in your naughty Elf workshop, the ones who need to be spanked more than most?

The London Tanner:

Already under employment are Nightoww, Stellafl and NYirishred who all seem to need spanking regularly but elves considered for employment in 2012 would be:
Pixie of Punished Brats as she is just too cute not to spank
Jules of SSNY as she seems to be constantly in need of correction as well as an honest days work.
Amber Grey of Amber Paddled Pink as I just love that southern accent of hers as well as that southern ass.
Caroline Grey of Ireland as she is just so good at taking a well deserved punishment
Munchkin as she would make such a good slave Elf
But all applications will be considered send a bare bottom photo to London Tanner to apply.

Dana Specht:

The five naughty elves who deserve to be spanked by Mrs. Santa are:  Yoni, Sarah, Larry, Stefan, and Brad.  Yoni for being a brat, Sarah for not getting her office clean and tidy, Larry for forgetting to smile, Stefan for standing me up for a video shoot, and Brad for leaving last year’s BBW party early (I know it was for reasons beyond his control, but still…)

Mike Tanner:

Wow,  the five most in need of regular spankings,  mmmm,  that’s a hard one,  here’s my list which is subject to change at any moment:


Mike Stein:

Damn, only 5!!

Richard Windsor:

This is a really tough one, so I will have to go with the first five girls that come to mind as my special naughty girls.




Naughty Freckles


5 Questions For 5 Tops – Question 4

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Question Number 4.

What spanking resolution do you have for the new year?

The London Tanner:

“To Improve the behaviour of more naughty girls by applying a well deserved sore backside.”

Dana Specht:

“Personally, to get back to the gym and live a healthier life.”

Mike Tanner:

“My spanking resolution is to be more strict with my daughter Jules and all my nieces,  I tried being lenient in 2011 and they all misbehaved every chance they could,  I need to incorporate a tough love philosophy for 2012”

Mike Stein:

“Continue to make new friends in the scene, and help organize fun parties and gatherings.  Take better care of my poor hand.”

Richard Windsor:

“I resolve to get Missy and Jules in a room together at BBW where my brother, Mike Tanner and myself, can give those two girls a bad girl spanking as they face each other. First over the knee, and then kneeling on chairs facing each other as Mike and I circle them with our belts in hand”

5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 3

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Question Number 3.

When Santa visits you, what do you want to find under your tree this year?

The London Tanner:

“My four naughty girls Kay, Stella and Red and Aurora bottoms up panties down and holding canes and not of the candy variety.”

Dana Specht:

A diamond and emerald necklace or earrings to match my ring.”

Mike Tanner:

“I asked santa for a brand new tanner reformatory paddle – the old fashioned kind that they used in schools in the 1950’s”

Mike Stein:

“Any racecar related gifts, any toys that sing or dance, I love em!!! and of course socks and underwear….lol”

Richard Windsor:

“A Red Ryder BB Gun with a compass in the stock, and this thing which tells time. Or perhaps Samantha Woodley wearing a babydoll nightie and matching panties”

5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 2

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Question Number 2.

Who has made your naughty list and is likely to find themselves over your lap in 2012?

The London Tanner:

“It would be easier to name the young ladies who havent made my naughty list this year. So just for good measure I will spank them all. There is one young lady, Princess_Portia who would be on this list but by the time you all read it will have already been dealt with :-)”

Dana Specht:

“Definitely Yoni.  He has been such a naughty boy teasing and taunting me on FetLife with an almost “nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, you can’t catch me” attitude, that I feel I have no choice but to give him a bare bottom spanking when I see him next year.”

Mike Tanner:

“Unfortunately, my daughter, Jules is at the top of my naughty list.  She tries hard but has never ending ways of getting herself in trouble.  My niece Heather is back and uncle Mike has quite a lot of deferred spankings to deliver.  Missy is well overdue for a classic uncle Mike spanking and Sarah escaped a spanking at the last ssny party because she wasn’t feeling well (uncle mike is strict but compassionate)  My absolute best behaved niece, Maria, needs a reminder spanking right at the beginning of the year to remind her to continue to be a good example for the rest of the girls,  and Aurora never does anything to get in trouble so i’ll just spank her for the hell of it.  Pixie, don’t think i forgot about how you corrupted my innocent daughter with gobstoppers. The list actually goes on and on,  Ten is over due as is Trish, Sarah Rocks, Amber, Michele, Alona, Littlebrat, Red, Susan, Fran, Moonie, Leia Ann Woods, and Sass, you’ll all get yours in 2012″

Mike Stein:

“Let’s see……Kat.. bkb.. of course littlebrat and Fran.. did I mention Kat.. oh yes and Munchkin – she likes to stir the pot… cant forget Jules and Maria!!!…when I get to see her, Missy.. did I forget Kat..Parttimelondoner.. Clair.. Carrie.. Linda.. LR.. and one last naughty one, Playfullilbrat!!!!!  I’m sure there will be more!!!!!!!!”

Richard Windsor:

An actual naughty list, I can dig that, actual naughty girls. Sarah Fields, guess you did make the list after all. Munchkin, for her after hours tantrum. The Babysitter, for daring to say the Rangers’ suck. Amber Grey, for ignoring emails. Erica Scott, for being a grinch. Pixie, just cos. Cindy_NYC and Melodrama and Dotty, for making 6 of us stand in the freezing cold, forever. Kat, for playing hooky. Missy, for a tantrum email, she needs to be shown that we love her, and what better way than a spanking with the CB paddle. Pattimelondoner, for thinking that I am all talk.

5 Questions For 5 Tops - Question 1

(Click each pic for the respective websites)

Question Number 1.

You are Santa/Mrs. Claus, who’s chimney are you going down this year and what is in store for them when you get there?

The London Tanner:

“My wife Kay (nightoww) Can look forward to a good long lecture followed by an over the knee spanking, then it’s knickers down over a chair for a good hard caning followed by bare bottomed corner time in the hall where all the Christmas guests can see her.”

Dana Specht:

“I am going to need an early start as I have so many naughty boys and girls across the country to visit.  I’ll start on the west coast and work my across beginning with Diane, Anna, Dave, Timothy, and William in California (just to name a few) and ending with Sarah, Randy, Larry, Paully, and Johnny on the east coast and mid west.”

Mike Tanner:

“I will be going down Katbrat’s chimney and tanning her bare bottom good,  she claims to be one of my well behaved nieces but her behavior lately has been a bit unruly so I need to set her straight for the new year.”

Mike Stein:

“All the great scene friends I have met over the years.  What’s in store, many handshakes and lots of HUGS!!!”

Richard Windsor:

As for me, well, it is a no brainer, Amber Pixie Wells’ chimney, or perhaps the front door as I am sure she has some kindling ready in the fireplace for any mean Santa types. What is in store for her? A long overdue bare bottom spanking followed by 6 of the best with the cane.

Who is on YOUR List?

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 2

Munchkin makes her first spanking appearance in this set, and she isn’t in the corner…. not yet anyway 🙂 In this set you will also see my long term friends, Sarah Thorne and Kat The Brat, plus the following girls, Audrey Knight, Leia Anne Woods, Erica Corvina, Kay, Naughty Freckles, Sarah Gregory, Miss Chief and Cookie. There is even an appearance by a vanilla friend of mine whose bottom I remember swatting a couple of times back in 1987, can you spot who she is?

The Richard Windsor Spanking Files - Part 1

It is coming up on five years that I have had this website and this morning I went through the archives and culled all of the pics that I have posted where I am spanking a naughty girl, sometimes two 😉 Now over the years I know I have deleted many pics, some when I transferred over from blogspot, and others that I  no longer wanted associated with my site. In the archives there was 212 pics where I am spanking a girl, and guess what, with Shadowlane coming up this week I am going to re-post them all over the next 11 days just in case you missed any. The only order they will be in is alphabetical, and there may be the odd double pic that I had renamed, but other than that you can get to see all of the pics over the next 11 days. Now, if you were to go to my Fetlife profile, you would see a whole bunch more pics that I haven’t posted on this site. My goal is to take more pics at Shadowlane and I will post them on my return along with the ones on my Fetlife profile that I haven’t posted here yet. Okay, are you ready? Twenty pics a day for the next 11 days, so check back everyday and you may see something that you missed the first time around.

Personal Spanking Pics From The Last Few Weeks

As you will be able to see from the collection of spanking pics here, the Pup has been quite busy the last few weeks. Now it is a real shame that the Dutch cutie from this weekend won’t allow any pics to be taken because you guys would love them, but if it makes you feel any better I don’t have any in my personal collection either 🙂

So let us start at the FMS party. Now I do have other spanking pics, however I don’t have permission to post any yet. Even though they are on Fetlife I don’t feel right posting them until I have permission. The first pics here feature the wonderful girls, or should I say Young Ladies, from THE LONDON TANNERS, we had such a blast and if you look at the first pic, once you have finished looking at NYIrishred’s bottom, you will see a big pile of material. What was that you may ask? Well that was all the girls in the vicinity throwing their panties at the Ultra Popular Top 🙂 So here you have NyIrishred in the first pic, and then Nightowww in the next two. Please be sure to visit THE LONDON TANNERS website and you will see they are about to release their own video series.

Whoa Neddy, we ain’t done here, no sir, we still have a bunch more pics to come your way. Now last week I had the pleasure of hopping on a train to go and meet Sara Fields and her partner. Now I had met these guys at the BBW party, however we never got the chance to really speak at length. So I met up with these guys and her partner kindly treated me to lunch before heading to their awesome apartment, full of signed autographed pictures.

Now those of you who have had the pleasure of meeting Sara, already know that she is as cute as a kitten, she has one of those radiant personalities that just makes everyone around her a very happy person. It was a true delight to spend some time with this couple and I hope to do so more often in the future, they are really good people. Of course I wasn’t just there for a social chit chat, was I? 😉

Like most girls I play with, Sara found herself a new pair of panties for her time with me. I’m pretty blessed that the girls in my life go out of their way to make me happy during a session as well, it is a special feeling knowing that girls will find themselves a pair of panties that they know I would enjoy them wearing when I play with them. The Top’s enjoyment is just as important as the bottom’s so make sure you listen to his needs as well!!

So here are the pics from a lovely session with Sara, who I might add became the second girl to get a licking with the “Holy Belt”. It was pretty funny actually, at one point she start singing “Ow, ow,ow, Ow, OWWWW”, never had that happen before. Also, she said “Ouchies” for one particularly hard stroke, again, have never heard a girl say that before 🙂 Enjoy, and if you feel up to it then please leave a message for the girls. They were all gracious enough to allow their spanking pics to be shared with you, so a simple comment to them about their spankings would be nicely appreciated.


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