Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 149

This spanking pic kind of reminds me of situations that I have encountered at a spanking party. Having spent weeks building up a scene, you finally get your opportunity, but there is always someone who can’t read the room and allow you some private time 🙂

That is one of the reasons why you have to be flexible at spanking parties, you aren’t always going to get everything you want so you have to adapt to the environment. Of course my days of going to spanking parties are over, so maybe the environment has changed a bit over the last few years.

I’m so far out of the loop in the spanking world. I haven’t had a Fetlife account for a few years now, and as you all know I deleted my Twitter account to improve my quality of life, and I replaced it with a vanilla account where I only added a few spanking vendors. The reason for the vendors was to have the ability to continue to use this blog to promote people offering spanking services.

There was one post from one of the vendors recently that touched on a subject that was interesting to me, however, unless they post a follow up then I’m not likely to know the outcome. You see I’m a cold turkey kind of guy, when I said that I was done with the active spanking world I meant it. I was so turned off by what I experienced that I have literally no interest in hearing about what is going on anymore.

My hope is that the person who raised the subject does indeed post a follow up as I am interested to hear what their own opinions are regarding the issue at hand. If they don’t though, maybe I will ask one of my spanking friends who I am vanilla friends with on Facebook if they know what is going on.

Anyway, here is a two for one spanking pic. The obvious over the knee pic, and a secondary person apparently inviting themselves into your scene, lol. I can’t really think of a folder for this image. I could stick it in the PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder, but to be honest it isn’t really that good of a pic to add to that folder.

P.S. The reason that the image is labelled “Copy” is because the original image is massive, I had to reduce the size by 50% to make it usable on the blog.

8 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 149

  1. At first, I could not see the woman with her head on the right of the picture until I enlarged the picture. She blends into the fabric pattern.

    Is there really an invasion of privacy here, considering there is also someone taking the picture? It could be a playful stunt.

  2. Bogey,

    I was referencing what it reminded me of, not necessarily what we see in the image. One story that springs to mind was when I was playing with a woman for the first time and a well known model came in halfway through to play with someone on the opposite bed. Within seconds there were 4 guys standing in front of my active scene, all of them waiting to pounce on the model the moment her scene was finished. It effectively ruined my scene and I doubt if the model enjoyed hers that much either.

    A funny story though, one of my frequent play partners asked me why I had never played with said model and I replied that she is always being pressed so I would rather talk to her and give her a break. My friend then said “You should ask her to play, she really wants to play with you”. I never ended up playing with her, but the words of my friend made me really happy.


  3. Mick,

    That is why I didn’t add it to any folder, the image isn’t really the best, is it? It is clearer on the supersized picture but that picture is too big for my blog.


  4. It did take me a couple of times myself to see what you were talking about.I only saw the first spanking model myself and the other just seemed to blend into the shot,but I do have to admit I liked the picture and was immediately drawn to what I consider the first spanking what with expressions,positioning and seeming to enjoy being in that position, I have never been to a spanking party so I do have go admit being a little bit out of my element when you talk about what goes on at one,but I do have to agree that the model may have wanted to play with you.enjoy your day.

  5. Spanking parties always were problematic, although I enjoyed attending the early ones, which for me means 1997-99. Having other people intruding on your scene was a natural consequence of the partygoers tending to congregate in the “public” areas, which were rooms controlled by the party organizers or else large spaces such as a banquet hall. (Using the hallways as meeting areas was another big problem).

    My usual method was to seek out play partners in the public areas and then take them back to my room; certainly my best experiences were from those encounters. But I found that increasingly difficult as time went on. At the 2001 Shadow Lane party, very little took place in the public areas and most of the action was in small private parties, to which you wouldn’t be invited if you weren’t already known to the participants. Despite some spanking taking place in the banquet room, there really wasn’t much opportunity to mix with new people, and by the time I saw one woman looking at me I was already so soured by the experience I simply gave up without speaking to her.

    I don’t think there are any easy answers as to how to organize a spanking party to avoid these problems, but perhaps there are some clues to be found in the gradual deterioration of the party scene over time. Things were better in those early days, and there has to be a reason even if we can’t nail it down right now.

    I can’t imagine attending another party, but from what has been reported to me today the situation is even worse, and spanking parties are little more than conventions of pro-dommes seeking male clients. This suggests that the biggest problem is getting submissive women to attend a spanking party, which is consistent with the known psychology of women (generally timid and cautious). In the early days of Crimson Moon in Chicago, Vince used to spend a lot of time on the phone persuading submissive females to attend a party, but the poor man passed away many years ago and CM itself has now been gone for several years.

  6. Jim,

    I will be responding to web-ed later today in regards to spanking parties. My comment here was rather tongue in cheek, having been in the unfortunate situation once where I was playing with someone and a third party just couldn’t read the room and leave us the fuck alone, lol. At parties that can happen, even if it is just someone talking or interfering with your scene in any way. There was one instance in Texas once where a guy told me that I needed to start hitting a girl harder, which sent my anger into space, lol. I stopped the spanking right away and flew after the guy in a fit of rage, but no matter what I said he just laughed in my face 🙂


  7. web-ed,

    For a person like myself who doesn’t really like being among large groups of people (or people in general, lol) I do have to say that for the most part my spanking party experiences have been very positive. Of course there will be minor issues at any party that you have to adjust to, but from an overall perspective I did enjoy my time there. I’ve never really encountered a private party that I was refused entry to. For the most part I think that is because one of the attendees rents the biggest suite and everyone is invited.

    There are definitely reasons why I soured on the whole affair. It was something in particular that I noticed several years ago that seemed to grow and grow, until it controlled the overall party experience for attendees. Now I can’t speak negatively about it for one reason, the problem is mine, nobody else’s. A certain behavior developed that is unacceptable to me, therefore I have to make the decisions for myself. It is a direction that will continue to grow so I had to make a choice, and at 60 years old it was an easy decision, I’ve already had my fun and I don’t regret it one bit. My experiences were so positive because everything was inclusive for everyone, and I felt things start to slip away from that.

    In regards to the “Pro-Dommes” comment, when I used to be on Fetlife it was one of the most prominent discussions. To be honest with you I have never had an issue with it. For some people they have a very special situation where they want that time with someone they have watched for many years, or a certain scene that they want to enact with someone attending who can provide that for them. I don’t mean to be rude here but my take has always been “It ain’t none of my damn business what other people do”. If someone wants to pay a couple of hundred bucks because they have always wanted to dress up as a bunny and get spanked by a farmer, then more power to them if someone can provide that for you.

    Many of the models that attend do so to film and connect with other producers, again, knock yourselves out. Their time as a party attendee is going to be limited in terms of play because they have to work, so if someone wants to play with them that badly then why not pay for the opportunity. There has never been a shortage of women willing to play at spanking parties in my experience, but if your focus is only on playing with “models” then you should pay for it, lol. You are missing out on a whole heap of spanking time with wonderful people who are happy to play for free if that is the route that you want to take.

    One of the best memories that I have concerns a model who rarely attended parties. Whenever I would see her there would literally be a line of guys trying to play with her, I just couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable that must have been, I would always feel bad for her. One day one of her friends asked me why I had never approached her, one assumes because the ‘model’ probably wanted to know what she had done wrong, but I told the friend that I felt bad for her because she couldn’t even have a conversation without five guys trying to get her to play. In that instance I would rather talk to the person and give them a break than ask them to play. Well it was a winning formula because the friend said to me “Please ask her to play, she really wants to play with you”. I’m not going to lie, it made me feel like a king.

    My reasons for not attending spanking parties anymore are personal, there is a certain thing that crosses the line for me. However I am alone with those thoughts, it is just my own personal moral code of ethics. Like I said, my experiences at spanking parties has been very positive overall and I have met and played with some truly magnificent people. I’ve engaged in scenes that I could never have dreamed were possible and I got a hundred times more out of it than I ever expected. But perhaps that is part of the problem that I have, spanking parties always used to be enjoyable affairs, and I am no longer able to see the enjoyment anymore.

    This is where my age is a benefit. For example, despite having a very active Twitter profile and many connections on there, I cut the cord in a nanosecond. When it had been decided that my time on Twitter was going to be a horrendous affair, I deleted my profile. If someone is determined to take away your enjoyment from an activity then why even bother carrying on doing it? There’s literally no point in taking part in something if it isn’t enjoyable anymore, is there? It was the easiest decision that I ever made. Of course I miss the connections that I made, but my mental health is far more important than that.

    All added up it is actually really helpful to me. The decisions that I have made have allowed me to explore more of the world before I leave this place. This year I am planning trips to South Korea and Spain, something that I wouldn’t be able to afford if I kept dropping a grand every time I wanted to go to a spanking party 😉


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