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Amber Grey – Schoolgirl Blues Revisited


Here is the complete 25 minute movie. Naughty Amber Grey has returned to see Richard Windsor. In this film Amber is given a long otk spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties by hand and hairbrush. She then receives an otk spanking on her panties and bare bottom before finally getting a dose of the leather belt on her bare bottom. Lots of scolding from an Englishman to a sweet Texas cutie. This is a traditional form of spanking,  an old fashioned over the knee spanking given by hand and hairbrush and then finally the belt. The type of spankings that naughty girls across the country get. If you like your spankings the old fashioned way then you will love this, Amber is a little squirmer with the cutest bubble butt.



2011. A Year To Remember

My intention tonight had been to write about 2011, but based on the fact that I have three other websites to update I will have to put that off until tomorrow. What I will tell you though is that it has now been a week since I started tagging posts and I was hugely surprised at the stats so far. This blog has roughly 80 tags and do you want to know what the first week has revealed? People are hitting the tags without a doubt, they are using them to search for their favorite items. Here’s the funny thing though, the tag “Nylon panties” has been viewed FOUR times more than the next nearest tag. Seriously, out of all 80 tags, the tag “Nylon panties” has 25% of ALL tag page views, it’s crazy!! Another surprise being that this is primarily a M/F blog, more people have searched for F/F than they have M/F.

My first chore tonight is to fix up the “My Online Shoots” and “My videos” pages as they both get huge hits, but as we have so many people looking for nylon panties, here is a five minute video that I did featuring Michele and Amber Grey both getting spanked while they wear white nylon panties 🙂

In What May Be My Last Spanking Video.

Honestly, I haven’t decided for sure just yet, but I am leaning heavily towards making my last personal film at ShadowLane. Now let me clarify what I mean by that, I will still be working for other companies when they request my services, and I will continue to upload free videos to Spanking Tube. In fact other than the film I am planning at Shadowlane, I also plan on recording several different free snippets for spanking tube with friends I have made over the years.

Perhaps I can convince a few ladies to take 50 spanks from me and make it a compilation for free on spanking tube. Of course if I did that I would be able to link everyone on my site for those who participate.

Now there are reasons for stopping the making of films for sale. Quite frankly, the first one is simple, I pay the models pretty well by industry standards for the amount of time that I require them for. Bottom line is, I have only just about made the money back for everything I have done, and for the most part the majority of that money has come from the Amber Grey – Schoolgirl Blues DVD. Now I’m not particularly doing this for a financial reward, but the amount of effort that I have to do to promote and sell the DVD’s, to be honest I would rather spend that time dishing out free videos. At the Party next year I will be selling what I have so I am in no doubt that I will see a profit in the end, but I will have more fun doing this for free.

As you will tell from the pictures that I am offering today, I am giving you an idea of the video that I plan to make at Shadowlane, and I will be reaching for my inner pervert : ) I have already made enquiries and I believe that I have the right girl who wishes to do this with me. Remember, this is my own idea and while it may not appear that appealing to a spanking enthusiast, it is the film that I have always wanted to do. I’m not going to lie either, the inspiration for this video has come from my favorite spanking film, and while the story will be different, the concept of the interaction between the players will be inspired by Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy.

My goal is the following. I have a girl in a schoolgirl uniform babysitting for me (told you, I am going to be a pervert) and when I come back to the suite I find her lying face down on the bed reading with her skirt up. After a brief discussion I pay her and she informs me that it is extra money for her upcoming birthday. You know what that leads to and will nothing more than fun, though I may give her double the birthday spanks played through laughs.

Second part to the scene will be the next visit when the girl arrives, she flirts with me and lets me know that it was the only birthday spanking that she got, even going as far as lifting her skirt up to show me her unspanked bottom. The dialogue should be great and will result in her getting a good spanking, still done in fun but this time it will be a proper spanking.

The final scene I haven’t totally decided upon yet, but I am thinking that she arrives and complains about her school grades and that she can’t focus. This is where I steal the Shadowlane idea and have a conversation with her, letting her know that I think she is acting this way because she wants me to spank her. Of course she denies everything, but really doesn’t resist so much when I spank her. This one will not be done for laughs and will end up with a strapping scene at the conclusion. Before the film wraps up there will be a 4th scene which will be a short one and will probably be a PJ scene, and this one will be the girl confessing to me when I get home that she appreciated me taking her to task and of course I will find a way to spank her yet again.

Now I know from the standpoint of an actual spanking film it doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but this is the one thing that I have wanted to do, an actual movie where there is a decent storyline from start to finish. If I make back the money that I am paying the model then I will be more than happy. Not only the model fee but I will also have to buy her panties as I am very particular on that : )

The final piece of news that I have is that I am probably going to be running a free raffle again this Christmas just like I did a couple of years ago. The idea came to me when I won a spanking fantasy football league last year and I got stiffed on the grand prize. It isn’t that I actually wanted the prize, it was actually something that I was going to give away in the raffle anyway. Of course not getting the prize just induced me even further to arrange another free raffle where I will give prizes away and like the last time, I will even pay for the shipping.

My goal will be to collect around 20 prizes or so (if I can keep it to around $100 shipping I will be a happy camper). I haven’t even been through my collection but I know that I have spanking implements that I have never used, some of which are from Cane-Iac. Of course I should have four of my own DVD’s to add into the raffle, but my biggest hope is that other people will contribute something in some way that I can add to the raffle. I’m probably not going to ask anyone to contribute anything, but if people volunteer then I of course will gladly accept any prizes to giveaway.


That’s A Weight Off My…..

Yesterday I was talking to Pixie and one of the topics that came up as we talked was my own belief that I spank harder now than I ever did before. Of course through the initial laughter she agreed with me that I do indeed play harder now.

Part of me wondered why this was, had I developed a mean streak?

The ever smart Kitty had a theory though, it is all down to the weight loss. After giving it some thought she is right, I now have much more energy, my body size is now of a smaller frame and while this may sound daft, when I have a girl over my lap now my body posture is such that I can apply the hand properly. No more finding the correct position, no more aching back as I stretch and sit awkwardly in order to deliver a spanking.

Can you see the difference in these two pics?


Now I guess my thoughts today were brought on by the fact that I am actually obsessed with the numbers. My goal is to get down to 190lbs by Shadowlane which is another 7lbs away. Now I pretty much have my diet down pat, but I do still see a dietician. What is interesting though is that I no longer see her really for ideas, suggestions or routines, though I will still pick up the odd point here and there. What I see her for now is motivation, it works for me that I have something tangible to work with.

It doesn’t work for me to just constantly say that I am always losing weight and doing well, I have to have a tangible number to work with. I think it is why I continue to mention that tangible number, because it provides me with the motivation to keep going. At this present time I am down 75lbs so I have reached a target, the next step is 80lbs. Small increments help me, my goal isn’t to get to a weight loss of 100lbs, not now at least, my next goal is 80lbs. Don’t get me wrong, I will get to the 100lb weight loss, but it isn’t my focus at the moment.

One thing that I didn’t think I would be able to change was my eating habits, but you know what, that was the easy part, it really was. Rarely do I ever cheat and if I do it is like once a month. In fact I am never in denial, it was last night that I cheated, and I added a slice of pizza to my usual salad.

You know what is funny? In part I can at least see a small resemblance to D/D, though the barometers are completely different. Motivation is certainly something I need and I get that in spades. Every party that I attend I am treated, and I really do mean treated, to the wonderful side of human nature. The times where people are able to see my tangible weight loss, and they congratulate me on my commitment. You have absolutely no idea how that makes me feel about myself, seriously. At the Crimson Moon party this past weekend virtually every single person I came in contact with made some type of comment, you could wish for no better motivation. I felt like a million dollars.

So can you understand why I talk about motivation? Imagine how I would feel if I told everyone I was losing weight but I had nothing tangible to show for it. People would laugh behind my back and remark how I was kidding myself, and I would rather they did that over my big ego and my UPT status.

Sometimes I run into the fear that I talk too much about losing weight and people will start to turn and react negatively towards it. It is a silly thought I know, but I do fear that I may encounter this especially when so many people struggle with losing weight. So perhaps I can share what my methods are.

To start with, I set a monthly goal for myself to lose 4lbs per month. I’m not always successful, though for the most part I have been. It was the important words that I heard when I started this journey “You didn’t put it on overnight, you’re not going to take it off overnight”

So being realistic, while I said that I would like to be down to 190lbs by Shadowlane, if I stick to my plan I will be happy with 194lbs, even 195. It isn’t a sprint it is a marathon. The important part to me is that I don’t go above my baseline in any given month. If I started the month at 210lbs and finished the month at 210lbs, I didn’t lose the battle. Now I would have had disappointment in myself that I didn’t lose weight, but it gives me the strength to work harder, get right back on the bike so to speak. In the 20 months that I have been dieting so far on only one occasion did I gain a couple of pounds during any given month. So think about it, I have dropped 75lbs in 20 months, if you take that one month into account where I gained a couple of pounds, I am pretty much on schedule with losing 4lbs a month for the entire time.

If I could give anyone advice it would be what I wrote about above, set your goals realistically and keep them small. If you are 160lbs and want to get to 140lbs, try it over a five month period. Remember, you aren’t just trying to lose weight, you are trying to change your lifestyle that ensures that you lose the weight and keep it off. So if you are 160lbs think of it this way, by the end of August your goal should be 156 or 157lbs. Losing 20lbs in a month isn’t going to make the changes in your lifestyle that you need to keep the weight off, that can only happen in small, gradual increments.

Anyone can say they are losing weight, but does that help the person emotionally? If you change what you do and include the most important aspect, regular exercise, what you can say is that you have adjusted your lifestyle and slowly but surely you are making improvements to your health. The side effect to that approach is that you will lose weight.

Give it a shot, between now and the end of August set your goal at a weight loss of 3lbs. If you see no loss in the first week then that means you will have to work harder for the last two and a half weeks. The goals should be small because believe me, when you reach them it is the best feeling in the world. Add them all up and you reach goals you never thought were possible. Think about it, since I started this journey I have lost over 25% of my body size. Pick up a 75lb weight and that will tell you how much less my body has to carry each day.

Finally, to anyone who has ever said anything nice to me about my weight loss, thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. Every comment increases my positive outlook and makes me feel so wonderful about myself as a person. It is a really tremendous feeling and it gives me so much motivation that nobody could really comprehend, every single comment has contributed to my healthier lifestyle choices. I couldn’t lie to myself, I would be letting everyone down if I did that. When people tell me I look great I know they mean it, and it makes me feel really good inside, like I have accomplished something.

My ego loves all of the UPT talk, my head swells whenever I see someone using my image as their profile pic. Even the hateful stuff makes my ego that much stronger, there is no stopping it really, lol. That is a big part of Richard Windsor’s character and who he is. Richard L on the other hand is a very humble man who gets deeply touched by people taking the time to acknowledge his achievements. The way I see it is that if people feel it is important enough to say something nice to me, then that means I must be important to them if they wish me well.

On that note I think I will spend this evening writing nice things on people’s walls to make them feel good about themselves!!


The Amber Grey Trailer

Before I post part two to Missy’s story, here is my latest video that is on clips4sale and spanking library. Awesome if you like to see a squirmy little schoolgirl getting spanked 🙂 The 25 minute video is $19.99 and you will find Amber Grey to be the cutest naughty schoolgirl wearing white nylon panties. In a couple of months I will be selling DVD’s as well.

Everyone Loves The London Tanner

You will be hard pressed to find a spanking company out there that doesn’t use the craftsmanship of the London Tanner.

A couple of posts ago I asked for the readers of this website, and over on Fetlife for their views on the implements of The London Tanners. Getting participation is sometimes harder than pulling a tooth with a pair of tweezers, but in this instance I was able to get 11 people to leave a testimonial of sorts. If you want to leave one yourself, just add it to the comments and I will move it to the main post.

Before I start with the testimonials, at the SSC party that I attend, I bought from Ian his CP Ruler Strap. His trusty sidekick, Nightowl, offered her bottom for me to test it on and I gave her 3 licks with it. Each one made her knees bend and I was a little surprised, so when I finished I whapped it on my hand to see what it felt like and holy smokes, that thing stung like a bitch, lol. I took the strap with me to Shadowlane and I met a vanilla there, the texture of the strap to her must have felt like a new born baby because she held onto the strap and cuddled it for an hour or more. It had a strong impact on her, how do I know? Well, within a couple of hours this young lady received her very first spanking as an adult, and it was all thanks to Ian’s strap.

This was one of the most memorable spankings I have ever given and I can’t thank Ian enough for that experience. In fact the girl loved the strap so much that I ended up letting her keep it, it was an experience that was worth a gift.

So what does everyone else have to say about The London Tanners? Here are the readers views.

Munchkin Said:

I have 2 LT implements. The Irish School Strap and I believe the other is called a Ruler Paddle. I absolutely love the bigger strap, it’s just the right weight and feel for a fun spanking, but can be used a bit harder for something more serious. I do like the Ruler Paddle as well, but as I’m not a big fan of sting I prefer the larger one, out of the two. I have tried iggy’s small leather paddle of Ian’s as well and liked that a lot.

(Pic courtesy of Amber Grey, who forgot to leave a comment on the London Tanner, bad little girl)

ColoDom Said:

My sub (spank4fun) and I have quite a bit of the LT inventory. He definitely makes the highest quality implements. For heavy duty sessions (lol, mainly with others, as spank4fun is a medium player) I love the prison strap. Its OTK cousin, pictured being used on Samantha in RW’s post, is great fun for OTK play and very useful for light players. His doubled strap (sorry, don’t know Ian’s correct names) is great. spank4fun and I have a couple of friends (a M/F couple who both Top) who use two of them on her for maximum effect. Puts her in a proper submissive space everytime.

Zelle Said:

I own 3 London Tanner Implements (currently.. will have more by the time the party rolls around though!)

Here’s MY personal testimonial:

I’ve been an equestrian all my life. I know my leather. In my opinion, the London Tanner name should be a household word for all spankos. I can’t imagine anyone who’s not at least heard of them, or at one time or another seen at least one implement that came from TLT. They have a history that shows longevity in this genre that certainly backs up their quality and their dedication to their customers. I’d be willing to bet, that once a customer has one implement… they’ll be buying another … and then another.. and another, etc.. – JUST like I have. Not only does The London Tanner provide a quality product that has longevity .. but due to those products.. HE BRINGS LIKE MINDS TOGETHER for hours and hours of spanking fun! What could be more of a tribute than to say a wonderful leather implement brought people together as friends or play partners, so that they could expand their horizons?

I own … the spanking strop, and The Domestic Discipline and Boudoir Paddles respectfully. I hope to acquire a few more!

(Pics courtesy of Zelle)

Miss Chief Said:

I love all of my LT toys, and feel no qualms about the monetary investment. They have to be some of the sexiest, and well constructed leather toys out there.

Cassandra Park Said:

London Tanners are the best leather implements out there. Still looking for a worthy victim for my Christmas Star Paddle, though.

KimmyN Said:

LT implements are some of the best straps and paddles made. I love them, even when they’re being used on me!!!

Spankologist Said:

Ian is a great and talented man…..a mentor to many / a friend to many….Hope I get to visit with him again in the near future if he is State-Side.

Blackvelvet007 Said:

Of all the leather implements in my toybag, the ones from London Tanners are the ones used most. They’re the most durable, they’re the most practical, they’re the most fun. If you ever have an opportunity to buy an LT strap, take advantage of it.

LovelyLaura Said:

That Domestic Discipline strap is SERIOUS!!

Morgan Said:

Richard, I have had the rare opportunity of touring the London Tanners International Headquarters when it was located in Florida and I am planning a trip to England in early summer where I hope to tour the new TLT International Workshop and perhaps get to visit the Tannery and witness the Oak Bark Tanning process. I have acquired the current entire Austere British Range (yet to have been used on human flesh) and will be bringing these 18 Vestal Virgins for their long awaited deflowering.

MzAttitude2Day Said:

Richard, I’ve been a serious collector of Ian’s leather goods for years, and that’s because he’s all about quality workmanship, great leather, and hand-stitching, something you rarely see offered. He offers impliments that no one else does and every year I look forward to his special Christmas toy, it’s always amazing. There’s a balance to his items that I haven’t found with any other leather craftsmen. And if you were to ask me which one was my favorite, my answer would depend on what I wanted to do at the time, but the majority of the items I use all of the time are from him. And frankly, after collecting him for years, I’m real snobby, lesser quality leather doesn’t interest me now.

Rad Said:

I absolutely love anything I’ve bought from London Tanner. These are not simply among my favorite toys but are without a doubt my favorites and ones I guard jealously. A strap I bought from him years ago is not only the implement I most love to use but has only gotten better as time has gone on. Not a loose stitch anywhere.

If he made canes, I’d buy those too. Hell, if Ian made potato chips I’d buy ’em.

And Finally:

Now it is your turn to buy yourself some of the finest quality leather goods on the market. I personally have some of Ian’s toys including a one of a kind Strap that I won at the FMS trivia contest. You will NOT find a better leather strap anywhere, I fully endorse Ian’s toys and you won’t regret it for one minute when you make a purchase, well, the bottoms may regret it a bit 😉 Click the banner below or at the top of the page and invest in the best straps money can buy. The London Tanners will be at the weekend and at the FMS party, so check them out and buy yourself something that will be a prize in your collection!!








Some Rare Blog Love

It has been a good long while since I did a blog love post, and as I am at home sick right now I figured today would be a good day for that. Man I could kill for a Fisherman’s Friend lozenge right about now 🙂

Anyway, as sick as I may be, I am also horny so I will be totally perverted today and focus on my side love of spanking, and that is pretty panties. Yes, today’s blog love will focus solely on my love of the pretty female undergarment.

1) We will start with today’s first link, my dear friend, Amber and Amber’s Undie’s Drawer . Amber is looking for feedback on your preferences, so feel free to leave her a comment. Here is a pic of me spanking Amber in her white nylon panties, back when I weighed a metric ton 🙂

2) Does Pixie like panties? That’s like asking if people treat her blog as their personal forum 🙂 Here is the little horror discussing Bottom Protection by wearing extra panties. Her choice for this spanking, grey nylon panties.

3) One of the pervertable sites that I visit, because this girl wears the prettiest panties. I do kind of wish the pics were a bit clearer, but I guess it allows the imagination to wander a little bit more. Here is Veronica Squirming Beneath His Palm in her little red panties. Of course I have no picture of me spanking Veronica, more’s the pity, but I do hope that she doesn’t mind me borrowing one from her site.

4) This one is totally off topic, but I wanted to include The London Tanners in the post, but Ian has very few pics up. However, in this post Ian is getting a lapdance from a girl wearing panties so that will do for here. So take a walk through Then And Now – Ian, The London Tanner and learn a bit more about your favorite toy maker.

5) Here is a cute little Cosplay pic of the delightful Caroline Grey in Trick Or Treat. I don’t really have a pic of Caroline and I, but I do have this great video that we did where she dressed as a 50’s girl and wore pink nylon panties for my enjoyment 🙂

(This video has been watched nearly a half a million times so far and it is the 12th most watched video on spanking tube)

6) And lastly, some self whoring here, my panty spanking blog is coming up on its 50th post, so that means there are already hundred’s of pictures already added. This entry here features a mainstream adult star getting a good panty warming, an example of which is below.

I Smell A Rat

Some girls never learn, do they? A certain young lady has been playing the role of a naughty girl for a long time now, and no matter how many times she gets spanked for it, she somehow finds a way to keep trying to scare people with a “Fake Rat’. You will find the story throughout this site, a story about Amber Grey, who is that mischievous girl. In fact she even got spanked for playing with the rat on film and you can see that below.

Amber Grey – The Fake Rat

Did she learn her lesson from that spanking though? Well at the recent Georgia trip we found out, and I’m afraid to say that the lesson will need to be repeated a few more times I feel.

The first indication of a rat appearing happened on day 2 of the party. Mr. Windsor was getting himself ready and what did he happen to see lurking from beneath his bedding?

It was duly noted and a warning was given. A SPANKING was going to happen.

On day 3 the party went out on a day trip, rat free you may say. Well, that is what we thought anyway. It was rat free until our little minx found one over by the pirate ship.

Sometimes a swift and immediate response is required, and so our dear little Amber found herself swabbing the decks by bending over in public.

There was a maiden in distress and she quickly summoned the Captain of the ship, who, along with his trusty sword rescued the little minx from the brute of a man. Amber Grey held the sword to keep her tormentor at arms length, but he warned her that it was not over yet.

Alone at last and now it is time to pay the piper, after all, wasn’t it the Pied Piper who drove all of the rats out of town? If you pay careful attention, you will see that Miss Grey had to hold on to the naughty rat for the duration of her spanking. This was only the beginning, there will be more to come at a later time. It should come as no surprise that the rat continued to make its presence felt long after this spanking happened, and I have no doubt that more spankings will be needed in the future.