Double The Fun

Why have one birthday spanking when you can get two for the price of one? Yes, this is a genuine birthday spanking, not a made up one 🙂

As I mentioned on Tuesday, next Saturday is my 57th birthday, and I have removed all notifications from my social media that it is my birthday. The only place you will know that it is, is because I am posting it on my site. I have a collection of birthday spanking pics that I have yet to post, and other than one awesome one, I’m just not sure when I will get to post them. So why not take the decision out of my hands and post one a day, barring my usual Friday, Sunday and Wednesday posts. Actually, I have an F/M student paddles teacher birthday pic that I could post tomorrow.

Next Wednesday I’m not certain if I will post the really good spanking pic, or actually, maybe I will post that one on my actual birthday instead. I have what I think is a new mainstream spanking pic, it isn’t one that shows up on any Google search as a spanking pic, so I think that it might be a new movie discovery. Even searching the name of the actress doesn’t bring up the pic, so I want to post that one next Wednesday if I can.

Finally I will have a new MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS pic for this Sunday. Out of the six recent discoveries, it isn’t even the best in terms of quality (though it is still excellent) out of them all, but I simply love it. Just wait until Sunday, if it doesn’t give you a good spanking vibe then I will be shocked 😉

Now then, here is my latest entry to be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.