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Richard Windsor On

It has been a long time since I had an update to give you from a personal appearance, but a new one has been added to the site today so I have something to give to you. Now I must state that all of these pics were taken pre diet, and since that time I have lost 74 pounds 🙂 I just want to add as well, underneath each post I now have a ‘Rate This’ feature. I would really appreciate it if people would leave me a few ratings on the various posts as that will give me an idea of what people like and what they don’t like.


I Have DVD’s For Sale :-)

The effort that I put in yesterday paid off, I was able to create 15 DVD’s to sell at the Florida Moonshine Party. Now it is only 15, I still have 30 more to make, but based on yesterday I know that I will be able to get this done in time to rent my first vendors table at the party. The DVD that I created yesterday was “The Amber Grey Stories”, it is the collection of the 3 videos that I did and comes out to 43 minutes worth of spanking action. The scenes are:

Amber Grey – Schoolgirl Blues

The Fake Rat

The Naughty Schoolgirl

I still have two more DVD’s to make today, all scenes that I did with Sarah Gregory, including one with Dana Specht that I haven’t marketed yet. The DVD has been on sale from Sarah and Dana for a year now, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. So at the Florida Moonshine party I will have 3 different DVD’s for sale. Now in comparison to my dear friends I will fall well short, but, I do hope that my table is right next to theirs so that we can all have a blast during the vendors fair. I will be selling the DVD’s at FMS for $20, 2 for $35 or all 3 for $50.

After the Florida Moonshine party I will be selling the DVD’s direct from this website, they will be $20 a piece with $4.95 for shipping, details will follow on that though but at least you know what I am planning. Now I still have to get a DVD label maker to give the DVD’s a professional look and I hope to get that before the FMS party otherwise the DVD’s will be hand written and that just won’t look very good 🙂

A Hair Raising Experience

Am I finished? Not quite!! Someone added me as a friend on Facebook yesterday and they had a pic on their profile that set my mind in motion. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I have said above? Is there anyone who studies spanking pics like I do, are their aspects of pics that make or break it for you? (We have heard from the M/F fans and the F/F fans 60,000 times already so we will take that as a given). Are there things that you look for in a spanking pic, even if it is the tiniest little detail?

Here is the final pic for you, and I have watched this video many times. Aside from the obvious hair flying pose ( and the adorable red socks), this spanking features a landlady spanking her lodger, and take my word for it, the moment the girl goes over the knee her landlady totally skips giving the girl a warm up 🙂 This was a really hot spanking!!

Spanking Pics, Party News and a New Blog.

Do you guys want to see what you missed out on during the live webcam on Saturday? Well, for the 11 of you tuned in during the actual spanking, this is what you got to see. And yes, this was real as well!! All day at the party Pixie did nothing but sass me. It has been a long time since I had that young lady over my knee so I am thinking that she wanted to make sure that she got her spanking from me on Saturday. In fact if that wasn’t a big enough clue, perhaps the fact that she was wearing white nylon panties might have tipped me off 😉

I took part in a lot of fun footage that was shot this past weekend for a site that is soon to be announced. At the Shadowlane party they will be vending their DVD’s, and within the next few days I will be posting their first trailer. The website itself will probably be launched later this year and I am assisting them with the website building process right now. Due to the fact that I have a bunch of my own sites and that I am writing a book, it will be a slow process, lol.

On the subject of Shadowlane though, I am getting super excited about going!! As I mentioned previously, I have 5 interviews set up, all of which I hope to have a live webcam running on. Three of the girls will be getting a spanking at the end of the interview, two of them for a special cause and the other just as a playful extra to the interview. Another lady will be doing her own spanking at the end of her interview.

Aside from that though, there are a lot of people who I am looking forward to meeting for the first time along with seeing some old time friends. Many of these people cannot be named due to privacy issues. At the party I will be hanging primarily with my New York friends, but equally I want to spend a lot of time with my good friend, Sarah Rocks. As there are a lot of people coming over from the UK I would also like to meet as many of them as I can. Some of these people are friends already, whether that be from previous experience or through an online connection, but some of them I have never spoken to before. With my charm perhaps I can get one of them to join me in a live webcam spanking.

In regards to the webcam, I have no idea exactly when it will be on. At the very least I am going to try and notify the readers constantly of what I have coming up, but there may also be spur of the moment times when the camera gets switched on. Just be good to yourselves and stay tuned 🙂

Being that they are all really good friends of mine and I like to promote their work, I created a separate website where I can constantly show you ALL of their updates as well as details on their other material that can be found on the net. Just click the link below to pay a visit to the new site, and if you want to be linked in to it then just drop me an email either at .

Exclusive Pics

This is something that they have received numerous requests for and I am happy to announce that up on the store they have released one of the “Lost” scenes that I shot.

The first scene is where I play the part of Pixie’s conscience, appearing to her whenever she has done something naughty. The idea of this scene was the most unique that I have taken part in, and you even see me appear right before your eyes like I am a ghost 🙂 Click the pic below to be taken to the store.

Here are a few exclusive, never before seen pics, shared courtesy of Pixie. Loved the cute little panties that she wore that day 😉

The second scene here is also one of my favorites. The scene called for Lily Anna to quit her job and as her unfortunate boss she really let me have a verbal hammering. One of the reasons that I love this scene so much is that she had carte blanche to say whatever she wanted to me, and Lily Anna certainly dissappoint. In fact she gave me so much lip that when I paddled her in a later scene that day, I really meant the spanking that I gave her!! Once again, the first pic takes you directly to the scene, and the pics below were specially provided for this post by my dear friend, Pixie.

I’ll Be Back On Saturday

Just two more days left and I will be back with you full time. My Brother and my two friends from England leave on Friday afternoon, so the next two days will still be like a madhouse. Fear not though, come the weekend I will be back posting chunks of good stuff for you all. As a reward for your patience I will try and come up with some rare and unique pics for you all. You will see them here first and then I have no doubt they will be posted on an English blog soon thereafter 🙂


A mixed bag of shiznit

While I am in the process of typing a new long post today, and of course watching football (soccer) and Ice Hockey and maybe taking a nap 🙂 Here are six pics that I would have a hard time finding a post for ordinarily. Not to worry though, this mish mash and a few galleries is just something to tide you over until I finish writing later tonight, something that I need to get done before Andy Murray plays in the Australian open final.

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Did you know?

That Richard Windsor was really Santa Claus!!!

The Christmas show is COMPLETE!!! The bloody thing is 1 hour and 20 minutes long so I will post it in 2 parts. Check back tomorrow for the very first radio show, both parts will be posted. I have to listen to it first to make sure I didn’t miss anything, I had to pieces together about 80 sections and I know darn well I must have skipped something, lol. Added bonus, here is a sneak peek of what is to come. This part won’t be used though, because it was pointed out to me that it is 2009, not 2010 as I stated in the audio, lol.

So did I tell you I was really Santa Claus? Well, these young ladies certainly made my naughty list!!!

A little picture archive

After a bit of a busy weekend I see that I am due an update of sorts. Well, I don’t actually have anything prepared. I did start a post about my cultural likes, but I kind of got bored with it (Probably won’t make for a great post if I got bored writing it, lol). So what I decided to do was to hit my personal picture archives and I will make it in two posts. The latter post will be pics from my personal play archive, but to start with I figured I would share some pics from the archive that I have yet to post on this blog until now.

The first two are with the lovely Erica Corvina in her schoolgirl uniform. In this scene I got to play Erica’s truant officer.

Now two much older ones featuring Juliette Valentina’s peach of a bottom 🙂

Anyone care to guess the roles Pixie and I are playing?

And finally for this set, one of my favorite scenes with Lily Anna as my secretary. Man is this girl one heck of a brat!!

Wavering thoughts (Video included)

You know, it’s funny really, I keep going back and forth on the link thing and I have to keep reminding myself as to why this is being done in the first place, lol. Mr. Humphries pretty much summed it up correctly though in his latest post where he described it as a community project, and that is exactly what it is.


In the comments section in the post below this one, both Dr. Ken and Marie mentioned how much traffic they each got from the spanking universe in just the first day, and on my picture site it was the same thing. This particular blog didn’t get as many hits but then to be honest, my readers were the ones who followed the links in the first place so it was my traffic that was going to the universe to visit the other sites.

BTW, someone is having a birthday 😉 ——–> THE BIRTHDAY GIRL

We haven’t even scratched the surface yet, the more that join in then the more hits everyone will get. Now as I stated, there is no requirement to join this, you don’t even have to link back, though it would be nice if everyone took the same stance and joined in the community part of this. By checking the stats I am going to guess that a quarter of all people visiting the universe so far are bookmarking the site (which is what we want them to do), and why wouldn’t they, everything is right there at their fingertips. Just give it a week and then see just how much traffic is being generated, and more importantly, everyone will get to see the hard work you put into your blog.

It is my firm belief that given time, most people will link back in to the universe and I thank those of you who have done so, so far. There are now about 10 bloggers linking back in. Like I said, there is no requirement to have your blog added, though common courtesy is nice. The only time I will re-evaluate some situations is for blogs that frequently update promoting their affiliate sites. If they don’t link back in then I will question whether or not we should all be sending them potentially a thousand customers each day, especially if they won’t so much as give us a minor text link buried WAYdown at the bottom of their 600 affiliate banners and spanking toplists. I guess that is really the only reason why I waiver on the whole situation as it is.

I know that I have covered this subject in my last 3 posts, but it is important to get it off the ground as this is for the benefit of every spanking blogger out there, and I don’t mind putting in the leg work to achieve that. It’s like my old ‘Blog Love’ feature on Steroids 🙂 So bearing in mind that you also want spanking content, here is a re-post of the spanking video that I did with Audrey Knight last year and I am doing this for two reasons. Firstly, this particular clip has been watched THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THOUSAND times so far, in less than a year. And secondly, I got to hang out with Audrey this week, and while we never had the chance to play, she did do something very special for me that I will be sharing with you real soon 😉

And if it has any interest to you at all, here is a clipboard capture of the activity that is happening on SPANKING UNIVERSE