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What A Mother!!

Tonight I was finally able to catch up on getting some work done by taking a few hours to build some movie links. Bottom line, by building these links they pay for my party trips each year so a few hours here and there is totally worth it. HOWEVER, after spending those hours building I went to my link program with the goal of mixing and matching the new with the older ones, and what did I find? I had undersized all 48 links 🙂 Now if you make something too big you can always edit it down, but guess what, if you under-size you can only start all over. So I said fuck it, no mixing and matching, the new 48 will have to go together, a change of plan so to speak. Anyway, tomorrow I have a real classic picture set coming, a drop seat jammies set from the 1970’s. There is one pic you are all aware of, and I have been fortunate enough to find the WHOLE set. So until tomorrow, here are the 48 movie links that I created this evening, all at the wrong size I might add. Each pic links to a spanking movie so click away on each one and be happy.

A Busy Weekend

Time for the pup to catch up today, and man am I behind 🙂

It came to my attention this week that a good fifty or so of my galleries had a broken link and upon further investigation, I realized it was completely my error that did it. Now the galleries are easily fixed, it just requires one small correction on the code, however, I have to adjust the code on all galleries on 4 sites, lol. Then of course I checked the latest galleries on offer and saw that I was behind by about 100 galleries that I should be using, so guess what I am doing today? At the bottom of this post are 4 brand new galleries but I have about 96 more to build today.

Speaking of interviews, I have a brand new one coming real soon. At the Shadowlane party I had intended on interviewing Sophie Gray , unfortunately, due to our busy schedules, we weren’t able to pull this off. Not to worry though, with a little ingenuity from Danny Chrighton, we came up with a solution. I have written my questions down and Danny himself is going to conduct the interview on camera for me. That will be coming real soon.

Right, back to work, here are the first 4 galleries I have built so I only have about 96 to go, lol. Dare I add as well, I have about 20 unanswered emails in my inbox that I need to try to answer today also, bear with me guys, I will get to you 🙂

Site Building And Pictures

So I have spent most of my free time today building the new site and it is at a stage where I can actually publish it. I still have lots of work to do on it such as adding links and configuring the format, but you can at least see it now. This new site will replace the other Spanking Galleries site I had as it will allow me more flexibility. Click the link below to see the new site.


All of my other sites have been updated as well and here is what you can currently see on them.

On PANTY SPANKINGS I currently have up one of my favorite sets and in fact one of my favorite movies, though I now only have it on VHS and I haven’t seen it for years 🙂

Over on SPANKING PICS we have this set just posted today.

My OLD SPANKING PICS site has currently passed this site for site views, all from the power of a good google ranking. Right now it is featuring a massive Betty Page bonanza including a lot of rare pics.

Now if that isn’t enough pictures for you, and if you don’t get enough spanking galleries above, here is another site that is chock full of spanking galleries, nearly all of which I haven’t posted on any of my sites before.

Flashback Post

It isn’t that I am being lazy, lol, but I am busy pre updating all my other sites as I will be at a spanking party in Georgia next weekend. Plus I am building more galleries for my spam sites. Anyway, one post that I made three and a half years ago was some screencaps from a spanking movie that featured the ultra rare ‘Over the shoulder’ type of spanking.

A schoolgirl outfit, knee high socks, white nylon panties and a well spanked bottom, can it get any better than that? Well yeah I guess, throw in an over the shoulder spanking to complete the scene. Click on each pic for a full sized screen capture.

Pardon Me For A Sec

There is something that I have to try out, and as I am going out this evening and as I won’t be able to post on this site, why don’t I just put it here for now. I’m looking to do a lot of work this weekend building galleries, but before I do any of that I need to check that the program is working. The only way that I can check if it is working is to put it here for everyone to see, so while it isn’t a traditional spanking post, you can at least browse four spanking galleries from Girls Boarding School. So click on each pic and enjoy, which will also allow me to see that it the program is working correctly 🙂

Spanking Pics, Party News and a New Blog.

Do you guys want to see what you missed out on during the live webcam on Saturday? Well, for the 11 of you tuned in during the actual spanking, this is what you got to see. And yes, this was real as well!! All day at the party Pixie did nothing but sass me. It has been a long time since I had that young lady over my knee so I am thinking that she wanted to make sure that she got her spanking from me on Saturday. In fact if that wasn’t a big enough clue, perhaps the fact that she was wearing white nylon panties might have tipped me off 😉

I took part in a lot of fun footage that was shot this past weekend for a site that is soon to be announced. At the Shadowlane party they will be vending their DVD’s, and within the next few days I will be posting their first trailer. The website itself will probably be launched later this year and I am assisting them with the website building process right now. Due to the fact that I have a bunch of my own sites and that I am writing a book, it will be a slow process, lol.

On the subject of Shadowlane though, I am getting super excited about going!! As I mentioned previously, I have 5 interviews set up, all of which I hope to have a live webcam running on. Three of the girls will be getting a spanking at the end of the interview, two of them for a special cause and the other just as a playful extra to the interview. Another lady will be doing her own spanking at the end of her interview.

Aside from that though, there are a lot of people who I am looking forward to meeting for the first time along with seeing some old time friends. Many of these people cannot be named due to privacy issues. At the party I will be hanging primarily with my New York friends, but equally I want to spend a lot of time with my good friend, Sarah Rocks. As there are a lot of people coming over from the UK I would also like to meet as many of them as I can. Some of these people are friends already, whether that be from previous experience or through an online connection, but some of them I have never spoken to before. With my charm perhaps I can get one of them to join me in a live webcam spanking.

In regards to the webcam, I have no idea exactly when it will be on. At the very least I am going to try and notify the readers constantly of what I have coming up, but there may also be spur of the moment times when the camera gets switched on. Just be good to yourselves and stay tuned 🙂

Being that they are all really good friends of mine and I like to promote their work, I created a separate website where I can constantly show you ALL of their updates as well as details on their other material that can be found on the net. Just click the link below to pay a visit to the new site, and if you want to be linked in to it then just drop me an email either at .

Alienating an Audience

I’m sorry guys, I have to do it!!! I am about to piss off several crowds here, most notably those of you who believe that M/F spanking is the only type of spanking that should exist. In fact the same crowd believes that unless it is M/F spanking conducted at a level that they are “personally” comfortable with, then it shouldn’t be classified as spanking at all. Furthermore, I am told that I post too much F/F spanking as it is, even though I once did a count and 95% of the pics on this site are M/F, the other 5% was still considered too much. Fear not though, there will be a whining bucket in the comments section for you all to tell me what people come to this site for 😉

Anyway, for those of you who aren’t currently in my “Tough titty said the kitty” basket, I am busting a testicle here trying to catch up with the 100’s of galleries I ned to create. I finally just finished creating links to the 35 Chelsea Pfeiffer films that are on Hot Movies so that is one task done. Just a little side note though, do you know how hard it is to create links when all you want to do is watch the smoking hot action? At one point I was a member of Chelsea’s site for a whole year, which shows you just how much I personally like this material. I know, I know, I understand that people don’t come here to see what I like to present 😉 Anyway, I really need to renew my subscription to Chelsea’s site. If you want to check her films out for yourself, here are 6 of my personal favorites from the 35 links I created.


I also configured each link so that it will allow each person who signs up 20 free minutes of viewing time!! That is double what the normal offer of ten free minutes is. So here is six of the best for you featuring such beauties as Chelsea herself, Amber Wells, Samantha Woodley and Chloe Elise amongst many others.

Time to get creative

I hadn’t planned on really doing an award show, but as everyone wants to have a bit of fun I will put some together today, once I have finished my New Year’s Eve party report which will be posted later on today.

This morning I changed the format on SPANKING PICS AND VIDEOS, please check the new layout out and let me know what you think.

On the spam front, I have created some links where you can watch Samantha Woodley’s Shadowlane videos. Just so that you know, I am also a paid member of Hot Movies. I love the fact that I can watch a spanking film any time of the day that I want to, so far I have plopped down about $100 renewing my minutes on this site 🙂 In a nutshell, $19.95 gets you 200 minutes, which will roughly translate to 4 feature length films, however, if you are like me, I watch about 15 minutes of one film before finding another one. Basically if you only want the spanking action you can cut the fluff out and just watch the action, so for my 200 minutes I normally watch clips from anywhere from 15 to 20 movies. Oh, and just so that you know, they have something like over 100,000 adult movies to choose from, from every genre you could imagine. They have multiple plans to choose from, including 7 day movie rentals, just look on the left hand side to choose the one that is best for you.

I’m Gallery Building Today

Here are 4 examples featuring Real Spankings feature length films.

There are about 50 new pages that I need to create so it will be a long and arduous task. If I have time as well, I am really fighting the urge to write a rant. Sometimes when your friends need your help you need to stand up and be counted, and I’m REAL close to that stage. Let’s see how the gallery building goes first.

Actually, I might go with a post about New Years Eve instead. I attended a great party with some great people, and while it was more about the company than it was about the spanking, little Miss Pixie did get a dose of my hairbrush for sassing me at bedtime. It will make for a fun read.

New Years is next

**12/28/09 update** Looks like we are in luck guys. Now it is only a test page, and I have some major tinkering to do with the format, but it looks like the Universe will be up and running before you know it. You can view the test page by clicking the link below.

Spanking Universe Test Page.

Like I said, it isn’t by any means perfect, but by the time I am done it will look just like the old Universe did. The other problem I have is that I have to manually locate the RSS feed address for each site, but it can be done so it will just a little longer.

Well guys, Christmas has come and gone and now we are heading toward New Years. Have you planned on your resolutions yet? Do you know what will happen if you don’t keep those resolutions? I spent yesterday with my English friend and his family in Conneticut, a friend of nearly 20 years now. So THE SPANKING UNIVERSE has now been created, however it is going to take me a week or two to get it going. The first thing I am trying to find is a clone of Blogger’s blogroll software, however I think that task is going to be fruitless. There are possibly one or two programs I could purchase to create a rolling aggregator, but I am going to continue my search for now for a free one. I do have a few options and once I find the right one (And more importantly spend up to 24 hours messing around with website codes, lol) the Universe will be back, bigger and better.

Now then, as you all know, I always try and find unique pics to post that haven’t been posted on other sites, and hopefully I have found a group of Santa Spanking pics. Here are a couple from the set, but if you want to see all 8 of them then follow this link SANTA SPANKING PICS.


As you can tell, I have a lot of work to get done this week trying to get the Universe up and running. I’m still going to be posting of course to my other picture sites, and updates on here might also be picture updates until the Universe is going. As always, SPANKING GALLERIES is updated anywhere between every day and every three days. That is also another site that I still have about 50 brand new galleries to add to the database, which I also hope to do this week, lol. Those galleries are without the 100 or more Hot Movies pages I have to start. Here are just a few of the dozens of Hot Movie pages I have already created.


And finally, our favorite gal, AMBER ‘PIXIE’ WELLS has posted some great holiday pics over the last week, please visit her site for some great pictures and holiday prose. Here is one of those pics (One of my favorite Pixie pics ever) and a pic from when Pixie and I first knew each other. Richard ‘Houndog’ Windsor and Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells in the making 🙂


With my new version of wordpress I seem to have made the pictures unclickable, don’t worry, that will be another thing for me to work on 🙂