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The Top Ten Of 2013

First of all I would like to wish you all a happy New Year,  no matter where you are in the world I hope that the upcoming year is a fruitful and joyous one for you. I’m not one for resolutions,  I just hope to better myself as a person in the next year. 2013 saw a lot of changes,  I attended more parties than I have ever done before in a calender year and I found happiness. The happiness came at a cost,  but I don’t regret any of it.

I’m a bit of a strange cat in this department,  but there are things that hold great importance to me. This year I was able to see them both positively and negatively,  and that is why I am content with myself and I’m at peace as well.

Now before I get on to my top ten posts of 2013 I want to point something out to you. On this blog practically everything that I post is original material. When I say original what I mean is that almost everything that I post is unique to the spanking world save for a very few select collectors. That is my mission,  if a spanking site has posted something before me then I don’t consider it to be unique. My goal is to bring new items to you with every post.

As you all know by now,  my collection of material is vast and I have enough unique material to post for at least another couple of years,  and of course I discover new material all the time. Over time you will find the material that I bring to the community posted on various other spanking sites,  forums and picture sharing groups,  but the chances are you will never be told where it comes from. If you wish to never miss any of the unique finds that I share then the answer is simple,  just sign up below to receive my postings in your email box every time that I post something new. Over a hundred people already do this. Now you don’t have to worry that you are signing up to a mailing list,  you are not. The ONLY email that you will get is when I make a post to this site,  and instead of missing the post and perhaps finding one of my pictures 6 months from now on another site,  you will get it delivered to your email the same day that I post. The email group has never been used for anything other than receiving my posts in your email. Poke around my site to see the type of material that I post and decide for yourself,  you will see that you probably don’t want to miss any of my updates. The 2013 top ten is below the email sign up.

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And now,  here are the top ten posts on this website for 2013 based solely on the number of hits each post received. You can click either the title or the ‘read more’ link to read each post in full. As you will see,  many of the posts will have more than one picture in them.


This was part 4 of my continuing story from my trip to Las Vegas in February of last year. In fact you will see that this particular weekend accounts for three entries into the 2013 top ten,  that’s not only a testament to how good the weekend was,  but also how popular the stories were from that weekend.

In this particular episode I tell the tale of caning ellee,  spanking and caning Missy,  spanking LostKitten and Sara Fields,  caning Missy again and finishing off by caning ellee once more. There are a total of seven pics attached to the story featuring ellee,  LostKitten and Sara Fields.

This post was the number 1 post by a long shot with seven thousand views alone. By comparison,  the second highest view count for a post was 5,500 views. Obviously more than seven thousand people saw it as most people read it through the homepage,  but seven thousand people clicked on the story itself. If you want to read the full story and see all of the pics of the girls getting spanked then just follow this link. READ MORE…..



It is kind of ironic really that this post was the number two read post of the year,  and I’m thinking it is because it showed up on Blogger sites in the sidebar as a free video. The reason that it is ironic was because despite the large number of readers,  only a few dozen people requested to get a free digital download of the movie. As the post made not only the top ten,  but was actually the number two post of the year,  I will make the video available once again for another week or so if anyone wants it. Just read the post to see how you can get it. READ MORE…..



Being a bit of a wrestling fan I stumbled across this clip while watching clips of some old USWA Texas wrestling shows. In this clip you get to see Miss Texas bent over a table and Laura Davenport gives her 15 licks with the belt over her tights and panties. READ MORE…..


This is the start of four in a row from the Wednesday classic series. It is probably the most popular feature on this website and every Wednesday my hits spike from people coming to see the Wednesday Classic for each week. It is hard to measure fully because my Sunday Men Are Like Streetcars pic of the week could be just as popular,  but for whatever reason nobody ever links into the Sunday posts,  therefore it doesn’t build as much of a casual audience for people to come back to each week. I’m sure it would be as popular but that’s what it is. maybe in the future it will catch up. Anyway,  this was the 44th entry into the Wednesday Classics series and is from a Taming Of The Shrew rehearsal,  at least I think that they were rehearsing 😉



Part of the appeal of my Wednesday classics series are the VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS that I have collected over the years that have a spanking in them. So far I only have 8 different plays listed in this folder,  but I have dozens more to share for this feature in the upcoming year. Of course I also use the Wednesday post for the plays that have many spanking pics from them such as “Act Your Age” and “Mind Of Her Own“. In this particular Wednesday classic it featured a pic from the 1945 play “All American Family” as contributed to this site by Will@Gotham56 and a pic from the 1959 production of “Spring Journey”. READ MORE…..



Part of the fun of posting the Wednesday Classics,  and perhaps the reason why the post is so popular each week,  is that the spankings aren’t just devoted to School Plays. I have a vast collection of all sorts of spanking pics from different scenarios. In this particular one we have a girl being paddled for fun at a kangaroo court. These pics were moved to the new folder “WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDIDS” and the folder iks well worth checking out. READ MORE…..

Charles M Russell High School 1966


A complete run of four straight Wednesday classics in the top ten,  and this one is a beauty. From the “VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS” folder,  we have a very sultry looking young lady being spanked in “How To Handle A Woman”. READ MORE…..

new trier 62


We head back to Las Vegas for the 50 freaks party for the 8th most popular post of 2013. This was a day after I arrived and it is where the spanking started in earnest. There is a full recounting of my exploits that night and all of the girls who I spanked,  plus six pictures of me spanking 3 adorable girls,  Alex Reynolds,  Erica Scott and Ten. READ MORE…..

photo 4


And once more we go back to the Wednesday Classic series for yet another pic from the “VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS” folder. This time it is a spanking pic from the play “Susie And The F.B.I”. This pic actually started the various school plays folder and continues to hold the position as the first pic in that folder. There is another pic from this play in the folder linked above so check it out. READ MORE…..

susie and the fbi huntingdon 64


Rounding out the top ten posts of 2013 we go back to the Vegas party for the third time,  what an amazing party this was. This time you can get to read part 2 of the party experience where for the very first time I spanked ellee for real. Her comments to me kept building and despite numerous warnings,  she continued to express her opinion. So in this post you can get to witness me expressing my opinion on her bottom. There was no play to this spanking,  and that was a first for ellee and I,  in this spanking I turned her over my knee and gave her a sound spanking with my hand until I was satisfied. Once this was done it was Alex’ turn for a spanking,  and while she hadn’t actually done anything to earn it,  a spanking she did indeed get. If you want to see all seven pics featured in this story just click the links to do so,  it includes one of my absolute favorites of ellee where,  upon seeing the displeasure in my face,  she dove under the table to hide with her butt sticking up in the air. I guess if she couldn’t see us she probably thought that we couldn’t see her. It is one of my favorite pics 🙂 READ MORE…..


So there you have it,  the top ten posts made on this site in 2013 based on the number of hits each post had. Remember,  if you don’t want to miss anything that I post,  and I post nearly all unique material to the spanking world,  simply enter your email address above. Have a great 2014 everyone and I look forward to another amazing year.

Richard Windsor

The Top Ten Of 2011

First of all, I am proud to bring to you what I believe is a brand new spanking pic that I found on eBay last night. We have all seen the original spanking pic of Fanny Brice and Hanley Stafford, but have any of you seen this version of Baby Snooks’ papa using the hairbrush on her bottom? Up until yesterday this was a brand new spanking pic to me. You’re welcome 🙂

Now the Internet is full of affiliate driven top lists and award shows, but you won’t get that with my top ten list. I’m not trying to get anyone to buy anything, my list is based on cold hard stats. Now my tags and pages get the most hits, but this list is made up solely of the top ten most popular posts that were made on this site in 2011. Using google analytics I was able to see which individual posts were viewed the most, and here I present to you the individual posts that had the most viewers in 2011. You can click on the name of each entry to go directly to that post, or click the line “Read more” at the bottom of each entry to go and see for yourself what people viewed on this site in 2011. If one of the entries was a video I will post the actual video as opposed to the link. So here you go, the most viewed posts on this site in 2011 are………

1) Media Clippings

This one surprised me really, all it is, is five media clippings taken from either Life magazine or the Weekly World News. But with almost 10,000 hits it comes in as my most viewed single page of 2011. My guess is that it was the first two clippings from Life magazine that have drawn people to this post.


2) Ella Gets Pulled Over

The first video on the list and it isn’t mine 😉 Here we see Christopher taking Ella over his knee and delivering a proper, no nonsense bare bottom spanking. If you like what you see in this video then please click the following link to visit Christopher and Ella’s video page. A really great video for sure!!

3) Naughty Freckles Meets The Holy Belt 

Coming in as the third most viewed page on this site this year IS one of my own videos. At number three is the memorable belting that I gave to my darling little niece, Naughty Freckles this year in Chicago. I will be honest, I have watched this one countless times myself 😉

4) Janus Worldwide 

A member of the Janus team has been a person who I have kept in touch with over the years. This year has seen the launch of the Janus Online website, something that was sorely needed and is something that I am very much looking forward to. My friend, RT, sent me three pics from my favorite Februs series that were never published in the magazine, so they were seen on this site as an exclusive. If you know Houndog by now, these pics HAD to include a girl getting a spanking on her white nylon panties. This series strongly evoked memories of the first spanking I ever gave.


5) Erica Scott – Late Bloomer

Another video, this time it is the promo video that Erica Scott and myself did at Shadowlane this year as a promotion for Erica’s book. In this video you get to see me spank Erica playfully in a scene that I created, and Erica gets to talk about her book as I nap 🙂 Also included in this post was my Cheeky Babysitter video and if you want to see that one then go directly to the post. Read more…..

6) Eleven For Eleven 

This was my first post of 2011, and was aptly named Eleven for Eleven. The premise for this post was simple, a potpourri of 11 various spanking pics. In my usual style I tried to mix them up and there is no theme, they are all different types of spanking pics.


7) The First Spanking 

By far my most popular real life story. This story was re-ran just last month, and despite only being on the site for 45 days it STILL made the top ten list of most viewed items on this site for 2011. It could be that it is so popular because I sprinkled in some pics from my films to enhance the spanking of my girlfriend on the seat of her panties, so even if you have read the story you might not have seen the pics 🙂


8) Six Of The Best

More spanking pics that made the list, and I can understand why this one is in the top ten. The first pic in this six pack of pics was yet another Windsor exclusive, the ORIGINAL Chase an Sanborne pic posed by two college students for ad executives to use for the real one. If for nothing else, follow the link to see that one pic.


9) Latest Ebay Finds 2

It would appear that my readers love looking at my pics, eh? In this set of eight pics you will find some very unique ones that were posted on this site for the first time. All of these pics were found on ebay and feature, amongst other pics, a dad taking his belt to either his wife or daughter in the kitchen, a really great pic.


10) Spanking On ‘The Talk’

And finally, the tenth most viewed post on this site for 2011 is a mainstream clip from the TV show ‘The Talk’. In this clip you get to see Holly Robinson Peete spank Leah Remini. Unfortunately the video was removed from youtube so there is no point following the link, it was however the tenth most viewed post until the video was yanked. That’s it for 2011 guys, I will be back on Sunday, be safe and have a great time.

Erica Scott Has A New Blog

And it is a pretty snazzy one at that!! Due to horrendous user unfriendly changes that myspace made, Erica has created a brand spanking new site on Blogspot (Pun VERY MUCH intended :-)) so it would behoove you to get your butts over there!! Not bad, I have never managed to use the word ‘Behoove’ before on this site!!


Also, please don’t forget the auction for CAUSE FOR PAWS. Pixie has 16 items listed and while many of them already have bids on them, there are quite a few that haven’t attracted a bid as of yet. There is only 5 days left on the auction so do your best to put a bid in now if you want to be a part of the charity. There are some great implements from CANE-IAC and very soon there will also be a few videos from SHADOWLANE for you to bid on as well.

Right, I guess you all want a few pictures to keep your lips salivated, eh? How else will other blogs be able to post if I don’t provide them with some pictures to rip off? 🙂

First of all I have 4 spanking pics from a classic set which takes me back a bit. Oh how I wish this took place every gym class back when I was in school.

And to finish up with, a couple of caning pics. The first one featuring a nightmare double caning, and the second showing how NOT to aim a cane!! Plenty of high strokes and wrap arounds :-/

And let’s have a dose of spam that features Erica 🙂

The 2009 Windsor’s – Awards My Arse Show

2009 Blog Awards: ………Don’t hate if all you do is masturbate!!


Best Written Blog:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Radspace

As you will see throughout this list, most of these awards have some meaning to me. The blog that is run by Rad I find to be the most thought provoking blog out there. One thing that I strive for in life is honesty, and Rad’s blog is so refreshingly honest that I find it to be inspiring, even if sometimes the topics are brutally honest. There are a lot of similarities that I find between Rad’s approach to the lifestyle and my own, and I’m not kidding when I say that his writings give me inspiration to further broach difficult topics myself. It helps that Rad is one heck of a good guy who has my total respect, and his work is fully deserving of the very first award that I am giving. Please check his work out, and it gives me extra pleasure to give him the two fingered salute, in return for the two fingered salute he gave me when I beat him and his wife for the Florida Moonshine Trivia Title in 2009 😉


Most Creative Blog:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Kami Robertson

The blog is titled “On the way of exploration – The story of one girl’s twisted mind”.

Now it was purely coincidental that I shared a couple of emails with Kami this week, and one thing she had mentioned was that due to the nature of some of her posts that some people don’t link to her. Well I am far from that, spanking to me is just one aspect of a person’s being, I would much rather know the deeper thoughts and mindset of an individual. Intense role-plays, sitting naked on a fence, sexual torture, submission, you name it, Kami covers it with great depth. Kami’s blog is a fantastic piece of art and I have no doubt that her openness is a source of great inspiration to a great many people looking to explore their own mind. It is well worth checking out, especially if you have difficulty coming to terms with your own sexuality, Kami’s blog should help you along your way and makes for a fantastic read. I, for one, love seeing the inside of someone’s mind.


Best Themed Blog:

20080905_Trophy_01a     Behind the Barred Window

Something that is very unique and refreshing, a blog that is devoted to the institutionalization of young ladies, from the imposition of strict discipline and humiliating uniforms, to the corporal and judicial use of canes and tawses and psychological training.

Garth’s blog is very unique in its devotion to these topics and it is exceedingly well written. On this site you won’t get a bunch of wank pics to see you through your day, rather it is interspersed with illustrations and pictures that are only a token addition to the well thought out prose on this particular topic. It is amazingly in depth and Garth shares his passion with some fantastic writings, plus you will see a ton of pics that are not only rare, but don’t follow the usual pattern of spanking pics. There is an awful lot to get through on the site because Garth puts a lot of work into each post, but if you want to try and read something a little different, give this blog a place amongst your bookmarks, you will probably learn an awful lot about the specialized subject of training young ladies in an institutionalized setting.


Most Diverse Blog:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells

There is a good reason that Pixie’s blog is so popular, it is because it is more than just a spanking blog. Pixie has carved a niche for herself in terms of community involvement in the blogging world, and a lot of that has to do with the vast array of topics that she covers. On the spanking front we of course get the heads up on the happenings, plus Pixie’s own personal spanking life, but what we also get is some of the most thought provoking question that are posed to the avid readers. It isn’t unusual at all for Pixie to get 50 or more replies to one of her questions, and that is a testament to how popular her little corner of the world is.

What really separates Pixie’s blog in terms of diversity though is the wide array of personal topics that she covers. Nature hiking, cooking, photography, artistic nudity and her love of animals, her site is so much more than just spanking. From a personal standpoint, my favorite part of all is the Cause for Paws charity that she runs on an annual basis. I find it very warming in the world of spanking blogs that someone uses their popularity and turns it into an avenue for charitable causes. It is something that I believe is at the heart of why her blog is so popular, it is because she is a very genuinely warm, caring person, and I think that shines through to the people who read her blog. There isn’t a spanking blog out there that comes close to the amount of reader involvement that hers does on a consistent basis.

As I mentioned in the first award, my choices are for sites that have a deep meaning to me, and you all know that Pixie has a special place in my heart. When I think back to the young lady whom I once met in a hotel lobby for my very first online spanking encounter, and I now see this beautiful woman who has evolved into beloved individual, I can’t help but get a warm feeling in my heart.


Best Spam Blog (Splog)

20080905_Trophy_01a      The Spanking Spot

The world of online promotional material knows no bounds, some people are able to turn a blog post about Barack Obama into 57 links to spanking paysites. Brushstrokes site is separated from these other promotional sites though through the amount of work that he puts into each post. Yes, the ultimate goal of course is for promotional purposes, but each blog post is conducted like a separate blog entry that you will find on any other spanking blog, with a lot of effort put into the piece. You won’t find just a bunch of pictures on this blog with a link at the bottom that screams “Give me money”, each entry is conducted as to WHY you may like this particular update. Aside from the regular promotional updates, Brushstrokes also interviews spanking models from around the world, reviews paysites, has a feature on who SHOULD be spanked, and of course reviews of spanking movies that are available for purchase.

There are perhaps 30 Splogs out there, including my own Spanking Galleries site, I would almost consider The Spanking Spot just a regular spanking blog due to the effort that is put into it. At the very least, in terms of shilling websites, The Spanking Spot stands far apart from the rest.

Now, if we could just get him to stop using the debasing term “Dear Reader”, I might actually go to his blog and read it, but like the person who once complained of its usage (Which resulted in it being used 15 times more than it had been previously) I think that it detracts from the overall message he is trying to convey.


Best New Blog:

20080905_Trophy_01a      The Spanking Universe

Because my ego knows no bounds, I am giving this one to myself. Just look around the spanking sites that display links coming in and you will see that The Spanking Universe, 9 times out of 10, is second only to Chross for link referrals, and it has only been going for just a few weeks. Currently we have 132 blogs listed and over time more and more will be added. While I can’t predict the future, I have a good feeling that a year from now the site will be a valuable resource for linking the spanking community. It is a community resource that I believe will just get bigger and better as time goes on. When I originally started it, some blogs got as many as 5,000 visitors in the two months that it was up. I consider it my little gift to the spanking world, and if I may be so bold, I believe that it deserves the award for best new blog.


Miscellaneous Awards:


Sister In Arms Award:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Erica Scott

My Female counterpart in the world of telling it as it is in the spanking world. A fellow connoisseur in the art of ranting, Erica’s blog ranks right up there. Her Correspondence Hall of Shame is something to behold, and far from being just a rant, it is a light hearted poke at some of the letters, emails and comments that we are all likely to get. For the most part it is all lighthearted fare designed to be read in a tongue in cheek manner, though it doesn’t mean that it’s not all true. Of course the site is more than just rants, and like any other spanking blog out there, it follows the journey that Erica takes in the spanking world, both the highs and lows. Well worth a read so get your asses over there!!


Best regular blog feature:

20080905_Trophy_01a      My Bottom Smarts

When you are starting in the world of spanking blogging, you want to get your message out there early so that people are aware of you. The best blog feature that I know of is Bonnie’s “In with the New” piece where she links into blogs that are brand new to the spanking world. It is an invaluable resource to the owners of new spanking blogs and makes my blog love feature look like an ant in regards to sharing the love.

In the world of burying links to other blogs so far down the page that you are lucky to get one hit a day from them, it is refreshing to see that someone shares the love to new blogs consistently and without the need to request a link back. Being that My Bottom Smarts is a high traffic website, I am sure that these new blogs find the links to be an invaluable source of fresh traffic. Congratulations Bonnie, and thanks for the work that you do in promoting new spanking blogs.


Best Panties in a Scene in 2009:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Nyssa Nevers in Language Problem

Oh my god, talk about turning the wank-o-meter up to level ten!!! I was seriously envious when I saw what Nyssa was wearing underneath her sailor girl outfit. Should I ever be fortunate enough to work on a set with Nyssa in the future, I will beg like a little puppy dog that she brings these panties with her!!



Gossip Shocker of 2009:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Learning that Niki Flynn was also Fiona Locke

It really shouldn’t have come as that much of a surprise considering how well written Niki’s autobiography was, but being that I can be a bit of a gossip queen I was stunned that I didn’t know that little tidbit. Search Amazon for books written by Niki Flynn or Fiona Locke, it is some of the best spanking fiction out there.


The Steve McQueen Cooler King Memorial awards:

The Hit King:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Chross

You get a link on Chross’ weekly roundup, baton down the hatches, because they come in their 1000’s!!! I don’t think that there is a blog out there who doesn’t have Chross as their number one link referrer. The collection in his database is second to none, but the difference between Chross and others who collect material, is that he links to all the great people who contribute to the success of his site. There are numerous scenes that I have personally cut direct from DVD that appear on Chross’ site, most notably Flickorna, Naughty Nannette and Co-ed Fever, so whenever I get a weekly link back I actually see it as a reward for all of my video and picture contributions to his site. Keep up the good work, Chross, it takes a lot of dedication to collect and archive the complete works of Mainstream spanking, you have my respect for your tireless work.




The Widget King:

20080905_Trophy_01a      Richard Windsor

More from the is what it is department, nobody finds widgets like I do. Traffic sources, clocks, live visitors, chatboxes, they’ve got them, I found them!! Don’t hate, just share the love. There are more in the works so keep your eyes peeled for Windsor’s latest. The Spanking Universe is built on a widget, I just manipulated it to work on a site. Want to know which one it is? Good luck with that, the Plagiarism King will swamp that up in a heartbeat if I post that shit.

What happens to naughty girls?

Well let me tell you what happens to them…… they get spanked 🙂

There is some great news on the spanking front, the well known Shadowlane actress, spanking model and all around great girl, Erica Scott, has been published!! Erica has just had a book of spanking stories published and if you follow the link here http://www.lulu.com/content/940940 you can read details about the book and most importantly, you can BUY yourself a copy 🙂

While I am at it, let me share another link that features the great Erica Scott in action, but before I do so I would like to say this. I don’t know Erica personally, but her and I have spoken on numerous occasions on various online forums and on myspace. The reason I am so excited about this book is that Erica is an out and out spanko. There is no pretense to who she is, Erica is a real life spanko who contributes, takes part and advises on spanking discussion boards just like any of us do. If you are lucky enough to converse with Erica, then what you will find is an incredibly sweet and intelligent lady who always finds the time to respond to you no matter how many messages she may have waiting for her.

Then of course there is the acting part of her life. Erica has appeared in numerous productions and perhaps one day I will provide a list of them all, but for now I will focus on one. On several of the discussion boards a regular question comes up and that question is this “What is your favorite spanking movie?”

Everybody of course will always have their own favorite, but one film that keeps coming up time and time again as a favorite of a great many is “Spank Thy Neighbor” starring Erica Scott and Ralph Marvel.http://www.shadowlane.com/shopping/pricelist.asp?prid=1302

Now I have ordered this film myself for a partner that I was with at the time, but I watched it before giving it to her. This film is one of the hottest, most romantic spanking films you will watch. The story revolves around a brat of a neighbor (Erica) who just won’t keep the noise down until she forces Ralph into taking the action that is necessary 🙂 What follows is the wonderful banter and good spanking by two very attractive actors who keep you riveted throughout. There is a very short strapping scene in this film but holy smokes, you will wear your tape out watching it over and over again. The film concludes with a very artistic good girl spanking that includes some wonderful sexual exploration. Women especially seem to love this film, it has good spanking in it and the good girl spanking is extremely erotic that fills the fantasy minds of naughty young ladies the world over 🙂

So check it out after you have looked at the book http://www.shadowlane.com/shopping/pricelist.asp?prid=1302. This film has been praised by spankos high and low as one of the best erotic spanking films on the market.

Richard Windsor.