My Summer With Aunt Melissa

I just uploaded my new video to my spanking store but I’m not ready with a promo page yet,  so here is a link to the store and that will allow me to focus on today’s post,  the new full length spanking movie starring Lily Anna,  Tina Tink and Amber Pixie Wells as Aunt Melissa.

What follows is the main description of the 67 minute movie but you can find the complete details by CLICKING HERE.

“Take a step back in time to the 1950’s as Sian (Lily Anna) spends the summer with her Aunt Melissa (Amber) and cousin Anthea (Tina).  Melissa runs a strict household and is a firm believer in loving domestic discipline even for her 19 year old daughter and niece.  Whenever either girl acts up,  she can be assured of three things –  ruler smacked hands,  a well-spanked bottom,  and a bedtime spanking reminder to behave.”

Now if you like the preview clip,  this is where you can buy the whole movie by clicking the link below. You can either buy individual clips or the entire movie for $25.99.

Click Here For Lily Anna and Pixie’s Spanking Clips

4 thoughts on “My Summer With Aunt Melissa

  1. Richard
    This one is a classic, Amber is just amazing as the Aunt, so pretty and stern. Tina is adorable but the lovely Lilyanna is simply beautiful as well and nice to see her back into the scene, she is adorable. The cloths and the location are great, terrific colors, including red bottoms, classic film.

  2. Thanks for the clip, it is beautiful. But I’m not so sure Amber Pixie should play the dominant. She is a world-class submissive, the flower of the spanking world.

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