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Sending Out More Love

This week I have been busy building pages to send out the love to my fellow spankos. First of all I built the VENDORS PAGE to showcase the individuals who sell spanking equipment for your pleasure. The page isn’t finished by any means,  anybody is welcome to ask me to add them to the list. It is a labor of love,  no strings attached,  it is just my way of giving back.

On Wednesday I then undertook my next project which was to build a page to promote the owners of CLIPS4SALE STORES. There was one reason for creating this particular page and again it was to share the love. As you all know there are many commercial spanking sites out there,  and a lot of bloggers  (though not as many as there used to be)  will gladly post weekly updates on these sites with banners and flashing lights and ads. Well it is quite simple,  and to a lesser degree I will post the odd promo update every now and then as well,  but a blogger can earn money from these commercial sites. Hence why they get promoted so often.

My goal is to also showcase the people who produce spanking material but they aren’t website owners,  just fellow spankos who have a story to tell. As with the vendors page,  anybody is welcome to have their site added to my CLIPS4SALE STORE list,  just send me an email to richardofwindsor@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post. There are sections for Male spanks Female,  Female spanks Female and Female spanks Male. There isn’t a Male spanks Male section as of yet but I will add one if the need is there. (P.S. my site can also be searched by spanking genre as each post has tags that are either M/FF/F or F/M,  you just have to click each tag to see those posts).

In 2020 I am likely to go to two spanking parties and my goal at these parties is to try and interview CLIPS4SALE producers to give them individual promotion. The goal is to sit down for 15-20,  ask a few questions and allow the producer to talk about their reasons for doing what they are doing. Of course there are many content creators who don’t go to parties but that doesn’t mean that I can’t promote their CLIPS4SALE sites with individual posts. It all depends on how much each person wants to invest themselves into utilizing my forum to promote their products. Remember,  this is nothing but a labor of love,  it is my way of giving back to the spanking community and I am more than happy to help people get their product out there. So again,  if you are a producer and you want your store spammed,  just talk to me. Free promotion with no strings attached.

Who knows,  maybe I will make a return to making some spanking movies. I’m very particular about what I want and I do still have a story to tell. The story might not be as vivid as it once was,  but there is still a SPANKING STORY that I want to tell. In fact I have lots of stories to tell,  so perhaps I will do some filming next year,  who knows.

So the bottom line is this. I’m happy to promote the CLIPS4SALE site of anyone,  if I have missed you then don’t get salty about it,  I would have missed you by accident so just shoot me a message and I will be more than happy to add you. If you want an individual post dedicated to your site to promote your videos,  likewise just reach out to me. Virtual interviews are not unheard of where a producer answers a line of questions with links to their product interspersed throughout the blog post. When you have an individual post written about your store it never goes away. Did you know that the most popular page on this website was written in 2011,  yet the search engines constantly send people to this site via that page.

I’m happy to help out anyone,  I get a lot of satisfaction out of giving to others,  in more ways than one if you know what I mean. So reach out to me and we can tailor something for your VIDEO STORE.


Lily Starr Spanking – Clips4Sale

This is something that is going to be a regular feature on my site come the New Year, promoting various Clips4Sale sites with no strings attached. Now I had planned to post a new story yesterday but to be honest I wasn’t feeling up to writing too much. I did start the story, but this was also the first Christmas that I have had with no family left to share it with.

Now Lily has been running her own Clips4Sale site for years now and she has almost 500 clips available, so you are sure to find something that you like. Just scroll through the links below and browse her material at your leisure, there is a lot to go through.

In the clip that I have selected here you are going to have three options, the angle that is shown in the preview clip, a facecam, or, the complete movie featuring both.

I’m going to purchase the clip myself this weekend, I just haven’t decided which one I want. If the facecam had been moved to the left a little bit and raised slightly, so that you can also see the bottom in the background, then it would be a no brainer. I love that angle personally, but just a pure facecam doesn’t totally do it for me, I want to see at least the hillocks of the bottom getting impact along with the facecam. That said, I haven’t fully decided if I am going to buy the buttcam shown below or the full movie, I have a couple of days to decide though I will probably go with the full version regardless.

The spanking shown features Kajira Bound in her white satin panties getting a spanking from Robert Wolf in a Daddy/Daughter roleplay. Robert is a great guy, though I haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with him for a few years now. Lily is also a super sweet girl who I only had the pleasure of playing with just the once for a light caning. Kajira I don’t know personally, though we were at the same party once. I remember because she was on the spanking bench getting caned as I tried to slip past, but when you are in a party room and the spanking bench is being used by someone swinging a cane, you have no choice but to watch. Mind you, I obviously wasn’t complaining from my vantage point.

So, CLICK THIS LINK to watch a preview clip of the scene featuring the image above.

Then, CLICK THIS LINK to check out the entire contents of Lily’s Clips4Sale site. If you find something that you like, please go ahead and make a purchase. Let’s support the people who make content for us to enjoy.

Finally, before you leave, also be sure to check out LILY’S WEBSITE where you can also find out more information about her and the additional services that she provides. It is well worth a visit.

This store will be added to my new CLIPS4SALE sites page.

My Summer With Aunt Melissa

I just uploaded my new video to my spanking store but I’m not ready with a promo page yet,  so here is a link to the store and that will allow me to focus on today’s post,  the new full length spanking movie starring Lily Anna,  Tina Tink and Amber Pixie Wells as Aunt Melissa.

What follows is the main description of the 67 minute movie but you can find the complete details by CLICKING HERE.

“Take a step back in time to the 1950’s as Sian (Lily Anna) spends the summer with her Aunt Melissa (Amber) and cousin Anthea (Tina).  Melissa runs a strict household and is a firm believer in loving domestic discipline even for her 19 year old daughter and niece.  Whenever either girl acts up,  she can be assured of three things –  ruler smacked hands,  a well-spanked bottom,  and a bedtime spanking reminder to behave.”

Now if you like the preview clip,  this is where you can buy the whole movie by clicking the link below. You can either buy individual clips or the entire movie for $25.99.

Click Here For Lily Anna and Pixie’s Spanking Clips

2011. A Year To Remember

My intention tonight had been to write about 2011, but based on the fact that I have three other websites to update I will have to put that off until tomorrow. What I will tell you though is that it has now been a week since I started tagging posts and I was hugely surprised at the stats so far. This blog has roughly 80 tags and do you want to know what the first week has revealed? People are hitting the tags without a doubt, they are using them to search for their favorite items. Here’s the funny thing though, the tag “Nylon panties” has been viewed FOUR times more than the next nearest tag. Seriously, out of all 80 tags, the tag “Nylon panties” has 25% of ALL tag page views, it’s crazy!! Another surprise being that this is primarily a M/F blog, more people have searched for F/F than they have M/F.

My first chore tonight is to fix up the “My Online Shoots” and “My videos” pages as they both get huge hits, but as we have so many people looking for nylon panties, here is a five minute video that I did featuring Michele and Amber Grey both getting spanked while they wear white nylon panties 🙂

The Wheels Are Turning

It’s amazing what a few days off from the spanking world can do for you.

It has been pretty clear to see that over the last few weeks I have helped my friends get kick started with their online clips. You cannot imagine the joy I felt when I saw that after the initial two weeks, the Videos group currently stands as the number 3 top studio behind Firmhand and Shadowlane in the spanking category on clips4sale.

So this actually got me thinking. Based on the numbers of visitors that my series of websites attain, the idea came to me to create a new site solely to promote individual producers of spanking content on clips4sale. There are questions with that though, the main one being how could I possibly keep up with it all. Each producer would have their own method for their content, and whilst I would expect most people to be very humble and flattered that I would promote them for free, there of course would be the other side of the penny where there would be greedy, demanding people who would try to dictate how I did things, dictating of course to the point that they benefit the most.

The thing is though, I love to help people. There is a great joy being able to use one’s resources for the benefit of others. Clips4sale has no referral program so there would be no financial benefit for me in doing this, just a kindness to help others. Now of course I could work in some extra perks for myself like putting my own clips4sale banner at the top of the site, as well as putting my affiliate programs down the side. There is so much great material out there that many people are not aware of that I would love to aid the spankos out there who are trying to market their art.

I’m probably going to go ahead with the idea, between all of my sites I get over 3,000 visitors a day combined, so I am sure nobody would mind the extra traffic. Now then, of course there would need to be rules, something that perhaps my readers here could offer some suggestions with. I have a few ideas and I am going to list what I have come up with first.

First of all I would need to compose a ‘Rules’ email so that everyone is on the same page. Something simple like every studio HAS to email me their updates to promote, I won’t be chasing down anyone for their updates. Each update can contain a link to an online video trailer, 4 pics, video description and banner. The biggest problem however will be keeping up with everything so this is what I thought of to combat that. The site would be updated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with each producer being assigned one of those days, so if they posted 3 clips that week then all three would be posted on Monday as an example. That way would maintain some fairness and address my fear above that a few people may try to dominate the site with hourly updates, and demands of high listings, better banner placement etc etc. My goal in this would be for the benefit of ALL producers to get a fair share of the pie.

Like I said, the benefits to me would be very minimal, other than of course being able to promote my own clips, but let’s be honest here, I can promote my own clips anytime that I want on my own sites without having to share. That isn’t in my nature though, I think there is a great market out there for producers and I would love to kick start some of them. Remember, most of these folks have no resources to promote their material. I guess the one benefit that I could create for myself would be to use the weekends for my own purpose. If I am giving three days a week to promote everyone else, perhaps I can use Saturday and Sunday for my own promotional purposes.

Does anyone have any thoughts and ideas regarding this? I would love to hear them if you do. My biggest fear is greed as once again this would be something that I would be doing to benefit the community as a whole, and there is nothing worse than being disrespected when you are using your kindness to benefit someone else. Trust me, I have been down the road of doing something nice for others in the community only to get slapped in the face, HARD!!! There is clearly a purpose though that a ton of these smaller, independent producers could really benefit from some free promotion, and there really is little that is more satisfying than knowing you are helping others along with a little nudge.

Okay, that is out of the way. My latest video has been added to clips4sale so please feel free to check it out. I know these videos have been out there for a year already, but it is only now that I can start to cash in a little bit on them. The latest video is Sarah – Snack Bar Blues where I spank Sarah Gregory in her nightie, panties and bare bottom. 14 minutes of male spanks female over the knee action 🙂

New For 2011

My plan to launch my own line of spanking videos is finally underway. There were some glitches along the way, and I am seriously out of pocket right now, lol, but I am ready to get this project underway. Now I’m not looking to make any money out of this, but if I can make back what I pay the models then I will be delighted to produce my own work.

Most of the videos that I currently have I shot with Sarah Gregory though I also have the ones that I shot with Amber Grey. This Spring I have some great shoots planned including one that I am really excited about. Again, I will be paying a model to do the shoot with me, and if I can recover that money then I am going to be over the moon being able to shoot a video the way that I want to shoot one. Of course I will do more as the year goes on. My store can be found right here http://www.clips4sale.com/38732.

Now I have half a dozen videos up already, including this video that I have for you in the way of a trailer. Underneath the video there are a bunch of screencaps for you. My mind of course is racing with ideas, I wonder if there is a naughty girl somewhere who owns a ‘Dorothy’ outfit who would like to do a fun video with me, hmmm?

Spanking Library

There is a website out there that is just getting underway and it is a subsidiary of Spanking Tube. Now this will be of special interest to the folks who have bought clips from clips4sale, or likeminded sites. This isn’t an affiliate btw, so I am not spamming just to get a cut, this is an actual spanking site catering solely to our lifestyle and it is one that I thought that you may be interested in.

On this particular site I will be eventually selling the videos that I make, in fact I have a whole bunch of them that I shot with Sarah Gregory that I will be adding soon that are freakin’ awesome if I don’t mind saying so myself. At the moment I only have two up, but I will be adding a third tonight which will be the two that I have up combined into one video. Now the awesome part about this particular store is that the owners of the material can dictate how much they sell their clips for. Unlike clips4sale which has a certain guideline as to how low you can sell a clip, spanking library allows the user to set the price on their own. Now as one that is not looking to make a million dollars from this venture, what I do is look at the price of DVD’s and set my price accordingly based on how long the clip is, which happens to be much lower than the clips4sale price.

Several of my friends also have stores on spanking library and in this section I am about to link to each store so that you can go and check them out if you so wish. There is no obligation here, I am just dishing out some love to people I like in the hopes that they may get a customer or two. My guess is that a lot of people are unaware of the site and I am hoping to kick start it a little bit by sending my readers over there. So here are half a dozen (or 6 of the best ;-)) that I think you might want to see, and are people that I consider friends of mine, even if it is only through the cyber world.

The first one of course is my own page on the site, just click on each picture and you will be taken to that owners particular store.

The House Of Richard Windsor:

Amber Paddled Pink:

Cali Cutie:

Lily Starr:

Northern Spanking: