Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 108

I’m taking a few minutes out from working to get a post up today, just to keep the blog going. My annual fee was automatically charged this week so I have the blog for another year 🙂 Of course my motivation waivers from time to time due to the lack of interaction, however I still have hundreds of rare pics still to share, plus 1000’s of others that may have been posted elsewhere before. Certainly enough already to keep me going on this blog for another ten years or so.

The image this week is a bit of a missed opportunity. It is a SUPERLATIVES photo, but it doesn’t appear that the guy really knows what he is doing. She is certainly ready herself, any volunteers?

4 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 108

  1. Hint taken me owd.
    I tend to only speak when I have some to say.
    There is something that I;ve been wodering about, I orten look at the blogs on BDSMLR and I;ve noticed that a fair few of the pics are WebP images which can’t be saved in the normal way. I can be done via *paint* but is often disappointing, Gifs as WebP seem to be impossible.
    Do you know why they do this and can they be saved in another way?

    Have you heard about the new breakaway football super league? The top six clubs in the Prem are part of it.
    Bye for now

  2. Oh there was no hint, Colin, just a statement of fact. There is barely any interaction on here, people don’t want to engage, they just want free pics 🙂 There is nothing wrong with it, I was just pointing out that it is quite natural for someone’s motivation to wane if there is no interaction. If there was more engagement I would be likely to post more, but there isn’t, so I just go at my own pace 🙂

    Unfortunately I haven’t visited BDSMLR so I’m not sure what the image situation is there. What I do for WebP files is click the PrtScn button and then paste it into an image program called Irfanview. Sometimes they will need to be cropped but it is better than nothing.

    Yes, I have heard of the super league but I honestly don’t think that it will come to fruition. Simply because players are likely to be banned from representing their countries.


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