Back From Vegas

There is so much to write about today that I hope I keep your attention enough for the entire post.

First of all I have just come back from the 50 Freaks party in Vegas where I had the most fun for many a party. When you kick things off by giving ellee a spanking you just know that it is going to be a good party. It has been over a year since I last saw ellee and she is pure delight to play with so I was very happy when she asked me if I wanted to play.

One thing that I did this party was actually shoot a couple of scenes for some video companies. I’ve always said that I had one movie left in me,but on this occasion I was actually asked if I would film for someone. Now as of yet I am not certain what site these clips are going to be used on,so there will be further posts down the line once that has been decided. What I can say though is that the lady in the picture below, the delightful Johanna Sullivan (Johanna on Twitter), is part of the group SPANKO PRODUCTIONS. That is not to say that this film will be on that site, once that has been decided I will fully update the information and provide links so that you can see the movie.

On the subject of films, as you may know I have slowed down on the site for the last year and change. The reason that I mention that is because there has been a lot in the spanking world that I have missed. It isn’t too late to make amends on that with a link but first I want to talk to you about my vision for a movie.

First of all I recommend that you watch this 5 minute clip starring Zoe Page. Zoe is a well known female top who has appeared in many productions so this is a very rare glimpse of her. There is no actual spanking in the 5 minute clip, but the build up is perfection. I’ve said it on here before, Zoe is a stunningly attractive woman. I only met her once but had this need to spank her, only to find out her niche was something different. I’m okay with that though, sometimes fantasy is better than reality.

So onto my vision for a film. I’ve always said that I have one film left in me and the clip above featuring Zoe is very much in the vain of what I want to film, only done in the way that I like to do films. The first thing that I would need to do would be to find the right girl to film with. She is going to have to be a good actress and convey apprehension well.

Much like the video above, the first 90 seconds to two minutes will be solely devoted to the emotions displayed by the girl who is going to be getting spanked. If you have ever watched one of my videos you will know that I like to scold a lot, for this video I want to say very little.

The scene sets with a schoolgirl sat on her bed, pacing, looking out the window etc. The door opens and the only sounds are from the girl pleading that she won’t do it again. I sit down and tell her to come over while the girl pouts and reluctantly resigns herself to her fate. Once OTK I deliberately and slowly pull her skirt up and arrange it, the girl of course will fuss during this. Then the spanking will begin, VERY slowly and deliberate, and hard.

It will only be about 50-100 spanks and once it is done I will tell her to go to her room as she rubs her butt to prepare for the belt. She stomps her foot and leaves. Once in the bedroom the scene is set with the girl lying down, panties rolled down to mid thigh and bottom up. I then take my belt off and once again apply it slowly.

There will be a lot of intricacies but I have this wonderful vision in my mind. I will pay well for the film, it is just a matter of finding the right girl to do this with.

And He’s Back

It’s about bloody time I hear you all say.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this last year, or nearly two years ago now, but there was a time where I was going to have to move to Boston for work. It was one of those things that I stuck out and if the move happened then it happened.

Well I have spent most of the last three weeks in Boston, but rather than moving there, I’m actually up there closing our Boston office. Obviously a man has to work, unless you were lucky enough to be given a silver spoon to eat from for the rest of your life, but I have to admit that I am really happy to be closing that office as I love New York like you wouldn’t believe. Every day I go to work in New York and no word of a lie, I see the skyline each morning and nighttime, and I make sure to look at it and smile. It is like the first time that I flew over New York way back in 1985. I am so incredibly lucky.

Anyway, through one thing or another the Boston work crew is now a skeleton crew so between now and Christmas I will spend most of my work week there until I have cleared it out. So in a nutshell that means that I need to start pulling my finger out and updating ahead of time so that you guys have something to look at each week.

So to start with this week, when I got back from Boston last night I watched the new Shadowlane video up on Hot Movies. That Violet October is a very cute girl, looks like I have missed my Shadowlane calling for a little while I think, lol. The movie is called THE SPANKING GIRL and you can purchase it at Shadowlane by clicking the highlighted text.

Alternatively, if you are an  “In demand” person like I am, you can skip the queue and watch it right now over on Hot Movies. I’ve been a member of this site for years now, just pay your $20 or whatever you decide and then use your minutes watching whatever you want. Best subscription I have ever used because I am in charge of what I watch.

THE SPANKING GIRL ON HOT MOVIES <——Click to watch the movie on Hot Movies.


What Do I Like In Spanking Films?

Do not forget, the Shadowlane party will soon be upon us, I will be there as usual and I hope that you all make it this year. Here is the link to the party page, it is the event of a lifetime and I wouldn’t miss it for the world. There will be more coming up on the party shortly.

Shadowlane Spanking Party

Eve Howard is running a survey for the new issue of Stand Corrected,funny thing is, I wonder if she will also be accused of masturbatory behaviour and in need of a box of Kleenex, but I digress 🙂

Now I filled the survey out myself, but it was the very last question that really caught my eye “What have you not seen in a spanking video that you would like to see”Here is the Women’s survey and this link is for the Men’s survey.

That question was really difficult for me because I don’t know if there really is anything more that I would like to see that I haven’t already.

Kisa Corvin and I at last years party

The first spanking films that I watched were in a seedy cinema near to the Janus store in London. I was a very young man and some of these films were super 8 loops featuring basically every English spanking film at the time. Here is what caught my eye though, NONE of them represented what I wanted and what I was looking for in a spanking film. If I was lucky there would be a 5 minute section that caught my attention, but for me at the time, and remember I hadn’t long left high school myself, these films were really harsh. The formula would start with an OTK scene that predominantly went straight to the bare, and if it didn’t it started, very briefly, over hideous looking school knickers. Trust me, at that time the girls I went to school with were NOT wearing those types of knickers. You can read the tale of the first spanking that I ever gave right here.

Once the movie started in earnest we were all treated to a heavy does of the cane or sometimes the use of a tawse. The bottom line, none of it represented what I wanted or what I was looking for in the spanking world. In my mind it represented what I had already had,a spunky girl who gets an OTK spanking, and her choice of clothing would be modern for the time, specifically, she would be wearing sexy knickers and not the thick granny panties portrayed in the movies.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking the films themselves, I know a great many people would, and still do enjoy that type of film, it just wasn’t for me, it wasn’t representative of what spanking meant for me.

In 1987 I moved to America, at the time it wasn’t permanent, but it was the start. In June of 1988 the move became permanent for me. Now my initial play experiences were few and far between,almost to a point of being a fantasy.

In 1985, when I first came to America at the age of 22, I worked at a summer camp for a few short months. During that time I got to experience something that I had neither heard of nor was aware of, and this was birthday spankings. Not even a mention of the smallest degree had I heard about this.The event itself was so nondescript as well, but I remember it like it was yesterday. A counselor had turned 21 years old, she stood on a chair and a group of other staff took turns giving her a shot with a broom. Honestly I don’t know what they call the brooms, but they are the ones that you would envision that a witch uses. Like I said, it was nothing more than symbolic, there wasn’t anything that would resemble a spank, it was more a matter of touching a bottom with the broom, but oh my god, was I ever interested in finding out about it.

Now I’m not totally sure of the year, but a good guess was that it would indeed be 1989 (90 at the latest) that I first discovered an American spanking magazine. I know from my initial thoughts that it was showing me something far different from what I had seen in the UK, even if it was staged.

If you are a pedantic sort, you can search my archives with a fine tooth comb to try and find some inconsistencies, but I feel absolutely certain that the very first spanking film that I ever watched was Tony and Eve –A College Fantasy, so not only was it the first, but it was and still is my favorite spanking film ever made. (read my review here)

Here is what it meant to me at the time that I bought it. I knew what I wanted in the spanking world, and other than a few important pictures that I had seen in the British spanking magazines, there was nothing up until that point that had captured what spanking meant to me. Coincidentally, I am also in the middle of writing my review about when I would first visit the Janus store in London back in the 1979-1984 era.

So Eve Howard must certainly became my first spanking crush based on that first film. The initial look on her face when she received 3 swats from Tony in front of her locker, oh my god, that was it, that is what I was looking for. The scenes that followed I don’t need to repeat if you read my review, but it was just about as perfect as I could wish for. The air of romance between the two, the clothing, the good sound spanking but done with a tinge of humor. Even to this day I would still watch the film from start to finish.

There are aspects of what I want in a spanking film that Tony and Eve covered in their entirety. A flirty schoolgirl with perfect mannerisms, a SLIP, yes, the most forgotten item in the spanking world, a slip worn under the skirt, and as important as anything, silky white panties as only the 80’s could produce. Remember, that was my first experience, so to see Eve spanked 3 times and each time she was wearing sexy adult panties, I knew that I had arrived. This is what I wanted in a spanking film, it isn’t anything outrageous, there was no need to push an envelope, it was as simple as a good sound hand spanking and an aesthetic appeal that made me feel that it was real.

Of course it didn’t take long for me to want to see more, so back to Kinematics I would go, desperate to be ripped off by paying twice as much for a video. Now what I had seen with Eve Howard was what I wanted, so I was just had to find another video with her in it, at least that way I knew that what I was buying from the video description would be something that I wanted. The second video that I purchased was “Out of the closet”from Nuwest, it had Eve Howard in it so I couldn’t go wrong, right?

If you have not seen this film it is another one that I would recommend, though perhaps for different reasons. The first part of this film featured a woman by the name of Pam? I believe, or perhaps it was Pat (think she also went by Michelle). Either way, the first part of the film was this lady wanted to spank another woman, and that woman of course was Eve Howard. Now it was 25 years ago so I don’t recall exactly how it happened, but at a guess I probably rewound that VHS tape and watched that scene several times over before moving on to the next scene. It was something that was really hot.

In the next scene we had Ed Lee and Tony Elka spanking both girls together, sat opposite each other and even spanking the girl on the opposite lap. Again, it was a hard hand spanking, but it served exactly the purpose that I wanted. The final scene unfortunately didn’t reach me at all, and I’m not knocking the scene itself, indeed, if you like to watch a very hard application of the hairbrush you won’t go wrong watching the final scene, it was as hard of a hairbrushing as I have ever seen. For me though, as I have mentioned numerous times, in my home life I was rarely spanked. Hit, oh yes, hit many times and many times over with an implement of choice, but at no point would anyone viewing it have considered it to even remotely resemble spanking. On those rare occasions where an actual spanking occurred, well, I have no doubt that the final scene of that film would have resembled it. Like I said,I’m not knocking the scene itself, but based on my personal experience it left me with a bad feeling. I was looking for something that touched me and I had that, I just watched for a little too long.

So the question was “What would you like to see in a spanking film that you have yet to see”

Honestly, there isn’t anything. I would like a recreation of what I first saw that had a profound impact on me, and fortunately through the years I have found that in the Shadowlane films. Not every film did it for me, and remember, I was buying them from a store where I was being charged an arm and a leg, so if I didn’t like a film then I was hit double having paid a lot for it.

For me it is about formula as opposed to a specific scene. The characters in the film are as important to me as any scenario that is being played out,indeed, the choice of clothing is also as important to me as anything.

This is the formula as seen through the eyes of Richard Windsor. You have two players who have an attraction towards each other, I’m not even talking anything overt here either, just two people who can play off of each other. Honestly, their physical appearance is of little interest to me just as long as they communicate well with each other. I’m very old fashioned, I want to see a girl dressed as a girly girl, that means skirts or dresses, stockings, silky panties (no thongs) or something else equally believable. It could be pajamas, nightshirt, shorts, sweatpants, they are all feminine and sexy. I’m not opposed to costumes at all, anyone who remembers Goldie in this infamous Shadowlane picture would know that.

The bottom line is, I want the character to be believable. I want the girl to know she is going to get a spanking, it is my fantasy world and in that fantasy world a girl gets spanked when she is naughty. The characters have to represent that to me, I want them to portray that a spanking is a natural consequence to their behaviour, even if I have to suspend belief that a neighbor wouldn’t really spank another neighbor for playing music too loud.

Here is the key though, they know that they are going to get spanked but they have a bit of feistiness in them. Sure, they are going to get their bottoms spanked, but I want them to display a bit of spunk before they get it. I want them to verbally resist a spanking, not physically, after all, it is natural in my world to get spanked for being naughty. When the time comes though they go over the lap willingly, albeit they are protesting verbally. The spanking itself doesn’t have to be hard by any means, it is all about the overall product in my eyes.

Here is one example of what I am talking about, as much as I love Tony and Eve –A College fantasy, Shadowlane also produced what I believed to be the hottest spanking film out there. Now it isn’t hot for any other reason than the fact the the whole scenario really gets to me in a good way. On one side you have a very attractive man in Tom Byron, rugged, good looking and very toppy. On the other side you have Kristie Imboch, shy, demure, sexy and inquisitive. The whole scene is about two people who have met online and have returned from dinner. It is a scene that is played out all over the spanking world, I have played it myself many times and I will no doubt play it in the future. You meet someone on a spanking date and you don’t know how it is going to progress, even if you both want it to happen. In this film Kristie Imboch is as vulnerable as it gets, indeed her character comes off initially as almost embarrassed, but she puts her best foot forward and plays along.

The spanking itself is hard right from the get go, and that is just with the hand. I actually remember the very first swat and saying to myself “Damn”. In a spanking film I don’t want to watch sexual acts, that’s just me, but this film was as sexy as anything that I have seen. The word sexy to me means romance, not butt plugs, anal beads and vibrators.

I wonder if anyone is interested in me breaking down what I do and don’t like in a spanking film?

I like the chemistry, it is all about the chemistry. I don’t care if it is scripted, if it comes off that it doesn’t look scripted then that works best for me. Scripts are great, just as long as the girl is free to be herself, her remarks can be a really important part of the film and I want to believe that she is as sassy as she is coming off. I don’t want to hear a girl curse in a film, a soft curse is great,  so is a big one if it is just one, but I don’t want to hear a potty mouth.

Clothing is as important as anything,I want the guy to look sharp. No particular dress style, just someone who is well groomed. For a girl I could write a book, to me it is about sexiness as seen through my eyes. I’m not in the realm of criticizing someone else, these thoughts are what it means to me. My definition of femininity in a spanking scene is simple, a pretty dress or skirt, stockings, slip, silky panties, pajamas, any combination of the above really. My version of femininity is chauvinistic I guess, but it is what I like, I want to see a girly girl.

What I don’t want is baggy jeans, thongs, low rise briefs, cotton anything, and the guy has to be kempt, I sure as heck don’t want to see a scruffy Mcduffy doing the spanking. Oh, and I want the guy to act like a manly man, rugged, stern and commanding.

What scene do I want to see? That is so subjective really, the scene set up is of little importance. This is where I stand, I am watching a spanking film, I know a spanking is going to happen. Let us suspend belief just like they do for pro wrestling, we know it is scripted so be done with that part already. So I don’t want the shock and horror “Oh my god,not a spanking!” The world of spanking movies should have one rule, a spanking is a consequence of bad behavior. I don’t need an explanation, in this realm it is perfectly acceptable for a man to spank a woman. Now from a fantasy aspect the players both know that spankings happen, but of course there is the surprise element of YOU are going to spank me?

Cameras, oh how I love cameras. I’m also old fashioned/prudish in the area, I don’t want to see a butt cam, I have no use for it. I know that many people do like this, but I’m one of the ones who doesn’t. Spanking to me still has a certain innocence to it and I’m not interested in seeing a pound of vag. The standard full on shot works fine, perhaps even one slightly from the butt end but not showing all the goodies. My absolute favorite angle though is displayed below. I love to see the faces of both players, while also seeing the delightful female form as the bottom sticks up. I’m not saying that I want to watch the entire film from this angle, but I would be happy if every film at least had a few minutes from this angle.

As for severity, again, I’m on the lower end of the scale. I want it to hurt, I want to see that the smacks are crisp, but beyond a good sound hand spanking I don’t ask for much more. A small wooden paddle works a treat, as does a hairbrush. Belts I am okay with, in fact most films that I make include the belt, why? Not because I like them so much, but because scenes with the belt sell.

Probably the final part is the interaction, I love banter but I don’t want the whole film to be banter. I’m also not overly joyed when things get fancy, I want to see a hand go up and then come back down. I loathe the upward spank strokes which I see mostly in British films, I don’t want to see a guys hand fishtailing like he is conducting an orchestra, and if I had my way, the girl would squirm for the spanking, kicking, yelping and gyrating.

That is all that I look for in a spanking film. When I see a film that incorporates as much of that as possible in one film then I am a happy man. Shadowlane pretty much has that covered for me which is why I have been a fan for decades now, I would perhaps like to see more of my favorite camera angle in their films, but overall what they produce reaches me far more than any other production that I have watched. Here are some Shadowlane links for you, the good part about these is that not only does Shadowlane get paid, but I also get a cut as a reseller!! Hey, I’m honest if for nothing else.

Punishment Book

Hi guys,as you would have noticed,I have been absent online for a while now. There are big changes at work right now that have reduced my online time dramatically,in fact I am in job preservation mode at the moment. I will continue to post,but for the time being the posts may well be videos and pictures. To start with,here is a great Shadowlane film called punishment book.

Thrill to sound spanking,firm correction,a serious attitude,genuine contrition,real love and warmth in a fabulous new production featuring a beautiful and 100% real young couple in the scene.

23 years old each,Lizzy and David are the youngest real life couple to ever come our way. We met them at one of our parties,where they told us about how they practice discipline at home:hard and for real. After Lizzy is punished,she must record her offence and the spanking received for it in a journal. Reflecting on her faults leads to self improvement and expiation of guilt. But having a cute and very strict boyfriend to administer the spankings does turn duty into a kind of pleasure for this sweetly submissive young lady. You’ll love Lizzy’s reactions to her young man’s stern corrections in this 3 act domestic discipline classic.

This film can be rented for $5.95 for 7 days. Where else can you rent spanking movies? Just click the picture below or on any of the box covers for the link to the video. It is an awesome film and can be rented for a really good price of $5.95 for 7 days.

The Shadowlane Sale

This weekend here in America we get an extra hour as the clocks go back for daylight savings time,and what better way to spend that extra hour than using it on something productive like a spanking movie or two 🙂

The good people over at Shadowlane,Tony,Eve and Butch are running a sale called “Spank the living daylight saving time sale”. Here’s how part one of the sale works,simply click the picture below and go direct to their website and go shopping. Buy one DVD,get one free,buy 2 get 2 free,buy 5 get 5 free,etc,etc. The sale only runs until Sunday night so click the picture below and buy some high quality DVD’s. Under the picture is part two of the sale.

To coincide with the Shadowlane sale,I have also configured their Video On Demand store for you to receive 20 minutes free on any video you choose. Almost the entire Shadowlane catalogue is available to watch on demand,and as I have mentioned before,I have been an on demand customer myself for 18 months now. You can do one of two things,you can sign up and get the 20 minutes free and be done with it,but,should you choose when your free minutes run out,you can select one of their awesome offers. Check out the free minutes and if you like what you see you have the option to buy something. Currently from my series of sites I have referred 500 customers who are currently active members of Hot Movies,so an awful lot of people like watching videos on demand. Click the box cover below to claim your 20 free video minutes and to browse what Shadowlane have to offer.

Here are some of their optional membership fees. Most films,just like any video store,have a weekly rental fee of $5.95 for any video you want to see,however,you could also be like me and choose one of their deals where you pay for minutes instead. As an example,for $19.95,you can get 200 minutes to use anywhere that you want on the site,literally 150,000 films to choose from. So think about that,for 200 minutes you can probably watch 6 Shadowlane films for 20 bucks. The price structure goes like any other site,the more you pay for the better the deal is that you get. On the higher end,and I do have people who use this option,you can pay $86.95 and get 1000 minutes to spank your monkey to 🙂 I personally love this site as I know others do,like I said,in my referral bank I currently have 500 customers who have signed up by following a link from one of my sites. Pay attention webmasters,if you put the work in then the payouts are insane!!! Don’t be put of by the 25% payout,this site pays me more than all of my other referral programs combined. That isn’t an exaggeration either,I love my monthly Hot Movies check 🙂

Back From Vegas

The party reports should start tomorrow,but needless to say it was a fantastic party. It was great to spend the time with my friends,watch the funny video skits that we did with Strictly Spanking Videos  be shown at their suite party,and spend quality time with good people. There WILL be a full report this time,I only managed two interviews and the webcamwas a disaster,that’s $70 blown trying to give you guys entertainment,lol 🙂 The interviews are great though and should be posted this week!!

The highlight of my weekend was meeting a vanilla who accompanied her friend to the party as moral support,bet you can guess what happened,can’t you? And yes,there are pics of the event somewhere,though I don’t have them right now. The highlight wasn’t actually the spanking,that was the cherry on top,the highlight was welcoming 2 people into the scene and throwing an impromptu room party that went on until well past 7am,more about that later though. If I am not mistaken I also believe that she is the first Scottish person I have spanked.

Today has been a relaxation day,but the reports should start tomorrow.

Just testing a gallery below this.

Spanking Pics,Party News and a New Blog.

Do you guys want to see what you missed out on during the live webcam on Saturday? Well,for the 11 of you tuned in during the actual spanking,this is what you got to see. And yes,this was real as well!! All day at the party Pixie did nothing but sass me. It has been a long time since I had that young lady over my knee so I am thinking that she wanted to make sure that she got her spanking from me on Saturday. In fact if that wasn’t a big enough clue,perhaps the fact that she was wearing white nylon panties might have tipped me off 😉

I took part in a lot of fun footage that was shot this past weekend for a site that is soon to be announced. At the Shadowlane party they will be vending their DVD’s,and within the next few days I will be posting their first trailer. The website itself will probably be launched later this year and I am assisting them with the website building process right now. Due to the fact that I have a bunch of my own sites and that I am writing a book,it will be a slow process,lol.

On the subject of Shadowlane though,I am getting super excited about going!! As I mentioned previously,I have 5 interviews set up,all of which I hope to have a live webcam running on. Three of the girls will be getting a spanking at the end of the interview,two of them for a special cause and the other just as a playful extra to the interview. Another lady will be doing her own spanking at the end of her interview.

Aside from that though,there are a lot of people who I am looking forward to meeting for the first time along with seeing some old time friends. Many of these people cannot be named due to privacy issues. At the party I will be hanging primarily with my Strictly Spanking New York friends,but equally I want to spend a lot of time with my two good friends,Kat the Brat and Sarah Rocks. As there are a lot of people coming over from the UK I would also like to meet as many of them as I can. Some of these people are friends already,whether that be from previous experience or through an online connection,but some of them I have never spoken to before. With my charm perhaps I can get one of them to join me in a live webcam spanking.

In regards to the webcam,I have no idea exactly when it will be on. At the very least I am going to try and notify the readers constantly of what I have coming up,but there may also be spur of the moment times when the camera gets switched on. Just be good to yourselves and stay tuned 🙂

Finally for now,I just want to let you guys know that I have started a Punished Brats Blog. Being that they are all really good friends of mine and I like to promote their work,I created a separate website where I can constantly show you ALL of their updates as well as details on their other material that can be found on the net. Just click the link below to pay a visit to the new site,and if you want to be linked in to it then just drop me an email either at or at .

Now click the link below to go to the new site and be sure to check out the free galleries and spanking pics at the bottom of the link.


Just Two Days Remaining!!!

For some reason I am on a total posting frenzy right now,almost every day this week I have posted something,and today will be no different!!

First up is the CAUSE FOR PAWS AUCTION Auction. There are just two days left for the 16 items that are currently listed so if you want something on the list,now is the time to put your bids in. Of course I practice what I preach and today I was trying to win the set of spanking books up for offer,but after submitting two bids I was still outbid. Not to worry though,I will give it one more shot and if I can’t get them then I will bid on something else!! Please head on over there though and browse through the items listed,some of them don’t have any bids on them yet and there are some great deals on offer. CAUSE FOR PAWS AUCTION.

{Update: Pisscakes!! I just bid 25 notes for the spanking books and it still isn’t enough to win them,damnit!!! Time to go Brooklyn style on his ass I think}

There are still more items to list for the next week including five DVD’s from SHADOWLANE and a collection of spanking films from NORTHERN SPANKING,as well as some other items that Pixie will be adding.

{Update:The Northern spanking and Shadowlane videos are now up for auction,get your asses over there}

Other news,well,you are all going to be happy to hear that on Saturday night I will indeed be running a live webcam!! All I need to do is settle on a time for this to take place and a couple of logistics,but a live webcam show you will get. I have two options for this,one is to put the stream live on this site,and should that feed get booted then I have an external link where the event will be shown. Don’t expect much but this is going to be my test run for Shadowlane and for a future project that I am assisting with. Probably on Saturday I will announce the time of this event.

On the subject of Shadowlane I have been making my contacts and preparing for the fun activities. The first thing I am going to do is set up a time of 5pm Eastern to have a live webcam showing on the Saturday afternoon. So for anyone at Shadowlane who wishes to take part the event will take place at 2pm in the afternoon on the Saturday. The reason for this time is for all of my readers in the UK and Europe,due to the time difference the webcam feed will be at 10pm in the UK and 11pm in the rest of Europe.

I’m going to have an open door for this event,so only the people who are okay with being on camera should attend. Also,as of right now I am going to let bygones be bygones and allow anyone who wishes to come,to come. One thing that seriously grates me is troublemakers stirring up shit,so this should be an opportunity for everyone to get some live action to show just exactly who they are for people to make their own minds up on a persons character. Hopefully the webcam event will show all the people who have thought about attending a party just how much fun can be had at a spanking party. It’s all for free,nobody is charging anything and nobody is being paid anything,this should be seen as an opportunity to give something to the spanking community!! I’m preparing to have an array of toys on hand that are made by CANE-IAC,both the cane master and the cane mistress are two of the nicest people in the scene and their products are freaking awesome,not only that but they are cost efficient as well. Check their site out for yourself and don’t forget to use the code at the top of this blog for a discount.


My interviews for Shadowlane are pretty much set as well. Of course I will try to stream these live as well,but there is no guarantee on that. The list of interviewee’s is as follows. Cassandra Park,Alicia Panettierre,Spanking Sophie,Erica Scott and just added today,Lucy McLean.

Now I do want to add Miss Chris to the list but I haven’t reached out to her yet. All interviews will be posted on spankingtube and this site,I get enjoyment from using my resources to promote good people.

Finally for now,I have updated my contacts and now I am going to list them for you should you wish to follow me anywhere.

My new email address

You can follow me on Twitter:

My Facebook address is:RICHARD WINDSOR’S FACEBOOK ACCOUNT (Just know though that my facebook account is also my vanilla account,so on there I only really cover my non spanking life)

My Fetlife account:Richard Windsor on FETLIFE

You can also find me on spankolife but that site just gets on my tits so I’m not listing my profile on there. It is one of those places,like Facebook,where lonely people think it is acceptable to start messaging you the moment you sign on. There is a whole rant that I have on that subject but let me make my position clear,I am logging on to these sites because I want to use my time to catch up with them,I’m not logging on because you are bored and you see fresh meat to attack. I’m easily reached,just send me a private message and I will respond,but I will do so on my time!!

What Richard Windsor is currently bidding on!!

Again,I am determined enough to win one auction that I gave up on the books and have now started in on one of Northern Spanking’s productions. I’m going to be up front,my early bid for this was $15,so you are going to have to top that if you want any chance of winning this DVD. I am currently bidding on…

Wheatley Manor by Northern Spanking

Here is the DVD boxset description:

Over four hours of spanking action on one DVD boxset:

3-Disc Set
Starring Amelia Jane Rutherford,Niki Flynn,Amy Hunter,Leia Ann Woods,Stephen Lewis and Henry Higgins

Part 1 –running time 1hr 16 minutes
Ever since they left university,Amelia,Niki and Leia Ann have met once a year,to renew their friendship in an indulgent activity,taking it in turns to choose.  Amelia took them paintballing and last year Niki arranged a murder mystery weekend.  Thinking they are in for a dull spa weekend,Amelia and Niki are in for a shock when they arrive at Leia Ann’s choice –Wheatley Manor.

The skimpy uniform,and the rules,leave little to the imagination but the infringement of those rules carries exceptionally painful consequences as the girls first meet Ms Hunter,followed by the quite fearsome Professor Lewis.  One ladies rebellion is harshly put down even before the first session of the course.  Shocked at their treatment,a further shock is to come…Leia Ann has been here before!

Part 2 –running time 1hr 35 minutes
Three young women continue to experience harsh punishments and cruel humiliation at a very untypical English country house retreat.  At some point,even the most willful and rebellious of them must break.  But how long will it take?  And what extremes of discipline will all three suffer in the process? 

Newly empowered,and with the marks beginning to fade,there is a reckoning to be made with the over zealous Ms Hunter…

Part 3 –running time 1hr 32 minutes
Bonus disc containing The Making Of Wheatley Manor,including Out-Takes/Bloopers and Behind The Scenes,Interviews with the cast,Interview with the writer,Interview with the Director and an Alternate Ending.

Implements used are OTK spanking,wooden spoons,floggers,bastinado,hand-tawsing,canes

Remember,I,myself,am bidding on this item 🙂

Kat the Brat is in BIGGGG Trouble

The Shadowlane party is only 3 short weeks away and already people are angling for their spot. Discussions have started on cliques,popularity contests I am sure are underway,and then there are a few of us stalwarts whose ethics and morals need no feeding because it is ingrained within us. For the last couple of weeks I have lived emotionally by two lines that run through my head,the first is a standard that I set for myself and the second is a moral approach that only the strong can adhere to.

The standard that I live by is this,I will only ever allow someone to insult me,disrespect me or take advantage of my kind nature just the one time,it won’t happen a second time. I believe in second chances,however,there has to be sincerity to allow that chance. This is the example in lamen terms,there was not a misunderstanding,you made a mistake. People who take responsibility for their actions rise in my appreciation of them,while those who accept no responsibility for their actions find my respect for them depreciating significantly. Is there a cause for that stance currently? Absolutely not!!!

The stance has always been there,it has just bubbled under the surface. Having been round the block a few times now there no longer needs to be a facade. As I always am,I will remain polite and respectful to EVERYONE I come across,regardless of who their allegiances are towards. I have no enemies in the scene,those people who dislike me there is a pretty good chance that I dislike them also,however,I wish them no ill feeling and I hope that they enjoy their party as much as I intend to. Expect politeness and a cordial approach,do not expect friendship. I’m fiercely loyal to my friends so don’t put them down in front of me,that would show a lack of respect and politeness.

Does that make me sound like a hardass? Well I’m actually not!! Very few people who have encountered me have found me to be anything but pleasant,polite and in good spirits. Only a few of them know though the strong moral and ethical approach that I apply for myself. Consider me to be VERY old fashioned in the way that I deal with others,if a person has ethics then there is a good chance that I will get along with them.

So that brings me to the moral approach that I try to adhere to. It was something that Monique said when she accepted her Oscar and I loved it,these are her words….

“It isn’t about doing the popular thing,it’s about doing the right thing”

Most people know where I am coming from,though having read what I just wrote I’m not so sure that I explained it well. There is no motive for my views,just a better understanding of who I am as a person. If it needs clarification then please just ask me 🙂 Consider it ‘Thinking aloud’as I prepare myself to attend what I hope is a wonderful party,something that I am VERY excited about. As I told someone recently,the 2010 Richard Windsor is attending the party (and the sideburns will be back),not the 1984 Richard Windsor who was a very bad man 🙂 Perhaps these words will be a comfort to some out there. Go to the party to enjoy yourself and don’t carry a bag with you,nobody should ever wield that much power that they prevent you from having a good time. Stand tall and proud 🙂

Okay,that is the prose out of the way,I’m in deep thought tonight so I figured I would share what was on my mind. Want to know what else is on my mind? You do? AWESOME!!!

This Saturday I am getting together with a few people to shoot some video footage. Now it  isn’t really my place to say exactly what is going on,that will come at a later time,but I’m really excited about what I have been asked to do. Being that it is a casual set up I am sure that I can also offer my creative input to this project. NOW THEN,there is no guarantee to this,HOWEVER,I have made a suggestion to the people who are hosting this event and I have offered to run,in part,a portion of the activities live on webcam!! There are a few reasons for this,one is to make sure that we can do a live stream. Another is to test out equipment prior to Shadowlane to make sure everything runs smoothly,and finally,I would love to be able to show you guys some live action on Saturday night. Now like I said,I can’t make any guarantee’s,however,if you check back on this blog on Saturday I should be able to let you know. I will try my best to make an announcement a couple of hours prior to anything taking place if we are able to do it.

Is there anything else on my mind? A couple of things actually,one of which we will get to very shortly. Before I do that though,this week I made a decision that I am going to take the time after the party to sit down and pen a novel. With the advent of the Internet it is possible to now publish your own works,and that is exactly what I am going to do. One thing I had always wanted to do was to write my own biography,but that project should take place next year. What I am currently doing is putting down draft ideas to base a spanking book on. My early thoughts are to set the scene in 1979 (anyone know why?) and base it on a young girl’s exploration into our lifestyle by having been placed in a domestic setting. This may change of course and right now I am just formulating ideas,but come September I will start to write in earnest. It is somewhat exciting to know that my legacy is forever preserved on film,but it is a major goal of mine to also have that legacy stored in the written word. Having my name on the outside of a book would be a goal that I one time never could have imagined happening.

Did I forget anything?


Oh YES,there is a certain young lady that I have been meaning to have a word with.

This is for a young lady who goes by the name of Kat the Brat.

It isn’t unusual for a person who has “Brat”in their name to do the odd naughty thing or two,but our beloved Kat has stepped the game up a little bit lately and most CERTAINLY needs to be held accountable for her actions!!

A couple of weeks ago,from the comfort of her home thousands of miles away,she had someone relay a message to me at the SSNY party. I am sure she was as pleased as punch with herself knowing that she could probably read my face from that safe distance. That little act had already earned her a spanking,but she wasn’t done there,oh no,she still had lots more to come.

Based on my posts regarding running a live webcam,the young lady thought it was a wonderful opportunity to get her creative juices flowing. In fact the naughty little girl thought she would share with me what her ideas for the live webcam were. Would you like to see it? Laugh if you must,but also remember what I said earlier about taking and accepting responsibility for ones own actions!!!

As you all know,I believe in funishment,however,on this occasion I am going to break my own rule!! Katherine O’Bryan,you,young lady,are going to get a very SOUND,old fashioned spanking across my knee in just three short weeks. I haven’t decided yet whether I am going to use the hairbrush that Munchkin bought for me,OR,if I am going to put to use the evil wooden spoon that my friends at Cane-Iac gave to me. But mark my words young lady,this will be a spanking that you remember for a long,long time!! As you enjoy webcam pictures so much,perhaps it would also be appropriate that we put YOU on webcam!!

One thing that I can assure you of,your face will be looking anything BUT like it does here. It will be displaying significantly more displeasure. Mark it down,Kat,it WILL happen,I can assure you!!

Busy As A Bee

Before I start today’s post I just want to thank everyone for their feedback on the last post. As I had mentioned,I had been discussing this topic with Erica Scott for a little while now,and today both Erica and Craig posted their own views on what they term “High School Emotions”. They are both very well written articles and I encourage you to read them both.

Erica’s High School Emotions

Craig’s High School Emotions

The pic above was snapped on the fly at work today,so I’m not in ‘Richard Windsor’character mode 🙂

On the more positive side of the spanking world,I have been doing some great networking in regards to not only the upcoming Shadowlane party,but also with two spanking websites. One of which is an established site,and the other will be a new site sometime in the near future. This weekend in fact I will be creating a pro blog for a paysite,but most importantly (if you look at the bars at the top of this page) I will be making my initial Cause For Paws post. Pixie has collected a lot of stuff and I can’t wait to list it all and the companies that have donated.

(Pic above when I had 6 chins:-))

I’m super excited about the Shadowlane party with less than four weeks to go. I’m leaving New York on the Thursday with at least one fellow SSNY member,but from the rumblings I am hearing there will be a bunch of us from New York on the same flight. Hell,I’m looking to join the mile high spanking club 😉

Two of my favorite girls are going to be at the party as well which just makes me really happy. Both Kat the Brat and Sarah Rocks (AKA Sarah Angel Eyes) will be there and I am delighted by that. You will find me spending a lot of time with them at the party because they are both diamonds.

I’m super greedy though,I want more pics of the pair of them wearing their schoolgirl uniforms and white nylon panties 😉

There will be many long term friends of mine attending,some of whom I only see once or twice a year,plus there are people such as Erica Scott who I have only met very briefly,but who I would like to spend more time with this time. My brain is scattered tonight but I’m pretty sure she is doing an interview with me. We will also do something a little fun for Pixie as well. Rumor has it that my favorite fantasy,Samantha Woodley,will also be in attendance,but that will be for another post. The content of that post will be fantasy versus reality,and which one is better.

Of course I have a number of people I am interviewing and some more that will be appearing on webcam,either with me or with someone else of their chosing,and of course there are bound to be surprises that show up. It is one of the joys that I get in life,and that is promoting the good people in this world. Seriously,if you make money in the scene,who WOULDN’T want a free video out there that is going to be watched by 100,000 people?

Later on in the year I have been invited to take part in a new online project and while I can’t say much about it right now,I’m really excited to be asked to take part in some spanking skits. More on that will come later though,but the running of the webcam at the Shadowlane party is actually a trial run for a later project. Okay,I am done for now,I will leave you with this beautiful song by Raylene Rankin “The Lament of The Irish Immigrant”(Ok,they won’t let me embed it so just click the link)

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