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Some Rare Blog Love

It has been a good long while since I did a blog love post, and as I am at home sick right now I figured today would be a good day for that. Man I could kill for a Fisherman’s Friend lozenge right about now 🙂

Anyway, as sick as I may be, I am also horny so I will be totally perverted today and focus on my side love of spanking, and that is pretty panties. Yes, today’s blog love will focus solely on my love of the pretty female undergarment.

1) We will start with today’s first link, my dear friend, Amber and Amber’s Undie’s Drawer . Amber is looking for feedback on your preferences, so feel free to leave her a comment. Here is a pic of me spanking Amber in her white nylon panties, back when I weighed a metric ton 🙂

2) Does Pixie like panties? That’s like asking if people treat her blog as their personal forum 🙂 Here is the little horror discussing Bottom Protection by wearing extra panties. Her choice for this spanking, grey nylon panties.

3) One of the pervertable sites that I visit, because this girl wears the prettiest panties. I do kind of wish the pics were a bit clearer, but I guess it allows the imagination to wander a little bit more. Here is Veronica Squirming Beneath His Palm in her little red panties. Of course I have no picture of me spanking Veronica, more’s the pity, but I do hope that she doesn’t mind me borrowing one from her site.

4) This one is totally off topic, but I wanted to include The London Tanners in the post, but Ian has very few pics up. However, in this post Ian is getting a lapdance from a girl wearing panties so that will do for here. So take a walk through Then And Now – Ian, The London Tanner and learn a bit more about your favorite toy maker.

5) Here is a cute little Cosplay pic of the delightful Caroline Grey in Trick Or Treat. I don’t really have a pic of Caroline and I, but I do have this great video that we did where she dressed as a 50’s girl and wore pink nylon panties for my enjoyment 🙂

(This video has been watched nearly a half a million times so far and it is the 12th most watched video on spanking tube)

6) And lastly, some self whoring here, my panty spanking blog is coming up on its 50th post, so that means there are already hundred’s of pictures already added. This entry here features a mainstream adult star getting a good panty warming, an example of which is below.

Five Hundred Thousand Views!!!

As you all know, I plan on making a big post this weekend on costumes. Now unfortunately I have to wait until the weekend because I need to have access to my external hard drive to cull the pics for you, but it should be fun.

Until the weekend though, and to keep on the theme of costumes, here is for like the tenth time, the video that I shot with the gorgeous Audrey Knight about 18 months ago. Not only does it keep to the theme of costumes, but I am also proud of the fact that this little video has been watched over half a million times over on spanking tube. It has been a long time since I last spanked Audrey, hopefully she will be at Crimson Moon this year 😉

And just for sticks and giggles, this video that I did with Caroline Grey where she dresses as a 1950’s girl has been watched 350,000 times already. Enjoy 🙂


Watch out this weekend for a bumper post on costumes in the spanking world.

Made my list, and checked it twice (Pics)

The SPANKING UNIVERSE has been up and running for a good six weeks now, and I think that was plenty of time to give a grace period for blogs to link back in. So when I asked for opinions as to how I should distribute the wealth I received some great ideas and opinions, and now I have decided to put a plan into action. As you all know, the SPANKING UNIVERSE is for the benefit of the whole spanking community and my hope had been that every blog would see that and also share their readers.

Now if you check the spanking universe you will see that around 130 blogs have linked back in through one form or another, which was great because it made all of the hard work that I put in more than worth it. From my own set of blogs I am now sending about 20% of all traffic that the Universe gets, which is down from around 60%. What that basically means is that more people are sharing their readers and that was the whole goal in the first place. I’m more than happy to send one in five visitors to see what other blogs are posting.

Over 70 or so blogs chose, after several contacts, not to link back into the SPANKING UNIVERSE. Now as I posed in a question a couple of weeks ago, that presented quite a moral dilemna for me. I couldn’t help but feel that it was unfair to all of the blogs that were linking in and sharing their readers, that other blogs were reaping the benefit of that, yet chose not to share their readers with the other blogs that were sharing their readers with them.

So based on all of the wonderful feedback, thoughts and ideas that I received, I decided on the following. Some people had rightly pointed out that this was a free service for the benefit of the spanking community and I agree with that, while others pointed out that it was a little unfair that some blogs were accepting the extra hits, yet chose not to link back in, so I reached a compromise!!

What I have done is this, and if you visit the SPANKING UNIVERSE you will see what I did. All of the blogs that chose to link back into the Universe will now have priority as I separated the blogs that link back in, from those that chose not to. If you visit the Universe you will that the 130 or so blogs that have linked back in are now listed first. The blogs that chose not to link in are still listed on the Universe, however, I created a separate space much further down the page for these blogs. In fact the blogs that do not link back in are listed after the 130 or so that do link in.

The process remains the same, when a blog updates their post moves to the top of the list to notify potential readers of a new update. Should one of those updates come from a blog that doesn’t link back into the Universe, they still go to the top of the list, however, they go to the top of the SECOND list which is BELOW the list of blogs that do link in and that can be found about halfway down the page.

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to do anything at all with making changes, but I think that this is the only fair way to distribute readers. The service I hope remains the same, because even if a blog doesn’t link into the Universe, they are still listed and will still get readers that everyone is sharing with them. In the realm of fairness to the blogs who made the effort to share though, those who don’t link in will now be found much further down the page. In my opinion that is the fairest way to deal with this situation, while keeping in the spirit of listing spanking blogs that have chose not to link back in. Let me know your opinions on this decision, I will be happy to hear them.

It isn’t a one shot deal by the way, if your blog is listed on the second list and you want it on the top list, simply add a link to the Universe and I will more than happily move your blog listing to the top list. Likewise, if you have a blog and you want it listed, simply add a link to the Universe and email me at houndog_windsor@yaoo.com and let me know you have done so. Even if you wish not to link back in, simply let me know that you want your blog listed and I will add it to the second list where people will still see your work. Just so that everyone knows as well, I painstakingly went through the list of blogs on the second list to make sure that I wasn’t missing a link back into the Universe, and I’m happy enough with my decision that I did not see a link to the Universe anywhere.

Now for the pics that you see throughout this post.

Pic 1: I’m a sucker for black and white pics, and while this isn’t an official pic, I totally love it. This was taken from a screen cap that I then converted into a black and white picture. This one features me spanking the delightful Erica Corvina.

Pic 3: Yet another screen cap manipulation, this one featuring Caroline Grey from Northern Spanking.

Pic 4: Who wouldn’t want to spank the gorgeous Sarah Gregory while she is only wearing a bra and panties?

Pic 5: From last Christmas with the ever so lovely, Audrey Knight.

Pic 6: Yet another with the pretty minx, Miss Audrey Knight.

Farewell my sweet Northern Rose.

It’s funny that I was trying to think of a way to tie this post into spanking, and there it was, right in front of my face, lol.

You see yesterday, I did something that I had never done before, I purchased an MP3 album from Amazon. Now the album was by The Beautiful South entitled “The BBC Sessions”. I think I pretty much have everything from The Beautiful South, with the exception of these live recordings, so I ‘treated’ myself to listening to some deep Northern accents for a good hour and a half. I must say that the album is absolutely fantastic!! Well worth every penny.

Now to top that off, I was able to find a program that allows me to watch some British TV. This morning I got to watch, for the first time in decades, the ominibus edition of Coronation Street. Yet more Northern accents 🙂

So as I am on the Northern theme today, why not show a few pics from a recent Northern Spanking update, featuring the wonderful cast of Caroline Grey, Kali Redmond & Stephen Lewis. Talk about smoking hot girls, eh?

The Intruder: “The World Rocked By Non-Consensual Spanking!”

There is still only half of the raffle winners that have responded so far, so today I will email the people directly to tell them they have won.

Now then, I’m looking for your feedback here, I WANT to hear YOUR opinions. I have my own opinions on this clip and without going into to much detail right now, I find the clip to be an incredibly hot fantasy. What are your thoughts? Please bear in mind that the owners of Northern Spanking will be reading this as well as the participants I am sure. Feel free to be honest, but try to be civil 🙂 I would love to hear some feedback here. Please remember that this clip is also played out as a fantasy between the couple involved here as part of a role play.

Now for my opinion. This is a scenario that a Female partner of mine once wanted to engage in, so even with my reservations I attempted it. The scene actually became pretty intense so we ended it. A large portion of the spanking community is portrayed as a non consensual environment, to me this clip takes it just a little bit further. It is however a fantasy roleplay, and are we the ones to judge what should turn others on? Like I said, I would like to hear your opinions.
Click the banner below to pay Northern Spanking a visit

Break from the raffle

More to come on Friday as we finalize the raffle drawing. I hope that everyone logs in at 9PM EST on Saturday night to watch, it should be fun. I’m even going to try and make an intro for the video if I can get the time.

Now then, AFTER the raffle, on Monday, I am going to post something that I think rocks the spanking world, and no, it isn’t Stephen Lewis’ pink shirt 🙂 (Sorry Paul and Lucy, I couldn’t resist, haha)

This is going to be a short preview clip that I think will make for a lively discussion. In email exchanges with Paul, he titled the email ‘The Intruder: “The World Rocked By Non-Consensual Spanking!”‘

You will hear my take on it, and I think the video is bloody hot, but I also want to hear your take on it. People are sure to have an opinion, I can assure you of that. Here are a few pics from the scene and it features not only Stephen, but also my dear friend, Caroline Grey, who I shot a video with in Florida back in June.

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Caroline Grey — The 1950’s Girl

And what a pretty girl she is also. Check out Caroline’s blog right here –> CAROLINE GREY In just two days these 2 clips have already been watched 31,000 times between them. I’m also in the process of creating a spanking movies page on this site. Click on the link below to view it.


Here is part 2 of the fun little video that Caroline and I made this past weekend at the Florida Moonshine Party. If you missed part 1 of the video you can find it at the bottom of this post right here –> PART 1

This was the first time that we had seen each for five years since the last time that we played together, and we had a pretty good laugh reminiscing about the good old days as I spanked her gorgeous bottom. Please enjoy the video and be sure to visit Caroline’s blog.

Party crashing – The extended version

{Part two of the video where I am spanking Caroline Grey is now posted — CLICK HERE TO SEE IT}

Before I say anything I really want to take the time to thank Ian, Headmaster Tony and Alona for the fantastic party yet again this year. Last year I said it and I will repeat myself again this year, this is my favorite party to attend. I know that there are many more people beyond the three that I listed that make this party the success that it is, and while I may not be able to name you all, you all know who you are and you should be proud of the efforts that you put in. The Florida Moonshine party and the SSC party that I attend will be on my calendar every year. Every party has its own special niche and I wouldn’t want to disrespect any other party at all, but the FMS party is played at the speed that I personally like. There are lots of organized activities for you to attend should you wish, but there is also a wealth of opportunity just to take some time out and do something different to give you a little break from the party as well. By late Sunday night I had pretty much crashed and burned, but in my mind that is because everything had been so good for the 4 days that I had been there. A very big thank you to the board of FMS, you will be seeing me at your party every year for sure.

Now then, I touched on it very briefly in my last post, and in this one I want to elaborate further with my thoughts. Last night I uploaded the first part of the video that I shot with Caroline Grey and as that will probably be posted tomorrow, please take the time to read this one now.

There are probably a great many of us out there that have social anxiety disorders and a party of this magnitude can really put that to the test. For starters, I’m really not a big party person in the first place. My ideal situation in the spanking world is pretty much done on a one to one basis, so at a party where there are upwards of 200 people you really have to be on your game. Let’s not forget that aspect of it, you really do need to put your game face on.

Now despite being an individual that is “Out there” and happily shares his little corner of the spanking world, I am surprisingly a very private person. In real life I have more friends in the spanking world than I do the vanilla one and that is mostly because I don’t stand for anyone’s shit in real life. When you go to a party you go in knowing that there are going to be a whole host of people who don’t act the same as you, don’t behave the same as you, and most importantly can be vastly different with their approach to life than you are. As I mentioned, in the vanilla world there has to be a certain set of elements for me to want to include you in my life. Generally that revolves around being what my definition is of being a decent human being. The barometer for that of course is different for every single person, and I can pretty much guarantee that my barometer was fucked up when it was given to me because my criteria for friendship rarely waivers and has very little legroom for tolerance. It isn’t anything crazy but I want and need positive people in my life, people who are caring towards others, selfless and that I am also an important part of their life. Everybody has baggage and I’m no different than anyone, but it is how you handle your baggage that is important to me.

When you take the above paragraph and apply it to a party you can probably see what I am referring to. There is going to be a very small percentage that you associate with in a vanilla sense, but of course that isn’t the primary goal anyway, and there are going to be a whole lot of people that you know that you will need to work your best with and offer more tolerance than you do in everyday life. Well, actually I should say that I am the one that needs to work on the tolerance issue. At a party though it is great, everybody there has a common goal and a common purpose so blending in to that is an easy transition.

So where am I going with all of this? Well, by the end of Sunday night my tolerance for others had reached an all time low and I was completely burnt out. Of course I realize that that is all down to me as well, but the combination of a few hours sleep each night, trying to balance myself and not appear distant, as well as dealing with things that very slowly started to drag me down, I was toast. Yet you know what, the best two events happened AFTER I had crashed and burned. Maybe there is something to that after all.

At the party I was with my little Princess who I only get to see one time a year. The balancing act that I mentioned above was due to that, I wanted to try and spread myself as much as I could and play with as many people as I had promised as I could, yet I also wanted to spend as much time with Munchkin as I could because this is the only time of the year that I get to see her. Believe me it was an emotional battle every time that we just laid on our beds and chatted. Heck, I think I only spanked the girl 3 times the whole weekend, it was more important to me to spend the time in her company than it was worrying about how many times I could spank her in one trip. It was something that I had to try and justify to myself and I have to admit that I became very selfish for a rare time. At first I was saying to myself that I get to see everyone else at various events throughout the year, but after I wore that one down I settled on my final answer, I was on vacation!! At the end of the day this trip was a vacation to me and if I wanted to spend a large portion of it with a very good friend who I don’t get to see very often, then I found that acceptable. It wasn’t like we locked ourselves in our room for the whole weekend, we certainly attended all that we could have attended, but those down times it was actually very relaxing to switch off.

There are some regrets because I made promises to so many ladies that I never got to fulfill, but at the end of the day I also need to realize where my speed is at and at a spanking party my speed isn’t always spanking as many girls as I possibly can. Dare I say that I play less than most people play at a spanking party, the most that I get from a party is from the people themselves. The camaraderie and freedom is one of the things that make a spanking party a very special event indeed. Off the top of my head I probably spanked less than 12 girls in total.

Anyway, as it is now the wee hours of Monday morning I thought my mojo was broken and that the extra day was just a little bit too much for me. Yet it is funny because when Munchkin and I got back to the room we had my favorite play session of the whole weekend. I’m going to post a whole story on that event anyway, but at 5am we were on the couch and I made the very rare toppy decision that I can make. That was to go to bed and leave the session right where it was. It was the right decision and the spanking that took place is one of those very special moments that have happened to me during my spanking life. Certainly the moment where Munchkin realized that her wiggling could work to her benefit is something that I will not easily forget. Without ruining the story, Munchkin was wearing dropseat pajamas that came down just below her bum. In her desire to avoid the wooden spoon she worked out that her wriggling was making her panties slide back up her bottom. So watching this naughty little girl do an impromptu dance on my lap trying to get her panties to slide back up was both hysterical and memorable at the same time. She has the name Munchkin for a reason so I am sure you can all picture what that must have looked like.

On the final morning I finally was able to get with Caroline Grey to shoot a video for us both to share. It was a mad rush but we managed to get ten minutes worth of footage, and as it has been five years since we had last played it made for a wonderful spanking session. While the spanking is pretty long we are having a conversation throughout and it was a bloody good experience, the first part should be up tonight and I hope that you enjoy it. It was one of the special moments of the weekend for me.

Right at the very end of the event and after I had crashed and burned, I was still able to get some extra special memories in and despite working on a few hours sleep in between those sessions and standing in the check in line, I had just about survived it all. Well, almost J There was still a little issue of someone jumping the line during checkout and I was furious. When I am in that state it is not good for me to get angry and I fought really hard not to get totally New Yorker on their ass. Thankfully though there was another New Yorker right behind me and when I heard the words “What the fuck dude” I was able to relax. I wanted to say something but I was in no state to do so rationally, but what was said needed to be said and I am really glad that someone was able to do that. I was pissed off in a major way.

The flight home was uneventful, I just rested my head against the side of the plane and slowly began to drop. The feeling has yet to subside as I sit at work and type this, I’m not feeling very motivated whatsoever, and I don’t even want to join the group for lunch today. Funnily enough I don’t even want to gloat about winning the trivia contest this year at FMS, I just don’t have the motivation to do that right now. During the weekend it was awesome sharing some smacktalk with the previous holders of the last two years, Rad and Sandy, in fact it was one of the highlights because I really like those guys. At the end of the day though it no longer seems like something that was that relevant, I’m almost pretty blasé about it now. However, as Ian made a fantastic strap for the first place winner and as I also received a trophy for winning the trivia contest, the very least I can do is give it some airplay. I’m seriously not in the mood for that right now though, despite being pretty loud and obnoxious I am actually a pretty humble fellow.

Much more to come about FMS, videos, stories, tales of enjoyment etc. Just don’t expect them in the same format that other blogs write about them, I might start at 4am on Monday morning and then write about 1pm Friday afternoon, it is going to be a hodgepodge set of postings. Anyone who has read this far down will get first dibs on watching the video that Caroline and myself did as I will post it right here the moment it is approved on spanking tube. Then once I feel that people have had a chance to read this article I will make a separate post featuring the video by itself.

Richard Windsor.

Post party drop

Like everyone else today I am suffering from the end of party crash. The one time a year that I see my little Princess Munchkin is over, my friends have gone to their various parts of the world and I am now back home. There will be lots to report, hopefully I will get some pictures sent my way, but perhaps the best part of all, I do have some videos to share with you guys. Right now I am editing the videos ready to upload them to spanking tube. Once they are approved then I will share them with you here. Below are two screenshots from the scene that I did with Caroline Grey where she dressed in a 1950’s outfit and got a pretty decent spanking by hand and ten swats with the hairbrush. Be sure to check her blog for updates as to where you can find her videos online. I also captured a video where I gave Keagen the strap.

The first post may well be about the FMS trivia contest. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of pre contest smacktalk, but I think everyone is pretty tired right now to appreciate it. At the appropriate time I will make a fun post about it, and I will try my best not to get too bigheaded over it 😉