One More Year

(*Edited: I removed my thoughts about attending parties and also about the copious, unacknowledged raiding of spanking material from my website. Just trying to keep things positive 🙂 I’m letting you know here because the people who get my RSS email will see a different version of my writing. Just being transparent)

Yesterday I received my bill and I took the plunge once again, I renewed my website for one more year. It wasn’t really much of a decision to renew for $100+ to give you all a home to visit for your spanking needs, and as this will take me past 14 years of blogging in December, I will probably renew next year as well and at the very least make it 15 years. Beyond that, who knows.

The older that I get, the less and less spanking remains important to me. Obviously it is still important to me, but nowhere near what it once was, not even close. A few years ago I even called it when I said not only to myself, but I also posted it on this website as well. “I have achieved everything that I ever wanted to achieve in the spanking world, what is left to do”?

Perhaps one could keep the plateau going and live in joyous rapture for the rest of their days, that would be the ideal goal of course. That didn’t happen to me though, quite the opposite. Now don’t get me wrong, there are still items on my bucket list that I would love to do one day, and perhaps I will be fortunate enough to do them, who knows. Even if at this stage I don’t think they can happen, perhaps I will have a change of heart. In fact just look at the video below, if I could get something as simple as that interaction I would be forever grateful.

It is a double edged sword really. The best chances that I have to get my spanking needs met are at spanking parties, but I have to be really honest with you, I may have attended my last spanking party already. My main interest level now pertains to travelling and visiting countries around the world, exploring different cultures and meeting fascinating people.

Anyway, talking about sharing the love. Today I am going to do a flashback post from two years ago by sharing once again a video that pretty much sums up what spanking means to me. In the first four months of 2020, this video already has over one thousand views on this website alone, but when you consider that I get roughly four thousand visitors a week, it is only a fraction of the audience for the year. So why not give it a second run as I enjoy watching this video so much. The video of course is GRACE’S BEDTIME SPANKING from Spanking Soulmate. This is what spanking means to me, if you can get this video then you can get who I am in relation to this world of ours. I’m very simple in regards to what I like when it comes to spanking, and I find this video incredibly hot.

Just click the play button in the middle of the image below.

One thing that I had considered doing this week was writing down a list of spanking movies/clips that I have liked over the last 35 years. However, having to redesign my vanilla site this week has put paid to any chance I had of posting a deep and meaningful post. BTW, I would appreciate it if you can all take a look at my newly designed YOUTUBE CHANNEL. As you will no doubt see when you look at it, I have put an awful lot of work in this past week, and I have to say that I am delighted with how the page looks. Presentation is really important so I am very happy with my new design. What are your thoughts on how the page looks?

In the coming weeks I might consider doing a video roundup, but it is quite tough to do without taking into consideration that there may be some people who get upset that their production/video isn’t mentioned. I mean it would be my genuine thoughts on what I like and why I like it, but I can almost guarantee that some people are going to have a problem with it. It is a tough call, maybe I will stick to pre 2000 videos, but then again that wouldn’t work because I shouldn’t be kink shamed for liking what I like.

It is something that I will think about. It is definitely something that I would like to write about, I just might need some legal advice in regards to writing a disclaimer first 🙂