Streetcar Sundays – 162

This morning I popped out for a smoke at 5am and my upstairs neighbor exited the house with her two daughters. Obviously it was quite a surprise but she told me that they were all getting a flight to the mom’s country of birth for a three week holiday. That was wonderful news for me because I immediately thought that I could break out the old microphone and record some spanking stories.

It is very difficult to record in my house because I am on the ground floor, and as anyone who knows me will attest, I have this big booming voice. Compounding the problem is that the two daughters are as quiet as mice, so they could be stood outside of my door and I would be none the wiser. The last thing that I would ever want is for either of these older teenagers to hear me talking about spanking, so I try to avoid it at all costs. Half of my life is spent wearing headphones, lol. The Mother and her grown up son on the top floor present no challenges at all as they are rarely home and they aren’t exactly quiet when entering and leaving the house. But now I have a three week window where I can get some recording done.

The story that I think I will concentrate on first is “A Lodger’s Regret“. That would seem on face value to be the most appropriate spanking story to record.

Ideally I would love to do another spanking interview, but I have a problem there, since I left all forms of social media I have no contact with anyone in the spanking world at all. It would have been easy to put a blast out on Twitter that I was looking to interview someone, and anyone who was looking to promote their material could have sent me a DM. Unfortunately that option is not available anymore, so it is up to me to see if I can contact someone privately and set up an interview. Yet another of the pitfalls of being forced off of Twitter, but, we all have to work with what we are dealt with.

So I will use this blog to reach out, though the chances are somewhat remote. If anyone wants to conduct a spanking interview with me then I would love to have you. You can feel free to promote whatever you want, but it has to be done so within the next three weeks.

If you look at the popular posts tag on the righthand side of this blog you will see that the SPANKING VIDEO that I posted yesterday did very well. It is rare for a new post to top that list so clearly it was enjoyed by a lot of people. I was able to download it and I will eventually add it to a compilation video of my favorite spankings for my personal use.

So that brings us onto today, and once again I have something brand spanking new for you.

One of the newspaper archives uploaded a new newspaper in the last couple of weeks to its archive and fortunately for us all, one of those papers had a new MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS spanking pic included. So here it is in all its glory.


5 thoughts on “Streetcar Sundays – 162

  1. Love the “Streetcars” pics. I like them because it is a witnessed spanking and ignoring the reality of the play or its’ intent, I can imagine all sorts of scenarios, whereas she is getting spanked by her boyfriend’s bully as he is forced to watch, or he is spanking his intended as her brother is forced to do nothing to save her. Perhaps it is a jilted suitor getting his last licks in as her intended watches in guilty Suprise! The possiblities are endless! Thanks so much!

  2. FatherJim,

    I am also a big proponent of “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Yes, we know what is going on, but it is so much more fun guessing a scenario that would fit the image. In a lot of the Streetcars pics, much like this one, the spanker is looking directly at the camera. Those images I don’t find as appealing because it takes the focus off of the target area so to speak. One thing that I enjoy is seeing the images where the guy who is supposed to break it up is off in the distance somewhere, almost like he is deliberately delaying his arrival, haha 🙂


  3. I would love to do an interview with you to promote my Cinema Swats DVD’s. I have been out of the spanking scene for the past few years, mainly due to physical issues. I don’t drive anymore, so the interview would have to be done by phone. I hope you’ve been well, and I will look forward to hearing back from you on this. Thanks.

  4. Hi Bill,

    Good to hear from you my friend, it has been a long time. The interviews that I am conducting would have to be done over the Internet with a computer, that is the only way that I can record them. If you have a PC with a microphone then we should be able to do that.


  5. I have a desktop PC, and it has an internal microphone. Using that, I’ve done a couple of ZOOM job interviews in the past. However, my PC also has a jack for an external microphone to be plugged in. So, for a potential interview with you, will it be a ZOOM thing, or would I have to buy an external microphone to be plugged in? I’m sure I can buy that online if I need to. Please advise at your first convenience. Thanks.



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